Elon Musk Cleans Up Hate Speech On Twitter

I regret buying into the hype.

I’m not sure though which was more misleading: Elon Musk’s false advertising about restoring free speech on Twitter or the midterm polling. Even if he does change his mind, I am not going back there. What’s the point of being on a platform that systematically censors you before a major election?


    • Oh, boo hoo, is he not letting leftists run wild slandering and lying about the right side anymore? Is that upsetting for you?

      • Before writing bullshit, you have to know that Musk’s twitter blocked again the account of Hunter Wallace, Michael Hill and other right-wing dissident…. Do you live on this planet or in your own dimension? Wake up Musk will not let us to be on social media.

  1. Just remember, before you post a comment you should always ask yourself: Would Keith Woods want to read this? Because I can guaran-darn-tee you he is here.

    • >Keith Woods

      On a recent stream he did mention he reads OD — he said he appreciates the polling data and OD’s takes and comments.

      I never really understood the feud between Woods and thuletide, which I saw as unfortunate — it got a little nasty on several occasions.

      • Thule brought that on himself. He’s always smearing people & misrepresenting their positions. He always stupidly purity spirals with shit like “Oh you voiced support for Palestinians as a means to damage the popularity of Zionists or bait Jews into saying & doing things that exposes themselves, I GUESS THAT MEANS YOU FETISHIST BROWN PEOPLE & SUPPORT WHITE GENOCIDE HURP DURP” None of this is an exaggeration either. He is actually that stupid.

        And that’s to say nothing of the ridiculous guilty-by-association conclusions he draws. Shit like a photograph of Xi Jinping & Bill Gates shaking hands means they’re *definitely* in cahoots. There’s just *obviously* a One World Government. A WEF member couldn’t possibly ever go rogue (and that’s to assume his membership was ever serious and not just a “keep your enemies close” ordeal)

      • Thuletide is a neocon, so it should not be difficult to understand. The basic primer pages he wrote on race realism are fine, but you can get similar from any old HBD blog. Other than that, he’s a scummy anti-White piece of garbage.

  2. >he doesn’t care about free speech

    I’m sure he does to some extent — but he is constrained by certain realities (I’ve commented about them before), foremost being that Twitter is completely dependent on advertising to remain a viable business.

    The dissident accounts I saw that had returned have all now been purged, although the postings I looked at would not be seen as ‘hate’ by any reasonable person, and I saw virtually no slurs — but then a radically ‘woke’ gay Jew is not really a reasonable person, is he?

    I do definitely fault Musk for not firing Roth, who is emblematic of everything that is wrong with Twitter’s culture of arbitrary, biased political censorship.

    I did see Musk hint he was pursuing tortious interference claims against some organizations, perhaps even the ADL, which had the chutzpah to use Twitter to promote an advertiser boycott of Twitter.

    But Jews are vulnerable and persecuted — don’t ever doubt it.

    • “…he is constrained by certain realities…”

      I agree with this. I don’t think Musk is a member of the deep State as in baby raping evil but that he has come to prominence by slipping by them and amassing a huge fortune doing the impossible by being seriously driven and competent.

      He had Jews in his earlier businesses that I think helped push his companies financially. So he knows them and they see he is good at making them money. Where he slipped by them was his electric car and rocket business. No one, I mean no one, thought he could make this work until one day they woke up and realized he had already done it.

      People forget until he produced the model S, got some rudimentary self-driving for Tesla and pegged reusability for his rockets he was on the ragged edge of bankruptcy constantly. As soon as he got these, then the financial types realized all of sudden that he was on the verge of a huge cash cow that no one else on the planet could do but him. Then the money rolled in and everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

      This happened very fast, before the usual actors could crush him. So now he has huge funds, BUT it’s mostly stock and based on future earnings, so if he bucks too much it could all evaporate overnight. He is constrained.

      I’m not saying he is some sort of savior angel or a White nationalist but he’s likely not our enemy. He grew up in South Africa and is damn sure based about Negros and the left. He hides it well but he knows about the perils.

