National Review: Unmarried Women Prefer Democrats

I’m expecting the usual flood of bad takes which are decoupled from reality from the people who insist that Christianity is destroying the White race.

National Review:

“The exit polling showed that more than two-thirds of unmarried women (68 percent) favor Democrats over Republicans. Three things to remember:

(1) Women vote in greater numbers than men.

(2) The majority of unmarried women are liberal.

(3) The number of unmarried women has more than doubled in the past 50 years and continues to grow. …”

In the 2022 midterms, White women shifted toward Republicans after the Dobbs decision. 61% of White women without college degrees voted Republican. 42% of White women with college degrees voted Republican. Wine moms are the only group of Whites who voted Democrat.

White people vote more on the basis of education, religion, culture and marital status than sex. 61% of White women without college degrees voted Republican compared to 52% of White men who are college graduates. Married women were overwhelmingly more likely to vote Republican than unmarried women. White Christian married women voted Republican in overwhelming numbers.

Do you have a college degree? Are you religious? Do you live in a large metro area, a suburb, a city or a rural area? Do you live near a coast? Do you live in the South, East, Midwest or West?

Note: The Karen vs. Amber divide showed up in the exit polls.

Studies have shown that liberal women are the most miserable people in America.


  1. Yes, if I were an unfulfilled, unhappy, mildly murderous, psychotropic-ridden lady, wishing to live like a man – all the while reviling them, I would congratulate myself for the sublimity of my views, have my yard covered in rainbow signs welcoming aliens, oft vibrate myself to quasi-sapphic porn with ebony horses, have myself vaccinated every month, and, oh, yes, I would very definitely vote Democrat…

        • Well, no, Dear Spahn – actually Terry and I are just two Southern parts of the same person who got spread out over Hell’s Creation.

          Which means that he is a Detroit Lions’ fan and I like the Saints.

          But our flag is the Stars & Bars, as is our heart.

          Hope you’re doin’ well up in Boston.

        • Of course women vote Democrat. Even the most strident feminist (did I repeat myself?) Wants/Needs a ‘daddy’ in her life- now that she can no longer wrap her natural father around her finger, and has not learned she needs to submit, to earn a REAL MAN’s Love and Respect…….

          The Patriarchy- and chattel ownership of wives and daughters- are inescapable parts of both Western and Christian social orders…..

          • Thank you, Father, but, as you know that we now live in a Jewish run country, what you said is kind of historic memorabilia.

            You know the author and columnist David Brooks, for PBS and The New York Times?

            He was recently at a book signing when a lady came up to him and said : ‘What you are talking about in your book is the Jewish takeover of America.’

            At that Mr. Brooks caught his breath and was silent.

            What could he say? – he knew the woman, personally, and he knew that she was fully Jewish.

            I do not know that Jewess, but, I can tell you I like her – and I like anyone else in the world who will speak the truth, on any issue.

            All the best to you, Father!

      • @Fox Snooze…

        I do live in The rural Confederacy – in a small historick towne.

        Men are not like that here – not the lion’s share.

        Come to think of it, the ladies are not like that, either.

        I sure know, and have known, many angry, peevish, and confused masculine of temperment modern city women.

        I hope you are not like that – it’s a self-inflicted painful way to meander through life.

        All the best to you and yous.

        • You’re lucky if you can survive in the rural scene. Most people are working their asses off to get by. Both men and women are being worked pretty hard in most jobs, professional and blue collar. Most jobs are in the cities.
          Maybe you have no concept of this, but both men and women are being abused in their jobs. It’s far more kind to understand how people are trying to get by, with the government stealing their earned wages, and the high cost of living now.

  2. In addition to single white women voting like migrants & minorities, there is a similar phenomenon with young zoomers including many males … who are much more often the children of single moms

    These groups are people who are essentially un-anchored, the very young people often troubled by the difficulty of seeing a sound economic and life path forward

    So the tendency of young people like single women, is to think and vote in terms of gibs and gov benefits, or gov-ordered benefits such as alimony / child support

    Single women numbers are accelerating … More Hispanics are tilting conservative but it’s not enough

    Add in a sprinkle of ‘harvesting’ 25 million ‘mail-in ballots’ and well … that’s it

    “Amongst conclusions of the 2005 Commission on Federal Election Reform, co-chaired by Democratic former president Jimmy Carter and Republican former Secretary of State James Baker, was that mail-in voting is the easiest way to invite cheating and fraud.”

    • You wrote ‘More Hispanics are tilting conservative but it’s not enough”. Don’t worry, there’s still millions more coming over, to make that a dream for you.

      • “Why won’t the Mestizos cut their childrens dicks off, drink wine, and eat bugs all day? Send em all back! Only the Arvyan Race can save liberalism!!”

  3. There’s a poll out there, to back any and every viewpoint. Most people have never been polled about their views.
    There are so many people who do not fit the stereotypes this site posits.
    There are probably as many liberal men as women out there, and these “conservatives” seem to be really liberal, too. Anything “conservative” now, favors mixed race marriages, adopting other race kids, and anything the Latinos want. For example, the whole “latinos are hard workers” thing is pushed by the conservatives.
    It’s probably best to NOT align with any so-called group or side at this time.

    • There is nothing surprising about the exit polls, the polls or the election results. White people who are rightwing are Christians, married, live in rural areas and small towns and less likely to have college degrees. They also live further away from the coasts except in the South

      • I understand you want to favor your religion, and everyone does that with their religions.
        But to say someone is a leftist, because they aren’t a Christian, or not married, or not in a small town, is a huge leap. Not everyone has found their mate, not everyone can make a living in a small or rural town. This is “online thinking”.
        Saying the polls are always right, when they don’t really poll everyone, makes them doubtful.
        The whole “conservative” and “liberal” thing is falling apart.

