Babylon Bee: Kanye Incinerated By Jewish Space Laser

If you believe there is a Jewish cabal behind cancel culture, you are a mentally ill conspiracy theorist imagining things in your head.

Babylon Bee:

“U.S. — After making antisemitic comments in several interviews, Kanye West has lost several key sponsors, including Adidas. Now, it seems, he has hit rock bottom as authorities confirmed he has been incinerated by the Jewish Space Laser.

“Ballistic and forensic fire analysis has identified the origins of this attack with one of the state-of-the-art space lasers owned by the Rothschild family,” said Malibu Police Chief Russell Lee during a press conference in front of a smoking crater where Kanye West once stood. “I will be taking no questions from all the Rothschild-controlled media at this time.”


  1. The problem for his haters, is that there is a whole lot of people in world including east Asia, also many of the Hispanics worlds who don’t care about what the Jewish elite, or others think. He’ll be alright. The ADL can’t enforce their mandate outside of the western world. The a manufacturer in east Asia who would love to have his business, sure

    • Yeah I remember saying that when this story first broke like 10 days ago that I’m sure there’s some Chinese banker somewhere who will take Mr. dindus bilions of cRap dollars..

      Can you imagine an America were feral blacks and white nationalists are united on social and political issues? How will the Jews cry racism about everything?

  2. Whatever the jews say, it’s usually the opposite of what’s taking place. They declared war on him and anyone else that calls them out, not the other way around.

  3. Ye the great has been martyred by the very Jewish cabal he warned us was real, what more proof of its existence can us goy ask for?
    I’m preaching to the choir but, you can criticize whites all day long on social media, in fact not only is it encouraged but it’s a right of passage, but criticize Jews just once and you’ll be socioeconomically obliterated overnight, because Jews have all the power, whites have no power.
    Yes as individuals some of us have power, but not as a race.
    We’re the most powerless race in the world, we’re not even entitled to a homeland.

    What would happen if Ye criticized say Asians or Hispanics?
    Perhaps a slap on the wrist.
    Half of all billionaires are provably Jewish and very much organized to protect and promote their interests.
    In the 21st century Jews are the master race.

    Who won WW2?
    The Jews, Germany was annihilated, utterly cucked and rebuilt into a Shabbos goy puppet state.
    The Marxists won in the east, and in the west modern liberalism and conservatism were and remain Jewish movements.
    We don’t have a pro-white movement and while liberalism feigns to be pro-black, it’s not, as Ye and Candace know all too well, they want blacks poor, stupid, drug addicted, aborted and dependent on welfare so they can be controlled and weaponized against whites and others.
    Blacks were in a lot better shape in the early-mid 20th century before Jewish dominated politics, we all were.

  4. Listen everyone knows it’s hurtful and wrong to blame whole groups of people for what individuals did…. when everyone knows it’s WHITE MEN who ruined EVERYTHING!!!

  5. “”””,….claim Jews control the media by sharing SPREADSHEET ‘filled with names of Jewish execs…”””

    Claim, Nazis control the media because our truth is in front page of one of the most read paper in the world.

    Similar to Donald, Kanye found the way to get message out.

  6. Nb4 cuckservatives compare him to Jesus for speaking truth to the synagogue and being crucified for it.

  7. Unlike a White person in the same situation, I suspect he could save himself with a groveling apology and a robust commitment to fighting “White supremacy”, “racism” and anti-Semitism. If offered such a deal, would he take it?

  8. The lynchpin to a better life in this country is to remove the artificial barrier that criticizing Jews and Jewry is ‘anti-semitic’.

    And person, group of persons, and entities derived therefrom, ought be subject to civil criticism.

    Even more so in this country, where our right to speak and think as we feel is enshrined in our founding.

    No exceptions to this rule shall be, in the longrun, issued – doubly so valid when it comes to Jews & Jewry, who and which have become so influential and powerful in this land.

    I think Mr. West is acting in an extremely patriotic and self-sacrifial way that will benefit all, including, in the longrun, Jews – for Jews have come to be a spoiled privilege class that is not healthy for them.

    No doubt that Organized Jewry is trying to completely obliterate every public aspect of Mr. West, just as they would remove images from pictures of those who had once been close to Stalin, but, who had been executed.

    I do not think they will win this battle, but, if they do it will be a pyhrric victory.

    Carry on, Mr West – untold tens of millions of people support you and are watching with baited breath.

    • “remove the artificial barrier that criticizing Jews and Jewry is ‘anti-semitic’.”

      They guard that falsehood like a miser guards his money.

      Anti-Semite is a false term, a misnomer,
      most jwz aren’t Semites, most Semites aren’t jwz.

      More corruption of language to corrupt our reasoning.

      • @Arrian…

        I totally agree with you that the purpose to corrupt our language is to corrupt our reasoning – so that we can be ‘managed.’.

        When I realized that, some years ago, I simply dropped all political correctnesses and returned to a manner of referring to things used by my grandparents, when I was a little boy.

    • @Arrian…

      It does look like Mr West has been ‘crushed’, but, it is an illusion – for his will is intact, as is his massive wealth.

      Mr West is the iceberg in the water upon which the Titanic of International Jewry has run into.

      Candidate Trump set this process in motion, Thank God, and we see now, 7 years later, it continuing to play out to greater effect.

      This is why so many American Jews were deathly afraid of Trump in 2016.

  9. Kanye “Ye” West may not be the most articulate guy on the planet but he sacrificed his rep and most of his fortune to go to the mat for the rest of us — something that no one else has been willing to do. Analogies to Jesus and the crucifixion may be a bit much, but I for one think we owe him a debt of gratitude.

    But there will still be a few who think he’s grandstanding or a publicity freak and won’t acknowledge the sacrifice he’s made.

    • @Heymrguda.

      You are right – we all owe Mr West a debt of gratitude.

      He is demonstrating a kind of bravery almost no one in the public light has been willing to exercise – for obvious reason.

      He is acting Christ-like – in this sense.

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