Politico: Colleges Brace For End of Affirmative Action

Chief Justice John Roberts is against affirmative action.


“American colleges have had the Supreme Court’s blessing for more than four decades to factor race into their admissions processes — and now they’re preparing for a future without it.

Students for Fair Admissions, led by longtime affirmative action opponent Edward Blum, is challenging race-conscious admissions practices before the high court on Monday in two cases against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Blum’s strategy has come a long way since his failed attempt to get the Supreme Court to side with Abigail Fisher, a white female University of Texas at Austin applicant who believed she was denied because of her race.

Affirmative action in higher education has endured by relying on moderate justices like Sandra Day O’Connor, only to see the court remade by Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). The need for negotiation is over on an issue that sharply divides Chief Justice John Roberts from the liberal justices, particularly Sonia Sotomayor. And striking the policies down could also open up broader legal attacks on the use of affirmative action in employment. …”

Oral arguments on the case that could overturn Grutter v. Bollinger are set to begin on Monday.

New York Times:

“This term, Chief Justice Roberts will surely continue to try to moderate some of the court’s divisions, but he also is likely to help lead the court’s conservative trajectory on at least two key issues of particular interest to him.

The first is affirmative action. The chief justice has consistently expressed deep concerns about the constitutionality and propriety of government programs that use race-based distinctions.

“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race,” he wrote in a 2007 case on school districts’ race-based assignment of students to schools. In 2016, he joined Justice Alito’s dissent from a previous affirmative action case, concerning the University of Texas, in which the justices contended that the state’s purported justifications for race-based distinctions in college admissions did not satisfy the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection of the laws.

The cases this term — for which oral arguments are on Monday — concern the legality of race-based affirmative action in college admissions, at Harvard and at the University of North Carolina. It would not be surprising to see Chief Justice Roberts writing the court’s eventual decisions. …”

Before the midterms, we could have a good idea about the fate of affirmative action.

Note: By early next year, Roe and Grutter could be gone. Twitter censorship could be severely rolled back. Joe Biden could be facing impeachment hearings in the House.


  1. Affirmative Action may just be the all-time pet project of The New England Yankee mindset.

    The notion that Blacks are entitled to go to White Schools is typical New England inverted racism – declaring itself to be egalitarian all the while the implication being to the very contrary.

    It always blows my mind to take note how solicitious New Englanders often are, and, indeed, have been about our Negroes – yet, their own kind?

    Nope, have never seemed to care New Englanders whether other White new Englanders starve to death, die of exposure, or are raped by 3rd World Immigrants – just so long as someone halfway across the globe is bombed in the name of ‘justice’ or their is ‘affirmative action’ with the Southern Negro.

    Sweep your own stoop first, is what my beloved wife’s granny used to say – sweep your own stoop first.

    But the kind of wisdom they have in Perote, Alabama has for centuries been seen in the Northeast as folly – so here we are.

    Support historic Black colleges and let the Negro go to his own schools, where he can learn his own histories, just as the White will learn his own kind.

    That, however, would not suit Organized Jewry – because there would be no cause to keep the races endlessly at each other’s throats.

    • “Affirmative Action may just be the all-time pet project of The New England Yankee mindset.”

      Ivan, you’re at bit unfair.
      Some of the strongest opposition to integration was in Boston, repeated riots by WHITES.

      • @Arrian…

        No, I am do not think that I am unfair.

        I fully recognize that we, Southerners, have kindred spirits amongst y’all – and that not every one of y’all were entirely responsible for what has happened.

        That said, lived through that time, to which you referred, when Boston went wild in the early 1970s.

        I also remember how the older Southerners looked on and wonder where y’all had been when y’all’s government had invaded us again in the 1960s.

        If you do not know it, a war went on here during that time between your United States’ Government and my daddy’s generation of Southerners.

        Your country, New England, has been attacking the South and meddling with The South long before Jewry ever was a thing here.

        But, again, I understand it is not everyone.

        I respect New England, have lived long, both in Massachussetts and Northern New York/Vermont border, up there, but I am sick to death at watching Dixie have to constantly turn itself over because New England Yankees are on a mission to force the whole world to conform to it’s ideas.

        I am just plum worn out by, but, again, I will always remain vigilant about individual New Englanders who stand with us, just as the great Nathaniel Hawthorn stood with us when we collared and hung John Brown.

        I hope we can agree that Affirmative Action must be ended, and that Blacks need to be schooled in their own schools, and that, to do so, we must be supportive of Black Schools.

        Blacks are their own tribe and, as numerous black leaders have affirmed – must be independent of Whites – except where they, and we, as individuals choose otherwise.

        Your country, New England, dissidents aside, is totally against that.

        Therein is the nub of the problem.

        New England wants to make a country that does not recognize the reality of tribes and that is simply not doable.

        I hope that y’all will reverse course on that, but, sadly, with centuries of behavior already in the bank, I seriously doubt so.

        All the best to you and yours!

          • @Arrian…

            I appreciate that you want to be fair.

            So do I.

            This country became the principle property, both idealogically and physically, of New England after Appomattox.

            Though we have to give New England, and the Northeast in general, credit for popular things, such as Social Security and medicare, we also must credit them with the fact that they turned this country over to the madness of International Jewry, and they, the New Englanders, have been it’s most devoted servant ever since.

            Most of the things you and I despise about this country, nowadays, have been either advocated by New England, and or vigourously supported by New England.

            Southerners, as a whole, have not wanted forcet integration, abortion, secularization, globalization, open borders, endless regime-change wars, endless unwarrant spying on civilians, yet, this is exactly what we have.

            For this we have only ourselves to blame – because we choose to put up with it.

            But none of it was our idea – NONE!

            This modern United States is the child of New England and Jewry, and it is not fair to constantly blame the Jews, without mentioning their great collaborators – the New Englanders…

            Have a great day…

        • Indeed Sir! It´s in truth New England Puritanism in it´s final form!

          This is the diffrence between the Southron mind and the yankee mind, one is the one of culture the other is the one of comerce

        • @Kolya…

          That’s true, Dear Kolya – which is one very good reason why we in the South value our large Scot-s Irish connections.

          Anglo-New England Yankees are, as a whole a very interesting and formidable people.

          They are, however, again, as a whole, rather tyrannical, and, thus, would like to instruct the whole world on how to be.

          This is a very serious problem for The South, and it has been a very serious problem for nearly 200 years now, this after New England began to rue having gone with a constitution that endowed States’ Rights, in the Constitutional Convention.

          The Spirit of New England, and it’s government in Washington, detests diversity, which is very problematic, because diversity is the only way Mankind can go forward.

          We, the many many tribes of Humankind, very definitely do NOT need one cookie-cutter standard applied to all.

          The new Robert E. Lee, however, is Vladimir Putin, and he, in his recent speech, put those who control The West – and who want to continue to exert more hegemonic control over the rest of the world, that the new world order will be The Confederate/Federalist ideal – one of sovereign states, with respect for all – NOT a One World Order.

          As Jefferson Davis was overheard to mutter, on his way out of Richmond on one early night in April 1865 : ‘The idea we fought for was right and, in the end, it will come back to light.