      I want to point out that people say he got all of his money from subsidies but all of these were in place long before he started doing any of this. The SpaceX subsidies were put in place in Bush I administration because NASA and their contractors are so corrupt and dysfunctional that they can’t make a heavy lift rocket even with $40 billion in cash in their pockets. They, even now, can not seem to be able to launch the SLS, after $40 billion, using shuttle engines and boosters. They can’t even build a tank and a navigation system around existing engines for that huge cash flow. Musk has made 3 different new rocket motors classes for far, far less and we now have the ability to launch our astronauts to the space station without paying the Russians 60 million an astronaut.

      His new satellite system is a severe blow for the left and the Jews. It takes away communication network control away from them. It makes it economically feasible for people to move away from the large city centers and still have excellent communication. I don’t think people realize how this is important and will change society in the coming years. It takes a big chunk of power away from big cities, who are mostly our enemies.

      Electric cars are the same. The subsidies were there before he started making electric cars because Congress saw that this made sense based on national defense. Some people hate electric cars but if you have solar panels you can cut yourself loose from the oil Oligarchy for basic driving. If you need to make a long trips you can always rent a car. I’ve always been pro electric car because it’s good for national defense and personal autonomy from the huge monopolist that run everything. Not relying on other countries for transportation.

      I defend him because I am, pro space, pro-energy independence and less reliance on imported oil. It doesn’t mean I’m against coal or nuclear. I remember the 70’s oil shocks and I don’t want to be in that position. I also want people to have independent solar power to break the monopoly on where people live so we can escape the cities. Everything he is doing is what I favor.

      • “His new satellite system is a severe blow for the left and the Jews. It takes away communication network control away from them.”

        This is not at all true. The US government created starlink because it is a useful tool for imperialism. That includes Jewish cultural imperialism, which is dominant on the internet. Generation Z is completely pozzed because they grew up on this.

        • “…Jewish cultural imperialism, which is dominant on the internet…”

          The internet is devastating the Jews. It’s destroying them and slowly rotting away their corpse of lies. Anything that adds to diversification and dispersing the internet, like Musk satellites, is another stake in the heart of parasitical vampire Jews sucking the life out of us.

          “…The US government created starlink because it is a useful tool for imperialism…”

          You provide and have no proof of this. Prove it or stop making Jew type grand pronouncements like this. I hear this same sort of made up tripe from the Jews constantly. I have no doubt they teach them these tactics in some classes they have about how to derail everything by making these totally unsupported statements. Another trick is as soon as you call them on it, they pivot to some other grand unsupported statement. Ad infinitum. They did the exact same thing in Hitlers time, he commented on it at length on this exact same technique.

          • “The internet is devastating the Jews.”

            Not really. Gen Z is even more brainwashed than boomers were, overall, due to the internet. The internet is an even more effective tool of social control than radio and television were because it is interactive instead of passive, so it provides user feedback and behavior reinforcement. It has also provided Jews with a massive database with personal info of most people in the world. Internet penetration into rural and third world areas is not turning the people there red pilled. It’s mostly turning them into gay and retarded purple-haired ZOGbots.

            “You provide and have no proof of this.”

            What do you mean? Starlink is openly backed by the US military. Space X itself is dependent upon the US goverent for its existence, and the US government approved the Starlink project. Starlink would not exist without the US government backing it. If the US government is threatened by a communication network, they will simply ban it in their territories (e.g. Huawei). So yes, the US government created Starlink. The first thing ZOG does in any foreign conflict or attempted coup now is ship out Starlink to their preferred side, like Ukraine or the Iran dissidents, to keep them in communication and on western social media. The biggest stumbling block for ZOG soft power and coups has been the ability of foreign governments to regulate the internet in their countries (see: Cuba, Iran, China). Starlink makes that impossible. Starlink is an amazing tool of Judeo-American imperialism. There is nothing here to prove because it’s open information and common knowledge.

