Axios: Federal Judge In Texas Strikes Down Biden’s Student Loan Debt Relief Program

Told you so.


“A federal judge in Texas struck down the Biden administration’s student debt relief program Thursday.

Details: U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman, appointed by former President Trump, declared the program illegal after the Job Creators Network Foundation filed a lawsuit last month alleging the administration violated federal procedures. …”

Now that the midterms are over and Joe Biden has pocketed his votes from all the suckers who went out and voted for Democrats, we find out less than a week later that student loan debt relief isn’t happening. Amazing timing, right? Who could have ever predicted that?


  1. Here’s the problem, Republicans have no problem giving billions to weapons industries to send weapons overseas to cause bloodshed, violence, mayhem, and misery. No problem. But when it comes to giving money to American citizens, that’s where they draw the line. Sure, people probably don’t deserve the money, but that’s a much more difficult and unpopular argument to make than “here’s free money.” Did Augustus become popular by saying “Sorry, no bread for you, you should have thought about not having bread before you got into this trouble.”? No, he did not, he gave the people bread. And who likes the idea of paying off student loans the most? Gen Z. And who voted the most for Democrats? Gen Z. Republicans put themselves at a disadvantage with being the party of “No.”

    • Did Joe Biden spending trillions of dollars without raising taxes to pay for it help or harm the working class? The price of groceries has shot through the roof over the past year.

      • Does the average person with student debt working at Wal Mart notice the price of milk going up, or not having a $500 student loan bill every month? Even if they were spending more on groceries than they were on their student loan debt every month, they wouldn’t frame it that way, because they could always say “I won’t buy that bag of Doritos and 6 pack of Coke this week”. But what can you say about a student loan bill? You either pay it or you don’t.

        • The average person noticed inflation and cared far more about that issue than student loan debt. It wasn’t even close. Student loan debt forgiveness isn’t even popular. That’s why Democrats didn’t hold a vote in it or campaign for it

    • “Republicans have no problem giving billions to weapons industries to send overseas to cause bloodshed.”

      What have Democrats been doing with Ukraine over the past two years? What did liberals bullying the Federal Reserve into flooding trillions of liquidity into the economy result in? What did the trillions of COVID “relief” rammed through congress result in? Joe Biden was part of the senate the made it impossible to discharge student debt through bankruptcy in the first place.

      Joe Biden has been a whore of credit card companies and banks for decades. He is on record saying that he has absolutely no sympathy for young Americans. He personally hates the idea of a jubilee of any kind because debt slavery is how he got rich. Democrats had two years to fix the student debt bubble in congress, the entirety of which was squandered on 1/6 and empowering the imperial apparatus. Maybe if Democrats were not Woke nihilists people would give them a supermajority but they can’t help themselves, and furthermore they are not willing to make the necessary financial sacrifice to fund a genuine transfer of wealth that isn’t racial-spoils-system grievance crumbs or other meaningless electioneering garbage, or as part of their real project of sequestering everyone into closets on a diet of bugs forever. Democrats are absolute frauds.

      Popular government from both the right and the left have failed. It’s not just Biden, as if getting rid of him and putting a younger, browner type in charge would make them more sincere. Remember AOC and her squad? They’re totally cowed and absorbed into the machine. Jayapal’s attempts to de-escalate the Ukraine fiasco was rejected and she shamed into submission and apology for questioning the new direction of the Democrats. Tulsi Gabbard was de-personed as a Putin spy for doing what Jayapal did more extensively. That is the real meaning of the 2022 midterms. There are no longer skeptical, Blue Dog Democrats. The empire and all its “controlled collapse” dysfunction is going to expand one way or another and that will be made possible by an ever more stupefied electorate.

      As for the GOP, they are going back to Bushism. Trump is doomed. Trump is too thin skinned to be consistent. He is too petulant and vindictive. He gave the media everything they wanted and after 6 years of industrial grade coastal liberal propaganda his public profile is irreparably damaged. No one can survive that kind of unified propaganda. Whether or not he is at fault, it does not matter, because of the media’s power he is damaged goods and cannot carry independents. The problem for the GOP is that Bushism was already losing in 2008 and 2012, and that is why Trump became viable in the first place. Trump was giving the GOP borrowed time through sheer novelty. Now even Trump cannot win. Desantis is a loser. He is not going to win in 2024 against a Democrat. He is going to go out there and run like Jeb or Romney or Dubya but with some pseudo Trumpian “aggression” and it will look ridiculous. There are too few white Boomers and too many woke gen Z voters in this electorate, never mind the large swath of millennials leaning Democrat. This culture is liberal, leftist, degenerate, nihilistic, hedonistic, perverse, pornographic, atheistic, Satanic, and all of that is going to harm conservatives. They are going to interpret this midterms as a repudiation of all Christian centric, Trump centric rhetoric, they are going to go out there behind Desantis with hard Bush cucking in hand, Zionism on the banner, and they are going to lose.

