Marjorie Taylor Greene: Under Republicans, Not Another Penny Will Go To Ukraine

This is more of an aspiration.

This is unlikely to happen overnight.

Marge is at least leading us in the right direction though.

First, we have to make sure to elect as many Ultra Mega MAGA Republicans as possible to Congress who are committed to defunding Zelensky and Ukraine. This involves replacing people like Jeff Flake with Blake Masters or Rob Portman with JD Vance.

Second, we have to drag the cucks over the finish line over the next two election cycles in order to dig as big a hole as possible for Democrats and bury them in the Senate and Supreme Court.

Third, we need to turn the tide of political opinion, especially within the Republican base on continuing to fund the war in Ukraine. Public opinion could tip against the war this winter.

Fourth, we need to expand and consolidate control at the state level and wield state legislatures, the Supreme Court and a Senate supermajority to get rid of things like the Voting Rights Act in order to bring about the “democratic collapse” scenario seen in places like Hungary.


  1. She may believe that but she is one vote and one voice and I’m sure the rest in her party doesn’t agree with her. Many in the GOP are in lockstep with the dems in sending Ukraine billions.

    • The fight is getting from 40% support to 60% support. Right now, we are the minority, but that could easily change as this drags on, the cost goes up and more people see no way out

  2. I find MTG mildly irritating because she lacks gravitas (Tulsi Gabbard should donate some to her) — the media seems to cover her in a sneering, dismissive way.

    But she says the right things and seems to be a sincere dissident; she’s not a servant of the regime, and I give her a lot of credit for that — I guess being more Kanye-esque in her reply to the Jew Boot wasn’t really an option for her.

    • @eah…

      I wish more men had Miss Marojorie’s ‘gravitas’.

      We need politicians who have basic American convictions and the guts to fight.

      We don’t need any more Rhodes’ scholars who, models of public decorum, have no American spirit inside.

      We need fighters with common sense, and Miss Marjorie has all that and more…

      • This 1000% Ivan
        Tulsi is fine, but she’s a politician, and what normal white people crave is someone who speaks with conviction, not someone who dresses things up for the approval of the elites and the media. As we see with Tulsi, it never really bought her much anyway.

        • @Memebro….

          Yes, Miss Tulsi is an ambitious politician, but, she is a great lady – with great integrity, bearing, and courage.

          So long as the union exists, I think that she or Ron DeSantis would be the ones best equipped, in all respects, to lead it.

          That said, as a Southern Man, I deeply respect how untameable Miss Marjorie is.

          In her I see the spirit of George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Jesse Helms, and Nathan Bedford Forrest.

          Nobody is perfect, but, when it comes to guts, Miss Marjorie has more than most men – or, at least, in this period.

          Miss Margorie has repeatedly show that she will speak the truth and act it out, no matter what it costs her.

          We, Southerners, have been in desperate need of that from our politicians for decades, yet, we have gotten precious little.

          Thank you for your comment.

      • >I wish more men had Miss Marojorie’s ‘gravitas’.

        You need to look up the word gravitas — anyone who thinks she has gravitas does not understand the meaning of the word.

        Not being a fan of female politicians, I wish more male politicians had her guts — but guts is not gravitas.

        I would say she is more of a shrill populist — a harpy populist.

        >not someone who dresses things up for the approval of the elites and the media.

        In other words, be taken seriously — at some point, MTG will have to be taken more seriously, at least by congressional colleagues (the people who vote on legislation), if she wants to have influence, perhaps later even power (e.g. if Republicans win control of the House).

        And if by ‘dress things up’ you mean rhetorically, while she has the sincerity, obviously better, more polished rhetoric would help broaden her appeal among intelligent people — while ‘style over substance’ is too often the case in politics (Obama being a perfect example), it is an advantage to have both style and substance (as JFK did in an earlier era) — so it would be nice to see MTG improve her style, since she has the substance, i.e. she says the right things.

        I don’t think Tulsi Gabbard was seeking ‘the approval of the elites and the media’ by leaving the Democratic Party.

    • @eah Gabbard is another talker. She’s anti-gun and for open borders. I don’t know why people think she’s so great. The problem is Americans keep believing what politicians tell them.

  3. What can that Amazon do? McCarthy won’t even give her committee spots back. In Congress, she is nothing, except an ogre used to energize the left.

  4. I utterly despise the democrats, but I loathe the republican party, mr.trump has declared the Republicans, the party of lincoln, just keep that in mind, if you are a Southern Nationalist………

  5. “Second, we have to drag the cucks over the finish line over the next two election cycles in order to dig as big a hole as possible for Democrats and bury them in the Senate and Supreme Court. ”

    I agree, Sir, though, burying the Democrats has a lot to do with what they choose to do over the next year

    Why do I say that?

