Elon Musk’s Twitter Sucks


New York Times:

Elon Musk has positioned himself as an unconventional businessman. When he agreed to buy Twitter this year, he declared he would make the social media service a place for unfettered free speech, reversing many of its rules and allowing banned users like former President Donald J. Trump to return.

But since closing his $44 billion buyout of Twitter last week, Mr. Musk has followed a surprisingly conventional social media playbook.

The world’s richest man met with more than six civil rights groups — including the N.A.A.C.P. and the Anti-Defamation League — on Tuesday to assure them that he would not make changes to Twitter’s content rules before the results of next week’s midterm elections are certified. He also met with advertising executives to discuss their concerns about their brands appearing alongside toxic online content. Last week, Mr. Musk said he would form a council to advise Twitter on what kinds of content to remove from the platform and would not immediately reinstate banned accounts.

If these decisions and outreach seem familiar, that’s because they are. Other leaders of social media companies have taken similar steps. After Facebook was criticized for being misused in the 2016 presidential election, Mark Zuckerberg, the social network’s chief executive, also met with civil rights groups to calm them and worked to mollify irate advertisers. He later said he would establish an independent board to advise his company on content decisions. …”

I haven’t used Facebook in years.

I don’t even think I was using my account when it was ultimately banned. It became the new MySpace about three or four years ago. Twitter was already dying before Elon bought it.

Note: I forgot that Facebook has an independent content moderation board because no one really uses the platform anymore or the “Metaverse.” Journos and NGOs destroyed Facebook.


  1. I was semi optimistic but deep down I knew he was going to cave to the jews and the other special interest groups. His billions are more important than your speech. Better to sell out Twitter users who trusted him than to let the jews cancel you as they did with west.

    As far as I am concerned, he has no integrity or pride and his actions showed what he really is, a liberal and controlled phony.

    • I think he will continue flip flopping.

      He offered to buy the website. Then he spent months trying to get out of it. Then he actually bought it. Then he caved. Who has time for this?

      • “I think he will continue flip flopping”

        He will continue to take orders from the adl and other jew and anti-White organizations.

        • I hope he goes broke, or worse. Another arrogant POS! How dumb do you have to be to spend $44 billion for Twitter anyway.

    • I agree.

      This app has been trash for five years though. The people who ruined it are still going to be moderating content. Maybe it is just best to be done with it.

      I expect he will flip flop again and jerk us around some more.

      • I don’t think Musk has any choice. The Jews will destroy his Space company and his electric car company. They have already brought his launches of his new rocket to a halt. His schedule without their interference would have been several launches by now. The can ruin him with regulations and lawfare.

        I really, really don’t believe he ever thought he would have to buy them. I think the obvious user fraud that he knew was there would mean he could back out but the corrupt Judges forced his hand. I think he set the whole thing up as a troll and to sell off many billions of stock options he had coming to him and got the shaft instead.

        I’m very favorable of what Musk has done. I’m very much for energy independence for autos and a big time pro space exploration and resource utilization. The military advantages of having such a low cost and versatile launch system is extremely high.

        • Musk’s space company is probably a front for the Pentagon and intelligence agencies. The idea of martian colonies is laughable. Musk’s program for building a super rocket for this supposed purpose is like the Howard Hughes Glomar Explorer purported to be for seabed mining was actually a cover for raising a sunken Soviet submarine (the operation was partially successful).

          Musk was guilty as hell of fraud in the Tesla shareholder lawsuit but he skated. He’s got friends in high places.

          Although SpaceX actually develops working technologies, Musk’s other companies are shams and his ideas crap. The Youtube channels Common Sense Skeptic and Thunderf00t have fully documented this.

          • Yeah agreed ….musk is an obvious zog stooge ..
            I assumed they were going to use him as the new “conservative“ face of republicanism or some sort of fake ,controlled opposition …which they do/did

    • Kind of like C.J. Hopkins’ view of Dumpf:

      > Here I voted for Hitler and all I got was this retarded boomer. He was worse that the hipster Hitler in The Producers.

      At least the Anti-Racist Hitler was entertaining. Surprised Pope Noseferatu and his inquisitors still allow that one to be up on Jew-Tube. Guess the “smartest folks on earth” don’t get the point. They probably think it’s supportive of Muh’Izrael.

  2. Let’s wait and see, still too early to tell what he’ll do with it.
    He may take a nuanced approach, not entirely pleasing the woke left or the populist right.
    Or he may just be hearing their concerns without committing to addressing any of them.
    It’s an enormous acquisition he made, he didn’t get rich by being foolhardy, I’m sure he needs some time to process everything, doesn’t mean he’ll capitulate to the woke mob much, if at all.
    He may also have some surprises in store for all of us, stuff neither side anticipated, I mean at the end of the day I’m sure Musk is in it for Musk, he’s gonna put his interests, and vision first.

