Live Thread: 2022 Midterm Elections


Remember, always do the opposite!

It is finally here.

It is the Day of Retribution against libtards.

The guy who has been posting the stickers at the gas pump has been waiting for this.

Lib owning forces are mobilizing into a red tidal wave of “hate” and “fascism” that is poised to sweep away Democracy from coast to coast. For the last two years, this is all we have heard from hysterical and sanctimonious libtards on television. Our Democracy is said to be in peril from








Putin apologists

Putin Republicans

Ultra MAGA Republicans

Mega MAGA Republicans

Super Duper Ultra Mega MAGA Republicans

Democratic backsliding


Election deniers

Climate deniers

Every day is January 6







Competitive authoritarianism

Owning the libs

Conspiracy theories

Destroying “Our Democracy”


Systemic racism

Structural racism

White men

White privilege

White supremacy

White Nationalists

White Christian Nationalists

Christian nationalists




Ableism (making fun of human vegetable Fetterneck)




The choice is clear.

Democracy is on the ballot.

Are we voting against Democracy? Are we voting to go backwards?

Tonight, we are going to find out if our people are still cowed into submission by this blizzard of words. More than anything else, this election is a referendum on inflation both in rhetoric and reality.

Put on the armor of God. Bring your friends to the polls. Absorb their insults. Let’s Go Brandon.

Note: Seriously, this is a normal midterm election about pocketbook issues, but it isn’t going to be seen this way due to hyper polarization. We can still have fun.


  1. The best “voting booth” is John Wilkes Booth.

    Death to Lincoln, his party from hell and the Yankee Empire!

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  2. Just a curiosity.

    Germans never needed to develop their own word to describe the concept of a midterm election, because midterm elections in the American parlance don’t exist here, or much of anywhere else. However, because they have to create verbal content relating to what is happening in America today for news and commentary purposes, they do need some word or phrase.

    And the two used most often: Halbzeitwahlen, and Zwischenwahlen. The first one literally translates to “half time choosing,” the second to “in between choosing.” I have found that the latter is used a little more often than the former, overall. Disaggregated, right-wing German media tend to prefer the latter, lamestream the former.

  3. As part of European efforts to observe American elections, two AfD members of the Bundestag are in the United States today, one in Los Angeles, the other in Las Vegas. The one in L.A. lives in Essen, which is not far from me. When I run into him next time, I’m going to ask him his assessment. I predict that he’ll say that he was shocked about all the lax procedures and lack of safeguards.

    • Safeguards were pretty strict when I early voted here in [swing state]. Big turnout, voting booth staff checked my ballot, my ID and my ID signature against the one on their database. If there’s going to be fraud, Dems will have to hack the machines.

  4. Well, I’m very nervous about any state that has this “mail in voting” and large ghettos. I expect the black precincts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will wait until the white parts of the state report in so they know how many votes they have to manufacture to steal the election over the next week. 3rd world elections are now the blatant norm in the hood.

    • Voter fraud has been around a long time. It’s particularly useful in close elections. That’s how JFK won.

      • Yes, the 1960 election when the corrupt Democrat machine in Chicago went to work late on the evening of the election to come up with about 100,000 Dem votes to put Illinois in the JFK column and bring him an ill-gotten victory.

        • Grew up in Chicago. I recall one election, probably back when Bilandic or Byrne was mayor (late 70s – early 80s). The local 10PM news aired some interviews of people as they came out of the polls. The last fellow interviewed was white, probably in his 50s, blue collar, “dees, dems and does” Chicago accent. When asked whom he voted for, he replied “straight Democrat”. The reporter then asked him why and, after pausing for a few seconds, he replied “Ah, deir all crooks” and walked away.

          Then there are the jokes:
          Vote early, vote often!

          Which precinct had the biggest turnout? The cemetery.

          I’m so disappointed in grandpa. This election, he’s voting Democratic. He always voted Republican when he was alive.

          And perhaps funniest – it was usually Democrats telling those jokes!

