Secular Talk: Trump Pastor ALL IN For Christian Nationalism

Count me in too.

Pastor Robert Jeffress is absolutely correct that secular progressives like Kyle have no problem whatsoever using the government to impose their own values on us.

As a close follower of the show, I can confirm that Kyle supports codifying abortion, interracial marriage and contraception into federal law. He supports the decriminalization of all drugs. He thinks Joe Biden has been too harsh on illegal aliens. He supports “gender-affirming care” for “trans youth.” He called Steve Deace a psychopath for suggesting that the Democratic Party is a demonic construct that supports “dudes teabagging their hairy sacks on children” at Drag Queen Story Hour. He also wants to legalize prostitution and encourage incels to watch more pornography as a solution to the dissolution of the family under feminism. This is what Kyle associates with the word “freedom.” He says explicitly in this video that defining “freedom” in this way and imposing it on every state in the country IS NOT authoritarian.

Jeffress and Deace are correct. These are the stakes. Kyle argues that it is “culture war bullshit” when rightwing populists take progressives at their word and recoil from their positions. This is a zero sum struggle and at the end of the day it is either going to be our values or their values.

Note: What do White Christian Nationalists believe? Explore further.


  1. “””… either going to be our values or their values…”””

    When we enforce our values but leave enemy boots on the ground, they will infiltrate, take over and pervert whatever values we have.

    Good example is Ukraine, where Antifa turned to nationalism and look what is going on there. Ukraine Church is not much better so Ukraine is also good example about communist controlled Christian Nationalism.

    All values are worthless until enemy decides what they mean.

  2. If it came down to Christian Nationalism and jewish nationalism, we all know what side most, if not all politicians will side with. That’s because CN doesn’t have any organizations, groups or PACS to represent them like JN does.

    • That’s because American politicians, don’t care about America or their own people. All they went into politics for was fame, power over the plebs, and their pocketbooks. Each and every one of them was vetted by jews before they even got the opportunity to run. There’s not an ounce of honor or integrity, or love of country, in the antiwhite US gov.

  3. Out of curiousity, what is the CN solution to incels? They say women don’t want them because they are ugly, and socially inept, yet they have natural urges that will only increase. Are they going to force women to marry incels?

      • Because if you repeat “Christian social order” three times in the mirror, a tradwife will magically materialize and marry you. Or something

      • Was watching a former east-coast Liberal, now escancet in Oregon, and continuing what he did at RT-TV, I thought you would be interested.

        If you watch this relatively brief video, watch it all the way to the end.

        He also did another video, just the other day, on Governor Kemp in Georgia, that I also thought you would find interesting

        • Ivan,

          I am so glad you are still here. You gave me such a great compliment when you wrote that I could dance circles around most Americans intellectually. That means I have to be up to your compliment.

          I did find that the Confederacy was openly pro Christian. That was lacking in the 1775 revolution. As always my views are based on my current level of knowledge.

          If you reply remember that I leave Sunday morning and will not be back until Wednesday afternoon the day before Thanksgiving.

          • Dear Cristina – if I see your comments to me I will always reply.

            If I have not said it before, I’ll say it again : traditional White Anglo-Southern Society is practically identical to the of Mexican – Patriarchal, Christian, tribal, heterosexual, and operating with a traditional honour-culture that is rather complex to fathom, if you did not grow up in it.

            As to the two formal American revolutions, I prefer the second, because I think it was more authentic to my people.

            The first revolution was a brilliant operation, though, because it involved the elite of different regions, many things seept in that were anti-Southern.

            Southerners believe in freedom of religion, to the extent that what you practice in your home, your castle, is your business. The public sphere, however, is Christian, and that’s that.

            Southerners do not believe in the political franchise of non-Southerners voting.

            Southerners accept deviant sexual practices in private, but, in public, it is anathema for us.

            Southerners believe in your sweeping your own front door – not everyone else’s.

            Southerners believe in private property, so, property tax would probably enter the endangered specie list, once this nation reorganizes.

            Southerners believe in free association – not forced integration.

            Southerners believe in the death penalty, but, not for babies or the unborn.

            Southerners believe that there is right and wrong, and though we do see shades of grey, it does not change that.

            Southerners believe most irreconcilable things can be solved with segregation, but, some things only with the gun.

            Southerner believe that, if you cannot say something nice to someone, then say nothing at all.

            Southerners believe in kindness and civility and friendliness as much as possible.

            Southerners accept our own oligarchy, but, not the treacherous ones among them.

            Southerners like salt and sugar – far above all other spices, though, the invasion of Mexican cuisine has changed some folks’ minds about pepper.

            Although some Leftist Southerners, reading this, will take issue with me, they would be wrong, for in speaking this way, I am describing how, not every Southerner, but, the vast majority have felt for centuries.

            If I do not hear from you before Thanksgiving, then let me give you my best and, as well, to the rest of your family.

            I respect your mama & daddy, for they did a very good job with you.

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          You are the soul of kindness for your compliments. Words can mean a lot.
          Let me examine your Southern belief system as you stated one by one.
          Yes my grandmother lived for several years in the deep South in the 1950’s and loved it.

          I liked your list and I appreciate you sharing it with me.

          The part on property taxes is interesting Seems strange to punish people for owning their homes. It is like the government owns the home and still charges the owner to live there. Yet the taxes go to roads and schools though I have heard there are frequently large surpluses in which case the money should be returned to the owners.

          This is something I need more information on.