            The reason you do not understand these things is revealed by your previous posts. You write:

            “we now have the ability to launch our astronauts”

            You identify with ZOG. You refer to ZOG as “we” and you refer to tools of ZOG (astronauts, military personnel) as “our.”

            In what way is a majority non-White (after boomers die in a few years) Jew-run state “we?” In what way are ZOGbot astronauts and military “our?” This self-identification with a mestizo/mulatto Jew-state implies a very fundamental deficiency in your understanding of the world.

          • What dart said is one big ass gaslighting. Taking little pieces of data and blowing it up to be the whole picture when it’s not even close.

            Musk has launched a lot of commercial satellites. Large amounts of his funding come from that and from investors.

            Musk got subsidies because Congress approved them way before he started because the US companies being funded from day one have not done a damn thing. $40 billion these assholes got and they have launched not one damn thing. Musk ONLY got paid when he proved through launches he could launch equipment.

            “…Starlink would not exist without the US government backing it….”

            A lie. Musk planned for Starlink before the military started giving him money. Musk lowered the cost of launching satellites so much that it allowed new forms of satellite technology that would have cost too much before. He’s launching I think all or at least most of his satellites with used rockets.

            “…You identify with ZOG. …”

            Nice try. You’re so full of gaslighting misinformation, Another Jew trick is to try and tie someone to some other nefarious scheme. Many times those they are involved with. I’m certainly no fan of the Jews as anyone who has read anything I’ve ever commented.

            Musk had to SUE the US government before they would let him launch military satellites, and they still paid him FAR less than the defense contractors for the same service.
            You say that our launch system is not ours but anyone with any brains at all knows that access to space at low cost is absolutely a key survival tool for our military. I don’t care much for our foreign policy but I don’t want the military to all be killed either, and satellites are absolutely necessary for modern operations.

            Your whole operative behavior is to ignore the picture as a whole and gaslight people with little scraps of data that distort and misalign the truth while refusing to back up anything you say with real “knowledge”. You piece together little scraps that add up to being a big gaslight totally changing the meaning of things. You talk like a Jew.

            And the people whining about subsidies, well I actually looked this up.

            “…Tesla Motors Inc., SolarCity Corp. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX, together have benefited from an estimated $4.9 billion in government support…”

            Now this is ALL of his companies as of 2015 but while the Musk haters hate on Musk they say not one damn thing about the $40 billion given to Lockheed and Boeing for…nothing, absolutely nothing. At least with Tesla and SpaceX we got non Arab oil electric cars and three different classes of rocket ships. So in fact all your petty criticisms are taken out of context and are really nothing more than propaganda.


            How does he get most of his money. It’s easy to find if you look.
            He got $2 billion last year for launches. Star link has an estimated value in 2025 of $30 billion or more. He uses this to raise more money. etc., etc.

          • “…What do you mean? Starlink is openly backed by the US military. ..”

            You’re so full of gaslighting bullshit. I looked it up. SpaceX got funding, far less than he got from commercial launches and stock sales, of

            “…$149 million from the Space Development Agency (SDA) to leverage the successes of its Starlink constellation and build custom satellites for the US Department of Defense (DoD)…”

            This was in 2020 but he started launching satellites in 2019. Not to mention, these funds are to design special satellites for the DOD. Not for general Starlink.


            Your whole program is to make Jew like big pronouncements that are based on…nothing. Nothing at all.

    • “Twitter is completely dependent on advertising to remain a viable business.”

      And completely on Zog fed regulators if plans to venture into financial services.

      • That’s why the platform is still free, but to post, it’s $8 a month. If a million people buy the subscription, that’s $8 million a month that lets him operate the site without advertising.