      I think that Democrats in a way enjoying having a slim majority. It allows them to pass everything they want but keeps the “popular” elements off their back by blaming it all on Republicans. They function in the exact same way as the worst aspects of the GOP like Paul Ryan, Mitch, etc, perhaps even more so.

  2. I’m going to enjoy watching Democrat voters get absolutely shafted by their party. We expect it in the GOP. Standard operating procedure. Democrat voters are much more used to getting whatever they want. I don’t think the reaction will be pleasant.

  3. Re: “strikes down student loan debt relief”:

    Gifts for the rich, debts for the poor. Austerity. Expect more of it, regardless of which wing of the capitalist uni-party wins the (s)elections.

  4. The difference is there are politicians willing to vote for popular policies like this in the democrat party. There are none in the republican party who will. That is why democrats win and republicans do not, a trend that will only get stronger as republican boomers continue to die off and democrat millennials and gen z continue to increase as a percentage of voters. The old trend of people becoming republican when they get older has ended with millennials, because it was a function of people becoming wealthier, getting married, and having kids. Millennials are starting to hit their 40s and most are still broke, unmarried, and childless (largely due to economic policies supported by republicans). Prospects for gen Z look even worse.

    • Like who?

      Democrats have controlled the House for four years. When did they vote on student loan debt relief? Who blocked them from holding a vote on it?

      Why did Joe Biden wait until two months before the midterms to sign that executive order? Isn’t it because he knew that was the optimal time to dangle it out in front voters before it was inevitably struck down after the midterms were over?

      • The older democrat leaders like Pelosi and Brandon would have been the ones to block attempts. Obviously it does not have enough support in the party to pass a vote, but at least a faction of democrats are open to voting for populist economic policies (and this openness seems set to grow). Republicans aren’t open to it at all, even the alleged “populist” Republicans.

        • Bingo.

          It is a fake issue.

          Democrats controlled Congress for four years and never once held a vote on student loan debt relief. They didn’t hold a vote on it because Democrats themselves don’t support it. It was the same way with the $15 minimum wage which Democrats killed in the Senate by themselves. Virtually everything that can somehow be construed as “economic populism” like raising taxes on the rich went nowhere in a Democrat controlled Congress. It went nowhere because Democrats represent affluent professional class voters.

          What do Democrats have to show for two years of controlling Congress? Is doubling or tripling gas prices “economic populism”? The highest average rent prices in history? Is making everything vastly more expensive than it was two years ago “economic populism”? The average person is significantly worse off than they were two years ago. Their idea of “helping” people is making them poorer by spending money without raising taxes. Again, their record speaks volumes about their “economic populism.”

      • >Who blocked them from holding a vote on it?

        For someone who follows politics pretty much obsessively, you write some odd things.

        Of course the answer is no one — but Biden was hinting at/thinking about it, and I’m sure the WH communicates with Democrats in Congress, so perhaps it was seen as unnecessary because Biden would do it via the executive branch and no one knew it was, or would be ruled, unconstitutional.

        From the brief summary of the decision at the Twitter link:

        Pittman, a Trump appointee, ruled in 26-page decision that the debt relief policy is “an unconstitutional exercise of Congress’s legislative power and must be vacated.”

        So now we know: in the opinion of one judge it’s unconstitutional — whatever — we just witnessed how for five decades it was thought there was a constitutional right for a woman to have an abortion, then suddenly there was no such right — so you can think whatever you want about this judge’s ruling on Biden’s student loan debt relief.

        The two obvious options: 1) appeal this ruling; 2) do it via legislation.

        The strategy for Democrats is now clear: attempt to codify the debt relief by introducing legislation — call the court’s bluff and force brutally stupid Republicans to vote against debt relief after just getting annihilated by that age cohort in the midterms.

        I would love to see those retards pound the next nail into their own coffin themselves by doing that.

        • What is odd about this?

          1.) The reason that Democrats never bothered to hold a vote on it in the four years that they controlled the House is because it would have been an embarrassing defeat for them that would have split their caucus along moderate / progressive lines. Democrats would have voted it down.

          2.) The reason that Biden issued the executive order in September was to inject the issue into the midterms and have it in the air for just long enough to pocket the votes of suckers before it was inevitably shot down in federal court like his eviction moratorium.

          That’s exactly how it played out too.

          • Aha, I see — my mistake — thanks for straightening me out.

            The way you pull shit out of your ass and present at as fact is funny, I will say that.

            I should also say that perhaps you are right; I don’t know.