          Indeed, this is what The South fought for – each state, government, and nation to mind it’s own beeswax.

          Lord I do not know why, but, most Yankees, Englishmen, and Jews do so hate that idea, which is why I refer to them as, ‘The Jew England Yankee World Empire.’

          What it a day it will be when we can all bid that coalitional edifice a good riddance.

        • “opposition to bussing was largely from Boston’s Irish”

          Yep, they were in the poorer sections and those are the people who are first to experience the joys of integration.

    • Addendum:
      I would say that the push for integration by New Englanders was microscopic, when compared to the Jewish subversion to implement integration.

      • @Arrian…

        “I would say that the push for integration by New Englanders was microscopic, when compared to the Jewish subversion to implement integration.”

        I respectfully disagree. You do not know what Dixie underwent in the 1860s and 1870s.

        Y’all streamed down here, interfering with our society at every level, and it was all Gentile White New Englanders.

        It would be3 helpful for you to learn the history of both New England and the South a little better.

        Therein is the nub of the problem – you are unaware of what has gone on.

        Many Southerners do not know, just as many Jews have no idea about what they, as a community, have been doing.

        A lack of knowledge is always a problem.

        Thank you for your comment.

        P.S. If you want to study the history of Reconstruction, consult Mr Griffin’s incredible articles here on it. He has written extensively about it.

        • Again, I’m not a New Englander.
          I have some concept of the North’s terror campaign on the south.
          Ryan Dawson also does some in depth study of southern history.

    • @Ivan Turgenev:

      Not a New Englander, but have lived up there for a couple of years and want to address your regional libel. Beyond thinking y’all talk kinda cute and funny, the average New Englander is too busy working on his cah and attending yahd sales to worry himself about any of the South’s Negro problems.

      In fact, a Southern Negro who migrated to Yankee territory was asked by his relatives about how Yankees differ from Southerners. He said, “Well, the Whites of the South don’t care how close you get, as long as you don’t get too high; the Whites of the North don’t care how high you get, as long as you don’t get too close.”

      With that in mind, the one thing about Southerners that strike Yankees as a mystery and an enigma and a puzzle is the way you would segregate your schools and businesses, but you’d have Negro shanties bordering White neighborhoods. I saw this as a girl in Sumter, South Carolina.

      Up North, they had something they called “the tracks.” You either lived on the right side or the wrong side of the tracks. There were no de jure Jim Crow laws installed because it was more class-based than race-based until the Southern Negro migration. But because you attended a neighborhood school that corresponded to what side of the tracks your family lived on, it became more de facto segregation.

      Most of New England are composed of marginalized Working White Class people (who installed great social safety nets) which is why FEDGOV is flooding these areas with Somalis and Bantus from Africa. Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon have a lot of money from high tech industries. The “Whites” are rioting in areas that have high income and property bases.

      So, follow the money to figure out who is setting these policies and have been interfering with the South from jump street. The vast majority of them congregate in Washington and NYC. Probably Los Angeles and San Francisco, too, though I managed to dodge the dubious pleasure of living in those areas. But it’s the same mindset I recognize.

      Fellow Southerner, Mark Twain, who was more widely traveled than you apparently are, got it when he noticed that the number of Jews in this country during his era were greatly under counted He guesstimated at least ten times that number.

      That is also the case today. I seriously doubt there are only six million Jews in the USA. We forget Cryptos like Gene “Kiss” Simmons. And that doesn’t take into account the number of mischlings resulting from the unions of secular Jews who intermarried or had offspring with Gentiles.

      Like most other products of Non-White/White unions, these mischlings identify more with their Jewish roots than their Gentile roots. Tim “White Like Me” Wise is a classic example.

      So, yeah. The kids rioting in all White areas look White. And I am not saying there aren’t any fully European White kids who haven’t swallowed the Kool-aid and have pretty much been zombified into spiritual Jews. But not as many as you think. And, if you look closely at the leaders, in particular, than your Jewdar is going to ping off the charts.

      Am I one of those who recommend becoming “Fa” to rumble in the streets with “Antifa?” Or lanching a star-spangled, striped pogrom? No. That would only be counterproductive and play into the hands of the Tribe that I think of as the World’s Biggest Crybullies.

      My recommendation is to eschew any knee-jerk reactions, exercise some critical thinking skills, use your computer to do a little research on any of these snakes who slither out from under their rocks and rear their ugly heads. And you will see it. Every. Single. Time. Now what to do with it?

      Not to say that you can’t ferret out anything useful from the Jews. But there was a saying during the Cold War, “Trust But Verify (first – my edit).” Even with the most helpful of them, there is some self-serving agenda afoot.

      I listen to talk radio. Unfortunately, the White Gentile hosts are forced to talk sloowly, carefully, and lower the temperature of their rhetoric so its, bland, tasteless mush. I prefer to listen to Michael Levin, Ben Shapiro, and Michael Weiner Savage most of the time.

      I can only say how I approach them. Determine what their self-serving agenda is and if this is an agenda that serves your purpose, go along. Most times there is not. But there is nothing to say you can’t take a cafeteria approach to any of their ideas, pick out what is useful to you, and ignore what isn’t. That’s what I do.

      Levin is great about offering election organization, Shapiro is strong on banking, and Savage offers great nutritional information and has guests on who know more of what is going on than the others do. Savage is the only one who is anti-war on Ukraine. The other two are gung-ho. Of course, all three are cuckoos for cocoa puffs where Israel is concerned.

      So again, before you go off on your next New England rant, Follow. The. Money. There’s very little to be had there. Yes, the Ivies are based there, but if you look at the staff, the professors and the adjunct faculty, you will see that very few if any are White Anglo Saxon Protestant Puritan. Any that are not Jewish are Black, “Latinx,” Muslim, and Hindu.

      Thank you.

      Peace Out.

      • “. I seriously doubt there are only six million Jews in the USA”

        Amen ! Triple that number and add some.

  2. >Blum’s strategy has come a long way since his failed attempt …

    Typical midwit reporter (and to no one’s surprise, it’s a woman) — makes such a claim without saying what the ‘strategy’ was, and how it has changed — searching the article for the word ‘strategy’, no evidence whatsoever is given for a change in ‘strategy’ — in fact it hasn’t changed at all — it’s still the same: filing legal challenges and appealing up thru the court system.

    >Affirmative action in higher education has endured by relying on moderate justices …

    I see — so the ‘strategy’ hasn’t changed then — now there are just different justices — immoderate ones — you must be immoderate, maybe even an extremist, if you don’t support affirmative action.

    That stuff about ‘strategy’ sounded good though; it even got past an editor.

    Who hires and pays these people?

    And there’s nothing to ‘brace’ for, assuming you have enough backbone to stand up to the racial grievance industry.


    A special note to all non or ex White Nationalists, including/especially those who say they are ‘pro White’ (without ever explaining how) — once Whites are a minority, it will not be possible to protect white kids from this kind of blanket discrimination, which is seen as necessary by some due to significant differences in academic achievement between the races — these differences are blamed on socio-economic factors like ‘institutional racism’, when in reality they are deeply rooted in genetic makeup, and therefore irremediable.

