Punished Blumpf Lashes Out At Ron DeSanctimonious


I’ve really enjoyed the 2022 election cycle.

I can’t tell you how much I needed a break from the Blumpf era.

Our King has largely been out of the news cycle and nursing his grievances in exile at Mar-a-Lago. Those of us who he drove insane for years have been able to move on and focus our attention on Joe Biden. It was always a respite before his inevitable return like Napoleon in the 2024 primary.

Punished Blumpf has been hit or miss in this election cycle in his endorsements. He endorsed J.D. Vance and Blake Masters, which was great, but he also endorsed candidates like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker. This comes years after his meddling in Alabama politics – endorsing Luther Strange who lost to Roy Moore who lost to Doug Jones which saddled us with a Democrat senator for years, then destroying Jeff Sessions in his primary over Russiagate, then endorsing and unendorsing MAGA Mo Brooks at the last minute. Finally, the dust appears to have settled in Alabama after years of Trump induced chaos.

I haven’t been as quick to blame Blumpf for his endorsements in this election cycle. It could have been a lot worse. He endorsed Mitt Romney who voted to impeach him from office. He endorsed Ben Sasse who also voted for his impeachment. This is a guy who hired John Bolton as his National Security Advisor. I’m also not buying the narrative that Oz went down and Walker is headed to a runoff because they were uniquely terrible candidates. Independents voted for Democrats in too many other races.

I’m not taking either side in this fight. In Blumpf’s case, we know exactly who we are dealing with now and what to expect, but I don’t trust Ron DeSanctimonious either. Blumpf is correct that Hispanic voters in Florida were already trending Republican and that Florida has become a Red state because so many refugees from Blue states have moved there in recent years. It is not because of Top Gov’s charisma.


  1. Dump should just go away because he is not going to change and never will mention the cabal that controls this nation but his ego won’t let him give it up.

    • What are your thoughts on Dump vs. DeSantis?

      Better the devil you know than the one you don’t? I don’t know what to think.

      • ” What are your thought’s on dump vs. Desantis Desantis seems like a real nice guy, neither one of those two would or will win, obama served two years in the senate, then found his slimy self in the WHITE House, J.D. VANCE is a million times smarter, than the siamese slime brothers, if obama and abraham biden, can get their sorry added on there, why not J.D.? J.D. VANCE ,do right, stand with us and I will have your back for sure, you can count on it buddy……J.D. VANCE 2024, vote right people, if !? We make too 2024, this will be our last chance, WISE UP people !!…….

      • Both are controlled by the same cabal that controls all of the politicians but I think DeSantis might be worse as far as taking their orders than Dump.

        Under his watch, Florida became the 1st state to ban the critism of Israel and punish companies and universities and set a precedent for other states to follow.

        Yes, he has done some good things for Florida, but as President I believe he will be just another controlled puppet that will fold to the jewish lobbies, IMO.


        • Oh, I remember.

          At best, the match up would be a wash on Israel. Maybe it is different for both of them now that Sheldon Adelson is dead. I always got the sense that it was Adelson who was pulling the strings. I don’t know if his wife is as involved in politics

          • It’s more than one man ,Brad. AIPAC , ADL and over 100 other jew organizations are pulling the strings. AIPAC being the most powerful when it comes to the control over the politicians on both sides.

      • They are both zionists. The JQ doesn’t matter anymore.

        Desantis track record the last few years has been better for Whites than Trumps. This is all that matters.

  2. J.D. VANCE 2024 , Didn,t have the easiest time of it growing up, good kentucky grandparents though, he overcame, joined the Corp, got out, graduated from an Ivy league school, went west, made a mint, married with children, wrote a best seller, turned into a major motion picture, all the democrats put together, AINT half as good as he is, he has got the right stuff, J.D..VANCE 2024……….he has NORMAN/CELT ancestry also……. FOUNDING STOCk …

    • You forgot a few important points:

      -works for Peter Thiel
      -most of his job experience is working as a parasite (ZOGbot and “venture capitalist”)
      -loves Jews
      -married to a Hindu
      -has mixed race kids
      -is obese, with most of his body fat seemingly concentrated in his face
      -is openly anti-White

  3. Once again Blormp is making a total ass of himself. But this time most voters won’t find it amusing. He should remain in exile at Mar a Largo, the same way that Napoleon should have stayed on Elba. I’d like to see the 2024 presidential race as a contest between Desantis and Newsom. Trump had his chance and he blew it.

