1. Speech & opinion police officer Cucklinski is on the case. I’m ashamed I used to listen to this faggot.

  2. Jimmy’s a leftwing populist whose priority is kitchen table issues/the economy, one of the few guys on the left these days who has good points to make, he’s not a woke/current thing lefty. As for Bill, he’s just kind of bluh/meh/shrugs.

  3. >Jimmy Dore: No Bill Maher, Democracy Is Not On The Ballot

    Somebody had to set him straight, so thanks Mr Dore — I’m sure that’ll shut Maher’s big mouth.

  4. Maher is no longer funny or edgy, just another cranky old liberal jew. But Dore might be worth seeing live.

    • I never paid much attention to Maher, and have not bothered at all about him for more than twenty years now — but a long time ago he did say something that struck me as both true and amusing: ‘There’s no such thing as being qualified to hold elective office — Mary Bono is in Congress because her husband skied into a tree.’

      You see this playing out all the time now — the dregs who manage to win elections and stay in office — this is one reason I strongly favor congressional term limits.

  5. Kyle is wrong about the extent of Jewish power, it’s not just about the Israel lobby.
    For example, many Jews are terrified by any sort of nationalism except for of course Zionism, because it reminds them of the ‘holocaust’, as well as all those times they were exiled or not permitted entry into other nations.
    That’s part of the reason why mainstream conservatism/neoconservatism had to be denationalized.
    Jews wanted an abstract, kosher conservatism based on things like deregulation, low taxes, some law and order and militarism, a conservativism they felt they, as nonwhite and non-Christian immigrants, could be a part of, as opposed to a more earthy, traditional conservatism based on shared ancestry, culture, family and traditions.
    Even civic and economic nationalism offends them.

    Jews have been at forefront of politics, both on the left and the right, and they constantly push for their interests.
    While they are not unique in this regard, every ethnic group organizes for its interests except contemporary whites, by far and away Jews have more power than any other group in the west as a collective, and they promote self-serving narratives and policies, not just when it comes to foreign policy in the middle east but on every front, consciously or subconsciously, it doesn’t matter.
    Neoconservatism is a Jewish movement, and incrementally neocons and individuals adjacent to the movement became the dominant faction of conservatism in the west, supplanting more traditional, national conservatives who’re now poised to make a comeback.

    Turn on the media and all you hear about is racism 24/7.
    This level of concern about racism is, or at least was alien to the white mind before many whites got brainwashed by it, but it makes perfect sense to the Jewish mind, and while Jews don’t completely own the media, disproportionately they own a massive % of it, they’ve dominated academia, media and entertainment for nearly a century.
    What’s happening is gradually the white mind is recognizing and rejecting these alien and hostile thought patterns which grow ever more pernicious, and even some nonwhites like blacks who tend to be more socially conservative than Jews are realizing they too have been subverted by Jews who promote gangsta rap and the most degenerate aspects of black culture.

    • >because it reminds them of the ‘holocaust’

      Similarly, all the rhetoric about a threat to democracy has a historical backdrop, albeit those who constantly warn of democracy’s demise are probably too dumb/illiterate to know it — it’s the Ermächtigungsgesetz that Hitler pushed thru after the Reichstag fire, which paved the way for a one-party state.

      >Turn on the media and all you hear about is racism 24/7.

      You’re right to point out how the tribal self-preservation instinct of many Whites has been disastrously softened by non-stop moralizing media propaganda, but this will probably be lost on OD (who also ought to reflect on the role of Christianity in making Whites vulnerable to it) — while one must admit this indicates a serious evolutionary behavior maladaptation among Whites, it is a fixable problem — it seems analogous to gene expression: there is evidence that certain aspects of an organism’s environment affect which genes are expressed, and how they are expressed — in this context, the cultural and media environment Whites are immersed in has caused this problematic aspect of Whites to emerge.

      • You’re right.

        This is lost on me.

        There is a clear difference between how White Christians and White atheists vote. Look at Pennsylvania which elected a Jew as governor or Massachusetts which elected a lesbian. White Nationalists are the only people in the world who look at our politics and conclude that Christianity makes people more liberal or leftwing.

        • ” Christianity makes people more liberal or left wing” I cannot completely agree with that statement, I associate moral behavior and thought, that Evangelical, fundamentalism preaches and teaches as the bedrock, the structural foundation of the right-wing in the United States……

        • A MAJORITY of what you call/assume to be white atheists do NOT support the things you ascribe to them — it’s as simple as that — so if the nation still had a white supermajority, all the shit that concerns you would FAR LESS of a problem.

          To the extent that people who call themselves Democrats do support the things that concern you, then YOU have a problem — because non-whites vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, and their population fraction is growing while the white population fraction is shrinking.

          You obviously use Whites as some kind of electoral scapegoat, when the problem is MUCH larger.

          I consider myself agnostic about God, but not about the value of Christian principles and the Christian heritage of Western civilization.

          And actually, I didn’t say that Christianity makes people ‘more liberal or leftwing’ — my remark was specifically about ‘racism’, and NOTHING ELSE — that is why I excerpted that particular text.

          Don’t resort to rhetorical dishonesty in trying to make your point — in particular, I personally dislike it when people put words in my mouth — make a note of it.

          It’s pretty simple: if you are race conscious (as I am), and appreciate the primacy of race (as I do), then obviously the ‘one race, the human race’, ‘all God’s children’, etc aspect of Christianity is a problem.

          Other than that, I have no issue with Christianity (I was raised Catholic and taught by nuns), and don’t believe it makes people ‘more liberal or leftwing’ — I know I have stated this before.

          • Are we looking at the same exit polls and election results?

            Something like 83% of White evangelicals voted Republican while White atheists overwhelmingly voted Democrat again. Massachusetts elected a lesbian governor. Pennsylvania elected a Jewish governor. There is no such thing as the White vote. Whites are sharply divided along ethnic, religious, cultural and class lines.

  6. Whites are the only racial group that will vote based on income, education and cultural/religious beliefs. Every other group is an inert mass.

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