NY Mag: Inside Elon Musk’s ‘Sincere’ 45-Minute Zoom on Hate Speech

In other words, Elon is allowing the ADL to continue to censor speech and engage in election interference on behalf of Democrats for the third election cycle in a row.

NY Mag:

“Last night, Elon Musk held a roughly 45-minute Zoom call with representatives from seven nonprofits about hate speech on Twitter, which has been engulfed in hate speech and conspiracy theories since the world’s richest man acquired it less than a week ago. During the online meeting, Musk agreed to not make any major changes to the platform’s content-moderation policies before the election — including bringing back users who had previously been kicked off the site — as well as take advice on policies from people who have been targeted by coordinated online harassment and hate campaigns, according to one of the participants in the call.

“We met to make three immediate requests of him in his stewardship of Twitter,” said Jessica González, co-CEO of Free Press, an online advocacy group that has called for advertisers to stop spending on Twitter ads if Musk rolls back content-moderation policies. “These are the tip-of-the-iceberg kind of requests around maintaining election-integrity systems until the election results are certified, not replatforming people without a transparent process and certainly not before the election, and also making sure that when he’s developing whatever content-moderation regime he’s going to do that he hear directly from people who have faced hate and harassment on Twitter and can offer some unique insight into how that shuts down free speech.” …”

The definition of election interference is deplatforming the former president of the United States and the biggest faction on the Right on a social media platform before a major election and calling that “maintaining election integrity.” It is on the same level as the idea that people who are voting in elections are “destroying democracy” by voting against the Democrats. WTF?

“We met to make three immediate requests of him in his stewardship of Twitter,” said Jessica González, co-CEO of Free Press, an online advocacy group that has called for advertisers to stop spending on Twitter ads if Musk rolls back content-moderation policies. “These are the tip-of-the-iceberg kind of requests around maintaining election-integrity systems until the election results are certified, not replatforming people without a transparent process and certainly not before the election, and also making sure that when he’s developing whatever content-moderation regime he’s going to do that he hear directly from people who have faced hate and harassment on Twitter and can offer some unique insight into how that shuts down free speech.”

Conservatives have actually been solid on the issue.

They have had five years to experience how far down a slippery slope this can go. No one believes anymore that the ADL is a non-partisan organization which can be trusted to engage in just a little censorship of the really bad people on the internet. The ADL is 100% of the problem.


  1. There is such a thing as an ass hammer, it is a gay metal anal toy. Now what kind of hammer did Mr. dePape possess in the night in question, a carpenters hammer or an ass hammer? Leon stop blocking the tweets, we need to know.

  2. Let’s give Brother Elon a little breathing room. You just wrote an article about how 2014 senate races had a long term impact, and how Trump actually did some good stuff.

    What Brother Elon is doing is potentially much more impactful: an entire online ecosystem outside of direct Jewish control, to include streaming, video, shopping (to say nothing of space colonization!)

    If the bomb throwers are blocked, it actually redounds to our advantage. Imagine the Alt Right without the self destructive Triumverate: we may have already won.

  3. Details on Elon Musk’s new super-censorship Twitter committee, led by the ADL

    3 Jews
    2 blacks
    2 Latinos
    1 Asian
    0 European-heritage whites

    @JGreenblattADL – Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director, ADL
    @YaëlEisenstat – Ms Yaël Eisenstat, Vice President, ADL
    @TheBushCenter Ken Hersh – Kenneth A. Hersh, President, George W. Bush Presidential Center

    @RashadRobinson – Rashad Robinson, President, Color of Change
    @DerrickNAACP – Derrick Johnson, President, NAACP

    @JGo4Justice – Ms Jessica González, Co-CEO, Free Press (racial justice media advocacy)
    @SindyBenavides – Ms Sindy Benavides, CEO, League of United Latin American Citizens

    @NormanisChen – Norman Chen, CEO, Asian American Foundation

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  5. I never believed Musk would change anything. At best we can hope his antics will cause a further exodus of serious people from Twitter and new platforms rise in its place. I hope it’s a big money loser for him too.

  6. Many pundits, on The Right, have been extremely enthused about Mr. Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

    Given that Mr. Musk is not known for his Right opinions, I have been guarded.

    Will he do as he says? : restore American processes and behaviors to a major ‘American’ institution?

    From the looks of this – it seems as fishey as anything ever done by Mitt Romney.

    One thing is for sure : you cannot be in with the likes of a Jonathan Greenblatt and have any intent to respect what is ‘American’, unless, of course, you see America solely as a Jewish World Order hitching post.

  7. This is the last time I ever trust a celebrity billionaire to protect my constitutional rights, I’ll tell you what.

  8. If Catturd and Tim Pool are still allowed on Twitter then you know they have nothing important to say.

    • Catturd and Tim Pool are pressuring Elon Musk to fire this guy. Good for them. That’s what we want them to do

      • >pressuring Elon Musk

        OK, if you say so — somehow I don’t think Musk is going to fee ‘pressured’.