    Because right now there is a battle brewing in them about how to rehabilitate themselves.

    Either they will kick Wokistas out of the party and go into a full scale rebranding, or those who are Centrist and Conservative Democrats will leave the party and form a new party that will reprise a version of The Democrats from somewhere between 1960-1992.

    Their jingles will show Nathan Bedford Forrest, Donald Trump, Klansmen, and those going into the capital on January 6, while the narrator says something like the following …

    ‘See these people? – they’ve tried to make America great before by trying to divide us with violence, racism, and insurrections. Who are their heirs today ? Republicans.’

    They are the anti-freedom, party of authoritarians.

    We are the ‘Ameri-one’ party – the party of the big tent that focuses on bringing people together to work for a better tomorrow which grants both security and persona liberty..’


    Protecting and expanding Social Security, Medicare, and day care.

    Closed borders and high tarifs to bring back industry and protect American jobs, along with a pledge to work with partners and allies and an avoidance of regime-change wars.

    Some will logically be suspicious of this plank, but, for tens of millions of us, who have been forced over the last 20 years to drift away from voting for Democrats, will flood into the new party, along with disaffected Republicans, and every stripe of Independent.

    My money is on Democrat politicians, pundits and presidents – like Schumer, Carville, Klobechar, Obama, Manchin, Bill Clinton, Gillebrand, Feinstein, Stabenow, Brown, Coons, Sinema, Durbin, and a whole host of others; they who will happily ditch being woke to regain, preserve, and amplify their power.

    They will disavow and politically execute those like AOC, who are on their way out, anyway.

    Doing this will likely make the presidential election of 2024 a three way election, like we had in 1912 (Taft-Wilson-Roosevelt) or 1992 (Clinton-Bush-Perot)

    In such a scenario the new Democrats could beat the Republicans, because a 1/3 of the current support Republicans are enjoying is very very soft.

    The Republicans are a bad party who does not know how to rule.

    All The Left has to do is turn back a few decades and they’ll be right back in the game.

    • Sorry, not sorry. But the Democrats will NOT be led back to sanity by the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Klobuchar. If the Clintons were still represented by Slick Willie instead of his embittered hag-wife, Hillary, maybe they might be able to lead the party back to some semblance of sanity, i.e. the mid nineties, but even then they were too corrupt and scandal-prone to be attractive to most voters after dealing with the Biden Family antics.

      The Democrats have purged their ranks of any populists and have progressed their way to being full-fled South Africa ANC style Marxists. Which not only turns off the White Right, but also any OTHER Non-Black group, i.e. the Asians, the Hispanics, the dot Indians, but the Arabs. And by hitching their wagon to the LBGTQ child-grooming and mutilation agenda, they have even turned off many Blacks.

      MY prediction? Whom God would destroy, He first drives insane. I don’t see the Democrats turning back the clock. The Democrats are going to double down on their stupidity, alienating more centrist and conservative people of every color. The Neo-Cons have already migrated to them. The RINOS are already making their moves to switch parties; my picks, as follows:

      Mitch McConnell withdrew funding from viable Republican candidates, because he thought he might not get their vote for party leader. He also threw that money to Lisa Murkowski against a Republican there and was censured by the Alaskan Republican Party for it. All of conservative talk radio wants him expelled from leadership. I expect HIM to switch party lines in a fit of pique if they all win and vote him out. Mitch Romney is on the GOP shit list for voting to impeach Trump and for refusing to endorse Mike Lee against Democrat-endorsed “independent,” Evan McMullen. He will jump, and Murkowski, if she holds her seat, will formally turn Democrat.

      The end result? With wide open borders and the country facing draconian food and fuel shortages thanks to the misadventures the Demopublican/Repugnocrat Neo-Cons have set off in the Ukraine against Russia, I also think that NATO and eventually, the EU are going to go bye-bye under their watch. Our media is not reporting it, but all over Europe, the West and now even the Balkans, they are protesting the sacrifices to preserve “Democracy” in the Ukraine. Only the Poles, stubborn to the point of stupidity, are the holdouts and I think it’s only a matter of time before they, too, wake up and smell the coffee. Especially since the EU/NATO is already foisting refugees and the LBGTQ crap on them. Sad fall-out for the people who marched saying they have no king but Christ.

      Not to mention, then there is all the adverse effects of the COVID vaccinations the Democrats forced all over Blue country. We are going to see their True Believers die off like flies, like the Self-Loathing White Twit, Julie Powell who died after reporting a black, hairy tongue. She was one of those self-righteous ninnies who got herself double-vaxxed and double boosted. Now dead at 49.