    • If affirmative action is overturned at the Supreme Court, it will be Clarence Thomas who kills it. Meanwhile, millions of White shitlib leftists will continue to support affirmative action and want to make it even worse in order to achieve what they call “racial justice.” Just like when they rioted in Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle while Detroit remained calm. This will also be lost on White Nationalists who continue to conflate race with political ideology and who pretend that all White people are somehow on the same side. Yeah, the same people who show up at our rallies with baseball bats and other weapons are “muh White brothers.”

      • Detroit is a depopulated wasteland that barely has any functional people still living within its city limits.

        You are reaching comical depths. Did they pay you more or less than Grindr Greg?

        • White leftists rioted all over the country over George Floyd. The worst hit cities were places like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York City and Richmond which are infested by them. In contrast, it was quiet in states like Mississippi and Alabama where everyone watched it play out on television

          • The White populations of New York City and Minneapolis are miniscule, Brad. Barely any White people in Richmond or Seattle these days, either.

          • You really expect to peddle this garbage after the thousands of videos that came out of niggers chimping out and brutally assaulting and murdering White people? Go back on your meds, loony bin Brad.

          • Yes.

            Those people have destroyed Portland and Seattle. They rioted for months in Portland. It has been going on for years there. It is White urban leftists who were behind that. It happened on a smaller scale in Birmingham and Atlanta and it was the same people down here too. Detroit didn’t go up in flames.

          • No one outside of hard drug addicts, their dealers, and some old timers still live in Detroit. It’s not a measure of anything. I don’t know why you keep bringing it up, negrophile. The niggers did their damage to Detroit in the 60s-80s. It’s all over now. Though I guess that’s the real appeal for you, isn’t it?

          • I’m just pointing out that it was White urban leftists who rioted over George Floyd. Detroit was quiet. Portland was the epicenter of the chaos.

          • “California is a basket case because of the White leftists who live there and who ruined that state. ”

            I would take exception to that.
            It was more the welcoming kindness and goodwill of the majority.
            Californians , Who were very empathetic to anyone with a sob story. They wanted to welcome everyone to the prosperous state, not realising they were being played.

            The majority thought they were doing good, which lead to the inevitable leftist takeover.

          • On his Twitter feed, Andy Ngo has often posted mugshots of Antifa protestors arrested in Portland and Seattle. Not many black faces there.

          • @Arrian.

            > The majority thought they were doing good, which lead to the inevitable leftist takeover.

            Perhaps, but what about the inability to learn from their error? Whites have been leaving CA in droves for well over a decade now. They are literally a minority in the state. Those who departed often went to Washington state, and neighboring states like Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, etc. The CA transplants typically vote for shitlibbery in their new homes so the whole process of decline starts again. How is this “doing good”? They obviously are drinking their own shitlib Flavor-Aid: Equality über alles.

          • I’m just pointing out that it was White urban leftists who rioted over George Floyd.

            Niggers were obviously rioting too. Woke leftists played a big role in 2020, but it’s not like niggers have ever needed them to start a riot. Are you seriously going to play dumb about this? Just drop it and move on dude.

          • Yeah, I insist.

            After all, I live in the Deep South. I’m surrounded by these people. It was quiet here.

            I don’t remember any uprising in the ghettos of Detroit or St. Louis or Memphis or New Orleans or Chicago. There was some action in Atlanta and on a very smaller scale in Birmingham. Nothing happened in Montgomery except for some Antifa who came from out of town and tore down a statue at night. We have tons of blacks in our cities and what I remember seeing is protests in wealthy White suburbs like Mountain Brook. I remember seeing White urban leftist trash rioting everywhere and toppling statutes. There was one Confederate statute which fell on a black guy and gave him brain damage in Virginia. The crowds were overwhelmingly White though.

          • Yeah, okay, Hunter. I honestly thought that every nigger in every corner of the country was rioting. I see I was wrong. Thanks for setting me straight on that.

        • 1933, Detroit neighborhoods are all black, this whole area is Shitlibs country, downtown Detroit is full of white shithead’s oops I mean Shitlibs, lot of corporate, homo money invested in downtown Detroit, Detroit’s cops are mean as hell, they shut the shithead’s oops I mean shitlib’s down, real quick, blacks have lived with the aftermath of the 1967 riot, for a long time now, the smart blacks and their are some around, they know what the long term repurcussions are, whether they like whitey or not, they know who butters their bread, white Shitlibs need to go, they are toxic, septic, cancerous..

        • Fair point about Detroilet. This city should have failed decades ago but jews and their white shabbas-goys continue to bail it out over and over. You’ve not addressed HW’s general point about white shitlibs though. As I’ve noted several times, neither WNs nor Christians have provided any solution for dealing with the shitlib disease which infects a large percentile of whites (at least 30-40 percent), including those who identify as Christian. Equality and race-denial are two prime shitlib ideologies (lies), not truth. How many whites deny the existence of race and believe in equality?

          Yes the percentile of whites willing to participate in riots for BLM and Antifa is far smaller, ditto for the percentile of white traditionalists willing to march in parades, against drag-queen hour at the public library. If we’re going to seriously discuss the problem we need to honestly define the problem.

          • “…neither WNs nor Christians have provided any solution for dealing with the shitlib disease which infects a large percentile of whites…”

            This is not true I have a detailed plan to make the shitlibs in the cities, and it’s mostly urban areas, completely irrelevant and powerless. I say we stop giving a damn what they think and rule THEM like they have been ruling us. Couple of years we could take over the whole country, deport all the aliens, deport all immigrants that took any welfare. Skies the limit.

            We don’t have to put up with this. We don’t need a civil war, see how this worked out in Ukraine, or to secede, Ukraine an example again. If we did either of these two, the Jews would murder as many of us as they could, like Ukraine. We need to use the laws we have and control these imbeciles. Instead of them steadily constricting us with laws, let’s constrict them and give them the same consideration they have given us. None. I don’t want a piece of the country. I want the whole damn thing to run as we please, not them, and we can do this.

            Long detailed plan with links to all sorts of data here.


          • Exalted Cyclops ‘You’ve not addressed HW’s general point about White shitlib’s though” Ideally ,the solution would be.peaceful separation,…..not likely, you and I both know it, logically, if we are too live together, with these Satanic miscreants, we must DOMINATE them completely, there are alway’s the intangible’s, that can change everything, White America, will see the writing on the wall and do the right thing, or they will learn the hard way, the nature of this war, could not be more clear, we stand with JESUS, our enemie’s stand with the Devil..

          • @ Sam J. OCTOBER 28, 2022 AT 7:26 PM

            OD, please offer Sam J. a chance to write a blog post, not just comments, explaining his thesis — there are interesting aspects to it that fit well with the general themes addressed here, e.g. history, federalism vs anti-federalism, states rights, etc — I think it would be worthwhile.

            I hope Sam J. is willing to accept such an invitation — and thanks Sam J. for your persistence.

