The Dispatch: Will Colorado Choose a Republican Joe Manchin?

Man, I hope so.

Even if it means electing an anti-Trump, pro-fag marriage, pro-abortion, Ukraine stanning RINO to the Senate, I want to see our cucks dragged across the finish line.

The Dispatch:

“BROOMFIELD, Colo.—Republicans in blue-leaning Colorado have long understood that winning statewide office means running to the center. In a few hours they’ll know whether longshot Senate candidate Joe O’Dea took that strategy too far. 

O’Dea—who is trying to  unseat Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet—has focused his campaign on crime, inflation, and President Joe Biden, who is unpopular in Colorado despite winning the state two years ago. But O’Dea has gone further than other GOP hopefuls in trying to broaden his appeal.

Broadening his appeal, by definition, includes distancing himself from the country’s most famous Republican. O’Dea has been outspoken about the legitimacy of Biden’s election. And he rails against the possibility of another presidential run by Donald Trump, who has denounced the candidate as “stupid” and a “RINO.” …”


1. Dump has literally no chance of winning Colorado anyway in 2024. It doesn’t matter in the slightest if Joe O’Dea supports him. Who cares?

2. It denies Democrats a critical Senate seat that they really can’t afford to lose for 6 years in a Blue state. Just denying them that seat makes all kinds of awful things much less likely to happen. Getting closer to a 60 seat filibuster proof Senate majority makes all kinds of wonderful things much more likely to happen.

3. Cory Gardner voted for key judicial confirmations that set the stage for the demise of Roe v. Wade and the impending death of affirmative action. Even the worst cucks like Ben Sasse made that possible. How many cucks getting elected did it take to overturn Roe v. Wade? Thousands?

4. Abortion has already been returned to the states. If abortion is ever restricted in Colorado, it will happen in the state legislature or by voters in a referendum.

5. O’Dea will vote for some things which are good and we support. Michael Bennet will not.

6. If we are being honest, it is the Supreme Court that is going to settle the most divisive culture war issues of the day. It matters less how O’Dea will vote on individual pieces of doomed legislation in the Senate than judicial confirmations. Look at the impact that Susan Collins had in the Senate.

7. As many have noted, the Democratic Party is a demonic construct and Michael Bennet is a tool of a Satanic agenda.

8. Ask yourself what Richard Spencer would do. Then do the exact opposite.

Note: I will probably regret this and eat these words in the future. It will be funny to revisit this post and see how it ages ?

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  1. Cucking here and there is inevitable, if not only because of liberal gaslighting. The long view is what’s important. The ground has shifted within the GOP. Whites conservatives and increasingly non-black nonwhites are either alienated by the ever intensifying cultural nihilism of the Democrats or in the case of conservative whites are themselves matching the Democrat base’s own extremism. This is a completely different situation from 2010 which was more of a Baby Boomer knee jerk reaction to Obama. This time the extremism is genuine and existential, and is not restricted to Boomers. Of course there are fewer Boomers now but again the crisis is deeper. I just feel like we are dealing with different circumstances and what worried us about cucks in the past is not as applicable because of what’s happened over the past two to three years.

    As for the GOP in itself, all I can say is that the Democrats are no longer the party for the average Joe and have fully transitioned into an elite party. They are more Zionist than the Republicans now. Notice how there was no pushback from the Demoratic party when some of the GOP cucks passed those anti-speech laws protecting Zionism? The Democrats were probably smiling the whole time as all the blame fell on the Stupid Party. They wanted the same thing. Where is AOC now on Israel? She is shilling for Ukraine, a joint US-Israeli project. We all saw the big cuckout from Jayapal over Ukraine. Democrats will never put their money where their mouths are. They will never personally make the financial sacrifices implicit in their prerogatives to fund their massive and mostly worthless spending ambitions, worthless because it is all Wokeism. This is by design. Democrats wanted to weaponize inflation so they could collapse your standard of living. For them it is not about improving your diet to make you more healthy or practicing autonomy, or anything respectable or reasonable. It is all punitive and sadistic. They do not want you owning a home regardless of size or luxury. They do not want you driving to a grocery store to buy traditional staple foods to cook for yourself. They do not want you “going out.” They certainly do not want you having children. They want you sterilized in lockdown forever with antidepressants in your blood so you don’t collapse from depression, fully sexually transitioned as a form of indirect sterilization, and subsisting off a “clean” diet until you die alone. As for whatever else may result from this vision, they will make it up as you go, they will fill it with more blatant Satanic cultural fodder, but those fundamentals are want they want in place. Most of them probably do believe in “Global Warming” but for the smart ones that is just a rationalization for harming you.

    Plus we know the fraud of the old Altright and the Spencer co. Spencer and his antisocial company are actively antiwhite, perversely sadistic, and openly profess Satanism. None of it is serious and is all a fraudulent platitudinization of Nietzsche as coping mechanism over Charlottesville. In the past we were unconditional and pure, but maybe that is what we needed to be so we could get to where we are now. Now the game is different because of the ground we’ve covered.

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