      So, I think it’s going to take a long time for ANY party calling itself Democrat to come back especially with its current leadership. I believe that the sharper knives in the drawer will take a Red tsunami as their cue to retire. I heard rumors that Nancy Pelosi is angling with the White House to be named ambassador to Italy. I think Schumer will also retire not long behind her, letting that nitwit, AOC get his seat, knowing that she will probably be soundly trounced by a Republican.

      The mainstream media, with its warmongering and its partisanship has been so thoroughly discredited that I believe that any left wing cable network is going to be reduced to a podcast like the Young Turks and any leftist reporting will be banished to the networks in abbreviated segments like the way they were before cable was discovered. Most cable and podcasts will trend ever rightward.

      Of course, I may be too optimistic for, as many have pointed out, the Republicans traditionally never lose an opportunity lose an opportunity, but the one thing the Republicans never counted on was getting a maverick Democrat to take over their party bringing many more alienated Democrats with him and as former Democrats, they know the Democrat playbook and Alinsky tactics as well and will turn it against the party that betrayed them.

  6. “Marge is at least leading us in the right direction”:

    The Zionist woman is leading us right toward war on Iran and China, the Republican specialties.

    But Republicans fight Russia too, when they’re in charge, only they’ll “do it better than Democrats” – like Nixon waged war on Vietnam (the Nixon doctrine, spreading it to Laos and Cambodia) better than LBJ did, and much better than HHH would have (so they say) if the Democrats had won in ’68 – and everyone knows a George McGovern Democrat presidency would have been terrible at waging war, which was why his campaign was sabotaged and crippled,

    “First, we have to make sure to elect as many Ultra Mega MAGA Republicans as possible”:

    Then, Russiagate will stop for sure, but imperialism will never stop, because the U,sury S.ystem depends, for its very existence, on the constant prosecution of endless global imperialist war.

      • That was only AFTER he escalated, spread the carnage to Laos and Cambodia, and the escalation failed. “The Nixon Doctrine” and “Vietnamization of Vietnam” was followed by three years of escalation. Repubs are every bit as imperialistic as Dems – both twin parties, one uni-party, the No-choice “democracy.”

        • Nixon attached North Viet bases and supply routes in Laos and Cambodia (which should have been done long before, if America had been serious about winning or getting out) in order to put pressure on Hanoi to negotiate. Without that, communists had no incentive to come to the table as they could escalate guerrilla war at will.

      • Nixon extricated from Vietnam like Biden did from Afghanistan. Both were fake extrications. The U.S. never stopped “meddling” in either country: stirring up a bloody war between China and Vietnam shortly after withdrawing its troops from Vietnam and continuing to attack Afghanistan (hybrid war) to this very day using sanctions and thefts of billions of dollars of Afghan assets, causing extreme poverty and starvation, and directing its Takfiri covert terrorist proxies to cause mass murder and mayhem. The Empire never REALLY extricates. It evidently made its most recent strategic so-called withdrawal from Afghanistan only to prepare for and concentrate on the war against Russia in Khazarkraine.

        • No, we are well and truly OUT of Afghanistan! And the withdrawal was severely bungled – no 5D chess plan, just the usual unaccountable arrogance and incompetence from Washington.

  7. The Republicucks under Frump didn’t end the Afghan war. That was finally done under Biden, to most people’s relief.
    Will the GOP end Ukraine support off the back of one attractive woman? You really wouldn’t know.

    • GOP hustlers like Crenshaw and Kinzinger will throw their toys out of the pram if there’s even a hint of lessening support for Zelenskyyy regime. Media will push it, and they’ll be backed by Dems and MIC/Intel.

  8. I’m not impressed with Marjorie’s “angry momma bear” routine. She tried to visit those political prisoners at the DC jail once or twice, was told to get lost by the guards and simply walked away. Then she said something which displeased the AIPAC mafia, was taken aside and (possibly) shown some lewd photos of her at a frat party in college. She clammed up real good after that. Marjorie is tolerated by her party because she can shake her money-maker, shoot off a few zingers about them liberals with her cute Southern twang and get those good ol’ boys out to the polling stations in their F-150s (with the big nobby tires and twin chrome smokestack exhaust pipes) to VOOT, BROTHER!

  9. FWIW

    Apparently, back in 2007 when she was speaker and the Democrats had just won a solid majority in the House, Pelosi said more or less the same thing about Bush’s Iraq ‘surge’ — and in the end, the ‘surge’ happened:

    linkFeel free to get suckered by this routine

    How many Americans died, and how many arms and legs were left behind in Iraq, as a result of the ‘surge’?

    How many more Ukrainians and Russians will die? — just like in 2007, it seems not many in officialdom really care.

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