Poll Watch: 48% of Republicans Believe U.S. Is Doing Too Much To Help Ukraine


In light of your comment, I searched and found this recent poll.

The Hill:

“More Republicans now oppose continued U.S. aid to Ukraine amid its months-long war with Russia, according to a new Wall Street Journal survey.

The poll, published Thursday, found that 48 percent of registered Republican respondents said that they believe the U.S. is doing too much to help Ukraine fend off the invasion from its neighbor, up from only 6 percent earlier this year. 

Seventeen percent of Republicans in the new survey said that they believe the U.S. isn’t doing enough to help Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, a 44-point decrease from the 61 percent of GOP respondents who shared the same sentiment in March. 

Almost one-third of all respondents in the new survey — 30 percent — said that they believe the U.S. is doing too much to help Ukraine, a 6-point increase from March. 

Fifty-seven percent of respondents, meanwhile, now say they are in favor of the U.S. sending additional financial aid to Ukraine, while 37 percent oppose the idea.  …”

Clearly, the momentum is on our side.

At the moment, most Republican voters still support sending additional aid to Ukraine. As this stupid war drags on though, this could easily change. Americans always sour on wars over the long term. Trump will announce he is running for president and the 2024 election cycle will heat up. The war in Ukraine will become a stick which Trump will use to beat Biden with.


“Some 30% of respondents overall said in the new survey they believe the administration is doing too much to help Ukraine, up from 6% in a March Journal poll. The change was driven by a big shift among GOP voters: 48% of Republicans now say the U.S. is doing too much, up from 6% in the previous survey.

The portion of GOP voters who said the U.S. isn’t doing enough to help Ukraine fell to 17%, a steep drop from 61% in March.

In a separate question that wasn’t asked in previous Journal surveys, 57% of poll respondents said they favor sending additional financial aid to Ukraine to support its war effort, while 37% said they opposed it. Among respondents, 81% of Democrats said they supported additional financial aid for Ukraine, while only 35% of Republicans and 45% of independents said the same. …”

I will keep looking for the crosstabs.

I can already tell you that it is MAGA that is against the war though.


  1. No more free money to zionist warlords overseas?
    Oy vey, this isn’t who “we” are , is it goyim?

  2. Given the wording, I assume that the 48% figure includes people who think the US is already doing enough to “help Ukraine” in the fight the Neocons and Democrats picked with Russia.

    But I’d be more interested to know how many think, as I do, that we shouldn’t be involved at all.

  3. linkDemocrats under the leadership of Pelosi won the 2006 midterms largely on a platform of vague, noncommittal, partisan opposition to Bush and the Iraq War. Then by May 2007, the Dem-controlled Congress passed another $120 billion in supplemental war funding. Biden voted for it


    Musk is starting to sound like a schoolmarm-ish beta dork:

    Twitter/Elon MuskTwitter needs to become by far the most accurate source of information about the world. That’s our mission.

    Uh-oh, Twitter has a ‘mission’ — LOL

    Grow a pair Musk — just make it so people can say (OK, almost) anything they want, and let us sort the mess out ourselves — save the ‘mission’ nonsense for Mars.

    Elon Releases Twitter Rules – NO “HATE”!

  4. “Trump will announce he is running for president and the 2024 election cycle will heat up”

    Great, another retread of broken promises and pandering.

    The money being saved from going to Ukraine can be put towards another platinum plan for blacks. That’s something the GOP can get behind.

  5. OT

    Chinese President Xi To Visit Saudi Arabia By Year-End

    The de-dollarization of the international trade in oil ought to be high on the agenda — nothing would do more to curb the power of the US federal government than putting a huge dent in the necessity for, and willingness of, other nations to accommodate themselves to the huge, unending flow of fiat dollars emanating from Wash DC.

    The US, Saudi Arabia, and Russia are the world’s largest oil producers — certainly both Russia and China, perhaps also Saudi Arabia, have an interest in reining in US power and influence.

  6. The only thing that I’ve noticed about Pennsylvania is that a lot of people who claimed they were Italians are now admitting they are Puerto Ricans or Mexicans! #Catholics

  7. “MAGA is against the war…”

    like Musk is against censorship on Twitter.