  3. Looking at the numbers the Musk Twitter purchase is bizarre

    Twitter peaked in 2018 with 336 million monthly active users globally … recently it was 217 million, down a third … it has been, in effect, dying as far as the masses are concerned, tho obviously still prime and useful as the ‘instant press release’ venue for governments and public figures

    Twitter had increased ad revenues despite user losses, but was and still is losing 2-4 million a day, the 5 billion in annual ad revenues being short of costs by half to a full billion a year

    Musk can maybe reduce costs down to 3 or 4 billion … but he really can’t sell enough $8 a month subscriptions to cover an advertising boycott

    38 million active daily users in usa
    2nd biggest country is Japan, 3rd is India which would have much lower subscription cost

    20% of these users will pay the money? Giving Musk 1-2 billion … on a platform slowly in mass decline

    It wasn’t ‘worth’ 44 billion in any scenario … why did Musk buy it? He saw what happened to Parler, lots of other efforts, he knew ‘who owns the media’ … even if Musk wasn’t going to try to change it, it wasn’t financially viable really

    Other curious facts about Twitter regular users in USA (data before Musk)
    38.5% are ages 25 to 34
    34% earn 75k+
    young PMCs basically?

    data here

    • “…It wasn’t ‘worth’ 44 billion in any scenario … why did Musk buy it?…”

      I can’t prove any of this but I think there’s a logical reason he bought twatter. I don’t think he ever actually thought he would have to pony up the cash for it. I don’t think he really wanted it. At the time Musk had a huge amount if unrealized gains in stock options he could cash in but, it would adversely effect his stocks so he asked on twitter if he should cash these in to buy twitter. Of course the Musk fan club wanted this so he could cash in his stock without crashing his stock value because, it was all for twitter purchase, not to line his pockets.

      So then he makes an obscene offer knowing they could not turn it down, I think part of this was to troll the twitter guys but he never thought he would have to really buy it because, he knew their numbers of users was a big ass lie and he knew he could prove it during discovery of their assets before the actual buy. Right after he made the offer he started doing a lot of interviews. He doesn’t lack for people wanting to hear him and in every single one he trashed twitter and said he, surprise, found out that their users numbers were bogus and he shouldn’t have to be forced to buy on fake numbers. He even threatened that the top officers of twitter could be prosecuted for fraud. So what happened? Oops he did not count on the complete corruption of the Delaware courts. Even though he could easily prove their numbers were fake, the corrupt courts made him buy at full value anyway. So He got stuck with it and will now have to do the best he can with it.

      He may very well make this work because he had plans for a massive integrated financial service for paypal before he sold out. Paypal is worth $99 billion right now. What if he could make a financial service that did not eject everyone that was woke? I bet he could with his name recognition get a lot of cash from that. He could move right into the banking business with twitter as a base.

      Think about banks giving away shotguns and toasters to get accounts and realize he has over a 100 million users that if he could get them to sign up for credit cards and use a twitter financial payment system it’s a huge cash cow.

      He is already also saying he will move into youtubes space by adding videos. He is also taking about web services. I did a quick search and Amazon web services made $16.11 billion in one quarter in 2021, Big money. I think most of Amazons profits come from web services.

      The key to all this is he is very computing savvy and all of these services are big computing services that use the same sort of big computing and programmers. All of them, twitter, banking, video storage, web services, all use the same assets and he has shown he is capable of rapidly growing production. He could end up making a fortune from this if the economy does not completely crater to dust.

      Even if the economy craters to dust, he has sold lots of stock options to the tune of many multiple billions of dollars so he has cash to tide him over any disruptions.

      • All good points.

        If he uses Twitter as a payment system, then create a credit card and move into banking the 44 billion might be cheap.

        He could developed a payment loan system for his cars and solar equip.
        Become the wechat/tencent of the Western World.

    • > It wasn’t ‘worth’ 44 billion in any scenario … why did Musk buy it?

      For the same reason Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post – a total failure by any reasonable business metric – for 650 million (far more than it was worth). Shortly after the purchase, the Pentagon signed onto AWS in a deal worth well north of a billion. Very few commenting on this issue seem to understand that Musk did not pay 44B of his own money for Twatter. He is merely the leader of a group of (((investors))), who have many connections with the deep state (as does Musk himself), who literally have a limitless source of free money. Starlink has proved very useful in the Empire’s war upon Russia, so Musk will no doubt be getting some nice business from the worlds biggest self-licking ice-cream cone. Guaranteed money with very little risk. Musk ain’t one of us …. he’s one of the enemy, whether he’s a crypto or not.

