Joe Biden’s “Our Democracy” Speech

“Our Democracy” is on the ballot.

If you stand with Zelensky and Ukraine, support the FBI showing up on your doorstep to interrogate you about your “extremist” politics and DHS working with social media companies and the big banks to silence you on the internet, there is only one choice in this election.


  1. The Republicans won’t be much better when it comes to Ukraine and “democracy” There’s too much money involved and too much money to be made by both corrupt parties. There’s no voting our way out of this mess.

    • Vote, Dear John – for though that, in and of itself, will not be the answer, it is part of the path of legal and ethical actions and reactions which WILL lead to a better day.

      Never let them discourage you from participating in your God-given American heritage.

  2. linkSometimes I pause and remember that they murdered Jeffrey Epstein in a high-security prison to keep him quiet about global elites sexually abusing children. Then I switch modes and carry on as if we live in a normal world where our problems can be solved by voting. It’s weird.

    Yeah, it is weird.

    • Epstein was not gay, neither was Weinstein. They went down because they liked girls. The victor, Irish/Jew Ronan Farrow he is married to a Jewish guy.
      There is weaning out going on, powerful straight males are being eliminated in favor of Jewish and Irish queers. Are you down with queer rule?

      • @Robert Browning

        Weinstein was ousted as a means to deflect from the Las Vegas massacre. Consider that Farrow approached the NYT ( not fully sure which paper ran with it first) in 2009 with the Weinstein allegations but they refused to throw a fellow jew under the bus.

        Obviously the big jews were involved in the Vegas situation and needed a deflection/scapegoat so, 4 days after Vegas, it comes out about Weinstein and, voila the rest of the media piles on and Vegas is erased from the minds of most.

        We still haven’t gotten anywhere near a fuller understanding of what precisely happened in Vegas.

        And, yes. What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas!

        Death to ZOG

  3. “‘Our Democracy’ is on the ballot.”

    Nobody gives a…FJB. What a stroke of good luck for the PMC woketards to completely miss what’s on people’s minds going into this election.

  4. I’m going to violate my own policy and vote next Tuesday, because the prospect of Charlie Crist becoming Governor again is totally unacceptable.

  5. The Shitpants Joe speech, along with the jewboy Raskin interview and that segment featuring the guinea faggot, are all totally unwatchable. It’s starting to feel as if this is the end of the line for the United Snakes. If the Empire does break up and fall apart New York, California and Illinois will probably be the areas that are most adversely affected. But HW and I should be OK.

  6. Why do we talk about the election as if polls matter? The Democrats are going to steal PA, GA AZ AND NV Senate seats. Real votes don’t matter.

  7. Mad Dog Musings 2 Nov 2022 — ZOG is Ranting & Raving About [S]Election Denialism/Agnosticism—ZOG-Selection-Denialism:a

    First of all, I have gotten back from the Missouri Secretary of State the “Oafishul List” of Write-In Candidates for office in Missouri at the 8 Nov. 2022 [S]Election and my name is on it for US Senator. So also is my friend Rik Combs. Now Rik is a solid White citizen being a retired Air Farce Colonel who ran as a LibberToon (but was far from one) for Governor back in 2020. I like Rik and if you don’t vote for me then by all means vote for Rik. However, Rik isn’t a tenth of the wild man that I am and is silent on the Pastor Mad-Dog 4 US Senator Main Platform Plank of “Make Regime Criminals EAT THEYS’ SPAWNS’ NUTS.” Nor has Rik spent a hundredth of the days in jail that I’ve been locked up, his arrest count is less than twenty, and insofar as I know has never been locked up in a psychiatric prison much less for 31 months. So if you want sober reflection in trying to keep parts of the ZOGland working together as opposed to violent revolution and Civil War 2 then I’d advise choosing my friend Rik Combs. If you want Mad Max, Ten Thousand Warlords, and making regime-criminals EAT THEYS’ SPAWNS’ NUTS, then I’m the one write-in White Supremacist candidate to vote for.

    ZOG is all huffy about the State of ‘our’ Dem[on]ocracy and [S]Election Denialism or its cousin [S]Election Agnosticism because the groundwork of theys’ legitimacy is holding open free fair [s]elections. Now most White men don’t bee-lie-ve the 2020 [S]Elections were anything other than rigged. So the Dem[on]ocrats, especially Senile Joe Biden, don’t want to dwell on inflation of food and fuel prices, but rather whine like a pussy about how White men don’t even pretend that these [s]elections are honest. Rather both Republicucks are trying to tell ZOGling whigger ass-clown to “voat harder” as if this means something.

    Elon Musk bought Twatter and now is telling the ZOGlings that they might have to pay a subscription price for Twatter in order to engage in censored twats. Such a deal. Paying for twats. Nasty left-wing stinky twats, read by twats. Twatter twats wasn’t worth what ZOGtards paid for it when it was free. Paying to twat on Twatter? Well show the entire whirrrrrld you are a fool twat, why don’t ya?

    Moving on, Bryan Reo as a ZOGbot brought suit against myself and my Aryan Nations Church and got millions of ZOGbux in these regime korts without any valid jewrisdiction and false dominion Under Satan’s Administration and the South Dakota criminal regime handed my inheritance in violation of theys’ own pretend “law” to Bryan Reo and they persecuted my sister $150,000 + and terrorized her. Thus any and all regime criminals, especially lawyers, need to be destroyed along with theys’ entire families and forced to EAT THEYS’ SPAWNS’ NUTS !!!

    Senile Joe is losing his war against carbon and Russia and reality. The Russians are destroying the power and electrical and water infrastructure built during the Soviet era and not improved. Russia is thus winning the war by making it harder for the jewkrainian population to survive rather than fighting in the Donbass with ZOG-armed jewkrainians. Russia is making alliances with the Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans and Indians to eventually create a “Putin/Xi Doctrine” keeping ZOG/Babylon out of Asia. As George Orwell predicted, Oceanus will end up fighting Eurasia (Russia) and EastAsia (China). And Europe will be left in the cold and the dark.

    Right now ZOG/Babylon is in a state of Pre-Revolutionary Collapse like France in 1789 and Russia in 1917. There is so much haet and the druling elites are so very corrupt and stupid. Parasitic criminals claiming that they are in charge of a dying dem[on]ocracy. Actual inflation is 30% or more and diesel is about to run out. ZOG is on the way to gigadeath. Soon the Ten Thousand Warlords will rule over 20-30 million feral ex-whiggers.

    And to start with that you should write in a candidate who will make ZOG/Babylon regime criminals EAT THEYS’ SPAWNS’ NUTS !!!

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-In Candidate for US Senate

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