Andrew Sullivan: Will Biden And The Dems Finally Get It?

Andrew Sullivan is trying to get out ahead of the wave.

The Weekly Dish:

“The day I received my absentee ballot from the DC government, there was a story in the Washington Post about the DC Council’s imminent vote:

“The bill would eliminate most mandatory minimum sentences, allow for jury trials in almost all misdemeanor cases and reduce the maximum penalties for offenses such as burglaries, carjackings and robberies.”

Over the past few years, violent crime in DC has been rising fast. Last year the murder rate was the highest since 2003, and this year the death toll is slightly higher so far. Carjackings are up 36 percent and robberies are up 57 percent. Almost all this hideous violence is inflicted on African-Americans, including many children. It permeates outward, creating a deeper public sense of insecurity and out-of-control crime. Tent cities are now all over the city. People suffering from mental illness patrol the streets. You feel the decline in law and order, the slow fraying of the city, every day.

And yet the Council has decided that now is the time to make it harder to prosecute and easier to defend violent criminals, partly in the name of “equity.” Yes, it’s part of a longstanding “modernization” of the criminal code, but they had to include these provisions and now? And this isn’t new. Just before the crime explosion took off, the DC mayor had “Black Lives Matter” painted on the street in letters so large you could read them from a plane, and allowed “Defund the Police” to remain next to it. That summer, woke mobs were allowed to harass anyone in their vicinity, yelling slogans that vilified all police — and the MSM took the side of the bullies. After the summer of 2020, the DC police force dropped to its lowest level in two decades.

So guess what? I’m going to vote for the Republican and the most conservative Independent I can find next Tuesday. And I can’t be the only Biden and Clinton and Obama voter who’s feeling something like this, after the past two years. …

What Biden has done, by showing that even an alleged moderate like him is just a vehicle for the extreme left, is accelerate the moment when we are faced with that horrible choice. And if that is the choice, I have little doubt that Americans will pick the far right. We’ll have a premonition of this next Tuesday. …”

Sullivan is an accomplice in “fascism” and the murder of American Democracy.


  1. “Will Biden And The Dems Finally Get It?”

    I see no signs that The Democrats get anything, except that which has lodged itself in their minds.

    Try as I might, I have found it impossible to locate such a large political faction in American History that is so absolutely deaf, so dismissive of basic truths, and so antithetical to their very own constituency.

    That they STILL are drawing tens of milllions of votes is quite shocking to me.

    Surely this cannot persist..

  2. The Irish are dependant on the black vote to hold power. Let me remind you, Joe Biden Irishmen, promised James Clyburn a black vice presidential running mate and a black Supreme Court Justice in exchangee for his endorsement in the SC primary. Bidens victory in SC lead to his parties nomination. An Irish Democrat attacking blacks is suicide. Were are the smart Jews that the Irish used to depend on to tell them how to not be so fzxcking stupid?

  3. Well at least MSNBC had the decency to fire that mouthy, high yellow nigger Tiffany Cross after she insulted our beloved Sunshine State on another Negro’s TV program.

  4. If “democracy” means soaring black crime, open borders, losing your constitutional rights, 20% inflation, half empty store shelves, hundreds of thousands of homeless people, dysfunctional schools and a nuclear war against Russia why would anyone be enthusiastic about “saving” it?

  5. In order for them to get it, Republicans included, is reverse every program and screw up for the last 100 years.

  6. > “Will Biden And The Dems Finally Get It?”

    Never. Just read Vox Day’s SJW trilogy. They always lie; always double-down; and always project. SJW is just an older term for Church of Woke dogma. Pope Noseferatu provides a perfect example of the behavior. As for Joey Shitpants, he doesn’t get anything – not even how to make his way to a toilet before taking a dump. There is a good reason he’s known as the “Veggie in Chief”, after all. A retarded TV prop, nothing more – kind of like the potted plants Harvey Weinstein used to abuse, except an even poorer fake.

  7. They don’t have to “get it”. They do as they’re told, and the Republicans follow. Just can’t seem to get anything done that’s good for the people of America.

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