  3. The minute I heard he had a conversation with the head of the ADL with Musk describing it as – “What I heard was very encouraging, & I’m cautiously optimistic” – I knew they had likely got to him. I hope I’m wrong about this.

    • It was like Trump groveling before AIPAC before he got the nomination about how he is completely behind Israel. Clinton followed the next evening. That’s when I knew the fix was in about Trump.

    • Musk has been a ticket-taker from the start. Anyone thinking he’s an opponent of the system which made him rich is not paying attention.

  4. Told you so! It’s only commonsensical, logical, that “Ye shall know the fruit by its tree.” The “free speech on Twitter” fruit cannot be good because it belongs to the bad system of private for-profit social media. Give us a truly SOCIAL social media, and a socialist republic and economy to go with it!

    • Usenet is still uncensored and free. If you use Thunderbird email reader, just add news.eternal-september.org as a newsgroup reader (and writer) and join a discussion group. It’s a bit tricky to set up, but worth the effort.

    • Yes, there was so much free speech and a booming economy in the USSR where the state owned or controlled everything. Things were so peachy that they had to build a 2000 mile long kill line to keep hordes of people from trying to break in.

  5. I want to say Musk is a fraud but this is probably more emblematic of the new normal. Musk is a libertarian and thinks privatizing everything is a solution to cultural issues, and this round with the ADL has proven him wrong. There are outside powers who will interfere with the market if that market accidentally impairs their power. He will continue with his project of cutting and tightening the platform but at some point he will have to face the fact. Twitter died because it became a liberal echo chamber. Twitter died because of Jonathan Greenblatt and those like him. Facebook was already declining and then liberal backlash to 2016 buried it. Obviously spamming “nigg**” on the site repeatedly does not help but journalists and liberals invite this behavior similar to how they try to gaslight people into committing shootings like with Joker in 2019, celebrate the shooting, and then use the stigma of the shooting to acquire more power for the left. Journalists are the problem. If this is Musk’s Big Cuck, then Twitter is doomed and he wasted 44 billion.

    • I have seen his kind before. They are obsessed with work. They do not like affirmative action, because they want to hire the very best people. That could be White, Asian, or Black, so it will be the same with skilled immigration. He’s anti-union, and what they say on Reddit, he works people to burnout, and expects the same of himself.

      He could be economically valuable to a nationalist county, if you could limit his company workplaces to small walled off areas, and if you send his workers back to their home countries afterwards. I would make use of him.

  6. On a personal level I’m glad it predictably sucks because twitter can be such an addictive waste of time. I remember how much better I felt a couple years ago when I deleted the app and my account. This time I’m quitting after only one week since Musk immediately surrendered content moderation to gay jews like Yoel Roth.

    • Both banned in Europe for “hate and denial”. I am so glad I live in a pluralistic democracy and open society! If it weren’t for the Hellfire Club of American anons and old frog twitter, which to me were and are a collective Thomas Jefferson, many Eurofags would already only know the dark shadow of the total state. If there was any real freedom left in our states, it was there. And as much as I may hate your empire and its political establishment, for that alone we all owe you greatly. There was no great savior figure or quick-fix political solution, but as corny as it may sound: on a microscopic level you guys, not billionaires, kept the dream of both a free internet and the original American promise of liberty alive. Before the grandchildren of those who ran the Bolshevik revolution acquire total power again…

      • >Both banned in Europe for “hate and denial”.

        Probably not all over Europe — just in specific countries.

        Bitchute is based in the UK and they are real bootlickers about complying with all censorship requests (mostly from DE and FR) — if you are really interested, you can use the following site to download (and then watch) the video — just input the URL:

        Bitchute Video Downloader

  7. Musk is beholden to government money. There is no way they won’t control Twitter through Musk. If he goes against them he loses everything.

  8. I had hoped Elon was different. Why would someone with that much money be just another bootlicker?

  9. Musk, like Dronald Blormp, is a bullshit artist who simply wants to generate publicity and controversy. He never follows through on anything. I think he’ll put Twitter up for sale again within a few months.

  10. The great enemy of the Jews is not a billionaire, he is a pennyless pauper who rises from nothingness to greatness on a cloud of truth. Donald Trump, Leon Musk they are money worshippers not truth worshippers, they can be bought. Their souls have a for sale sign on them.

