Axios: Inflation Cools More Than Expected In October

This is being celebrated as good news for Democrats.

Skyrocketing inflation might correspond EXACTLY with their control of Congress.


“After months of worrying inflation readings, there’s finally some good news: consumer prices cooled in October, and there are encouraging clues they will cool further in the coming months. …”

If it were not for Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, you have to wonder where it would be today. The “populist Left” wanted to spend around $8 to $10 trillion dollars on social programs.


  1. “Inflation Cools More Than Expected ”

    BS……BS… ..BS. …
    The change is trivial, Nothing more than sampling noise.

    • .2 percent “more than expected”….and the stonk market acts like a ten year long party has just begun. What a clown show, playing in a house of cards.

      • I think that was from a massive liquidity injection.

        The fed and treasury were scared to death that the FTX collapse would cause a financial panic. So, overnight they kept the phones red hot, telling all banks “you have unlimited credit, as much as you can use”.
        That liquidity flowed into stocks.

        Just my suspicions.

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