Democracy On The Ballot

This is a choice between Autocracy and Democracy.

This is a Battle for the Soul of America and “Our Democracy.”

This is about weaponizing the FBI and DOJ to crush and imprison our political opponents. This is about whether Congress will continue to be used as a platform for Soviet-style show trials. This is about whether or not DHS will be allowed to continue to censor disinfo, misinfo and malinfo on the internet. This is about whether we will continue to spend tens of billions of dollars on a proxy war with Russia.

My fellow Americans, the other party represents “fascism” and “authoritarianism,” which is why you have no choice but to vote for my political party which is synonymous with Democracy. These “fascists” want to abolish the FBI and end the war in Ukraine and speak freely on the internet! These “authoritarians” want you to be able to own “assault weapons” to have the means to defend yourself against tyranny!

There is only one party which stands for bodily autonomy and consent of the governed which is why I signed an executive order to get thousands of people fired from their jobs who refused to take the COVID vaccine! It is Autocracy or Democracy! Vote for Democracy on November 8th!

Note: BTW, the Supreme Court is an illegitimate institution.


  1. Here’s what I see as a very big elephant in the room. Biden, or rather (((the powers that be))) say “fuck it” and go full blown Dr. Strangelove in eastern Europe. Settle some ancient, ancestral scores, as Gonzalo Lira put it the other day.

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