  11. Contrarian view here: I will be staying on Twitter to support Tucker, Mark Dice, Charlie Kirk, & Dan Bongino who have all talked about The Great Replacement. The Normies are radicalizing and I want to help them along.

    I never voted to change the racial demographics of this country and I greatly resent the Death Of The West.

    • Look at the brightside.

      Even though we have largely been wiped off social media for five years, it hasn’t stopped normies from radicalizing and embracing our views. Twitter is nothing more than a chat app for shitposting. While it sucks the ADL has ruined it, the whole fiasco with Elon and Kanye is shining light on the Jewish Question.

  12. Musk was sincere about re-establishing Twitter as a free speech town square, but wishes he had investigated Twitter more closely before acquiring it. He opened his big mouth with an offer and then, when he realized how riddled with bots it was, wanted to back out, but was forced to buy it.

    Then he, along with the rest of us, got to watch the big smackdown of Kanye West AKA Ye by the Usual Suspects and saw him lose more than half his wealth in less than a week for upsetting Greenblatt and the other Usual Suspects.

    I’m not surprised Twitter will be severely hobbled where rightwing speech is concerned. Though I believe conservative voices will be allowed on. The goal of Twitter will be to tone-police the Right until its the same bland, tasteless lukewarm Right that we got with Gerald Ford, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney.

    I read a recent article which stated that the elite want the two parties so indistinguishable that most people don’t bother voting and they can do what they want. Though, IMO, they made a big mistake by allowing the left to get away from them. They did not foresee the inevitable backlash that CRT and the LBGT agenda would generate.

    • Too many are noticing because the usual suspects are moving too fast. I hope and pray that’s their fatal error.

  13. Elon is a very unusual guy. He’s a professional bullshitter and carnival barker, who immediately sends your BS detector to max for anyone even remotely skeptic-minded. OTOH underneath is one of history’s greatest business savants.

    What’s not clear is exactly who’s being trolled at this point. I do suspect though that if we see a big red wave, he’ll lean in to conservatives a bit more.

  14. Yep Flip Flopping, but nothing much will come of it same as with President Trump or Ross Perot campaign to SAVE AMERICA.

    And our drowning people are real grasping at straws.

  15. After yet another USA election, let’s talk. Might be time for secret societies, weird old religions. Didn’t Ernst Rohm go to Bolivia in South America for a bit? The Southern parts of Brazil and Uruguay sound interesting.

    • The Austrian painters’ schule supposedly moved to them parts of the Southern hemisphere after the Banksteins’ second cull of the white population. Of course the Busheron famiglia supposedly has vast estates in Paraguay as well.

    • Re: “the southern parts of Brazil and Uruguay sound interesting”:

      Jaye, there are other Nazi and fascist havens in Latin America besides the ones you mentioned. Paraguay has been the best haven for Nazis since the 1920s, the way being prepared for them by the establishment of “Neuva Germania,” an enormous tract of land provided for German immigrants, in 1888, when the population of Paraguay was declining due to the disastrous war it fought against the Triple Alliance of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay that had killed off most of the young males.

      Even the German “Fernheim” Mennonites who settled in Paraguay were sympathetic to Hitler and the Nazi cause, and were very anti-Semitic. Alfredo Stroessner, the fascist dictator of Paraguay from 1954 to 1989, protected the Nazis who fled from Germany, massacred indigenous people, and eagerly assisted the United States’ (CIA’s) very successful “Operation Condor,” that rooted out and destroyed (killed up tp 100,000) communists and communist sympathizers in Latin America.

      When the U.S.’s attention was briefly distracted by the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the War on Terror, a “Pink Tide” swept over Latin America. Even in Paraguay a socialist or socialist-leaning president was elected. But the U.S. soon had the people’s choice removed by a coup. Don’t worry, Paraguay is safe for democracy (fascism) again.

  16. Parents, South African Jews. Find pictures of Elon when he was young, before he had massive plastic surgery. Cannot be anything but a Jew. What you see now is not his natural face. He was never one of us. By category, he is a crypto.

  17. No one should be using social media anyway. The bonds you make with others because of shared ideology never last. They always destruct. Quality relationships are grown from shared soil and circumstance, not from 1’s and 0’s.

    Read blogs and make long-form comments that require thought and reflection. Watch youtube to learn skills (not to wile away hours with ridiculous meme videos). That’s it. Otherwise, turn the screens off.

  18. Lot$ of money, but no sense. Where does he find the time anyway? Has his nose in many ventures……..but stands for nothing. Just a grandstander who loves the spotlight.

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