        • Not really.

          The divide is growing.

          It is like saying smoking cigarettes doesn’t cause lung cancer. Of course it does. Sure, there are smokers who don’t get lung cancer, but people with lung cancer tend be heavy smokers.

          • Not even an applicable analogy. The world is far different than the 1950s. More people are divorced or single. More people work jobs in cities. There’s a lot of people working high tech STEM jobs that require working in cities, that are not big liberals. Many people might fall into the “conservative” camp, but they don’t like people like Boebert or Trump.
            You’re only seeing things from where you live in rural Alabama, and what you see there is quite true, but not across the nation.

          • @Fox Snooze…

            Whoa, Horsey – people are fleeing Blue cities to the Rural South.

            It’s unbelievable how quickly they are coming here.

            People are working from home.

            Things are changing.

            Just the Yankees who came to North Carolina in the last several years changed our elections for the better.

            Yes, the world is different than the 1950s, but, you are making the assumption that it cannot return to that.

            Life is cyclical.

            The powers that seized this nation in the last century are on the defensive.

            This augers well for the decades before us.

          • Dude, make up any reason you want, but people move to where they are economically well off. People move for jobs. Unless someone is independently wealthy, they have to be where their job is. Most people do not have a job out in rural areas.

          • You are changing the subject.

            The question is whether people who live in large metros vote like people who live in inner ring suburbs or small metros or college towns or exurbs or small towns and rural areas. The answer is clearly no.

            This isn’t ambiguous. White people who live in large metros don’t vote like people who live in rural areas and small towns. They don’t have the same values and beliefs. Of course, there are rural libtards and people who live in cities who are rightwing, but they are the exception to the rule

      • My views would generally be considered extremely right wing but my lifestyle and background would lead most people to conclude I was a deep blue state liberal. So I’m afraid Fox Snooze has the better argument, HW.

        • @Spahn…

          You know, it’s so very easy to be ‘Far-Right’ nowadays.

          Just simply have the same views Southern Democrats had anytime before, oh, let’s say, the 1990s – and, voila – you’re an ‘extremist’.

          And, no, you never seem like a Blue State Liberal to me – but the kind of Yankee voter who supported Alabama Governor George Wallace when he ran for president in 1968 & 72.

          There were millions of them.

          No, that’s not right – there were tens of millions.

          And you know what? Thanks to this type of Yankee moving to North Carolina, en masse, for the last several years, we are about to secure our state from every political angle.

          If you get vext up yonder, don’t hesitate to come to North Carolina.

          We are friendly and beautiful place, and the economy is always good.

          If you like cool weather, a beautiful locale, and people who think like you, move to Brevard in the West.

          It’s a gorgeous place filled full of White Southerners whom Jewry has been not quite able to talk out of their senses…

          • I picture someone sitting on his front porch on his plantation, sipping a mint julep, and getting ready to hit the temple.

  4. Interesting facts I recently learned. The majority of users on Twitter are male. The majority of users on TikTok are young single women.

  5. I see these type of women walking their dogs in baby strollers instead of babies and many of them have green short hair and have that look about them.

  6. Single women will drift away from the Dems in the same way blacks, Latinos and Asians are starting too. Sexual deviancy and perversions are disgusting, and intolerable and will be abandoned and shunned. Thank God for electronic voting machines. A very dangerous game is being played by the Jews and the Irish.

    • Blacks are an inert mass, they will always vote 85 to 90% Democrat. The same can be said for the Mestizos and Orientals, who vote around 75% Democrat.

      • Not when their young sons are wearing lipstick and mascara. Blacks are not ingroup breeders that is what differentiates them from their coalition partners, and the promoters of the strange sexual, the Jews and the Irish. There is a preponderance of sexual deviancy in Jewish and Irish blood. And the reason is the Jews and Irish are incestuous breeders.

    • @Mr. Browning…

      Yes, The Democrats are shrinking, and, as more and more states develop Republican supermajorities, like Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi, South Carolina, and soon North Carolina,

  7. You’d think then it’d be in the interest of NRO-types to figure out how to design public policy that would encourage or incentivize marriage. The more likely scenario of course is them demanding the GOP tailor their messaging to suit the desires of the most anti-depressant dependant demographic.

    • There’s no problem with births of other races and mixed. Everyone knows whites are shouldering the burden tax-wise of supporting their births.

      The other piece is, the lower the intelligence, the more births. They’ve never cared if they had enough money to raise them, and if they live in white countries, they get a check every month.
      I personally feel the white birth rate would be up, if this wasn’t an anti-white nation, sort of like the 1950 or back long ago. People could afford to have kids, but not now, because you are paying for the other races’ medical, food, homes, utilities, and mobile phones.

  8. The funny thing is that if we exclusively polled the South then all these sex gaps are almost nonexistent. In the 2020 exit polls for Alabama an anomaly happened where the sexes actually switched places and 80% of white women voted for Trump vs 75% of white men ( probably because Trump was hardly doing anything for white men). Southern men seem to have no problems keeping Southern women in line and many Southern white women vote more red than white men in other regions. I think we have more of a regional divide within our race than a sex divide. Another interesting factor is the large gap between white Protestants and white Catholics which we don’t really talk about but might be important.

  9. If you view the Democrats as the lesser of two evils overall, it takes you on a path where Christianity becomes blamed for Libertarianism. Basically you disagree with the reverse racism of Democrats but still overall think their economic positions are more competent. Remember that Richard Spencer endorsed voting for Democrats.

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