Harry Enten: Why Republicans Are Gaining With Less Than a Week To Go

83% of the country wants to go backward.


“But as we’re now less than a week from Election Day, the momentum is clearly on the Republicans’ side and the possibility of a Republican rout has increased.

Why? We’re dealing with a deeply dissatisfied electorate, which almost always means the president’s party is punished by voters.

Take a look at a Gallup poll released on Tuesday. Just 17% of Americans say they were satisfied with the direction the country was going. That’s the worst in any midterm since at least 1982, when Gallup first measured satisfaction in a midterm.

Importantly, this satisfaction with the direction of the country is highly correlated with midterm outcomes in the House. In the midterms when more Americans are dissatisfied than satisfied with the direction of the country, the party that held the White House has lost an average of 33 seats. That jumps to 46 seats in a president’s first midterm.

If we look at seat totals instead, the party holding the White House ends up with 186 seats on average when more Americans are dissatisfied than satisfied in a president’s first midterm. This would be an over 35 seat loss for Democrats in the 2022 midterms. Never has the President’s party ended up with more than 204 seats when more Americans were dissatisfied than satisfied. …

That said, the currently low congressional approval indicates something similar. Approval of Congress is usually low, but not this low. It stood at a mere 21% in Gallup’s poll. That’s tied for the second worst in a midterm since 1974. …”

Libtards are about to get wrecked.

They have really gone out of their way to earn this. Enjoy this moment while it lasts.


  1. “Why Republicans Are Gaining With Less Than a Week To Go”

    I respectfully disagree with the notion that Republicans are’ gaining’, but, rather, this process has been ongoing since the presidential election of November 2020.

    What I see every election cycle is that there are 3 kinds of polls – the first kind being the majority of polls, those which are funded by those who USE polls to shape consensus with falsity so as to shape it, and which, to the last hours before an election, report results which give an undue advantage to Democrats by 5-10 points.

    No better illustration of this first type of poll than the NY Times/Siena College poll.

    The second kind of poll is like the first, though, in the last week before an election, this type of poll begins to make corrections, so as not to entirely lose face for the coming election cycles.

    Listing all the polls that do this routine would be tiring, so I will eschew doing that.

    As to the last type of poll, we are basically talking about Rasmussen – they who make every effort to find the actually truth and then factually report it.

    So, no – The Democrats were sunk in this election a long time ago – only the foolish amongst their ranks declining to know.

  2. Same pattern over and over again….and the republicucks will do absolutely nothing but pander to nigger rapists cRappers and hand their corporate / wall street overlords billions in bailouts and tax cuts..
    We’ve seen this movie before several times.

  3. The Republicans abandoned principle for power just as the democrats have. It’s all an illusion and in the end we as Whites always lose because we keep supporting these sellouts that promise to fix everything but in the end they stab us in the back. Sooner or later we as White have to wake up to the uniparty.

  4. The democrats should get punished for wrecking the economy. And for what? No tangible gains for the working poor. Whatever happened to the “medicare for all” talk during the primaries? Instead they gave us a war against the weather gods and men prancing around in women’s clothing.

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