Buck Breaking: Jews Bring Kanye, Kyrie Irving and Elon Musk To Heel

Why are people on the “Far Right” so obsessed with Jews?

Yahoo News:

Kyrie Irving released a joint statement alongside the Brooklyn Nets and the Anti-Defamation League on Wednesday addressing his promotion of an antisemitic film on his social media.

Irving and the Nets each pledged $500,000 “toward causes and organizations that work to eradicate hate and intolerance in our communities.” Irving acknowledged the “negative impact of my post” while stating that he doesn’t “believe everything said in the documentary was true.” The statement does not include an apology. …”

Kyrie Irving is worth $90 million.

He is one of the richest black men in the country. Now, his name is Toby.

Rolling Stone:

“After Adidas dropped Kanye West over his repeated antisemitic comments, the former billionaire lost his status and was unceremoniously replaced by Sean “Diddy” Combs. In response, fans flocked to GoFundMe, the crowdfunding platform, to raise money to restore West’s status as a billionaire.

Several campaigns cropped up on GoFundMe following news of the sportswear brand cutting ties with West, according to AllHipHop, including one page declaring their goal to “Make Kanye West a Billionaire Again.” 

According to Forbes, West’s deal with Adidas was estimated at a value of $1.5 billion. Without that deal, the artist’s net worth is reportedly now $400 million.

GoFundMe seems to have removed the fundraisers, which apparently only reached an earning of five dollars before being taken down. However, fans have rallied for West before.

In 2016, West posted on Twitter that he was $53 million in debt, he then asked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into his “ideas. …”

Kanye was one of the richest black men in the world.

Kanye West has lost probably half his net worth in a month for criticizing Jews. To his credit, Kanye has refused to back down and has doubled down on drawing attention to how Jewish businessmen own the black voice. The Jewish media has slandered him as a mentally ill conspiracy theorist.

Elon Musk is the richest man on the planet.

The richest White man in the world spent $44 billion dollars to purchase Twitter to end the out of control censorship and Jonathan Greenblatt is still running it. How do you explain that?

Yahoo News:

“Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt on Wednesday said he is “cautiously optimistic” about Twitter under Elon Musk’s leadership after a “productive” meeting in which the platform’s new owner apparently committed to maintaining content moderation guardrails.

“This was certainly a productive meeting & I appreciate @ElonMusk’s willingness to hear our concerns,” Greenblatt tweeted Wednesday, noting that Musk had agreed to “a transparent process for re-platforming people” who have violated Twitter’s policies or incited hate/violence; enforcement of existing policies around election integrity; and the inclusion of representatives from the civil rights community and groups who face “hate-fueled violence” on Twitter’s new content moderation council. …”

Don’t forget.



Note: Jews are synonymous with censorship and cancel culture. Whenever we talk about these issues, we are really almost always talking about the ADL censoring the internet or the Jewish networks who dominate various segments of our economy acting as a unit to destroy various people.


  1. “Kyrie Irving is worth $90 million. He folded.”

    When I was a boy, and I read that Chryst said it would be very hard for a wealthy man to get into heaven, I certainly understood the words, but, not the depth and magnitude of that statement.

    Many years later, I realize he was making a central Buddhist tenet : ‘If you are trapped in the delusion of attachment, you will likely be unable to break the cycle of needless suffering you are embarked upon.

    It’s sad watching so many people fold, over and over again to The Jew England Yankee World Order.

    That said – I am sticking with my guestimation that Kanye will not fold, even if they somehow manage to take his last dollar.

    Brad Griffin is not folding either, nor are we who attend this site.

    We will not be bullied into silence, so that you can be comfortable while you continue to pillage and loot this country.

  2. The politicians don’t run the country, all of these various federal agencies run the country. Politicians are just clowns in it for the grift.

  3. Jews attempt some sort of offloading campaign. They will throw communists under the bus to get out themselves.

    Criminals often sacrifice lower members as cannon fodders to give big bosses chance to getaway. Napoleon also left his army die in Russia and rode out with elite cavalry.

    I think we must go along with this game. Eat those commies what Jews offer us for lunch and leave Jews for later. One enemy at the time.

  4. Behold the face of yo’ real massah, negroes!

    Pope Noseferatu, head of an organization founded to ensure no Jew pedo-rapist (who even tried to frame a black janitor for the crime) ever faces justice again.

