Poll Watch: Black Democratic Voters Say Violent Crime Important To Midterm Vote

Rev. Al is warning Democrats about the crime issue.

Back in the 1990s, the Congressional Black Caucus supported the 1994 crime bill. Joe Biden famously supported it too. Then the politics of the issue flipped with the rise of BLM in the 2010s. The BLM driven crime wave is causing the pendulum to swing back in the other direction.

Pew Research Center:


  1. So this means that some Black voters may be thinking about voting Republican. However the root of the violent crime problem is the economic system, and BOTH of the twin parties work to conserve the same system. It doesn’t require a very high IQ to understand how the system works. Black voters should know they can’t vote their way out of it. The system itself is crime (usury) on a massive scale.

  2. The GOP Presidential candidate who won the highest percent of the Black A American vote was (drum roll)

    Richard Nixon – who campaigned on law and order – an end urban riots, J SDS, Communist riots etc.

    This enraged the Norman Lear and Washington Post Js like Woodward and Bernstein. Who took down president Nixon in a coup over the trivial crimes of Watergate. Nobody was killed in Watergate, nobody was raped.

    More people died in the back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car than died in Watergate.

    Roman Polanski the J Hollywood movie director raped more children than the entire Nixon Administration.

    So the lesson for White GOP candidates is:

    Never pander to Black Criminals, Black Rioters like MI Governor George Romney and his son Mittens Romney – idiot cuck Libertarians Ron and Rand Paul.

    It’s wrong and it’s a losing strategy.

    But these Conservative Inc. Cucks and Libertarian Cucks (what’s the definition of a cuck).

  3. It is the Irish, guys like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity who perpetrate the myth that blacks are okay with violent crimes. What blacks are opposed is the persecution of innocent blacks in the name of public safety. There are alot of blacks, a lot of hHispanics and alot of whites who have been wrong by the criminal justice systems. you are not going to hear that from an Irishmen though, WTF do they care?

  4. Maybe they can build more recreational centers and basketball courts like they did in the 90s I believe to curb black crime. It didn’t work.

  5. Old culture warrior

    Do the moral is….. (drum beat)

    Run working class Whites and Hispanics against BLM , Black criminals and pervert communist Jews

    Wow that was Easy

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