        And by the way, there is no such thing as a ‘MAGA influencer’ — MAGA (whatever that is) has been pushed to the fringe by the media (what matters most in America right now), and has no ‘influence’, per se.

        As you’re probably aware (?), Catturd (a childish moniker) is treated with contempt on Gab — mostly justifiably, from what I’ve seen: he’s a race flat-earther who won’t name the Jew.

        I don’t know what’s going to happen with Twitter, but none of this really surprises me.

        As I said before, while a genuine civic consciousness, as well as a sense of Twitter’s wrongdoing vis-a-vis censorship (especially re COVID), may have in part motivated Musk at the outset, his acquisition of Twitter is not and cannot be some sort of free speech vanity project — he has to service the debt: he must restructure Twitter into a profit-making business, with the ultimate goal a later public offering (that is always the goal of these private equity-like privatizations) — and he can’t do that without advertising.

        This guy said it pretty well (although his account will probably soon be purged): linkYoooo this ain’t it chief.

        • I’ve seen Catturd, Benny Johnson, Ann Coulter, Mark Dice, Tim Pool and others going after Musk. Breitbart and Gateway Pundit are hitting him. It looks to me like the whole MAGAsphere is about to turn on Musk. It wouldn’t surprise me if they got their way. But we shall see. Also, it is a good thing that they are doing it instead of saying ban all the Nazis, but leave us conservatives alone.

          • Musk just tweeted that if both the Left and the Right are attacking him then he must be doing something right.

            >but leave us conservatives alone

            They’re going to make a ‘Nazi’ out of you whether you are one or not; haven’t you learned that yet? — to update and paraphrase Enoch Powell speaking decades ago about being called a racist: ‘Nazi’ is a modern term of abuse, so the less well-defined it is the better.

            And now to follow Musk: if they call you a Nazi, you must be doing something right.

            Musk’s acquisition of Twitter may turn out to be the biggest bait & switch since Trump in 2016.

          • I still can’t wrap my mind around spending $44 billion dollars to purchase an app to restore free speech only to keep the ADL in charge of it. I don’t think it will stick.

          • @ Hunter Wallace NOVEMBER 2, 2022 AT 8:37 PM

            >I still can’t wrap my mind around …


            I’ve written a number of comments about this; you must not read them before you approve and publish them.

            He didn’t spend his own money.

            Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is more or less a standard private equity takeover — this was clear as soon as news came out that he was putting together a consortium of investors — after that it was misguided to (continue) to see it as some sort of quixotic crusade for free speech.

            At this point Musk has to 1) turn Twitter into a profitable business so it is attractive when it goes public again (the goal of all private equity takeovers), or 2) sell enough of his Tesla stock holdings to net $44b so he can pay off his backers — if he did that he could do what he wants with Twitter.

  9. Stop chasing the hopium dragon for twitter. Musk is no friend of the proles and as a globalist who has publicly praised the CCP, doesn’t give 2 shits about the American nation. Americans simping for globalist billionaires is one of the most pathetic and delusional things I have ever seen.

    • I think you are too pessimistic:

      1.) Musk has said all along that the old rules were still in place and people who were banned under the old regime aren’t coming back immediately until some “process” is established

      2.) There is already a major backlash brewing against this. Breitbart and Gateway Pundit and the MAGA sphere are all demanding Elon fire this Jew.

      3.) Finally, I doubt he spent $44 billion dollars to piss off everyone

      Anyway, you might be right. We should wait and see though to see how this shakes out. I’m honestly not in any rush to get back on there. I haven’t been on the site in like a year now. I will reserve judgment for a month or two

      • I respect you and your position but if Musk was a so-called “free speech absolutist” as he claims he wouldn’t be courting the opinion of Nosferatu of the ADL and “hate speech” wouldn’t be in his vocabulary, there’s either FREE-speech or NOT FREE speech. Hate speech is Orwellian for NOT FREE speech.

        • I’m assuming he had some kind of super autistic idea in mind for a content moderation council that somehow officially included them, but precluded them from running the show. I can’t fathom why he would spend $44 billion dollars to buy the platform only to keep the ADL in charge. We shall see. Wait and see for now.

          • I don’t use twitter anyway, so whatever the outcome, it doesn’t bother me. This whole affair is bullshit artistry. Musk bong rips his own farts like the rest of his class.

          • I used to be highly active on Twitter.

            Until signing back up the other day, I haven’t been on there in well over a year. I’m honestly done with Twitter after five years of this shit. I assume that Musk will change his mind again though at some point. Regardless, we should focus on other platforms because Twitter is so unreliable. It is nothing but a chat app.

          • The “intelligence community” has all access to twitter. All the CIA/Mosssad created boogeymen of 9/11 are terrorizing Iran right now so the never ending state of emergency over 9/11 (even signed by Dump) is now focused domestically, they need something to justify their “funding”.