  5. As Tucker said, there’s no such thing as Fuck You Money. Musk has learned a lot by just watching what has happened to his friend West in a few weeks at the hands of Jews. The Jews won’t stop before completely destroying West. They do it as a lesson to others who may get out of line. Musk is watching carefully.

  6. As bad as Anti-White Jews are our own Anti-White traitors, aka those that look like us but have no loyalty to us, continually enable them.

  7. Not only did they get Irving to cuck and apologize, he donated 500k to the jew supremacists at the adl. Blacks are still slaves to the jews.

  8. Well you have to give West credit for refusing to bend the knee to Da Kosher-Nosetra. They made him the big star he is and they have decided to kick him out now that he has violated the omerta. If he actually does damage by exposing some big Jew pedos, they’ll likely arrange for a white redneck “KKK member” (FBI MK-Ultra asset) to be in close proximity with a loaded gun, so he’ll be permanently removed. After all, if KN can so easily remove Robert Kennedy in 1968, removing “Ye” in 2022 will be that much simpler.

    • There aren’t many people in the world of any race who are willing to commit career suicide and lose a billion dollars to name the Jew.

      • Very true. West has done more to expose Kosher Nosetra than his pal Cheetohead – the perfect Shabbas-goy who never once missed an opportunity to fellate the Synagogue of Satan – ever did. Not saying he’s the second incarnation of Christ like the crazy Anglin is, but he’s taking hits for what he believes in – his own people. As I’ve said before, it’s an error to think the enemy of our enemies is our friend. It’s nevertheless beneficial if one enemy group is spending their energy fighting the greater enemy instead of our people.

        Kosher Nosetra have controlled blacks since the death of B.T. Washington (1915) and the feds charging Marcus Garvey (1923, deported 1927). The first president of the NAACP was an über-white Massachusetts shitlib named Moorfield Storey – descended from early Puritan settlers. Of course schlomo was present on the board was well, and clearly controlled it from the early, even before Storey’s term ended in 1929. If West were to take the reigns from the corrupt bunch in charge at present, KN might not have as many of their favorite golem to send against us.

  9. Kanye is only doing this for the benefit of him and his people, using the jews as an excuse, and to keep whites from abandoning them. No whites = no more white women and no more free shit

    And notice hes only calling out the white jews. And in the FOX interview he said blacks are the real blood of Christ

  10. My favorite part of this whole month is watching the reactions from black Twitter and hypebeast Twitter

    *hypebeast is a slang word often used for trendy hip-hop heads. Usually having extremely large sneaker collections worth 10’s of thousands of dollars and are usually nonblack nonwhites, often from immigrant communities. The most notorious hypebeasts are often fail sons of high cast Latinos, Muslims and Jews. Or in plain English nonwhite w*ggers lol doing a very expensive version of blackface / performative blackness

    Some jewish hype beast burned his Yeezy shoe collection on tiktok worth over 25k lmao Ye already got your money!

    LOL !

    He’s turner stoner jew fail sons into spiritual boomer-cons lol you’re going to be so mad when I buy all of your merchandise AND THEN BURN IT!! lol ok dude

    Putting aside the Jewish hypebeasts many are using the term “buck breaking” to describe the recent cancellations. Ironically Tariq Nasheed who popularized the term is a Kayne hater and is trying to cast shade on him for not being black enough- it’s a mirror image of the worst parts of the far right and WN’s.

    Also ironically like the some elements of the far right & WN’s Tariq Nasheed was married to a Jewish women and has several mazer kids. Receives Jewish funding and relies on Jewish publishing/networks to put out his work. Tariq is trying to claim Ye as a race traitor for not being antiwhite enough and not making the most insane maximalist demands. Sounds like typical WN behavior to me LOL !

    Very interesting to see this cross pollination and while many still have lingering “white privilege” biases many are noticing they wouldn’t be canceled if they said anything (and everything) about white people.

    This by itself isn’t *THE THING* that brings it all down but it is an avalanche/tidal wave (pick you’re metaphor) of noticing.

    Ye’s tweets today involving his trainer had many of his nonwhite hater who were mad about his WLM shirts and comments of George Floyd saying “damn he might be right…”

    • *hypebeast is a slang word often used for trendy hip-hop heads.

      I’m not even gonna ask how you came to know that, lol.

  11. I like Kyrie’s non-apology apology re ‘anti-semitism’

    “I cannot be anti-Semitic if I know where I come from” – ie as long as you “know where you’re coming from” you can think whatever you like.

    More people should use that.

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