          • @Sam J. You’re the only one I’ve seen here who has made a serious attempt to address the issue. You should seriously consider re-working this important comment into a full blog-post here as asking HW to post it. Later on in that thread I mentioned the court cases which resulted in the lopsided control of urban areas where white shitlibs tend to populate, led by Jewish money and given more weight by automaton diversity voting and massive fraud – which was literally endorsed by a 1983 consent decree which the evil lying Reukes abided by for 35 years or more.

            As I mention above, the most important definition of shitlibbery is belief in two big lies: 1) Race does not exist; 2) Equality is achievable. A massive number of whites religiously believe these lies, including many ‘conservative’ and ‘Christian’ whites. HW’s detractors instead choose to cherry-pick only the most radical outliers among white shitlibs – those who march with BLM/Antifa and participate in government-supported rioting.

          • @Exalted Cyclops

            “Perhaps, but what about the inability to learn from their error? Whites have been leaving CA in droves for well over a decade now. ”

            This has happened over a couple of generation.
            The generous folks who were giving and accepting are mostly dead, but they bred a generation of libtard brats who spread the disease of ‘diversitg’.

            Yes, i know the paradox of the hypocrites who flee the diversity of California only to spread their libtard disease to other states.
            I think these people are such hypocrites they can’t see their own duplicity.

      • It’s notable that 57.23% of Californians voted against affirmative action in the 2020 ballot measure. If limited to Whites, that number would almost certainly have been higher. Many blue-state Whites are persuadable. But you need to get the message right. “Christian nationalism” and “no sex before marriage” ain’t going to do it.

        • California is a basket case because of the White leftists who live there and who ruined that state. It is the absence of Christian nationalists in California compared to states like Alabama which explains why it is also a sanctuary state for “trans kids” now

          • >… which explains why it is also a sanctuary state for “trans kids” now

            Look, the whole ‘trans’ shitshow disgusts me as much as anyone — faggot marriage, adoption by and surrogacy for homosexuals, etc — all of it.

            But if you think the problem of ‘trans kids’ is comparable in importance and scope to the civilizational, Rhodesia-esque issue of Whites becoming a racial minority in America, or ever will be, then your brain has been hopelessly feminized.

          • I think the politics of the issue can largely be explained by the number of White evangelical Protestants and Christian nationalists in a state. That’s why “gender-affirming care” is banned in Alabama while California has become a sanctuary state for “trans kids.” As for Whites becoming a racial minority in America, there is a similar breakdown. The people who are opposed to that are White Christians, especially White evangelical Protestants, and the people who are for it are White atheist libtards.

          • How many trans-kids are there in California, Brad? You got any hard numbers? How many trans-kids are there period, Brad? You got any hard numbers? That seems to be the one thing that’s almost always missing from your space cadet posts.

          • Libtards want to increase the non-White population through mass immigration and white evangelical Protestants want to increase it by banning abortion.

            We must reject both groups.

          • I’m still waiting to hear why a culture which celebrates mothers aborting their own biological children is going to be one which values their race. Since when do people who abort their own children care about people who they are related to from the last Ice Age?

          • Show me the white nationalists “celebrating” mothers who abort their children. Nobody is celebrating them, nor asking you to do so. All we’re asking you to do is mind your own business.

            It’s just plain grotesque to watch someone complain about the Great Replacement and then, in the very next breath, support forcing black women to have children they don’t want to have.

          • I’m not fully up to speed on Richard Spencer’s hot takes. Is he supporting the Great Replacement now? I know he thinks transgenderism is eugenic.

          • >California is a basket case

            Given the current situation, I won’t argue against this — but it’s worth remembering what a largely white California electorate did in the not all that distant past: 1) voted to defund illegal aliens; 2) voted to ban homosexual marriage; 3) voted to ban affirmative action.

            You should really think about what may have happened to cause the state of affairs we see today — one suggestion: listen to the 24/7 stream available from the National Alliance — there you will hear the weekly commentaries by WLP, and he talks in detail about this — he was quite a prescient man; he saw all of this coming.

            Again: in my opinion, the problem of ‘libtard’ Whites is not a huge one, and it is fixable — the problem of low quality, non-white, third world human capital is both large and not at all easily fixable (mass citizenship revocation and forced deportation is the only fix).

            And of course it is not just California — here is a thread about Seattle:

            linkWas in Seattle recently, and it’s even worse than you think. … Two incidents in 10 minutes at a downtown Starbucks sum it up: … 1. Homeless man walks in, pushes through line grabs a juice and a food item and walks out. No-one blinks an eye or says a word. … 2. Drug addict looking woman walks in and grabs something off the shelf, puts it in her pocket. Guy waiting in line tells her to put it back, she screams at him, other customers tell *him* to leave her alone and stop making a scene. … Look at the guy next to me who seems pretty normal and ask him what the hell is going on, he says yeah this is normal in Seattle, cops never come, no point confronting any of them, theft basically legalized and no-one cares.

            But these problems are fixable.

          • @ Hunter Wallace OCTOBER 29, 2022 AT 10:01 AM

            >I know he thinks transgenderism is eugenic.

            It’s not unreasonable to suggest this — what they call gender dysphoria is pretty clearly a mental illness, and there is a lot of evidence that at least some forms of mental illness are genetic/heritable — any transgender who undergoes bottom surgery is sterile — in this sense you can see transgenderism as eugenic: it removes these people from the population cohort capable of reproduction.

        • “… If limited to Whites, that number would almost certainly have been higher….”

          This can actually, legally be done. Limit all voting to natives. No immigrants, no illegals. Limit voting to only those that are not government dependent or own houses. We could force “regional State Senates” like the regional Senates in the federal government, and the cities could no longer roll over the rural vote. They would HAVE to get approval for all laws from rural areas. See,

          I cover in absurd detail how we could take over the whole country with just a majority vote in the House and Senate here and further in the thread with link to even more details.


      • @Hunter Wallace

        To say Detroit remained calm is a misdirection.

        Detroit blacks already achieved cultural domination during the riots of the 1960’s and completely hollowed out that city.

        Detroit blacks run D-Town so the local power structures had no incentive to encourage or allow rioting to happen.

        As opposed to Portland a huge amount of the rioting in Minneapolis was done by blacks BUT coordinated with degenerate white shitlibs who were trying to bully center-left “good governance” white liberals.

        Minneapolis (the native whites being German and Scandinavian) has been a blue city in a blue state- HOWEVER the type of liberalism was a paternal liberalism.

        Whether you agree with a paternalistic state or not it wasn’t degenerate liberalism of just excusing the worst of society.

        It would have programs in place to help lift people up- with the expectation that they would actually become functioning members of society.

        As opposed to degenerate liberalism which stopped even trying to require people be functioning members of society and would just excuse their worst behavior.

        A prime example of these two different types of liberalism is how they deal with drug usage.

        Minneapolis would always favor drug treatment over incarceration- HOWEVER treatment wasn’t optional or seen a pretext not to punish them. They would force people into treatment, requiring them to get clean and earnestly completely the program before being released.

        Where as degenerate shitlibs sees forcing treatment onto people as oppressive (or forcing homeless junkies into shelters/treatment programs). And want to simply let druggies do drugs in public. Then attack those who want to be able to use a public park with their kids without seeing a junkie shooting up next to them.

