Joe Manchin Might Surprise Us Again

The 2024 election cycle will soon be upon us

The Democratic civil war and blame game is also coming. It won’t be long until the finger pointing begins at Joe Manchin for costing Democrats the midterms.

Rural turnout and margins will likely prove catastrophic for Democrats.

Joe Manchin will soon have to decide if he wants to run for reelection in West Virginia in 2024 when he will likely be on the same ballot as Trump while being the Democratic scapegoat.

Perhaps Manchin realizes he has no future in the Democratic Party and switches parties? Perhaps the GOP sweeps the Senate races on Tuesday? Pickups in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, New Hampshire and Colorado results in a 56 seat Senate majority. Manchin switching parties gets to 57.

60 Senate seats is the number it takes to break a Democratic filibuster.


    • “Vote to end democracy?

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  1. Biden and Manchin are both Roman Catholics. The funny thing is that Roman Catholics are a tiny minority in West Virginia, and an even smaller minority among coal miners in West Virginia. That’s probably why Biden and Manchin are playing their version of hide the hammer.

  2. Trump can rebrand from the Modern Cyrus the Great to the Modern Grover Cleveland!

    “A record three times!”

    “We increased our vote totals again!”

  3. The (((globalist))) want America destroyed, that is why wind and solar is being forced onus.. The Moshiach aka anti-Christ will rise in a reunited europe NOT in America. America must be out of the way. the Irish are the henchmen for the Jews and are serving the Jews by leading America to destruction, it is the Irish. The Irish are not just like us.

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    • …and America wants Europe destroyed. That is why it fomented war in Ukraine and bombed the Nordstream pipeline.

  4. My thoughts? If there is a red “tsunami,” Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema switch parties after they are sworn in. Both upheld the filibuster so that puts them both in good immediate standing with Republicans. And Mitch McConnell will go to bat for them because he believes they may be reliable allies along with Romney and Murkowski.

    Things get dodgy for Manchin because, after making a big production about blocking it and acting like America’s Great White Hope, he knuckled under to Biden/Schumer/Pelosi and allowed the second bloated budget to go through and it went to these ridiculous “Green” projects and other Democrat crony initiatives which hurt rather than help West Virginia. He might face and lose a primary challenge from a more right wing candidate.

    Sinema will remain safe, because she kept quiet about other things and didn’t vote any diffferently from more liberal Republicans like Romney. She will remain safe as long as she inches right-ward. No abrupt changes that make her look too phony

    If I were advising Sinema, if the issue of abortion comes up as a litmus test, I wouldn’t advise her to have a “Come to Jesus” reversal on it, but recommend that she say that she will wholeheartedly support however the voters of Arizona decide the matter.

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