Poll Watch: Key GOP Groups Are More Fired Up To Vote In Midterms Than Democrats

Pretty much every indicator now points to a large Republican victory in the 2022 midterms.

  • The normal cycle of backlash politics in the midterms
  • The issue set that voters are prioritizing – the economy, inflation, crime and immigration – which historically favor Republicans
  • High gas prices
  • Interest and enthusiasm
  • Campaign spending in deep blue territory
  • The momentum of how polls are breaking in the final stretch
  • Finally, there is the fact that I am relatively happy with the GOP right now and where Charlie Kirk and Clarence Thomas and Ultra MAGA Republicans are going, which is toward “fascism” and “extremism” and “white supremacy.” I’m a swing voter. If I am feeling more practical and less cynical and hostile than usual like in 2010 and 2016, then it is going to be a good year for the GOP.

This election isn’t going to be a nail biter.


Note: We already knew what the outcome would be a year ago. At this point, I am just trying to enjoy the ride, trolling and trying to inject some humor into the election.


  1. I’m sure there’s no more inspiring sight that ‘fired-up GOP groups’ — it must be just as thrilling as seeing a snow leopard in the wild.

    • Yeah.

      I’m looking forward to Joe Biden becoming a lame duck president whose last two years is consumed by clashes with Congress. This will put an end to his legislative agenda and limit the damage he is capable of causing. That’s better than hanging onto Congress and breaking the filibuster and passing all sorts of awful bills.

      • For the record: if GOP candidates can win some seats and afterward prevent some lousy legislation from passing, then that will be a good thing.

        But Republicans have been complicit in plenty of bad legislation over the years, and I expect that will continue — in my opinion, there simply isn’t enough difference between the average Democrat and the average Republican for me to trust Republicans as a voting bloc, or back the GOP as a party.

        • Why is that?

          It is because every awful thing that passes the Democratic House quietly dies in the Senate because of the filibuster. The Democrats tried to use budget reconciliation rules at least three or four times to pass comprehensive immigration reform. It was blocked by the Senate parliamentarian. Conversely, the GOP passes a lot of good things when it controls the House, but Democrats use the filibuster to kill most bills. So the only things that ever get passed have to go through budget reconciliation. Both parties effectively need 60 votes in the Senate to pass their agenda and can never get up to that threshold.

          Get rid of the filibuster, which Senate Democrats and Joe Biden have vowed to do to codify Roe, and the floodgates are open. We will get DC and Puerto Rico statehood. The Supreme Court will be packed. The Biden presidency hasn’t been nearly as bad as it could have been because of Republican strength in the Senate and the filibuster. They passed Juneteenth, the infrastructure bill, the semiconductor bill, the big COVID relief package, the “Inflation Reduction Act” and a modest gun control bill.

          It could have been a lot worse. The best case scenario for the next two years is gridlock in Congress and Benghazi 2.0 style hearings and limiting the damage that Joe Biden is capable of doing over his last two years in office.

        • >Why is that?

          Why is what?

          >No one will give up their social security to Own the Libs,

          As the courts have definitively ruled, social security is just a tax — no one is entitled to benefits, or any specific level of benefits, regardless of how much was contributed — it’s a tax which is collected per current law; in the same way, benefits are dispersed per current law — the law can be changed at any time.

          The so-called entitlements (per the above, no one is entitled to anything) of SS and Medicare are the largest and fastest growing items in the federal budget — means testing SS would be a way to reduce the deficit — if the BRIC bloc succeeds to any significant degree in de-dollarization, means testing and similar steps to protect the USD become much more likely.

          Personally, I do not see why a brown America would want to pay tax or jeopardize their dollar wealth via huge deficits in order subsidize a lot of older, generally better off retired white Americans.

        • Social Security isn’t going anywhere.

          Even if the GOP tried to gut Social Security, which isn’t going to happen (Paul Ryan couldn’t even pass that in the House), the votes aren’t there and Biden would veto it. Inflation, however, is hammering people who live on fixed incomes. DOUBLING gas prices is going to send rural turnout through the roof.

  2. “Key GOP Groups Are More Fired Up To Vote In Midterms Than Democrats”

    That’s not surprising.

    What IS surprising is that there still are Democrats – particularly White.

    Almost any virtue they, The Democrat Party, had decades ago they have abandoned.

  3. Just a precursor to that coming down from a crack high feeling in mid-2023. (and no more crack to be found anywhere)

    • Yep.

      This is a normal election. Everything about it is normal. The midterms always swing like this. Inflation always favors Republicans. Republicans are up because Democrats have spent the last two years reminding Independent voters why they dislike Democrats. The GOP will get in control and limit the damage that Democrats can do, but will likely blow their majority. 2024 will be much more competitive than the midterms.

      There isn’t much to do but make fun of the situation and try to make the best of it. We’re going to have a Republican Congress next year.

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