        Minneapolis was always a blue city but you would never see junkies shooting up in the park and if someone called the police on someone who was they’d be there extremely quickly and arrest them without hesitation.

        The biggest difference between say old Minneapolis paternalistic liberalism and conservative states was simply what would happen to them *after* they were arrested.

        Minneapolis never had any problems with arresting them in the moment and getting them off of the streets.

        The rioting of Minneapolis was two different types of liberalism battling for power. And meant to bully the older paternalistic form upper Midwest liberalism.

        Detroit has had the degenerate liberalism for decades now and thus there was no need to.

        That coupled with the fact it’s a black ran city meant the civil leaders from city hall to nonprofits wouldn’t bend over backwards to accommodate the rioting.

        As opposed to what conservative media says the vast majority of rioting in Minneapolis was done by blacks and nonwhites with shitlib white handlers simply putting things in motion and creating the space to let them riot.

        It’s not because Detroit is full of Clearance Thomases lol you can already smoke crack and shoot up in public of Detroit.

        Why the elites are favoring degenerate liberalism over paternalistic liberalism is very multifaceted.

        Some Jewish elites have racial animosity towards whites and real estate investors love creating boom bust cycles.

        Lots of the lobbying to legalizing tent cities came from mega large real estate firms that know urban centers will always have value.

        So they flood the city with homeless junkies forcing people to move out and then buy up the properties for pennies on the dollar.

        Once they’ve hollowed out city centers the city officials will get paid by the same mega real estate investors to clean up the city and they’ll will reap all the benefit of the rising property values as they already own all the valuable land/properties.

        It’s a manufactured boom and bust cycle- or more accurately bust to boom cycle.

        There’s been many articles in local news written about this phenomenon. Mega real estate investors flooded shitlib nonprofits and local politicians in places like Boise Idaho to not enforce and eventual change public camping laws eg the legalization of tent-cities.

        They’ve also are the big financial backers that bring lawsuits against cities when they try to clear out tent-cities.

        Give it a few more years until everyone gives up on the area/moves out, and the same real estate firms will be leading the charge to get more police and clean up the area. And the distressed properties they bought will go from being next to worthless to multimillion dollar properties almost over night.

        The issue of rioting during 2020 had far more to do Jewish interests not liking a high concentration of white people and business interests wanting to capitalize on creating a bust to boom cycle than it has to do with white liberals

        I’d also add the rising cost of college debt turns white liberals into golems much more easily. If you went to school to work in nonprofits with an earnest interest in making the world a better place but you graduate with a 100k of debt and the only nonprofits that are hiring are encouraging trans kids or tent cities- they kinda gotcha by the balls.

        White liberals are still making choices but the pressure for them to go along with the NGO complex is much greater than it was when college students didn’t have a mountain of debt. Same reason why I think many more younger psychologist & psychiatrists aren’t speaking out on the trans issue. If you have a PHD these days you’re looking at anywhere from 150k of debt on the low end and upwards of 700k on the high end. Especially a psychiatrist who needs both medical and psychological degrees. If you’re starting your own practice with that much debt you can’t afford to speak out and some are probably lying to themselves that once they’ve paid off their debt (or a big a chunk) they’ll speak out…. But by that time their kids will be getting ready to go to college themselves and they won’t feel that they can risk it then either…

    • Brad wants White kids to be hurt by it. That’s the blanket position of all right-wingers. Their enemy is Europe and they need a non-White population to aggressively menace Europe, and White people in America are a fifth column to them who can threaten their capital interests.

      No matter what argument you make, Brad is going to arrive at the position that hurts the most White people. The circular logic of inducing precarity to socially engineer results and then using the results you get to justify the original behavior is the end game for people like him. He knows these people are a tiny minority — but he does not care. The bigger threat is the mass of White people who are coming to understand they are oppressed by America and it’s “principles” itself, so Brad just wants to use examples from “rallies” he hasn’t been to in years to justify what he wants to do to White people who challenge the primacy of American capital.

      • >No matter what argument you make, …

        I’m familiar with the phenomenon — but I don’t believe this:

        >Brad wants White kids to be hurt by it.

        However he does claim to be ‘pro White’, without ever really explaining how — and to me, if you are willing, as some kind of fait accompli, to acquiesce in Whites becoming a minority in their own country, with all the ominous signs of how bad that will be, e.g. the physical elimination phase of ‘diversity’ is well underway, then you are not ‘pro White’, no matter how often you claim to be.

        Despite how difficult the political situation is (and I acknowledge that it is very difficult), to me there is something contemptible about Whites who are ready to reconcile themselves with something that is, from an evolutionary perspective, as unnatural and perverse as surrendering their tribal homelands, as well as the civilizations created and bequeathed to them by their forebears, to racial aliens who openly denigrate and even pathologize both them and their heritage.

        • I’ve simply noted that millions of Whites are anti-White and support mass immigration and other destructive policies. I don’t conflate race with culture and political ideology.

          You are the one who wants to live in a White ethnostate with those people. I’m under no illusions that those people share my politics or values. I don’t believe in including those people simply because they are White

          • You hysterically inflate the numbers of people who believe in this stuff because you have a broader anti-White agenda. You want to persecute White people to begin with, so you craft a narrative that lets you do it. The marriage of anglosphere conservatism and anti-White politics is not new and it is not novel. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

          • >You hysterically inflate the numbers of people who believe in this stuff

            I agree — to the point the sees libtard Whites a a deal-breaker for an ethnostate — that’s just dumb — I acknowledge there is a problem with a not insignificant segment of the white population, but it is manageable, certainly in comparison to the prospect of Whites being a minority; there is nothing manageable about that.

            Another question he never answers: Where is the evidence of good will toward Whites?

            It is simply insane to acquiesce in the surrender of your society to racial aliens who evince no good will toward you, and are even in some measure hostile to you and your kind — when you tear down statues and teach white children (who are surrounded by non-whites in their classrooms) that their forebears were evil racists who cruelly exploited non-whites via an ‘institutionally racist’ system, that is open, malevolent hostility aimed at psychologically damaging and subjugating white children.

          • >You are the one who wants to live in a White ethnostate with those people.

            You say some dumb things.

            Yeah, I know I am — I want a white ethnostate so I and other Whites will not be ruled by non-whites — in a tribal, rule or be ruled world, I’m definitely a rule person — I’m willing to accept and endure the presence of ‘those people’ rather than be ruled by non-whites.

            Also, ‘those people’ would be a minority, and as a minority I see them as a far more manageable problem than a majority non-white population that has been taught to believe Whites are racist etc — understand?

            In any case they are white, and in terms of human capital of better quality on average — as I said, the main problem with ‘those people’ is anti-racism, which would be much less of an issue without the foil of rapidly increasing ‘diversity’, which divides Whites.

            To say ‘those people’, without a doubt a minority of Whites, would be a bigger problem than a majority population of non-whites, meaning Whites would no longer be a coherent, self-governing ethno-cultural population group, makes no sense to me at all — I find it viscerally disturbing.

