Axios: Republicans Win Big In Florida, Flipping Long Democratic Miami-Dade

It wasn’t a total loss.

Oddly enough, Cuban Confederates took Miami back, as White libtards who live the Upper Midwest let us all down and stunningly reelected their terrible governors.


“Gov. Ron DeSantis easily won re-election last night over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, the Associated Press reported, as Republicans made big gains across the state.

The big picture: Tuesday’s election serves as further proof that solidly red Florida is past its days as a swing state. …

Statewide, Republicans won enough seats to give them a two-thirds supermajority in the State House and Florida Senate, according to the Miami Herald. …”

This was fascinating and revealing to me.

Miami is the biggest city in Florida and one of the biggest cities in the South. South Florida has one of the biggest Jewish populations in the country. And yet, Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio won handily in a major urban area. This should have been impossible because urbanites are shitlibs.

What’s the difference between Miami-Dade and other big metros? Honestly, the difference is the type of people who live there and who notably don’t live there.

Note: Hank Jr.’s son recently came out as a faggot.


  1. Neighboring Broward County was one of the few places in FL where Desantis lost! Is it because of all the Democrat transplants from NY, Chicago and Boston?

  2. I hope the South does secede. I don’t want to live in a country that has places like New Jersey and Massachusetts in it.

  3. If you look at the exit polls, there was no Latino shift nationwide. This is because the Hispanic population in Florida is heavily Cuban/South American whereas outside of Fla it’s mostly Mexican/central American/Dominican. These are two very different racial groups of people. The Whitish Hispanics plus some half million non-SWPLs that moved to Florida since Covid caused their red wave. This will not be replicated by the GOP on a national scale.

  4. There was no shift. What happened was that Miami Dade was not targeted for cheating because no result would have been enough to flip the Governor race, so they dedicated resources elsewhere.

    In 2016, during the summer, the Obama controlled CDC sent 200 million to Miami Dade county for the fake ZIKA crisis, and it makes one wonder whether this money was for the payoffs needed for election fraud via machines and other methods. The result was about 70% turnout and 70% for hillary, which is statistacly impossible given a national average turnout of 51% that year, a 20 year low. It runs 51-52 for over a hundred years. A several million population county cannot deviate without fraud.

    In 2020, they showed an even higher turnout and 60% Biden. Also fake.

    In 2022 we are expected to believe that a Biden landslide was transformed to a DeSantis landslide? No this is completely a fake story. The methods used in 2016 and 2020 are like those in Detroit and Philadelphia, report a huge fake result in an urban area designed to flip a state.

    Miami-Dade is over half red and has been for a long time. The Cuban population is 85% Republican, and anti communist except for the many Commies living there and the younger American born brainwashed and some recent Cuban arrivals who came for welfare not freedom.

    Broward also cheats in a similiar way, DWS won because she has bags and bags of mail prepared in advance, and in the last two elections she was in the news “visiting” the postal sort facility. Her opponent is so popular even local Jews say they hate DWS and voted for Carla Spalding.

    Behind every major cheating effort is globalist or government money. In 2016 Obama paid, in 2020, they did not have government control, so Zuckerburg and others paid, in 2022, the Biden admin will have strategically paid for the results.

    Dominion is an international criminal organization who serves clients who pay for results, not voters who vote.

  5. Except for the Panhandle, Florida stopped being culturally Southern a long time ago. The University of Florida has the largest number of Jewish students of any college or university in the country.

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