  4. Governor DeSantis is the only one I think is fully qualified to be the next president – from every angle.

    That said, I hope he has the presence of mind to not reply to anything President Trump has to say, because President Trump is going to be like Ole King Lear – sour and spoiling for a fight over anything.

    President Trump does not realize it – but tens of millions of us are going to cringe, as he shows his ass like he has never shown it before – or, at leas,t in public.

    I know he thinks that he is owed another 4 years, and, in this, Julian Assange was right to say that both he and Madame Secretary Clinton are two people eaten up by personal ambition.

  5. With the exception of his protectionism, Trump is a neoliberal boomer who’s still partying like it’s the 1980s, it’s time for his fat, narcissistic ass to retire from public life and let someone else like Ron take the reins.

  6. I would lean towards Trump because of his personality. They totally pawned him in his first term and then cheated him out of his second. If he is not totally owned, then I could see him beating the hell out of the deep State and kicking the ones who did him in every chance he gets. I would enjoy that. Anyone else is likely to be at least as owned as him so we really don’t know what they would do. Likely not a damn thing but Trump, narcissist that he is, will be pissed and hankering for revenge. And his enemies are ours. He could cut a huge swath through the RINOS to our benefit. He already has. None of them have the cash that Trump has, so they would be even less independent.

  7. Dump is in a jealous rage because he knows deep down inside that this pathetic “red wave” means that it’s OVA for him. 3 days ago he was rarin’ to go; all set to announce his great Revenge Tour like Elvis in ’68; now, even most of his loyal MAGAtards will just sadly shake their heads. Too many people despise him because he acted like an assclown for 4 wasted years. Yeah, the One Party (((Establishment))) that weaponized the FBI destroyed his presidency with lies, but he helped by betraying the Whites who put his orange ass in there. So he’ll never get back into the Oval Office

    As for DeSantis: he’s probably even more of a kike-fellator than Dump, if that’s possible. Nothing to get excited about there.

    Whatever Vance actually ends up doing in the Senate (hopefully at least SOMEthing good for Whites), he’s a race mixer, and a shifty, opportunistic bastard I don’t trust. Remember that after he’d been to Hahvahd and made a pile, he basically shat on his drugged-up Appalachian kin, recommended Bootstraps as the cure, and was a sniffy Never Dumper – until he saw which way the political wind was really blowing.

    After 11/8, don’t be surprised if he decides the wind sock is blowing back in the direction of Real Conservatism and becomes the new John McCain.

    We’ll see.

    • Thank you. Vance got as far as he did by disrespecting his roots. Ditto on him being a shifty, opportunistic bastard who despises his own race that he felt mixing with a Hindu was marrying UP.

      Glad he won Ohio but I am setting the bar reeeaally llooowww, because the Democrat was so much worse. He’ll be wetting his finger and sticking it up to figure out which way the wind blows before he makes his move. He got on the Trump train and once he is sworn in, willl jump off because that baby is about to derail.

      As far as DeSantis and any other Republican candidate, since George Dubya and, for some damned reason, especially after the “New Cyrus” Trump with his pretty shiny coin, it is a job requirement for all Republicans to have to humiliate themselves by publicly bowing down and kissing the ass of OJ.

      No matter which RepubliKlown is vying for and eventually gets the nod, he’ll be a fierce opponent of “Anti-Semitism,” have an Israeli Flag Lapel, and go campaign in Israel by donning that stupid yarmulke and shagging the Wailing Wall. All for people who might bankroll his campaign but never campaign or vote for him. They’re paying a whore for his or her services, that’s all.