    • The only thing that concerns me is that Election Day turns into Election Week because of mail in ballots in states like Pennsylvania, Nevada and Wisconsin. Why on earth do these states have these stupid laws?

      • Will a Jew beat a White Protestant in the Pennsylvania Governor’s race? Shapiro vs. Mastriano.

        Shapiro may need those disqualified votes that Fetterman is crying about.

        • If Mastriano defeats Shapiro, it will be a spectacular night.

          I’m not betting on it though because of chaos with mail in ballots that drags on for days.

          • Mastriano is a veteran and a Protestant. That should qualify him to be Governor of Pennsylvania, and, even get him some Democrat votes. Shapiro is a Shapiro.

            A weaker than average vote coming out of Philadelphia should help Mastriano.

          • “Anyone who is based enough to associate with Andrew Torba is solid”:

            Andrew Torba says “It’s really important for Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Christians to unite against the rise of communism in the West (…) Let’s work together to stop this great evil. If not, they are coming for us all.”

            But Andrew Torba also says “ADL Is an Anti-Christ, Anti-White, Anti-American’ Unregistered Foreign Agent Of Israel.”

            I’m not convinced that Torba or Mastriano are “solid,” only confused, correct about some things and dangerously, fatally, wrong about others. Remember, a lesser evil is still evil.

  5. Walked the mutt this morning and passed by the location in my part of Houston where citizens are allowed to exercise that most sacred of duties (this is how voting used to be described). Long long line out the door, mostly of older white men and women, that is the fascist/christianist/putinist element of Our Democracy.

    The local races are relevant in Houston this year; the county judge (most powerful official in Texas counties) is a Colombian-born horror named Lina Hidalgo who has presided over a huge surge in crime and the usual sort of D-city corruption. (her job before this was part-time translator at the Texas Medical Center.) I have a feeling that she may be turned out, along with a lot of other “judges” who have gone very easy on bail; there’s been a series of fairly nasty crimes in Houston perpetrated by felonious perps who were out on bail.

    All that said, the local races are certainly important, which is why I will vote, but the only thing that’ll get me to the polls in 2024 is the GOP slashing funding to Zelensky.

    • “the only thing that’ll get me to the polls in 2024 is the GOP slashing funding to Zelensky”:

      Then you won’t be going to the polls in 2024, unless the GOP, being in charge, slashes the funding for this imperialist war in order to spend it on ANOTHER imperialist war, or because (if) the Empire really does go broke.

  6. I think deep down, what the usual suspects are really afraid of is Whites discovering we have an identity too and finally asserting it.

    • Jews have always worked, with their utmost vigor, to destroy any form of WHITE identity organizations. They thoroughly know that power lies in organisation and weakness in atomization.

      • @ARRIAN…

        Atomization can be a good thing, sometimes, Dear Arrian – as ‘atomizing’ a house already eaten through by termites is a much better thing than trying to do the impossible – salvage the thing.

        But, yes, atomizing White Identity has always been a goal of Organized Jewry – to such an extent that they even, at times, managed to penetrate and usurp the Russian Orthodox Church, and, the Roman Catholic Church, as you now see – has been usurped to the point that the current pope sounds more like the head of the ADL than he does the Vatican.

        Major Protestant Churches are not in much better shape, or, at least, not at the heads.

        That was part of angle on the Scandemic – to disrupt the last major centres where Whites meet weekly to worship as a tribe.

  7. If you’re worried about fraud and tonight, then let me try to walk you off the ledge.

    Spit the real:

    (1) The American Presidency is the single most powerful political office on Earth right now. The pen and phone. All those big red buttons. Executive authority over $6 trillion a year in spending and the commander-in-chief of a military bigger and more powerful than the rest of the world combined. Therefore, since the stakes are that high, the imperative (“to cheat”) is that high. And, considering the Electoral College, it doesn’t take that much ballot box stuffing in that many places to affect the ultimate binary outcome.

