Occidental Dissent Returns To Twitter

Fair warning.

Elon Musk hasn’t OFFICIALLY changed the Twitter rules yet. He has delegated responsibility to some kind of content moderation council. Everyone is already flooding back in though and ultimately it doesn’t matter whether or not this account is gassed in the interim.


    • Enjoy it while it lasts. I don’t see the rationale for interacting with stupid ass liberals.

      They’re predestined for intellectual damnation, anyway…

  1. NYT:
    “How the Hasidic Jewish Community Became a Political Force in New York

    Elected officials rarely embrace positions that could antagonize Hasidic leaders, who typically encourage their community to vote as a unified bloc.”

    Well duh !

    (Too bad WHITES won’t learn the power of bloc voting.)

    • Ain’t going to happen with white shitlibs. The sacred cows of “race does not exist” and “equality über alles” are the religion of a huge number of whites, probably at least 50%. Some WNs like to dishonestly reduce this figure by counting only the most rabid fringe of the above group: those willing to fight in the streets for BLM and Antifa. Also note that shitlibbery pays. The majority of whites in the top tier of income at the very least believers in the two lies above, with many having gone fully woke.

  2. My own Twitter account has been in “features temporarily limited” state since March, because I dared to point out a stabby Somalian incident at the time as a stabby Somalian (“Black Lives Messer”). IIRC it was about a Somalian driving student trying to stab his driving instructor to death, but a nearby cop intervened and prevented the worst. I checked earlier today and I see that it is still that way.

  3. In the “old days” of the internet you could create your own experience WITHOUT some oversight committee. It was called blocking, muting, etc.

    Now, the powers that be don’t believe you should have control over the content you see. They must protect you because you are no longer capable of deciphering what you should and shouldn’t see.

    Elon, will not change a thing. His committee will be far left communist Jews on one side and his far right counterweight will be some Ben Shapiro-tier “conservative” on the other. That will be his diversity.

    • Normies in my swath of the population – White voters in the rural and small town South, under age 45, right-leaning – have changed to such a degree over the last few years that they have largely caught up with my politics. I’m a “neo-normie” because my views on most issues are average now. There isn’t much that I believe anymore which is “fringe” or “extreme.”

      • I can easily remember when the rural and small town South regarded white women with black children as abominations, the same as Drag Queen Story Hour is today in those same locales. Now, no one seems to blink an eye at the former. Frankly, I have less of a problem with discreet gays than race mixers.

        • Agreed. Your discreet gays are just hurting themselves. Race-mixing destroys fifty thousand years of evolution.

        • Not just the rural and small town South, everywhere it was shocking to see such race mixing. Since most young women will follow whatever the prevailing consensus is regarding public mores, making such women outcasts shaped public behavior constructively. Our enemies successfully destroyed public mores, heaping abuse on those who tried to maintain public decency, a very effective tactic at eroding public morality and White cohesiveness an inch at a time.

          • If we faced an external military threat, we’d likely fight them off to prevent invasion and military occupation. Yet when faced with an internal threat like race mixing, which has more dangerous consequences long term, it’s ‘oh well, love is love’. We need to recognise that most wars against us are very soft, gradual, and are carried out without a bullet fired. And most of us don’t even notice it…..

  4. I really have nowhere else to post this, so I’ll post it here.

    Anglin put up an article whining that Musk retweeted one of Twitter’s current content policy enforcers (who was whining about people posting the N word).

    All Musk did was remind everyone that his content enforcement policy has not yet been amended. He hasn’t even had time to get the shit stains steam-cleaned out of the ex-street shitter CEOs office carpet.

    It is naive to think that Musk won’t have any policy at all. Even if he decides he will never ban you, and maybe that he won’t even ever delete your “offending” tweets, I think it’s reasonable to assume he’s going to do something to control things, even if it is to use algorithms that automatically put asterisks behind the letter N every time the word is posted.

