Jeb! Fixed Florida’s Elections

Point conceded.

Jeb!, where are you when we need you?

For all the people complaining about the election disasters in Arizona and Nevada, Jeb! is feeling pretty good right now and having the last laugh at your expense.


  1. Just want to say thanks to you Hunter for the excellent election coverage as well as all around great site. You leave the worthless Lügenpresse in the dust, miles behind.

  2. If that’s actually true (and not ¡Jeb! just taking credit for someone else’s efforts) I guess we can honestly say: Please clap.

    Barnhardt, who has become something of the Queen of Meme, has a perfect summary of our two-party system from the Unknown Man:

    “Team R versus Team D is an intra-squad scrimmage, mounted by players from the same team, meant to distract the screaming throng from the fact that the stadium is on fire and their cars are being stolen in the parking lot.”

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