    (2) The American Deep State wanted Trump out of the Oval Office, and they wanted it at all costs, by hook or crook. They were going to do, and in fact did do, everything except inflict nuclear Armageddon upon the world, to make it happen. That much is obvious. On the other hand, because swinging both the House and Senate to Republicans right now would only serve to empower establishment-friendly schlubs like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, I don’t think the Deep State feels the urgent imperative to fete and encourage fraud in favor of the Blue Team. I hardly think that Kevin McCarthy and/or Mitch McConnell causes any lost sleep for your typical career FBI or CIA bureaucrat.

    (3) Because of the nature of the way fraud happens, ballot box stuffing in mostly black ghetto areas, it cannot possibly affect the red-blue calculus of the House. (If you need a hint that voter fraud is nearly entirely ghetto ballot box stuffing, then look at the way that black talking heads and pundits personally and racially recoil to any kind of generic and neutral discussion of voter fraud, as if it’s one of those “a sinking tide exposes the skinny dippers” matters.) Because those places are in Congressional districts where the typical Rastus McHambone congressman would win big even on legit votes. What it can affect are statewide elections in the states where those areas are. A good example is Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. If it is perceived that The Turk vs The Lurch for Senate will be close on Tuesday based on legit votes, there might be ballot box stuffing in Philly ghettos to push Fetterman over the top. But it will happen in already deep “black and blue” Philly Congressional districts whose Democrat candidates do not need the fake votes to win. Parenthetically, this is why the “official” (cough cough) 2020 results yielded a Biden “win” yet Republicans making House gains.

    (4) Then there’s the general sense of the thing. Fraud is still fraud, and it’s still risky and still illegal. Even though it’s rarely prosecuted realtive to how often I believe it happens in the United States. Yet and still, if you do fraud, you’re taking a chance. Which means that it’s a well that you can only go to so often before it runs dry. Like I wrote above, you want water in this well for when it counts the most (Presidential elections). Which means you don’t want to waste it on relatively penny-ante matters, such as swinging one or two midterm Senate elections. And you don’t want to do it so often and so blatantly that it causes a crackdown thereby eliminating your ability to do it at all. There’s a reason why Johnny Cash stole that car one piece at a time, and not all at one time.

    Really, the thing to worry about is what I alluded to above. That all this new pop-nat-alt-right energy is going to get invested into Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, who will then proceed to fly it into the ground.

    • “new pop-nat-alt-right energy is going to get invested into Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, who will then proceed to fly it into the ground.”

      We can only hope for a ‘rebellion within the ranks’ to upset the current status quo.

    • Definitely.

      It is important to set low expectations.

      The only thing McCarthy and McConnell are good for is putting the brakes on Joe Biden’s agenda. Nothing else is going to realistically happen for the next two years. At the very least, McConnell can put the brakes on judicial confirmations. He has done that before in the past.

    • Too many people watching for fraud this time. They’ll have to hack the machines. Dems should get wiped worse than in 2010 in this midterm: if they don’t – and also it takes days or weeks to count votes – there’s definitely fraud.

    • @countenance—-It is the nature of the beast, treacherous Irish blood. You know it, I know it, we all know it.


    Vote for us … or Whites are going to reestablish The Confederacy and put y’all back on the plantation!

    Well, they are right about one thing ; we do wish to reestablish The Confederacy(ies)

    But, they are not entirely right about the plantation, though.

    No, we would like to put Blacks back to work on the plantation, but, ONLY as hired hands overseeing all the White Scalawag Liberals; they who will be the chattel there.

    On second thought, that won’t really work, as who would pay even the lowest price to own a White Liberal?

    Most of them cannot even recognize a Mulberry tree, much less be expected to go pick it and then make the jams and preserves…

    • “a Mulberry tree (…) go pick it and then make the jams and preserves”:

      Ivan, mulberries can be harvested more efficiently by shaking them down on a tarp.

      • @Methyr…

        If somebody shakes Mulberry trees down in North Carolina, I’ve never heard of them or seen them.

        Berries are picked off the ground.

        But, if in England, the property owners have mechanical tree shakers, more power to y’all!

