Russia Toughens Gay Propaganda Law, Vows To De-Satanize Ukraine

This is a battle between Democracy and Autocracy.

MAGA Republicans want to destroy Our Democracy in favor of White Christian Nationalism.


“CNN — Russian lawmakers agreed to toughen the country’s discriminatory law against so-called same-sex “propaganda,” moving to ban all Russians from promoting or “praising” homosexual relationships or publicly suggesting that they are “normal.”

Moscow’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, approved unanimously amendments to strengthen the law against “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations,” making such propaganda illegal among Russians of all ages, according to the parliament’s official website.

The original version of the law adopted in 2013 banned “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” among minors. …

“Our bill is not an act of censorship. We are only saying that propaganda, that is, positive promotion, praise, saying that this is normal, and maybe even better than traditional relations, should be banned,” head of the State Duma’s Information Policy Committee, Alexander Khinshtein, said during the parliament session.

Under the bill, “propaganda of non-traditional relations” is an offense liable a fine of up to 400,000 rubles ($6,500) for individuals and up to 5 million rubles ($81,400) for legal entities.

At a speech in Moscow on Thursday, Putin assailed Western culture and told a crowd: “The West can do whatever they want with gay parades but they shouldn’t dictate the same rules for Russia.”

Going backward or forward …


“State-owned Russian newspaper TASS reported Tuesday that Aleksei Pavlov, an assistant secretary on the Security Council of Russia, has called for the “desatanization” of Ukraine.

“I believe that with the continuation of the special military operation, it becomes more and more urgent to carry out the desatanization of Ukraine,” Pavlov said. …”


  1. Is that why the Cat_Lady likes Ukraine sooo much a hates Putin and Russia? I used to not care about this conflict one way or the other but the more I see what’s going on, the more I conclude that Russia must crush Ukraine. All the Satanic forces are aligned on the side of this Jew-lead kleptocracy. As Linder used to say about the Cat_Lady: never trust a fag.

  2. May God bless Czar Vlad for begin the long and arduous process of decontaminating The West.

    Mark my words : what is occurring in Orthodox Russia, and what will occur in the new/olde Orthodox Ukraine, will one day take place here.

    Red States had this vileness UNdemocratically imposed upon us and forborne it shall be not.

  3. I guess somebody told him his original stated purpose for invading Ukraine (to denazify and demilitarize the country) didn’t play so well after all….

    Imagine my shock.

    • @Ironic…

      No, it did not play well because most people have no idea of where Galicia or Volhynia are, or what a Ukrainian Nazi is, and how it pertains to the scene.

      In any case, those guys, Galician and Volhynian Nazis in the Ukrainian service, are almost entirely gone – either pushing up daisies or being visited by their wives in the hospital, so now it’s on to de-LGBTQing the place.

      In either case, it’s in the bag – Ukraine returns to Russia, which is what it always was, before it was semi-nabbed in 1991, and then again more completely purloined n 2014, by the Jew-England Yankee World Order.

  4. But it’s still not as strict as Joseph Stalin’s sodomy law.

    After the early Bolshevik period and the flight of Trotsky, Russia protected the family, which was monogamous and lifelong. Child support was mandatory and divorce made very difficult to obtain. This moral legislation (which was enforced) was followed by a rapid increase in the population of Russia and very rapid, phenomenal economic growth, while all the capitalist countries were falling backward in the Great Depression.

    But if the early Trotskyist tolerance of “free love” had continued much longer, what was left of Russian socialism by 1941 really would have collapsed “like a house of cards” like Hitler said it would.

    China is also tightening up its enforcement of law against sodomy. Sodomy, drug abuse, dishonest business practices, and any other criminal behaviors, even when committted by a close family member, will definitely bar one from membership in the CCP, which is being reformed under Xi.

  5. Re: “De-Satanize”:

    Donbass patriots say the U.S.’s proxy fighters “are our brothers, but they are deluded.” They say, “We will rid them of the evil spirits, and then we will be brothers again.”

    There really is an evil inclination in man, inspiring envy, hate and murder. But there is also the good inclination, of God, in man.

  6. The west will end up destroying itself with all this woke and degenerate crap while Russia and the other countries that are against it will still be standing.

  7. Ian Garner is clearly a faggot, who sticks his penis in other men’s anuses, fecally contaminating his procreative organ, and destroying the muscle tissue of the rectum, encouraging STD’s, rectal prolapse, and Anal warts, Monkeypox, and all manner of evil…..


    “ALL Such deserve DEATH.”- Rom. 1:32

  8. By casting the Special Military Operation as a spiritual conflict to de-Satanize the Ukraine, Czar Putin has invoked awesome imagery of a Christian Crusade!

    May the Jew-kraine fall to these Holy Warriors and the ZOG (Zelenskyy Occupied Government) be expulsed!

  9. Jews are incestuous breeders and produce an inordent quanity of homosexuals. Putin has found a way of retaliating against the Jews for their support of Ukraine without being accused of being anti-Jew.

  10. Today, the fist of the state must come down upon those who endanger the very existence of the nation. The sexual deviants will not stop with mutilating the sex organs of minor children. They will proceed with normalizing bestiality and pedophilia. These taboos will be eroded unless the state uses its power to push back against those who seek to corrupt everything good and decent in the world. These evildoers have no shame. They only have fear of immediate physical punishment. Russia has taken the initiative to purge itself of this poison. The U.S. government uses this poison to control other states and to promote sexually inflected revolutions in those states. The U.S. state is the enemy of all those who love truth, goodness, and life.

  11. “The more I think about this, the more pissed off I am. I’m fucking furious. I fucking hate Putin.”

    Faggots like this scum screaming & stamping their lightly-loafered little feet in impotent rage is a true delight.

    Putin is leading the way. Cleanse Russia of their (((Western)))-organized & bankrolled filth, Vlad – then help us of the dispossessed Normal majority of the West to cleanse our own lands.

  12. It’s encouraging to see Christians (and other normies) getting upset by all the public praise being lavished on faggotry, as though our lives would somehow be “incomplete” if faggots and their priceless “diversity” didn’t exist. Perhaps the day when they’re rudely shoved back in the closet isn’t as far off as I once thought.

  13. Stalin banned abortion, rewarded large families, and made sodomy a crime. He also studied in a monastery to be an Orthodox priest. Also purged a lot of Bolshevik Jews. Some think his mysterious death might have been related to his increasing suspicion of Jewish loyalty.

      • “Maybe poisoned by…”

        Poisoned by one of the Khazaric doctors.

        “the last of his jew wives”:

        Stalin never had a Jewish wife. His first wife was Orthodox Christian, from a poor family, He met her while he was in seminary and they had a church wedding. She died later of TB or typhoid. Stalin was so heartbroken that he jumped into her grave when she was being buried.

        There were affairs, fornications, one leading to offspring, with an older woman and a teenager while he was exiled to Siberia.

        His second wife (also not Jewish) reportedly married him in love, but was nervous, quarrelling, and finally committed suicide.

        After that he had a personal housekeeper (not Jewish) who revered him, even fell on his chest weeping for him when he died.

        Bot there are rumors (no proof) of a connection with a young Jewess named Ana Rubinstein, who got around in Bolshevik circles, and was inexplicably well taken care of until she died in 1989.

    • “Some think his mysterious death might have been related to his increasing suspicion of Jewish loyalty”:

      It may have been revenge for the “wave of anti-Semitism” that swept thousands of Jews from power, and it stopped the trial of the Jewish doctors. Look up “Jewish Doctors Plot.”

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