      As someone noted long ago, there is nothing free about a rigged market, which is the only type that exists in the Empire of Lies. The “free market” is every bit the lie that “democracy” is. War upon Russia and China is already getting under way. War is good biznisss for the House of Rothschild and its serpentine allies.

      • I think you people have a seriously warped sensibility about events. It appears to me that you find either favor or fault by personalities. The whole alt-right thing never registered for me. I don’t care about any of these people. My whole perspective is to look at what is possible with various technologies and what is actually being done by different people.

        I don’t care what Musk is as long as he keeps building cars that don’t need oil, space rockets that are reusable, satellite systems that spread free information that can not be controlled by the Jews and solar power systems for houses so that they can’t shut your power off. This is what matters. Not who funds him. If the Jews are funding Starlink then they will get their asses handed to them because the internet can not be controlled. If Jim Stone can go over the internet and Andrew Anglin can, then they don’t control it.

        Unless the Jews go all out and start massacring people, then in the long run they are destined to lose because eventually people will see all the parasitical evil things they have been doing. This has been what has happened to them for thousands of years and the internet is speeding this process up. They are having to take great risk stealing elections to keep their heads above water. I don’t think it will end well for them.

        For all their history they’ve been able to ruin one country and then move somewhere else, lack of communication meant people didn’t know the extent of their evil. Not this time. Everyone will know. They have nowhere to go. The Chinese are too smart to let them move in. I think they counted on this, and India doesn’t want them either. All the places they reside now, they are destroying because they can not contain their greed and hatred. They’re fucked. I think their whole Ukraine war is so they can move there because Israel is not safe at all. In the last war no matter how hard they tried they could not stop Hezbollah from firing rockets into Israel, These rockets sucked but it would not take much to up the blast and range of these, and then they would be ruined.

  4. Pre positioned units have eternal problem that before war starts, nobody can’t firmly say how useful they really are.

    This is why local elections and local Goverment employees are extremely important. In the critical moment, one sympathetic person in the critical place can change history.

    We will see Elon real loyalty when shit seriously hits the fan. Before, we may only quess. Picking up fight with Jewry is serious business and it is reasonable to come out from closet only at the very last moment. Getting himself destroyed for nothing does not make any good.

    • “…In the critical moment, one sympathetic person in the critical place can change history.

      We will see Elon real loyalty when shit seriously hits the fan. Before, we may only quess. Picking up fight with Jewry is serious business and it is reasonable to come out from closet only at the very last moment. Getting himself destroyed for nothing does not make any good….”

      I think you’ve really nailed it here. I’m very pro Musk and believe that he is mostly on our side in the sense that he is not corrupt and wants good for all people. This of course is blatantly against what the Jews want because they want to rule over and ruin everyone.

      The reason I think Musk is in fact for people is he actually put every bit of his wealth where he said. He had billions and could have led a life of leisure, instead he put every penny he had into hair brained electric cars and space rockets. EVERYONE told him this was stupid but he did it anyway because he believed it was important. All the explanations he gives for doing this are 100% valid and what he is doing, so far, is a great boost for humanity as a whole. I can’t read his mind but he so far has done 100% of what he said he was going to do and that says more than all the puffed up pundits on the planet.

  5. Mush is no different than a politician, the jew cries out in pain over speech and Mush gives him control over what is hateful or not.

      • “…Did the Republicans steal the election in Alabama?…”

        Yes they did. They stole the election from Judge Roy Moore. I know someone who voted for him and the whole place was filled with Negros the day she voted. Polling places are set up by area and Blacks have a different side of town and go to a different polling place, but for the first time in decades the whole place was full of Blacks. When Moore questioned the vote they told him if he had $2 million they would recount. Then when it went to count all the chief justices of Alabama declared the ballots could be destroyed even though the law clearly states that they be retained. I think for a year, but they destroyed them anyway. So yes, the election was stolen. Could you imagine the grief Roy Moore would have caused them in the Senate? They couldn’t allow it.