        For those folks with a lot of Walnut and Pecan trees in Dixie, that are sold as a cash crop, mechanical shakers are often used.

        There again, where I live everyone, but the squirrels, picks the Pecans and Walnuts off the ground – a little bit along throughout the Winter months.

        Advice for making Mulberry preserves, as well?

      • @Methyr…

        After thinking a little bit more, it would not be optimum to shake Mulberry trees, the reason being that the berries vary largely as to who is ripe and who is not.

        Letting the berries go through the natural process may not be commercial, but, it makes for the best sweetest/tangiest berries for the jams and preserves…

        The wife and I go out every day, during the seasons, and pick what Mother Nature has dropped.

    • Well the link syntax is screwed up somehow, but the link still works — I can only surmise that either 1) I made a mistake/typo, or 2) it’s because of a ‘?’ char in the link URL that the comment handling SW here does not process correctly — ?

      As a test, the following HTML link formatting is fine on a site I use to check such text before posting a comment:


  9. No real excitement in the 6th District of Va.: Republicuck Cline is a virtual shoo-in against a shitlib bitch in this mostly White western part of the state; he at least gets an “F” from I think the ACLjew, for however much that’s worth.

    There is an important local question on the ballot concerning whether to move the county courthouse: doing so would save nearly $24 million simoleons, so I’m all for that.

  10. Well, Well, It has come too my attention, that president ABRAhAM biden, has issued a last WARNING too the magacrowd/normie,white people, they better walk the line and vote their way or else, uh oh !!!…………….didn’t mean too keep you all waiting…… I had too wait for the shaking too stop……….see how they operate, the ” guilt trip”, not working on us anymore, so now their “Pathetic” fear tactic’s are being put on full display………….Steady now SOUTHERN SOLDIER’S, don’t let these ASSHOLE’S rattle you……….. Give it another five minute’s , they will be begging us……….

  11. I’ve not heard this before, but it does not totally surprise me:

    linkTime for a reminder that there’s about 50 years of research showing a clear correlation between a background in engineering and support for authoritarianism.

    Probably related: link“Any future leader who is serious about fixing our problems must start by aiming to dismantle the administrative state, clear out the entrenched bureaucracy, and return power back to an executive who can actually govern the country.”

    I think/hope many people recognize that turning over control of government (including education) and the media to a bunch of midwit liberal arts grads, including a great many women, was a big mistake, all the more so now with the growth of government and the advent of 24/7 media (which increasingly caters to the lowest common denominator), and the obvious power they both hold — these people produce no wealth.

    It’s telling that the two professions generally accorded the most prestige in the US, doctors and lawyers, are essentially wealth consuming, not wealth producing.

    I will be honest and say that as a technical person myself, it does often disgust and anger me to see how much influence politicians and media personalities have today — I generally regard them as intellectually inferior (in some aspects I see women as temperamentally unsuitable).

    And with people immersed in such an intellectually corrupting environment, it’s absurd to give any/every breathing idiot the vote.

  12. I think we’ll see election fortification in Arizona and Pennsylvania to try and prevent Republicans from taking the Senate. There’s so much entrenched corruption in those two states. With races that close I think the party machines there can fix it. Republicans best bet is to pick up the seats in Nevada, New Hampshire and Washington.

    • @Catholic Fascist…

      Yes, unfortunately things have been allowed to devolve to the point where it’s really the machines that matter, not the candidates – or, at least, in some precincts of some states.

      That said, I do not think that cheating will be accepted in 2022, as it was in 2020.

  13. linkA poll worker in all-important Maricopa County tells Election Day voters the machines are broken.

    LOL, must be from overuse — I mean, how many times per year are they used? — and it wasn’t possible to have them ready for midterms? — you couldn’t make this shit up — yeah, more government and more laws please.

  14. Recently on Twitter I saw someone say that right now one thing preventing open rebellion is a rock solid McDonald’s supply chain — it’s hard to disagree — so here’s to a breakdown in the McDonald’s supply chain.