    He’s not looking to completely destroy the platform, (ie posting N****er obsessively is even going to drive off a lot of average ordinary people who aren’t political activists.)
    I honestly don’t remember people in general being able to post slurs and vulgarity on Twitter without any repercussions at all, even 9,10 years ago. People have been doing the crypto N1663r thing online for 15-20+ years, because even 15-20+ years ago, before the advent of social media, there were moderated chat rooms and BBS boards. Internet cancel culture isn’t truly anything “new”. The difference between then and now is that shitlibs didn’t control *everything*, and you could find open safe havens for free speech where moderation policy was much laxer.

    I think when his policies are in place, it’s going to be more like Twitter was 10 years ago. There will still be policies, there will still be a bit of moderation. You just won’t be autobanned for the slightest infraction, and he’ll come up with technology that forces people who have sensitive feelings to use filters or something to lessen the need for moderation.

    But basically this. For crying out loud, go on Twitter and say important things and make important arguments. Don’t clutter the place up with trolling and vulgarity.

    Twitter is no longer a publicly traded company. It literally is privately owned. You don’t have to worry about “our democracy™?“ censoring you now. Now you have a king who can kick you out of his castle. If you behave yourself in his castle, he’ll probably be very liberal in moderation policies and let you express your opinions. ULTIMATELY free speech isn’t about using racial slurs. It’s about being able to make ARGUMENTS. There is a huge amount of daylight between saying “Jews have a lot of power and control things, and there’s a disparity in crime rates between blacks and whites”, versus saying “fuck KIKES AND NIGGERS” “1488 GTKRWN!”

    Elon Musk is giving you the leverage to make arguments. Be smart.

    • >Anglin? I thought DS was down?

      Finding new domains seems to be almost a full-time job for Anglin, but for now DS is available here: dailystormer.in — you can always find the current working domain by checking Anglin’s Gab account: Gab/Andrew Anglin

      >It is naive to think that Musk won’t have any policy at all.

      Yes, of course — as I said several times, people who think Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is some kind of free speech vanity project are naive (or stupid, take your pick) — he has to turn Twitter into a profitable business, and allowing rampant use of slurs like nigger and kike will deter advertisers and make profitability all but impossible — there are now organizations and cells of reportfags who do nothing but monitor content and lobby advertisers to cancel ads on sites with content they don’t like — this could easily happen to Twitter, and it would be a problem for Musk.

      If you want to say nigger, kike, etc, get a Gab account — if you have a Twitter account, keep that kind of thing off your timeline — it’s possible to effectively red pill ‘normies’ and shitpost without using slurs.

    • Without question the avalanche of slurs on Twitter since Musk’s takeover is an organized false flag type operation designed to force Musk’s hand on content moderation:

      link“More than 50,000 Tweets repeatedly using a particular slur came from just (inauthentic) 300 accounts” … It worked. … Journalists and misinformation experts used this event to create a narrative read by millions. That narrative is now accepted as fact, even though the event was intentionally manufactured to create the narrative.

      Personally, I don’t have a problem with slurs, since Whites are denigrated and scapegoated 24/7 in the media with no consequences and little objection; my concern about slurs on Twitter is more strategic — when Musk starts replying to ignoramus racial demagogues like LeBron James, you know things are moving in the wrong direction.

    • It’s a mistake to retweet/amplify an account with a tag like ‘diejewdie’ — this is like feeding time for reportfags, and will only make it more likely Musk will retain/implement content moderation policies inline with those about ‘hate speech’ and ‘inciting racial hatred’ that are now more or less the rule in Europe — at this moment, a little self-restraint is in order.

      Think about it.

  5. Elon Musk’s social media enterprise Twitter will be successful (profitable) because it is in the service of the U.sury S.ystem, just like his Starlink satellite system is fully in the service of the U.S.’s war against Russia. Billionaire Musk already has over two thousand Starlink satellites in orbit, and his space junk (making space travel hazardous) collection of small, refrigerator-sized satellites will increase to at least 12,000, giving “safety in numbers,” so the Russians will never be able to physically destroy them all.

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