Bill Maher: Why Are Republicans Loving Russia?


I’ve spent my entire adult life watching the foreign policy establishment blundering into wars in Eurasia where we have no vital interest at stake. These wars have all been waged in the name of liberalism. We’ve seen the damage that liberalism has done to our own culture at home.

Note: I don’t think a month has passed when Washington wasn’t at war in some distant part of the world or occupying some foreign country. We don’t love Russia so much as we just don’t understand why Western liberals are incapable of leaving foreigners alone.


  1. Because Russia is a serious country and it´s military do not look like a recasting of “HMS Pinafore”

    Most grass root Republicans are serious people, brainwashed to the umptheenth degree but still they do not take kindly to liberal nonsense

  2. “Why Are Republicans Loving Russia?”

    How could those on The Right miss the fact that Vladimir Putin is leading the fight against those very people and ideas which have established a vile tyranny over us?

    Well, some do miss it – owing to propaganda, or being mired in the past, but, a large number – an increasing number – do not.

  3. That red-headed thing needs to be put in its place. No other race is full of such treasonous vermin.

  4. “These wars have all been waged in the name of liberalism.”

    Is it that or is the liberal story a cover for something deeper and far more sinister ?

  5. Bill Maher has become just another cranky, bitter old jew, like Howard Stern, Gene Simmons and all those other aging heeb entertainers whom I once regarded as “cool”. If voting Republican on Tuesday upsets the hell out of Establishment shitlibs like Maher then that’s reason enough to do it.

    • Hate Russia? Jews just plain hate White people wherever they are on earth and want them dead. They want all the wealth of what used to be successful White societies around the world, siphoned into their jew pockets, and this war, like all the other wars jews instigated, are the means to that end. Does anyone think that the jews didn’t know what would be the result of the antiwhite US gov’s sanctions on Russia?

    • @Spahn…

      “A better question would be “Why do jews hate Russia so much?””

      Because it dared to try to limit them, and their desires, in the 18th and 19th centuries.

      Along the way a blood grudge developed.

      That said, a large minority of Jews do not hate Russia, but, love it.

      Some of those Jews, live in Israel, most still live in Russia.

      International Jewry, in The West, is particularly averse to Russia, chiefly because they despise any threat to their attempt at world monopoly.

      Many people in this country do not realize that Russia’s large cities are mostly controlled by Jews, and that the Russian-Jewish mafia is very prominent there.

      It’s the American and English Jews, those whose parents, grandparents, and great-parents, left Russia, and or Eastern Europe, who for some reason are nursing this grudge.

      Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is one of them – her family from what was once called ‘Bessarabia’ – that area in today’s Moldova and the junction between northern Romania and extreme Southwestern Ukraine.

      Unfortunately, this woman, Victoria Nuland, seems to be leading our foreign policy, with regards to Russia.

      So, a Jewess, who is holding an ancestral grudge towards Czarist Russia, holds the reins.

      The overwhelming amount of Americans have no idea of this danger and of this folly.of having one with an ancestral grudge in charge of our policy with the most formidable power in the world, other than this country.

    • “we just don’t understand why Western liberals are incapable of leaving foreigners alone.”

      They’re the people in America that we call “Yankees,” and who are incapable of leaving Southrons and cattlemen in Wyoming alone. Or not pestering White, working class people in general, either. No matter where in America, that they live.

  6. Calling THE NUREMBERG TRIALS the quint-essence of US rule of law really tells you everything you need to know about American “liberals”. I hope they all rot in hell. Stalin’s proposition to just shoot everyone was more honorable than the perverse mockery of justice these pathological liars and wicked henchmen of my nation forced upon the crown jewel of European civilization and high culture. Oh, how I love the people of the Hooton, Morgenthau and Kaufman plans! We know all about their justice all too well. All friends of Nizer, of course, who delighted in the idea of exterminating the entire German race, which you can read up, written in black and white. Unlike certain other things.

    400,000 yankees is stiff in German dust. We got 400,000, before they conquered us. They died of German typhus and German steel and shot. I wish it was four million instead of what we got. I can’t take up my Mauser and fight ’em now no more, but I ain’t gonna love ’em, now that is certain sure. And I don’t want no pardon for what I was and am. I won’t be reeducated and I do not give a damn. Oh, I’m a good ol’ Landser, now that’s just what I am and for this Yankee nation I do not give a damn. I’m glad we fought against her, I only wish we’d won, I don’t ask any pardon, for anything we’ve done.

    But do you know when American democracy died? When children ratted out their own parents to the feds after J6. That’s how totalitarianism actually begins. Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about it. To hell with their Stasi 2.0 and their sodomite version of the Soviet Union!

    God bless the south! I really hope you rise again.

    • The Murikan legions of occupation remain in Germany, Arminius. Your people need a leader like your namesake, who definitely knew how to deal with invaders and occupiers. The legions of the Globo-Pedo empire are not invincible, despite all of their expensive wunderwaffe. Even the humble goat-herders of Afghanistan outlasted them and invincible legions ended up turning tail and leaving in a comical retreat. The more worthless shitbags who are left to rot in the fields of Mala-Rossiya the less who’ll be around to take schlomo’s fake-ass money to kill their own later on.

      • If there are any real men left in Germany after 80 years of jewish brainwashing, they could start by standing up to the brown invaders who are raping their women and stabbing them in the streets.

    • Arminius@

      Cringe infantiloid gibberish. Dying Germany and Europe are the result of following that lunatic vagabond Adolf Schicklgruber.
      The stupid people he ruled over, his bootlickers and the gang of Nazi delusional sycophants Nazis are the culprits for all the death and destruction in Europe, now and 80 years ago.

      • The Allies were determined to keep Germany weak and divided long before anyone ever heard of Hitler. Learn some real history.

        • “The Allies were determined to keep Germany weak and divided long before anyone ever heard of Hitler. Learn some real history.”

          All the way back to the 1880’s. Same thing for Russia, too.

          They also don’t want peace and an alliance between Germany and Russia, either. That would be curtains for the Jew World Order.

          • “determined to keep Germany weak and divided long before anyone ever heard of Hitler (…) Same thing for Russia, too”:

            I agree. Before WW1 began, the British (Anglo-Talmudic) empire was trying to decide which one it wanted to destroy first, then finally ended up fighting Germany, but tried to destroy Russia too. The Allied invasion of Russia after the Revolution failed. In WW2, Germany and Russia were supposed to destroy each other, but that also did not happen.

      • Shutup, you fucking jew. The jews and their flunkies declared war on Hitler and Germany, not the other way around. The only delusional people are those who would accept the jew bullshit you’re spewing.

    • @Arminius…

      Thank you for your well wishes for The South.

      Yes, I agree with you that Stalin’s proposal was more honourable, because it lacked hypocrisy.

      That said, there are advantages in the Nuremburg trials, and one is is we have the testimony of Nazi officials, from small to large, how that government functioned and what it did or did not do.

      Another advantage is that we can use the Nuremburg persecution of officials from the Nazi Era, to see clearly how our own governments are STILL functioning exactly that way.

      The way Western Governments treat people is exactly like the Nazis treated them – with vast stratas of people to be bombed or starved – other stratas to be tolerated and or feted.

      For those Westerners who dare to think, we can see that the Nazi Government is still here – only it is for the benefit of those who control the Jew England Yankee world.

  7. Hating Russia is the “in” thing to both parties besides it’s making both parties money with contractors and favors. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  8. “Western liberals are incapable of leaving foreigners alone.”

    They’re incapable of leaving anyone alone.

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