      Thanks to having to keep Muslims in their coalition, the Democrats, at least, are spared that humiliation. They pretend to ignore the ADL whining about “Anti-Semitism” of which any acts are conducted by OTHER so-called “people of color,” but I imagine that plenty of backroom deals are cut, because Israel has lost absolutely NO funding under any Democrat regime. This regime is pushing the Zionist backup plan by waging war on the Ukraine – the ancient Khazar Homeland – in case the Sunni and Shia and other Muslims in the Mideast ever set aside their differences (for the time being) and attack Israel.

      Oh yeah, and the Democrats then declare war on “White Supremacism” and “White Domestic Terrorists” who threaten “Our Democracy” by wanting the CRT Agenda and the LBGT Grooming Agenda taken out of the schools they are taxed for.

      In any case, I think the poster who said we are on our way back to “Bushism” and DeSantis will gradually steer the country back to that is probably right. No matter how much we despise them, The Bushes, McConnell, and Graham are old hands at this. Trump was a fluke which will never happen again under their watch.

      • This leaves out a larger trend in the west.
        Trump can’t be a one-off, because he’s part of a broader trend.
        Giorgia Meloni in Italy, Brexit, Sweden Democrats, overall nationalists are doing better than they have done in decades and in some cases making substantive policy changes, I wouldn’t write them off so quickly.

        We’re headed for an economic collapse far worse than the recession of 08, probably the collapse of the petrodollar too, all fiat currencies collapse sooner or later and the US has been the world’s reserve currency for over a century, world reserve currencies usually don’t last much longer than a century.
        Collapses lead to right and leftwing populism and change, this will be an opportunity for the right to push things in a completely different direction, like towards nationalism.

        Things come and go, the Zionist stranglehold on western countries will come to an end too, one way or another.
        The overall trend in history is the Jew has been the outcast, look how some prominent black celebrities are publicly criticizing Jews, it may not seem like much now, but it was unthinkable just a month or so ago and it along with Russian, and Chinese aggression is just one more indication of waning ‘liberal’ hegemony domestically and geopolitically.
        The ‘liberal’-Zionist world order has chinks in its armor that’re gradually being exposed, it will come to an end too, altho we can’t be sure exactly what will replace it, a resurgence of western nationalism is a serious candidate/contender for its successor.

  8. Trump is a failure and a loser. He did shift the Overton Window in 2016 and squeaked by in a freak victory that won’t ever be repeated. From then on it was one disastrous failure after another. He changed the Left as well, radicalizing them to the point of opening the borders completely, and has then proceeded to cost the GOP election after election.

    The left knows this as well which is why Trump will never be indicted for anything. They are praying for him to please God run again. He’ll go down in flames losing to a vegetable just like Mastriano in PA.

  9. Trump’s “Social Truth” post concerning Governor Ron is exactly the same tone and tenor as his speeches at his rallies. I have read five of those rally transcripts-they are stream of conscious gibberish repeating old catchphrases and expressing continued anger at the official result of the 2020 presidential election.

    In running for re-election, DeSantis accumulated way more money then was reasonably necessary to defeat Liar Charlie, and declined to use a portion of those funds to campaign for Florida Republican legislative candidates or cabinet officers (the Florida Cabinet exercises significant concurrent authority within the Florida executive branch). Instead, he appeared in support of out-of-state republican candidates, most of whom would be in Congress if successful, thereby being in DeSantis’ debt if he achieved the office of the President of the United States.

    Finally, DeSantis declined to appear on stage with DJT at the Miami-Dade County rally that culminated the Florida state and federal 2022 election season. Based on all these actions, I have no doubt Governor-reelect Ron will be running for president in 2024, avoiding the Chris Christie 2012 mistake of hesitating when success was possible, then running 4 years later, when times had changed.

    So the choice will be laid bare: go back to Trump for round III of his revenge tour (first against the Manhattan snobs in 2016, then against TBTB in 2020 and 2024), or go with someone else touting the same public policy, nationalist/populist in theory.

