2022 Midterms: Good Night, Great Night, Spectacular Night

I’m judging the 2022 midterms by the Senate races.

The most important question to me is whether the next president will have the power in the Senate to move his agenda and the answer will hinge on how the Senate races in Colorado, Arizona, Washington and New Hampshire go. How close can we get to 60 votes in the Senate?

Good night

Ron Johnson wins in Wisconsin. Mike Lee wins in Utah. J.D. Vance wins in Ohio. Ted Budd wins in North Carolina. Little Marco wins in Florida. Dr. Oz wins in Pennsylvania.

The definition of a good night is taking the House and maintaining the status quo in the Senate and adding Vance in Ohio. Joe Biden is neutered and becomes a lame duck president, but most of the Senate races don’t go our way, which produces a result like the 2018 midterms. It is a missed opportunity.

Great night

Blake Masters wins in Arizona. Herschel Walker wins in Georgia. Adam Laxalt wins in Nevada.

The definition of a great night is taking the House and Senate with Blake Masters winning in Arizona and 51 to 53 Senate seats. This gets us closer to the magic number of 60 Senate seats.

Spectacular night

Don Bolduc wins in New Hampshire.

The definition of a wonderful night is taking the House and Senate with Don Bolduc winning in New Hampshire and getting 54 to 56 Senate seats. In this scenario, a 60 seat filibuster-proof Senate majority in 2025 is much more reachable. The next president will actually have power.

If this ugly, miserable woman loses her Senate race, it will be a spectacular night.


  1. >If this ugly, miserable woman loses her Senate race, it will be a spectacular night.

    Imagine being a man and feeling this woman ‘represents’ you in Congress — fucking hell.

    As I pointed out before, Patty Murray is already 72 y/o and is running for another six year term — average life expectancy for an American female is 79 years (link) — her opponent Tiffany Smiley is only 39 y/o — since she doesn’t have the decency to retire, people ought to vote for Smiley just to give the geriatric hag Murray the boot, and send a message to the other ancient cranks in the Senate.

    To be fair, McConnell is every bit her counterpart — he looks like death warmed over, and should have retired rather than run again in 2020 when he was already 78 y/o.

    Something has to be done about these regime loyalists who hang around Wash DC for thirty years and more, becoming detached from ordinary life and ordinary people — they quickly learn to serve the system; they don’t represent anyone.

      • I’ve lived in WA state for forty years and I can’t understand it either.

        The only one who is more of embarrassment for this state is our governor. Near as I can figure, the people out here like voting for their pet rocks.

        Either that, or the stories I’ve heard about fraudulent vote counting are true.

        • A postmaster general is said to have offered a toast years ago “to the forty-eight states and the Soviet of Seattle.” I don’t know if that story is true, but it should be.

      • >Seattle is Dying

        KOMO is a TV station in Seattle.

        There’s also a version for Vancouver BC (aka Hongcouver):

        Vancouver is Dying

        Generally, all of this is the product of a feminized culture of ‘tolerance’ and victimhood — including Murray, who both represents and promotes it — the West clearly finds itself in a ‘tolerance’ death spiral that ought to make more people realize there is no such thing as ‘toxic masculinity’.

  2. It’s only minor political zigs-and-zags on an otherwise long-term downward trend.

    When you print the Nations money at will, you only need to buy the so called political leadership.

    The so called “red wave” is only orchestrated to vent the public’s acute Weimar feeling.

    Nothing of consequence will change in the overall trajectory.

    Just a fact.

    • Perhaps.

      A few years ago, I was a lot more pessimistic.

      I think both sides will continue to radicalize and polarize which will erase the difference between “fringe” and “mainstream.” I also think we have been living through a period of gridlock that will eventually break one way or the other. I can see the Supreme Court shifting decisively to the Right and striking down the Voting Rights Act and returning power to the states to control their own elections. I can also see the ideology of the GOP changing too through retirements and the gridlock in the Senate breaking down.

  3. “The so called ‘red wave’ is only orchestrated to vent”:

    I think so too. Only controlled/controllable opposition is allowed in the imperial homeland’s (s)elections. A truly RED wave will never come here by voting. The full moon tonight, with an eclipse, is the ONLY thing turning red on Election Day.

  4. The dems are already trying to hold up the elections results in some states until they can find a way to win.

    Fetterman the jew with vaccine complications says it will take days to find out the results. So much for fast and easy machine counts over those paper ballets.

  5. “fast and easy machine counts over those paper ballets.”

    That is a false argument, foisted on us.
    It’s the age of digital scanners, paper ballots can be counted as fast as any machine, plus theirr are verifiable paper records for forensic evidence.

    Can’t have that in a DEMONCRAZY.

    • After the hanging chads fiasco in Bush vs. Gore, Florida was so embarrassed it got its act together. As with Trump vs. Biden, word is we’ll have to wait forever on Pennsylvania again. Shitlib democracy shills must still be running the show. Some democracy…can’t even count your votes.

  6. A spectacular night here in the Pacific Northwest Imperative zone would be Tiffany Smiley taking the Senate spot from soccer mom Party Murray.

    In Oregon a possibilty is a Republican governor and three Republican Congress critters out of 6 total seats for the state. Something like that would cause rivers of liberal tears.

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