        • Ivan,

          I can not resist giving you this. If it does not play it was a Mexican tune called Cielito Lindo by Andrie Rieu.

        • Ivan,

          One last comment and then I need to start packing. Of all the southerners on this website you have given me the most courtesy and the most valuable pro southern information.

          I am pro-white since I identify as such as do 47% of Mexicans according to one survey, especially northern Mexicans which is what I am. Under normal circumstances there is no way I would be on this website for I still have grave differences between my beliefs and the beliefs on this site.

          Unfortunately, the society of the USA is so evil that a website like this is valuable.

          Naturally there is no way half of Mexicans are white. Many Mexicans who are mixed but majority Indio identify as Indians for there is an inherent desire to belong to a God made people rather than a man made mixture.

          Pork ribs and fried chicken may not be healthy but they are my favorite southern dishes.

    • Return to Monogamy. Abolition of no-fault divorce. Ban of the assaults on marriage and the formative years of children: such as homosexual propaganda, feminism, grooming, gender ideology and gay-“marriage”. Also a return to Germano-Christian form of patriarchy. Gradual replacement of online dating with actual social forms again, socio-cultural counter-measures against isolation and modernism, crackdown on pornography, slow regrowth of inter-male bonds and mutual self-improvement culture, restoration of the family unit. Death penalty for abortion might be a good idea, too. It is baby murder after all. And at least prison sentences for “doctors” who sterilize children, or cut off the boobs of girls.

      Incels are a sole product of female hypergamy, the return of matriarchy at the end of a civilization life-cycle (it happened in Rome, in Islamic Baghdad, even in ancient India; it’s the reality in the US, UK and Germany today) and post-modern isolation, alienation and the general degeneration and cultural decay.

      There’s also always the monk option, too, if you’re catholic. So yeah, a Christian social order, not a modernistic, atheistic, shitlib matriarchy. – Southern League of the Iron Cross…how does that sound? IF Americans want to borrow stuff from us, which is fine by me, they should always choose the Iron Cross before the Swastika.

      • Well, all those who hold, or ever held National Socialism and the swastika in high regard would wholeheartedly agree with what you wrote in your first paragraph. I don’t get the distinction.

    • The greatest Christian philosopher, Thomas Aquinas, mentioned that heterosexual female prostitution (minus underage trafficking) should be tolerated and regulated, not banned. It was the lesser of evils. Thomas Aquinas is one of the defining pillars of Christian social order.

      The Lutheran nations of Scandinavia and Prussia did exactly this, as did Catholic and Orthodox regimes. It is the Evangelicals/Puritans/Methodists who have launched a faux crusade to outlaw prostitution.

      Aquinas realized that in our current state powerful/tough men with resources get more women (think King Charles in his youth) because of the female penchant for hypergamy. The flip side is that polyandry (a.k.a. prostitution) exists to satisfy the physical and emotional needs of the lowest status, least desirable males (“incels”) since the alpha males’ “overuse” of women leaves fewer for omega males The one-to-many male-to-female mapping for alpha males becomes the many-to-one male-to-female mapping for omega males.

      Pornography would not be a part of a Christian social order, but heterosexual female prostitution would be permitted and regulated.

      Google “thomas aquinas prostitution”.

  4. ‘Out of curiousity, what is the CN solution to incels? ‘

    Lots of Churches have men’s groups or men’s Bible Studies where these incel guys can get help.

    The last non-denominational Church I attended with a friend from work (before the Pandemic) had stuff like this.

  5. As an older Southerner, something ongoing in my life has been watching The South be dismantled, piece by piece limb by limb.

    So, yes, it’s easy for me to understand Mr. Kulinski – he’s feeling threatened, and very uncomfortable for the fact.

    Yes, only just now is he beginning to realize what it is like to have invisible forces, supported by those far away – who are not your kind – come at your community and there is absolutely nothing you can do, other than watch it all go down.

    Personal viewpoints and sentiments aside, what we began to watch in 2015, with Donald Trump announcing he would be a candidate, is shaping up to be a battle royal between a vengeful yesteryear and a very determined collection of todays that are not only determined to become tomorrow, they are hellbent that yesterday is never seen again.

    Yesterday, however, is not so easy to put away, because yesterday comes from blood, and blood cannot be changed by court verdicts, threats, bribes, and endless propaganda campaigns.

  6. We have legal equality. Well, kinda, arguably whites don’t have legal equal rights. SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action and enforcement of the ruling will determine a lot.

    Legal equality is fairly easy but now “racism” is often used to describe people trying to have cultural equality in multiracial settings.

    Cultural equality is impossible. Public norms will ultimately demand a code of behavior. Are tent cities acceptable or not? Only one side can win that argument.

    Everyone wants cultural domination. And it makes life more enjoyable not to always second guess is the person an asshole because of a cultural misunderstanding or because that person is just an asshole.

    Instead people on both left and right will claim explicitly they want cultural pluralism but then to get their way in backhanded manners.

    The left does it more, but so does the right. Many people on the right are pro-life because they it’ll lead to less thots. Which is a faulty rationale.

    If you don’t want to ban/restrict certain types of art/propaganda making abortion illegal won’t stop a thot that’s high af on Xanax and Carti B from thoting.

    it’d be better to state your goals and the negotiate from there.

    Obviously the left does it more. But the right will try to mimic and it’s very annoying.

    *this post isn’t about pro-lifers who oppose the killing on the grounds of thinking it’s morally wrong.

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