  6. Hunter, have seen Jimmy Dore’s recent vid on Musk? Apparently, Elon is neck-deep in involvement with the military–industrial complex, with his company, SpaceX, being a critical factor in launching satellites into space to facilitate American espionage & warfare. He apparently was even involved with a US-backed coup in Bolivia.

    Given these circumstances, it just doesn’t seem realistic to expect Musk to deliver on free speech. There are inevitable conflicts of interest with the people Elon is in bed with which preclude that possibility. Certainly, all his recent comments, both on & off Twitter, regarding regulating hate speech would indicate as much (although he did surprising yeet Yoel Roth).


    >“While the 50-year-old businessman presents himself as a maverick science genius – an act that has garnered him legions of fans around the world – a closer inspection of his career shows he earned his fortune in a much more orthodox manner. First, by being born rich, then by striking it big as a dot-com billionaire, and finally, like so many others, by feeding from the enormous government trough.”

    >“SpaceX’s close proximity to the military and the national security state marks it out as a key cog in the machine of the U.S. empire, allowing Washington to spy, bomb or coup whoever it wants.”

    >“For this reason, so much of the positive and negative hysteria over Musk’s purchase of Twitter is misplaced. Elon Musk will neither save nor destroy Twitter because he is not a crusading rebel challenging the establishment: he is an integral part of it.”


    • “Being born rich”, well, a lot of people are born with money and don’t do anything. Musk is providing some good jobs in the US. The space program is a definitely good deal, too.
      Musk has said why he bought Twitter, but you boomers keep assigning your own ideas.

      • You people have not learned your lesson from Dump. You just can’t resist being taken for a ride by a billionaire con man.

        • Damn…there’s a huge difference between Elon Musk and Donald Trump. You’re the one who hasn’t learned anything.

          • If I knew you in real life, I’d bet a thousand dollars free speech will never see the light of day on Twitter.

          • There is no absolute free speech. If you think he’s going to let people say things on there, that could get the site sued or shut down, well, no…
            So it’s not absolutely free, just like in real life. You can go out and say whatever you want, but there will be consequences.

          • You’re equating people wanting free speech to discuss taboo topics (which is obviously what I was referring to) to them wanting a free-for-all to fedpost about killing the president or some shit. You’re a complete moron. No wonder you like & trust Elon.

  7. Yes, they are working out Twitter right now, there is a lot to do and consider. It’s free speech to an extent. Musk is not going to allow people to cause him trouble.
    Everyone is not officially on the right wing spectrum, which has a lot of strange politicians on it.

  8. White nationalist are always hating on him. I don’t understand this. Everyone is constantly bitching about the Jew media and we have a guy who owns the biggest media empire on the planet. A global internet satellite system and a hugely popular media website, and all people can do is bitch and moan. I say this good news. Musk is at the very least “woke” in the WN sense. Whether he does anything about or not is immaterial. Just having assets the Jews don’t own is in our favor. Musk may not be our savior, but he doesn’t seem to be our enemy so far. And there are hints that he’s on our side, at least some. Let’s see what he does before we write him off. What he is doing strategically for us is very good.

    We know that what ever censorship he does is going to be far less than what the Jews would do, so that’s already a win. I do believe he is constrained about just exactly what he can do and especially how fast. They will cover him with lawfare if he goes too fast. Alex Jones was fined over a billion dollars for his public opinion, so…. Over time, he could slowly loosen the censorship reins. We’ll see. He already has some, and getting rid of the main Jew is a good start.

    People are saying it’s a calamity that he got a lot of cash from the Jews to buy twitter. I say it’s pure genius. If they are in big time hock to his company, then their ability to shut it down without destroying themselves is far less. If you look long term, everything Musk has done has been not good, but very good for Whites overall.

    Don’t forget the Jews gave money to Hitler to try and control him also. How did that work out for them?

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