Democracy Defenders Lost The Popular Vote

There was a Red Wave.

Nationwide, Republicans are on track to win the popular vote by 4 points, which is exactly what the polls predicted. This simply didn’t translate into large gains in Congress because of cultural balkanization, gerrymandering and the way Independents in key swing states voted because of millions of dollars in negative campaign ads.

Washington Post:

“BOSTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) bounded up to the stage in a high-ceilinged ballroom in Copley Square on Tuesday to the loud cheers of an ebullient crowd.

“Wow, what a night,” she said. Results were still being tallied across the country, but in Massachusetts, Democrats had cause to rejoice. “We can see our future,” Warren said. “It is bright, and it is blue.”

Heading into Tuesday’s midterms, New England was considered a region where Republicans might make crucial inroads, potentially picking up key seats in a Democratic stronghold on the road to a broader nationwide victory.

Instead, the result here looked more like a blue wave. Republicans lost three House races that were considered competitive in Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire, as well as a similar Senate race in New Hampshire. …”

Culture is king.

As we have always stressed here, there is no such thing as the White vote. White people who live in different regions of the country are culturally different and have opposing values.

Cultural polarization between Whites dominates our politics. Non-Whites play supporting roles in the conflict. Fundamentals like crime, homelessness, inflation and other negative trends really don’t matter at the end of the day.

Look at how White voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado responded to the George Floyd riots, COVID insanity, record gas prices and a drug, crime and homelessness epidemic. It literally couldn’t get worse. They rewarded the people who presided over all that and voted for them. Such a result is unimaginable in other parts of the country.


    • Those papists led the charge against slavery and to invade the South, eh? How many feds does it take to populate a “dissident right” blog comment section?

  1. I think people live where they can find a job. If you can go anywhere you want in this economy, then you have a lot of money. Most everyone I know is in this boat.

  2. There is a self-selection bias going on too. Pocahontas is from Oklahoma, lived in Texas, graduated and taught law at the University of Houston, taught law again at the University of Texas at Austin but ended up eventually at Harvard Law. She is good at ‘figuring out the system’ and playing it like a fiddle thus her manipulation of AA to get her job at Harvard Law School where she fit right in.

  3. “Democracy Defenders Lost The Popular Vote”

    don’t they always in mid terms? per my reading of the numbers and trends, total participation in mid terms is about 30% less than participation in presidential elections. this favors the R voters. indeed, this effect is the ENTIRE point of EVERY Get Out The Vote Campaign. Democrats trying to get their less motivated voters into action when it’s not a presidential election. NBA has now even canceled all games permanently on election days so africans won’t be distracted and they go out and vote D.

    if Republicans can’t get a sizable advantage in mid terms, under ideal conditions, when Biden and company have been terrible for 2 years, with R voters and I voters somewhat motivated, why would Republicans be able to ever win a presidential election again?

    • How can you trust the voting system to be honest? So many government workers, so many ballots, so many things. Voting is a waste of time now, because they are going to put in who they want.

  4. add in the cheating that Democrats absolutely, positively do and which Hunter has been conditioned to excuse as not happening, and it’s gonna be pretty hard from here on out.

    Dissident Right people correctly spent 20 years complaining to Republican leadership that Democrats forcing the no voter ID issue is strictly about cheating, and that Republicans should do something about it when they’re in office. Republicans do little to nothing about it for 20 years during times they are in office. when they do try to do something about it, Democrats fight and resist with EVERYTHING they have, revealing that it’s critical to them to make sure nobody ever has to identify themselves to vote. even third world countries have this provision, but not the US.

    then suddenly in 2020, half the Dissident Right, who spent 20 years swearing up and down that Democrats do indeed lie cheat and steal, pretends that voter ID was NEVER an issue, that Democrats do not lie cheat and steal, that elections are suddenly on the up and up. Ann Coulter being by far the worst offender. she spent a decade pointing out all the times that Democrats stole elections, but oh, NOW every election is fair and transparent. WHAT? she hates Trump so much that elections suddenly became fair when Trump stumbled in them.

    so now even Ann Coulter has accepted the leftist version of reality. voter ID never mattered. unmarked undated ballots dropped in a random box at any random time are official, fair votes. Democrats never cheat, and every election is legit. Hunter accepts this as well. so the only question becomes, how long until Hunter accepts that 2 men can get married. that a man is a woman. a man can get pregnant.

    • If the election was stolen in my state, then the Republicans stole it and won by a larger margin than usual. I don’t live anywhere near these states where it is dragging on forever. Each state has its own election laws.

      • No one can tell if there is fraud if paper ballots are not used, fully verified, and preserved.

        But electronic vote fraud doesn’t really matter, because the electoral system as such is fraudulent, an evil scheme designed to legitimize oligarchy/plutocracy by the victims’ consent (by voting).

    • I’ve noticed, too, especially on the news, how they pretend the voting system is just fine. The MAGAs are in love with anyone who is loud and promising.

    • “unmarked undated ballots dropped in a random box at any random time are official, fair votes”

      Is this actually happening, or is it just a Faux News talking point?

  5. Re: “Democracy defenders lost the popular vote”:

    It really doesn’t matter which wing of the uni-party “won the popular vote.” Either way the system will remain on course. Nothing will change by voting.

    Furthermore, the Republican wing of the uni-party does NOT differ one iota from the Democrat wing regarding the imperialist war against Russia in Khazarkraine, or any other imperialist war, or imperialism in general. “There is absolutely no reality-based reason to believe Republicans will meaningfully shy away from full-scale support for arming and assisting the Ukrainian military (…) Some ‘MAGA’ Republicans have claimed that funding for the war would stop if the GOP won the midterm elections, but they were lying; there was never the slightest chance of that happening.” See:

    “War criminal George W Bush and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen) will be appearing at an event next week at the George W Bush Presidential Center, in partnership with US government-funded narrative management operations Freedom House and National Endowment for Democracy. The goal of the presentation will reportedly be to address the completely fictional and imaginary concern that congressional Republicans won’t continue supporting US proxy war efforts in Ukraine. CNN reports: ‘Former US President George W Bush will hold a public conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky next week with the aim of underscoring the importance of the US continuing to support Ukraine’s war effort against Russia. The event, which will take place in Dallas and be open to the public, comes amid questions about the willingness of the former president’s Republican Party to maintain support for Ukraine'”:

  6. Mail-in fraud. No way ANY party holds the line after the sh*t we’ve seen over the last two years. It’s FRAUD, but the only way we will prove it is if a valiant Ed Snowden or Seth Rich character steps forward.

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