      • Twitter earned 5 billion in 2021. When Elon took over, the big advertisers pulled out. Users paying for check marks is less than 100 million per year. So Twitter does not exist without the support of big business. From the looks of this new Twitter check mark scheme, its a way to make identified people visible so they can be intimidated into falling in line, and push anons out of the conversation (Spencer has been pushing it heavily for the last year). Even if Elon is genuine he is only one man, while the wealthy ones against him are many.

        • >Twitter earned 5 billion in 2021.

          What the fuck.

          Apparently you have no idea what ‘earned’ means — earnings are profits, meaning revenue minus operating expenses — so when someone says ‘earned’, that is what is meant.


          At the link above is the 2021 annual report for TWTR in PDF format — on pg 42 it clearly says Twitter had $5.08 billion in revenue, but an operating loss of $493 million.

          Twitter is not a profitable company — it did not earn a damn penny in 2021.

          You’re more proof that the internet is full of idiots.

          • I read a MSM story hours ago and got the words confused, because I’m not a Jewish financial expert. My interests lie elsewhere. I’m sure there’s things I can do that you can’t. That doesn’t make you dumb, does it?

            “What the fuck.”
            “You’re more proof that the internet is full of idiots.”

            You could have correctly me politely, or you could have been a dick, and revealed you have nothing but contempt for ordinary people. You and your kind are unfit to lead anyone.

          • >You could have correctly me politely

            Yeah I know I could have — but I rejected the idea — see, I’m fed up with idiots on the internet — my patience ran out long ago — I admit it is occasionally a problem, and perhaps criticizing more constructively might be better — but on this occasion I decided I just didn’t care.

            So my task is to perhaps work on that — your task is to stop posting misinformed comments.

          • I thought of changing my moniker to ‘Faggot Watch’ before replying to your comment — or maybe ‘Moron Watch’ — but as you can see I decided against it.

            You provide a link to a tweet — there the person writes “Anonymous” is and always was cringe — per the context, he is clearly not talking about anonymity on the internet; he is referring to the hacker group known as Anonymous (there is a Wikipedia page about them) — note Wikipedia also mentions their cyberattack on the Church of Scientology (also the context of the tweet).

            Today no one can be blamed for wanting to remain anonymous on the internet.

            You are a fucking idiot.

        • “… So Twitter does not exist without the support of big business…”

          I think that’s what matters. They have told him the whole thing will go kablowey if he allows free speech.

          There’s a serious point to be made here. The Jews own everything. Everything, or at least a consoling interest. The FED during the bailouts and subsequently flooded the banks with money. Flooded! What do you think they did with that? They bought everything, that’s what. Some figures put the numbers at $40 trillion. We know at the extreme least it’s over $25 trillion. That’s the absolute minimum and you know they are way over that. They got this cash at close to zero percent rates so all they have to do is make minimal profit and they rake in the rest. They did the EXACT same thing in Germany. Of course now they own everything they tighten and ruin everyone so they can acquire the rest.

          All of this should be taken back and given to the American people. Every penny. Putin did it, why can’t we?

  10. 1. Musk is not an American, and that means something.
    2. Musk’s social circle seems to be made up of Amber Heard and Burning Man types.

    He can’t be worse than the people he is replacing at Twitter, but I don’t expect much fro him.

  11. How many times have we heard these phonies say they are going to do this and that when they take over only to fold to pressure groups? In Musk’s case, it was buying Twitter and bringing free speech back. So much for Musk being a free speech absolutist.

  12. linkMollie wrote, “We are just like any other family here in Eastern KY, this was just a normal evening for us where we had plans but he had to work late.” … Her husband worked at Excel Mining until 5 p.m. and the game started at 6, Mollie said. But Micheal, who often ends up missing events due to work, called ahead and told his wife and son he would meet them there. … “My husband chose the job he has to support our family so that I could be home to raise our wonderful children,” Mollie said. “So any chance he can be there he is, no matter how tired or dirty.”

    Remember these people and the millions like them, not only the ones alive today, but those who built America in the past, the next time Jews and their hued pets start lecturing you about ‘white privilege’.

    • Pretty much.

      At least for the next few weeks. We will see how it shakes out. He flip flopped on buying it.

      If the ADL is going to be in charge of who is allowed on the platform, he set $44 billion dollars on fire.

  13. Musk knows if he didn’t at least pay lip service to the ADL, for now, it would organize a Twitter advertising boycott by browbeating big business board members to oblivion. That’s how this octopus rolls. Like Kanye said, “who you think created cancel culture?” Elon may be buying time until he’s figured out a business model that can withstand that.

    • You are probably right.

      I’m expecting him to flip flop around. It is just tiresome though. At some point, you realize it is just a shitposting app that has been garbage for five years and has been ruined like Facebook. We don’t even need it to push our views into the mainstream

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