  15. Here where I live I voted at around 1130am and there were a lot of people voting. I was 132 on the tabulator when I scanned my ballot. This is in a very small town in northern MN.

    • “a vote for Republicans is a vote for Putin”:

      It’s a vote for eliminating him, and so is a vote for Democrats. Imperialism will not stop. You give tacit consent by voting for either of the twin parties.

  16. You’re going to be very proud of me, HW. Not only did I voot, I vooted HARD. Desantis, Rubio….a straight Republican ticket!

      • Me, too, Span-the lesser of two evils is an evolutionary gambit in USA 2022. Central Florida ex-burbs are still livable, I’m voting to keep them that way. BTW, DJT announces the 2024 revenge Tour from Mar-a -Lago November 15. Aren’t you and Hunter thrilled?

        • My official prediction from Dec. 30, 2021 was that Trump announces the Revenge Tour shortly after the midterms, Merrick Garland indicts Trump and all hell breaks loose. Should be interesting to see how it plays out

          • HW, could trump be the first president elected from a federal holding facility awaiting trial?
            The LOLz and memes would be epic..

    • Here in Texas the line is longer than I ever saw it and the little old lady election official is expressing doubts that everyone will be able to vote.

    • I voted for Miss Dixon for governor, and voted against prop 3, Evil prop, the Satanic Shitheads, trying to get roe back here and trying to take parental rights away, trans bullshit, I voted against the man hating attorney general dana nesselturd, voted for a third party candidate in the congressional race, the democrats and republican candidate both, I have a higher regard for the mud on my boot, than either one of those bought and paid for Harlot’s……
      Heavy turnout they say, I reckon if they could rip Trump off,nthry could do it to miss Dixon also, well, we shall see what happens…..

    • For the first time ever, I voted straight R. That’s how bad Joe Biden has been over the past two years. I’m still kind of amazed by it.

  17. “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

    The way our “democracy” is today, that statement is very true.

    In order for your vote to count, you should have to show up in person or the vote doesn’t count and you have to be a citizen.

    • Brazil’s voting system appears far more secure than ours, but there were still accounts of mysteriously malfunctioning machines…and Lula won more votes on the older, unauditable machines. I wouldn’t rule out fraud there – although hard to prove and the estblishment will not investigate or prosecute – and in that case it can happen here.

      Man – imagine comparing American elections unfavorably to Brazil’s! Never would have happened when I was a kid. But it’s totally valid now.

  18. Another thing: those millions of White guys (including me) who stayed home for Mister Platinum Plan in 2020 are back now to punish the commies.

  19. Alex Jones and others figure the election’s gonna be stolen, that there’s gonna be a big red wave in the beginning, followed by an even bigger blue one after mail-in-ballots and so forth are counted, just like in 2020, are they right, or just nonsense?
    What if reps, particularly national populists never win big again?

    • From what I have heard, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have these state laws where mail-in ballots are counted late. It is also the fault of the Pennsylvania and Wisconsin state legislatures that this shit drags out for days there. Aren’t both Republican controlled too?

  20. Some polling places in a very Republican area of Pennsylvania ran out of paper for ballots, “inexplicably” and quite early in the day. It was due to incompetence not design.

    • Some were unable to vote, couldn’t wait around for an hour or two until more ballot paper was fetched.

    • @Methyr…

      I do not know what to think.

      Having experiences decades of national elections that only rarely had these problems, I find it exceedingly odd that, since 2020, we have a rash of such incidents.

    • Reminds me of 2020

      Especially Ohio where Vance was losing and is now up like 9 because mail in ballots are being counted first. So annoying. It seems to be the same story in Georgia and North Carolina.

      Trump also romped in Florida which didn’t really carry over elsewhere. This is so annoying. Florida is the only state that can count ballots

      • “Florida is the only state that can count ballots”

        We see the vital importance of a governor to influence the affairs of his state – starting with this basic exercise of tallying the vote.

  21. I don’t want to hear a single WORD from Dickie Spencer about Q folks being cringe. He’s hitting levels previously thought impossible.

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