          • As you have explained, you want to live in a White ethnostate with those people who are our enemies and consider them a “manageable problem.”

            You think the guy who owns the local Chinese or Mexican restaurant is a greater problem than those people.

            You have also come to this conclusion, not on the basis of their politics or their values or their behavior, but solely on the basis of race. Those people are “on our side” simply because they are White.

            Good luck with that. I have no interest whatsoever in dissolving this country only to live in a White ethnostate with the very people who have sabotaged this one

          • No one is talking about restaurant owners, Brad. We’re talking about our institutions being full of anti-White racial aliens. And you’re pretending that there is this unrelenting tidal wave — tens of millions strong — of White people looking for dicks to cut off because they live in New England. It’s fantastical nonsense and it dovetails perfectly with right-wing Anglosphere economic desires that call for total White displacement and views Europe and Europeans as primary geostrategic enemies of the Anglo-zionist empire and wants to displace China as leader of the “global south”

          • @ Hunter Wallace OCTOBER 28, 2022 AT 8:10 PM

            You think the guy who owns the local Chinese or Mexican restaurant is a greater problem than those people.

            I can only repeat (this time with emphasis): you say some really dumb things — but now I think it is also deliberate intellectual dishonesty.

            No, I don’t think someone who ‘owns the local Chinese or Mexican restaurant’ is a ‘greater problem’ (or a problem at all) — I think Whites being a minority and ceding control of their societies to a majority of non-Whites is a greater problem than having to deal with a minority of ‘libtard’ Whites.

            I grew up in California — there were always Asians (including many Japanese, e.g. Norm Mineta) and Mexicans (they weren’t called Hispanics back then) around (but few Blacks) — Whites were still a supermajority, and California was a great place to live.

          • As they have done in California, the minority of libtard Whites (they are the majority there) will relentlessly push for anti-White policies like open borders and other types of cultural degeneration like “trans rights” while Hispanics might not even bother to show up to vote. California is the way it is because of the White leftists who control that state. The reason that states like Alabama, Texas and Florida aren’t like California has more to do with the difference in the types of Whites who live here.

            This is where we differ. I don’t conflate race with other things like political ideology and culture. I recognize the fact that the libtard Whites are far more hostile to us than most non-Whites. I grew up in Alabama and all Southerners have seen what happens when these libtard White transplants from other parts of the country move here and change the politics of states like North Carolina and even more spectacularly in Virginia. It has happened elsewhere in the country too like in Colorado.

          • I think Whites being a minority and ceding control of their societies to a majority of non-Whites is a greater problem than having to deal with a minority of ‘libtard’ Whites.

            You mustn’t have much experience debating Hunter. I’ve been here since this blog’s inception, and you don’t have to take my word for it, but when he digs his heels in, he’ll feign incomprehension all day long rather than concede your point.

            Your point is very simple: you recognize that white libtards are a problem but you regard a non-white majority as even bigger problem. And why wouldn’t you? Race is all about numbers, numbers are of the essence. Numbers determine virtually everything about how race is experienced. Is there 1% of Asians on your block or 90% Asians on your block? The difference between the two is night and day. They wouldn’t even need to be ‘bad people’ for a white to abhor such a racial environment. Hunter: “bu-bu-but muh libtards….”

          • Obviously, I don’t want to see Whites become a minority. That’s the reason why I got involved in this scene over 20 years ago and why I am still active.

            Let’s be real though. Jews and White libtards are the biggest supporters of the Great Replacement. In fact, White libtards are much more supportive of this transformation than blacks and Hispanics. Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to support immigration restriction than progressive Whites. White libtards have far more extreme politics on immigration and all other cultural issues than working class Hispanics.

            This is why I got tired of White Nationalism. I got tired of pretending that all White people are somehow on the same side. White Nationalists lose their sense of realism when it comes to meaningful cultural, religious, class and ideological divisions between Whites. They conflate race with nation and downplay these other divisions.

            How can you create a White ethnostate with people who might be White, but who have a negative sense of White identity and who are far more animated by venom, hostility and animus to the project? A nation is based on sympathy and a common identity and willingness to live together. These people might be biologically White, but there is no sense of common identity or sympathy with people who are pro-White.

            Anyway, I would rather live in Alabama and deal with our blacks and Hispanics than to live in a WN paradise with shitlib Whites who will be trying to sabotage and tear it down from the outset like they have already done in their own states. I’m not under any illusions about who is the greater problem.

            The polarization and division between Whites drives all of American politics. If the country does erupt into violence, it will be between these two hostile camps. There are times when WNs appear to be blinded by ideology to the actual state of the world around them

      • 1933, The host of this site isn’t anti White, he is anti satanic, anti stupid, anti lying retard………you would be the anti White devil, NO ONE, I mean NO ONE, loves our people, loves our Republic, loves our God, more than an A southern nationalist and he is the leading Southern intellectual of this generation, free speech is our custom, free speech with manners is our style, That being said, You JESUS haters, you claim too love our people, but you don’t, you Lie, we will not condone your sodomy, your BLOOD sacrifice or your Occultic false doctrines, your kind offer lies and hate, we have no King but JESUS and the SOUTHERN Army is his IRON FIST, so in essence 1933, keep reading this site daily, there are some smart people on here, who will help you get your mind right……..

  3. “in order to achieve what they call “racial justice.”

    So long as the burden falls on you and me, while they are exempt, either by geography or wealth.

    Libtards are almost exclusively found in WHITE areas, kinda rare in areas of strong ‘diversity’.

    • That is why California is solidly Democrat now, Demography is Destiny. The Federal failure (deliberate policy) to enforce immigration laws and allow millions of illegal aliens, mostly from Central and South America to settle in the U.S. changed the racial profile of California from overwhelmingly White to the mocha mess it is now. When the colored people vote Democrat they are voting, at least in their little minds, anti-White, against their “oppressors”, as they naturally believe of their manifest genetic failures.

      The Republicans are really the Chamber of Commerce party representing bidnessmen who always want more cheap labor. The “cheap” labor, particularly for farmers, ranchers, contractors, landscapers and restaurant owners is the most expensive kind. It costs these people their country but it’s usually their grandchildren who pay the costs. The bill is now due for the greedy, short sighted policies of “conservatives” allowing the Third World to enter the U.S. legally and illegally.

      Demography is Destiny.

      • @12AX7, & if squads of Aryan Loyalist men were to surround “no go zones” & use all means necessary to evict them, suddenly “muh demographics iz destiny” no longer holds much water, does it?

        Are you part of the problem?

        Will you use your voice to say, “bbbbbuuuuuut, muh ‘all means necessary isn’t an option!! Obey thy executioner’s rules, we respectable gentle-men who occupy muh high ‘moral’ ground…somehow,you can obey thy enemy’s rules – rules which ensure you lose – & still win, somehow…..” (but exactly how that is possible is never explained)

        You dont have to endorse, but you sure as hell dont have to go out your way to reinforce suicidal taboos within “the movement”

    • @arrian

      Not true at all. Do you think the whites of SF are closeted conservatives???

      It’s a strategy of degenerate white and Jewish elites.