    Remember that “MAGA” was against the war in the ME in 2016, but once in power it bombed Syria, took over the Syrian oil fields and began stealing the Syrian people’s oil (the theft continues to this day) and murdered Qasem Soleimani on a diplomatic peace mission, gave away the Palestinian people’s remaining half of Jerusalem to Israel for a new capital, recognized Syria’s Golan as Israeli territory, and many other acts of war and war crimes – I could go on and on – that I don’t have time to list. But now you still believe that MAGA is against the war.

    Just wait till MAGA is in power in Congress, let alone the White House. You’ll see.

    You can’t change the system by voting. But maybe you like the system, as such, and just want to reform it, make it take a step backward, by voting wisely in the (s)elections for the least evil candidates. You could also try pushing MAGA (once it is power) to keep its promise to stop the war.

    I don’t mean to be disagreeable or discouraging, I just see it this way.

  8. In the soft sad Trump voice “He would have done nothing. Nothing. Now there is a terrible – did you see the apartments? – war. And Sleepy Joe who pulled our troops out – I would have pulled them out – but you don’t leave the equipment – and the planes, the horrible scenes with the runway and the people – but he pulled them out to quickly. And now Ukraine. And Putin would have done nothing, but now people are talking about the cost…”

    This is democracy folks.

    • I was thinking of ads. That waddling fat Lloyd Austin, Blinken on guitar Nuland with cookies, ghoulish Biden hugging a child and a cackling Kamala intercut with bodies of dead white men in Ukraine.
      Doesn’t matter if Russian or Ukrainian.

      And at the. End a short clip of Zelenskyy’s cock piano and drag act. Fade to a vintage cartoon of Trotsky as a vampire feeding off the corpse of the proles.

      It would be brutal stuff.

  9. I don’t participate in corporate for-profit “scientific” polls, because I find that NONE of their multiple choice answers is correct.

    Honest pollsters would begin by asking potential respondents to point to Ukraine on a world map, and give an outline of history. Fake polls record only the “answers” suggested by the questions, from people who really know nothing about the subject. Do most of these Republicans really know enough to be able to decide “whether the U.S. is doing too much to help Ukraine?” Most polling in this system is a form of propaganda, reinforcing rules, marking boundaries of acceptable opinion. I’m pretty sure that ver few of these “48% of Republicans” are not against any imperialist war or the spending needed to win it.

    • I made a mistake. I wrote: “I’m pretty sure that ver few of these ‘48% of Republicans’ are not against any imperialist war or the spending needed to win it.”

      I meant: “I’m pretty sure that very few of these ‘48% of Republicans’ polled are really AGAINST the war, and any other imperialist war, or the spending needed to win.”

      Americans don’t normally disapprove of ANY war and military spending. They love it, admire it, celebrate it. They “instinctively” know that war – imperialism – is what really brings home the bacon in this system. Even the poor get the crumbs that trickle down. Of course everyone would like to reduce the tax burden of “defense” spending as much as possible and have war on the cheap or at no cost, self-paying wars and colonies, foreign proxies willing to die in our place for nothing, and foreign nations fooled into financing their own self-destruction.

  10. “The war in Ukraine will become a stick which Trump will use to beat Biden with.” I can’t wait.

    “I can already tell you that it is MAGA that is against the war though.” After it wised up to the fact woke progressives have been poking the bear for years now, starting with an engineered Ukrainian coup.

  11. “woke progressives have been poking the bear for years now”:

    But the poking began years BEFORE woke progressive Presidents were in charge. Not a Democrat/liberal but Bush the First, of the Republican/conservative party, was in charge when the Bear (Russia) was tricked into being partially dismembered, in 1991, and it was another Republican/conservative “W,” Bush the Second, not Obama, and not Biden, who was in charge when the U.S. actually BEGAN (covertly) the current operation (war) against Russia in Khazarkraine, in 2008, right after Putin who had assured the CIA that nothing would change when they let him succeed Yeltsin, went “off the reservation” in Georgia.

    Mark my words: the Republican replacements for Biden and Pelosi et al will also “poke the bear” and try to dismember it completely this time. So don’t vote. It only encourages them!

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