The Hill: Inside DHS, Big Tech Collusion To Police Speech Online, Root Out “Disinformation”

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  1. I don’t believe this whole thing started in 2018, a point which The Hill and other outlets seem very keen on hammering home. I recall the “Arab Spring” of ’09, and all the reporting about how this supposed grassroots, organic populist movement was bolstered by Twitter and other social media. I doubt there was a 9-year gap between the CIA and other US gov’t actors using Twitter to shape and curate popular sentiment in Egypt and then engaging in the same behavior in the U.S.

    • Good memory and observation there. Domestic matters are supposed to be off the table for the CIA, NSA, and their contractors, but that went out the window long ago. This is why granting agencies such power is a bad idea from the get-go. The temptation to turn it inward is too great for mortals to resist.

    • Yes, I agree. The so called Arab Spring was a huge “intelligence community” OP as part of the so called War on Terror. At the end of the day, isn’t the internet technology all based on DARPA research? The hope was, that it can be used to empower actual grass roots democracy, but more often than not it was just used to monopolize information control even further, corporatize it and turned the Gen-X wild west into a net for mass surveillance.

  2. Cass Sunstein’s 2006 book, Infotopia: explores methods for ‘aggregating information’.

    Sunstein’s books and papers outline the several methods government can use ‘manage information’ via non-government entities.

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