    With Trump. you can be sure he will be fully motivated to eviscerate Those Who [Really] Rule, and there are a cadre of so-called conservatives in the background formulating plans for taming the Leviathan beast. But he was not successful in draining the swamp the first time through, and at his age the energy to learn how to do so seems doubtful.

    I do believe Trump has an intuitive appreciation for workers, due to his father forcing him to initially run the family business hands-on, and he has been espousing, in his own rudimentary way, Pat Buchanan public policy since the 1980’s, so in that sense, he is genuine in his goals for reordering trade and immigration policy in a way that shift supply and demand curves in favor of employees among the 99%. Therefore, in the final analysis, voting for Trump hinges on whether he would be willing or able to change how he governs, and whether he had developed the willingness to listen to others outside his favorite child, her spouse, and the grifters.

    With DeSantis, he has shown the capacity to do the work necessary to exercise state constitutional and statutory power effectively, has mostly governed as a sensible social conservative, and has demonstrated the ability to use the bully pulpit in a strong but restrained way against the naysayers.
    He is also very smart and hard working, seeking out facts from sources beyond the consensus, as for example with Covid-19, and hiring people within his staff who work with him, not against him, unlike you know who. While governing a state is not the same as trying to tame the swamp of the imperial capital, and not all nationalist/populist issues arise on the state level (such as border enforcement or handling the War Machine), what DeSantis has shown is an basic understanding of the forces of darkness of the Empire of Evil, and a willingness to fight effectively in battle with those same forces. That counts for something.

    On the other hand, DeSantis comes from the House of Representatives Freedom Caucus, which aligns with the national republican establishment favoring libertarianism of economics and society, to the detriment of the 99%. Furthermore, he wrote a book, “Dreams of the Founding Fathers,” in 2011, in rhetorical retort to Obama’s Dreams from My Father biography, where DeSantis sings the praises of limited government, which we know in 2022 and beyond America is an ode to comprehensive defeat for the insecure 99.99999%. Now perhaps in his intelligent assessment of the situation DeSanits believes nationalist/populist policy is best for the little guy and gal, and he will maintain that perspective if elected president in 2024. But as he comes from a very different philosophy of governing, that may not remain so. Hawley has the same problem, espousing Trumpist public policy while always being an establishment shill in a previous life.

    So for Ron “DeSanctimonious, ” the ultimate question is whether he would govern sensibly, cutting the defense budget to the bone, closing the border, using the instruments of federal power on behalf of the non-billionaire citizenry, or would he revert to Freedom Caucus Ron. Of course, in the final analysis, unless citizens resolve to help either the God Emperor or Ron DeBrainiac in their duels with the Empire of Evil, they, and we, will lose.

    • The biggest problem for whites is the lack of men with money who can do something for us. Every single time, when someone gets a lot of money, this stuff goes on. “Too much money”. Oh pulleez.

  10. I surely hope that at least some of you here have seen that video clip of Trump and Jeffrey Epstein at a party full of young shiksas hosted by Trump. Trump whispered something in Jeff’s ear that made the latter bow down in laughter.

  11. It’s a tough call…if Trump didn’t have daughter married to a Jew-boy but one married to a WASP or German-American, things would have been different, I think. I don’t understand all the neocons and laissez-faire Reaganites he hired. At least he made some implicit racial appeals now and then…something deSantis has never done to my knowledge. It’s a tough call overall, I do think that should Trump get elected again, he won’t surround himself with Invanka and her Jew-boy; and think that it’s likely that his staffing will improve. The greatest argument in Trump’s favour is that should he get re-elected all the people I despise will have a total mental break-down…and that’s something…so, I think I’d vote for Trump over deSantis.

  12. Dump’s a political mercenary, he could be throwing wrenches, but it should be be obvious he’s an opportunist (duh) like Elongated Musk. Anywho, he was friends with a lot of shitties we hate. I want to believe he’s controlled opposition (and I’m sure I’m right). We’ll find out what his “endorsements” pump on the masses.

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