Hillary Clinton: We Must Defeat Putin

Hillary Clinton is like the id of establishment liberals.


  1. I prefer the Christian Nationalism of Czar Putin to the tired old liberal main line Protestant Methodism of sore loser Clinton!

    • Yeah, Hillary is the “Church Lady from Hell”, and she is a typical “Northern Methodist” cat lady. LOL.

      The worst thing that ever happened to US Protestantism was the merger of the two “Southern” Methodist Churches with “Northern” Methodist Church in 1939-1940. That ruined everything.

  2. Hillary hates men, especially powerful men that stand up to her. Israel is more of a threat than Russia but she will never mention that for obvious reasons.

    • > I guess she likes war because that’s a good way of killing lots of them.

      Her owners like that too, especially millions of dead White men. You’ll note that even when schlomo actually joins the army (rare) he tends to stay in the rear doing accounting , JAG and other tasks far away from bombs and bullets. With the volunteer army schlomo has better things to do – like ordering wars to be fought and destroying various employees like Ye and Kyrie who violate the omerta rule.

  3. The supreme irony, get rid of Putin and the man who replaces him will be a very harsh man who will absolutely not take any shit from anyone else, certainly not the ‘democratic’ West.

    See: Russia 2010 and what it means for the world by Daniel Yergin

    • Authority and Liberty are eternal principles and cannot be permanently defeated, especially on a battlefield.

  4. I’m so sick of hearing the false term ‘democracy’.

    I wanna hear Bill of Rights, moreover I want them enforced.

  5. Frau Clinton is auditioning to be the 2024 Democrat Party candidate. She is hoping that TPTB who installed Joe Biden in the Oval Office in 2020 will back her when Biden and Harris are set aside.

    She is hoping she’ll impress our king-makers with her unslaked blood-thirstiness and that she can dupe them into believing the country is ready to follow a 21st century steatopygous and gin-sotted Boudica into battle.

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