      They since they don’t deserve their position in society and know their competitors come from whites a couple of rungs down the ladder from them so they try to knock them off the ladder entirely and replace them with affirmative action hires that they don’t see as big as a threat.

      White shitlib and Jewish stereotypes of Asians being docile worker bees that don’t care imposing their will/cultural and politics domination has been a big fuck up on their parts…

      Any high functioning minority will go along with the dominate program until they feel they have the numbers/capital to assert dominance.

      California being basically a 1/3 white (Jewish and gentile), 1/3 Latino and 1/3 Asian is in a
      Tail spin and are constantly back stabbing each other as they try to assert dominance.

      They’ll leverage different interests groups against each other.

      This is also why multiracial conservatism will fail. It’s all good until it ain’t. And once a high functioning ethnic group sees they have an opportunity to gain dominance they’ll use the same divide & conquer shitlib strategy.

      There’s no easier answers but changing the antiwhite culture is a big step forward.

      Unfortunately immigrants didn’t come here with the exception they *had* to assimilate. Just the opposite. They were promised if they worked hard they could get a McMansion on a cul-de-sac and be their own island. If they like their neighbors? Great and if not fuck em, as long you work hard and you pay your taxes you don’t owe them anything.

      • We are talking about the past that got this disaster started in California. The majority of ppl were sympathetic to anyone who seemed ‘in need’. That was the key that opened the door to this massive flood of immigrants.

  4. Comrade commissar Roberts only follows orders.
    The Long Marchers to the Global Soviet can see that the natives are getting restless.
    Some bones and scraps will be thrown out now to release the safety valve.
    The full South Africa would also hurt their profits and dry up the well that keeps the march going.

    • Yes those who pull his strings know all about the adoption, and what really goes on. Roberts is 100% owned. They’ll punch his ticket if he goes against their orders. TPTB might be willing to toss AA under the bus, whose engine is failing.

  5. “Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”

    ? Alexis de Tocqueville

    Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.

    – Friedrich Nietzsche

    • Racial equality is a fantastic delusion. There is not a whit of evidence for it. Not only are races and individuals manifestly not equal, but equality of any kind is quite rare in the real world when we get above the molecular level.

      • @DICARLO…

        “Racial equality is a fantastic delusion. ”


        In fact, ANY equality of any sort anywhere is ‘a fantastic delusion.’

  6. Who cares ?
    The bad consequences affirmative action only effect the poor and working class , those yucky people with unmanicured nails, *eww*.

  7. “If affirmative action is overturned at the Supreme Court, it will be Clarence Thomas who kills it.”

    It is pretty funny since Clarence Thomas has been called the affirmative action candidate for decades, which is something that I have done myself. It’s even funnier when you realize that he is not a traitor to black interests like almost every so-called conservative white politician (and all white liberals) is a traitor to white interests. At least for college admissions, affirmative action does lots of harm to blacks.

    Where does Thomas stand on affirmative action in hiring and promoting, and racial spoils, in general?

    • Pretty sure he has railed about it in his dissents for years. Even John Roberts is against it which is the kiss of death in this court

      • “Pretty sure he has railed about it in his dissents for years. Even John Roberts is against it which is the kiss of death in this court.”

        I hope so.

      • Roberts was against Obamacare too, until he was ordered to come up with the ‘conservative’ case for it. As I noted above, the Clownworld Sparklefary Express is showing signs of serious engine failure, some sacred cows might need to be tossed to lighten the load. AA is very negative economically. Only the government and outfits like Twatter can afford many hundreds of what amount to no-show jobs. Dead weight is dead weight.

  8. Not Leftists but SO-CALLED “leftists” will “continue to support affirmative action and want to make it even worse in order to achieve what they call racial justice,” which is a dead-end sidetrack leading away from, drawing attention away from what really needs to change. The system needs interracial conflict, and religious and cultural conflicts, as pressure release mechanisms to prevent class consciousness and real revolution from developing. The U.S. will have fascism, or populism, for a change, but never real socialism.

  9. It’s really something the way loony bin Brad is able to retcon niggers flipping out all over the country entirely onto “White leftists”.

    • It wasn’t all over the country.

      I live in one of the blackest parts of the country. It was quiet in the Deep South. The only exceptions were places like Atlanta where White urban leftists rioted on a smaller scale.

      • I was in one of the “liberal” parts of NE that summer and there was no rioting, just a few noisy protesters who shouted then went away. It was quiet after that.

        I was surprised, I expected violence but there wasn’t any, not even the kind of police presence there was in Portland, Seattle etc. I don’t think there was an Antifa presence which was probably the missing catalyst for rioting.

      • Lots of the rioters in Atlanta were black, probably a clear majority. Plenty of jews and white females at the forefront to be sure. Ditto for Minneapolis. Portand BLM/Antifa were majority white with jews giving the orders.

    • The leftist are the real malignancy,the blacks will no longer be a problem, once they all move too wakanda…….but we will still have the stinky Shitlibs around, it’s 1860 all over again…..

  10. The Deity has chastised us in recent years for our missteps, but ultimately wants the victory to go to Holy Order.

  11. “It wasn’t all over the country.

    I live in one of the blackest parts of the country. It was quiet in the Deep South. The only exceptions were places like Atlanta where White urban leftists rioted on a smaller scale.”

    I didn’t see much in my area, either. There were a few local wannabe black activists, but nothing came of their actions. As usual, it was the transplants and good-whites who were the most radical, and they didn’t get much attention.

    The funny thing is that my experience in both black and white schools is that the white schools do more for Black History Month and black causes than black schools do. Black schools are often chaotic messes, but they aren’t ideological wastelands from my experience, at least not in my area.

    • “The funny thing is that my experience in both black and white schools is that the white schools do more for Black History Month and black causes than black schools do. Black schools are often chaotic messes, but they aren’t ideological wastelands from my experience, at least not in my area.”

      That’s because blacks aren’t the ones under occupation, Todd.

      • “That’s because blacks aren’t the ones under occupation, Todd.”

        Blacks have very little power where I live, but that doesn’t stop the transplants and good whites from virtue signaling and trying to infiltrate the schools to tear everything down. Twenty minutes away where blacks actually have complete control is a very different story. The schools are a chaotic mess, but they don’t talk much about Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter holidays, or even Black History month. The black version of Christianity is the unquestioned religion, and even the local black Muslims don’t interfere. Black schools are too busy with basic literacy and math, and trying to keep order, to worry much about indoctrination or tearing America apart.

        I wouldn’t want to live on the black side of town, and neither do many blacks, which is where the problem of incompatibility comes in when they decide to move. Cultural incompatibility is the problem, not ideology.

  12. Well, I don’t support affirmative action either. What I mean is: debate about affirmative action and these affirmative action politics draw attention away from thinking about the important fundamental issues. Treating a disease symptom, but not the disease itself.

    I also recognise as you do that interracial, interethnic and religious conflicts are natural and unavoidable in such a diverse, deliberately mixed population. But the system, or the elites, can use (and they do use) these conflicts to distract the exploited racially, ethnically and religiously mixed masses from thinking about their exploitation and how it could be ended.

