Joy Reid: Republicans Who Have Given In To Fascist Elements Are Trying To Nuke Democracy

Are you excited?

Tonight is the last night of Our Democracy.


  1. Joy Reid is wrong, because there is no democracy to begin with. In my comment on the previous post (Mehdi Hasan…) Greanville’s essay explains what we do have and why the current “Red” wave, or swing to the Right – to populism, “purified” capitalism, fascism, etc. is wrong and harmful, and a dead end.

  2. Whites taught blacks the word democracy. Most blacks have never used that word, ever, in their life.

  3. Another fat black woman — to add to their status as national boat anchors (low IQ, crime, etc), Blacks are also, by a significant margin, the fattest people in America: something like 60% of black women are obese.

    Look at her hair — if that’s not lipstick on a pig, I don’t know what is — and someone should call her out for culturally appropriating blonde hair.

    • “culturally appropriating blonde hair.”

      The jewish standard, the rules apply us, but never to the other side.

      Always watch for that, jews setting rigorous to impossible standards for us, then completely ignoring them for others. You will see this in a myriad of cases, affirmative action, taxes, special set asides, benefits, qualifications etc.

    • “their status as national boat anchors (low IQ, crime, etc)”

      They are pulling down our society in more ways than anyone can count.

      Just in pollution and oil consumption alone. Because of their crime and violence Americans make long commutes to safe suburbs, causing America to consume 20 million barrels a day instead of a normed 7 million, as other industrial nations would.

  4. “Anyway, I guess I should go back to watching a majority of white Americans vote for fascism while getting criticized for pointing out that it’s white people doing this over the objection of every nonwhite voting bloc.”

    Well guess what, we built it and other than blacks who are our misfortunate “special” children who don’t get to run the house, the rest of these “voting blocs” are carpetbaggers let in here by saboteurs.

    “Joy Reid: Republicans “taught people the word inflation. Most people…have never used that word ever in their lives…””

    Seriously? What kind of moron never heard the term inflation? And they let these overgrown children vote? They really seem to be doubling down on the whole democracy thing as if they have hidden polling showing a lot of people are starting to doubt the wisdom of letting every last moron have an equal say in the body politic.

    • “doubling down on the whole democracy thing”

      Sure, it’s an ad campaign, keep repeating the slogan until everyone parrots it.

  5. The people decide where democracy begins/ends, not cultural and financial elites.
    The establishment has 0 respect for the people, they refuse to hear them out even a little, that’s a big part of why they’re being replaced.

    • The other part being, the establishment are criminals, not only do they flout the constitution, as scholars like Rand Paul will tell you, but they engage in arms, drug, human and trafficking, and terrorism.
      They’re a criminal cabal.
      Ideology is just mask they wear, to dupe the masses, they are above the law, they are hypocrites.

      • When all Whites comes to realize that “neoliberals” and “neoconservatives” are just the same old jews travelling about in different masks – pulled from the travel trunk – then they’ll understand precisely who is responsible for this destruction of America.

  6. I think the proles have an easier time understanding inflation, something that actually affects them in their daily lives than say ‘climate change’, ‘nonbinary’ and ‘systemic racism’.
    ‘Cultural appropriation’…’intersectionality’…’white adjacent’.
    Why’re you losing many Hispanics?
    In a word, ‘Latinx’.

    The woke left is using faaar more esoteric language than the populist right, and that’s why they’re poised to lose, the right is speaking the language of the people, or at least closer to them, the left is up in the clouds, pontificating from their ivory towers.

    Hell they don’t even sound human sometimes, sounds like stuff ETs came up with, just listen to Klaus Schwab, they guy who wrote the book on the great reset, the guy who ‘penetrated the cabinets’ with their ‘young global leaders’ like prime minster Trudeau and Jacinda Arden, he may as well be a fictional character in dystopian fiction, even many on the left are waking up to and rejecting this crap.

    Not to mention ‘lockdowns’, ‘social distancing’, masking and ‘mRNA vaccines’.
    Where did they come up with this pseudoscientific crap?
    All proven unsafe and ineffective.

  7. We all know the truth, we all know when the cameras are off and the lights are turned low after a day of frustrations and grief from the man, Elie Mystal and Joy Ried refer their flamboyant peers on the set of MSNBC as faggotts, we know it. We just want to hear them say it, just once, pretty please.

  8. They all hate Whitey but most of them cultural appropriate by straightening and coloring their hair to look more White. The enviousness and jealousy is coming out of their pores.

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