            But in the spirit of Occam’s Razor, as well as the obvious fact (yes, some facts are obvious) that most people in Congress are not very smart, it seems much more likely that 1) student debt relief was not a pressing issue; 2) they didn’t really know that a bill would be needed (passing a bill to excuse privately held but federally insured debt does seem a bit weird); 3) the WH broached the subject in the context of independent action by the executive branch, so members of Congress assumed that was possible and waited; 4) that’s how it stood until Biden acted, and now a judge has blocked it.

            The main point is that student loan debt is a legitimate political/societal issue, and forgiving all or part of it is the correct thing to do — also, the whole way higher education is financed at the retail/student/family level should be examined — it simply cannot go on this way.

            To brainwash young people to believe they need a credential to get anywhere in life, and then pile fiat debt onto them as they get that credential, making them debt slaves before they’ve even started out in life, is morally repugnant, and the practice should be condemned by every decent person.

          • I’ve always supported student loan debt relief. It would personally benefit me.

            I have been around long enough though to recognize these games. It played out exactly like I told you it would with it going down in court with the midterms safely in the rearview mirror. That’s how they handled it.

            BTW, the same people who said democracy was on the brink of extinction last week are boasting about their cynical strategy to prop up those candidates in their primaries

        • Eah,

          What’s morally repugnant is when good, honest college graduates, such as myself, save up money and go out of their way to pay off their student loans, then one day, Democrats decide to forgive everyone else of their student loans – even if they never paid a single penny to pay it off and just let interest accrue. The good, honest people get played for suckers, the ones who failed to plan properly get rewarded.

          There are two fair ways to go about this: All college graduates get their student loans forgiven, or everyone pays back what they owe. I can go either way. But if the loans are forgiven, then the government owes me $23,000, plus what I paid in interest.

          I don’t want to hear it with “we wuz duhceeeeved en sheit.” Its not like the loan documents werent before them when they signed it and got the money. They could have just said “no” and not gone to college, where they were indoctrinated into anti-white, leftist propaganda that has little relation to reality.

          Your logic of “they wuz NPCs who cant think for theyselves” is infantilizing, and it abdicates them of personal accountability. This has always been a major critique I have of White Nationalism: We are not, nor should we even strive to be, the “leaders” or “guardians” or “shepherds” of our people. Screw that! Our people must become a race of independent, self-thinking Philosopher Kings and Queens who are immune to media and school propaganda, and who naturally make the right decisions 9/10 times. A race like that would become unconquerable.

          If Whites are indeed a race of NPC’s and mindless sheep, then our demise is already sealed. We have no control over the institutions that can shape people, nor are we ever going to be in position to do so, nor is there much desire to do so because controlling the institutions 24/7/365 is:

          1. Boring
          2. Exhausting
          3. Nihilistic
          4. A waste of time
          5. Gay

          Take a cue already: Your old brand of paternalistic White Nationalism is broken and dead. No one wants it. No one believes in it. White Nationalism must be fused with the old Anglo-Saxon virtue of morally upright, independent families where the individual is prioritized but also knows his and her proper place in life. Our ancestors had it right all along, and we abandoned it over the 20th century. There is nothing new under the sun. The end of history is here. Time to get back to business.

          • @DP84 – Excellent post! Inspiring words at the end; you are an excellent example of why some remnant of our race will certainly survive.

      • They won’t blame it on Biden, they’ll blame it on the right-wing Trump appointed judge, because that’s the way the media will frame it. Just like they would blame Republicans for not allowing student loan forgiveness in Congress. Republicans are framed as the party of “No” and that is a defensive position. They are always caught on the backfoot and off balance, making it very difficult to go on offense. When people believe the system is rigged “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” doesn’t work anymore.

        • The media lives inside a coastal bubble. Their own exit polls show the issue isn’t popular. More people are opposed to it than for it

          • >Their own exit polls show the issue isn’t popular.

            So what — at this point, the US is so full of maleducated, low quality human capital that I find polls difficult to take seriously — on an issue like this, they probably just think someone else is getting something they’re not getting (namely money), and their animal resentment kicks in — they’re not intellectually capable of much more than that.

            Student debt relief is the right thing to do regardless of some fucking poll.

            Here’s another poll for you:

            Record-High 70% in U.S. Support Same-Sex Marriage

          • It is a fake issue which is used to lure people to support Democrats which they have no intention whatsoever of ever delivering on. The definitive proof of this is how they handled it for four years with a House majority. The Biden administration has already removed it from that website!

            See also Medicare for All which is another fake issue they can’t even pass in California with a supermajority in the state legislature. They don’t hold votes on these issues because the whole purpose is to lure in and pocket votes of chumps who believe the false advertising


            Judge them by their actions.

            With control and the House and Senate, they used it to foment a war with Russia which they have spent over $60 billion dollars on so far. They spent two years on 1/6 hysteria and hearings. They tried to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens three times. They never voted on Medicare for All or student loan debt relief. They actually killed the $15 minimum wage by themselves

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