    When affirmative action symptom goes away, as I expect it will, the U.sury S.ystem remains!

  13. Affirmative action is a legal concept which allows a limited form of freedom of association. It will be overruled because it is conceivable that the legal argument could be made that it ought to apply to a white minority.

    Affirmative action is irrelevant to university enrollment today. No legal recourse is required for admissions officers to choose applicants based on, say, the vibrancy of their personal experience.

    Ending affirmative action only removes it as a potential tool for a white minority. All forms of government regulation over discrimination by corporations for or against selected groups will be legally barred because these regulations could be used by an awakened white minority in the future. A university is a form of corporation. Absent government regulation, the managerial class which runs the corporations will have free reign to exclude anyone they want, which will be white Christians and their allies.

    I can predict the future. The SCOTUS decision which ends affirmative action will be used within a year to argue a case demanding a formally Christian school accept and celebrate an openly anti-Christian employee or student. Within 5 years the Court will rule that it is illegal to make religion a basis for attending a religious school. This will not apply to Hebrew schools because reasons. I also expect tribal heritage to be thrown out as a prerequisite for benefits awarded to American Indians. Despite their real-world disaster status, the legal concept of Reservations is problematic and will be eliminated.

  14. If it does get overturned it will be left up to the states like abortion and the states that are against it won’t hire based on it.

    All Affirmative action means is blacks and other stupid nonWhites and women are too stupid to keep up with Whites and men academically so they have to give them preferential treatment. This is what happens in a multicultural society.

  15. “All Affirmative action means is blacks and other stupid …..”

    Affirmative action is self-limiting, the institutions that practice it will decay and fail, but causing great suffering in the process. like cities that have ‘fair housing’, the good are driven out and poor are caught in a web of fear and violence.

  16. Affirmative action will not be ending, since pretty much 0% of schools call their admissions process “affirmative action.” They use soft and subjective admissions standards that allow race-based and sex-based admissions on an individual level, such as essays and interviews, and this will continue because conservatives have never done anything to combat it.

    In the end, this is just more Republican party theater, putting up completely ineffectual fake resistance to fool their voter base into believing they have accomplished something. In order to actually end race and sex based admissions, Republicans would need to implement an objective admissions standard nationally, for example requiring a national entrance exam. But that would be “big government” (i.e. it would cut into their donors’ ability to send their mediocre children to top tier schools), so they won’t.

  17. This is great news, my biggest concern or lack of faith in conservatives is will they actually enforce it???

    Shitlibs just ignore laws they don’t like and then dare conservatives to actually imprisons fellow elites and conservatives generally back down to maintain “stability.”

    We all know who staffs the admission boards at these colleges and they won’t change their behavior unless they see they’ll actually get punished for disobeying the law.

    Will conservatives put in place the necessary enforcement mechanisms, will they have teeth?

    As of now I’m cautiously optimistic but it is great news.

    • The Universities are gonna be running out of white suckas to buy what they’ve been selling anyway.

  18. Dear eah- In support of your observation about the former demographic profile of California, I invite you to watch a few episodes of that great 50’s TV series ‘Highway Patrol” starring academy award winner Broderick Crawford. Set in 1950’s California, virtually everyone is white and the crooks show up for work in coats and ties! On a more serious note, Affirmative Action can be effectively reversed if, and only if, a Republican administration takes over the EEOC- the administrative agency tasked with the enforcement of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, cleans house and retrofits it to put a full court press on all colleges, professional schools and big businesses to root out affirmative action admissions and employment. For example- all Admission offices, Human Resources and Employment departments will have an EEOC officer in charge, making sure that all admissions and hires go to the highest scoring applicants on the SAT, ACT, LSAT , and MCAT- no exceptions. Jobs will be similarly granted to those who score highest on resurrected old fashioned admission tests, like the one used in the Griggs Power case. This is exactly why the EEOC was created in the first place- only this time they will be enforcing the 64 civil Rights law as written- prohibiting racial discrimination, rather than as interpreted by the Jewish head honcho Alfred Blumrosen who invented Affirmative Action as the enforcement philosophy of the EEOC . Divide admissions to colleges into verbal and STEM- Humanities and social sciences will go to the highest scorers on the verbal part of the SAT(1/2 of the freshman class, while the the other half will go to to the highest scorers on the Math part of the SAT. All slots will be given to US citizens- period.

  19. SCOTUS ending Affirmative Action just like Roe v. Wade begs the question of WHY NOW? It happens while Joe Biden and his cast of clowns control the government and not under Donald Trump or any other True Cons Administration.

    Call me a cynic, but no way no how did TPTB sign off on this unless they realized that terminating Roe v Wade and Affirmative Action no longer benefits White people.

    I smell a rat or two.

    Roe v. Wade was overturned after and only after abortions by young White women dropped precipitously but so-called Women of Color were using it like birth control.

    Affirmative Action will probably be overturned now that even the Ivy League Colleges have been reduced to nothing more than dumbed down indoctrination camps for retards. No White parent with two working brain cells should send their child there. No White alumni should donate money to them, and no White employer who wants to keep their business successful should hire their graduates.

    My reaction? Now that you have totally trashed our institutions of what used to be higher learning, we can have them back now?! Take your largesse and shove it up your anuses; but not before you first remove your craniums.


    • Good question. Yes indeed: Why now? I mentioned one possible explanation for this sudden turn above. Despite all the lying bullshit of figures broadcast by the Sodom-on-Potomac regime and the (((gaslight media))), plus the regime’s looting of the SPR to lower the price of gasoline nationwide, the economy is not doing very well. AA has already destroyed countless white jobs, the shit economy will not bring them back. They can toss AA beneath the bus and blame it on YT at the same time. Not unlike the “sacred” right to abortion.

    • “Wade begs the question of WHY NOW? ”

      Not all actions have immediate consequences.
      There’s often a propagation delay.

    • Why not now? — better late than never.

      >Ivy League Colleges … dumbed down indoctrination camps for retards

      Don’t be fooled by the freaks and malcontents the media chooses to show you — Ivy League schools are still among the best in the world and are full of intelligent people who want little to do with politics.

      But the administration/leadership at many of these schools has been corrupted by malleable people with no backbone who answer more to the media and politicians — perhaps this (para)phrase sums it up: ‘Those with a will to power will always prevail over others who just want to be left alone’ — you see this now with noisy, obnoxious leftists, probably nearly all of them liberal arts majors in the lower half of their class, prevailing over serious students and professors who just want to be left alone.

      • In other words, ‘library guy’ is more typical of the average student than what you see on the news — link

        And note who the obnoxious malcontents are — freaks and dumb, fat, unattractive women who seek affirmation (which they would otherwise not receive, in part due to their appearance, sorry about that) via conformist, NPC-like ‘activism’.

        The media distorts many things — its influence is toxic, especially on the female brain — as I mentioned, WLP devoted a lot of time during his commentaries to talking about the media (and Jewish control).

  20. What the right should have done a long time ago, was stop giving federal funds to colleges, most of, them aren’t teaching anything except western civilization is bad and homosexuality is good, and it has been like this for several generations.

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