Red Ripple = Independents

Culture is king.

It is really this simple.

Wall Street Journal:

“This year they didn’t. According to the national media exit poll, of the 31% of voters who identify as independent, 49% voted Democrat and 47% Republican. In the AP VoteCast survey, independents favored Democrats by four points. …

The results are worse for Republicans in key races. In Arizona, 40% of voters in the Senate race identified as independent in an exit poll, and of those, 55% voted for Democrat Mark Kelly and 39% for Republican Blake Masters, who lost a winnable race.

In Pennsylvania, 24% of voters identified as independent and an amazing 58% of them voted for the left-wing Democrat John Fetterman compared to 38% for Mehmet Oz. Ditto in Georgia, where 24% of voters identified as independent and Democrat Raphael Warnock won 53% of them compared to 42% for Herschel Walker. In New Hampshire, 43% of voters call themselves independents and 54% of them voted for Democrat Maggie Hassan over Republican Donald Bolduc. …”

The polls all had Republicans winning Independent voters by a large margin which is why everyone expected a good to great night for the GOP, but that is not what happened anywhere.

Wall Street Journal:

“Undercutting the GOP advantage was that independents favored Democrats by 4 points nationally, the survey found, and by a far more substantial 18 points in Pennsylvania, 28 points in Georgia and more than 30 points in Arizona. …

Where Republicans won in high-profile races, they were sometimes helped by a favorable voter mix in the electorate. In North Carolina, Republicans outnumbered Democrats by 7 percentage points in the midterm voter pool, and the victorious GOP Rep. Ted Budd limited his loss among independents to 9 points, a narrower deficit than for many other GOP Senate candidates. …

He said that was the case in places such as Arizona and accounts for why GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters, who aligned himself with Mr. Trump’s false claims of election fraud and said he would support national abortion restrictions, not only lost independent voters by more than 30 points but also forfeited 14% of Republicans to his rival, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, who won. By contrast, only 2% of Democrats backed Mr. Masters, AP VoteCast found. …

Mr. Oz lost independent voters by 19 points. Some 8% of Republicans backed his victorious opponent, John Fetterman, more than the share of Democrats who supported his campaign …”

The impact varied by state.

In swing states where Republicans outnumber Democrats like Georgia and North Carolina and there was a powerful Republican turnout, this tilt among Independents wasn’t as decisive.

In other swing states where Democrats and Independents are a much larger share of the electorate like New Hampshire or Arizona, it made all the difference. 40% of voters in Arizona are Independents and 55% of them voted for Mark Kelly. Only 33% of voters in Arizona are Republicans.

Cultural differences insulate the South. The electorate in every Southern state is much more Republican and significantly more conservative than in Northern and Western states. 83% of White evangelical Protestants voted Republican. The backlash against the Dobbs decision was muted in the South because White evangelicals are concentrated here and were pleased with it and energized by it. Blacks and Hispanics don’t care about abortion. It was a peculiar kind of White voter who was upset about abortion. There are just fewer of those people in racially diverse, heavily Protestant states like Alabama.

Beto O’Rourke lost by 11 points in Texas. Maggie Hassan won by 9 points in New Hampshire. The electorate was 91% White in New Hampshire. It was 62% White in Texas. Chris Sununu won by over 15 points in New Hampshire. Obviously, New Hampshire voters split their ticket and voted for their pro-choice Republican governor and their pro-choice Democrat senator to own Donald Trump.


  1. Either I no longer understand The American Electorate or there has been a lot of cheating.

    Why do I say that?

    Because the inflation, alone, would have sunk any previous president in the midterms.

    Oh, yeah – remember how unpopular Jimmy Carter was – mostly because of inflation; or how Bill Clinton got trounced in his first midterms and had to hire a Republican strategist, by the name of Dick Morris, to help him out?

    Remember President Obama’s first midterm and that thing called, ‘The Tea Party’?

    So, are we to believe that Biden – at the precipice of WWIII and Nuclear catastrophe, millions and millions of aliens storming the country, unpopular Covid lockdowns, supply shortages, and attempts to force people to take poison vaccines is the ONLY president to escape this difficult midterm trend?

    I am sorry.

    I just do not believe it.

    As Southerners – we all believe that what quacks is always a duck, and if it don’t quack it’s either no duck or something is wrong.

    Something IS wrong here – VERY VERY WRONG!

    • As you remarked before, it’s both. Most of the cheating was legalized cheating (gerrymandering, ballot-harvesting, long-term early voting, vote by mail). The outright fraud takes place (and has for decades) in heavily D districts. Though the consent-decree ended in 2018, Repukes continue to abide by it – because it makes them look bad on gaslight media (as if gaslight media is anything other than a D lie-mchine to start with).

      > Blacks and Hispanics don’t care about abortion. It was a peculiar kind of White voter who was upset about abortion. … Beto O’Rourke lost by 11 points in Texas. Maggie Hassan won by 9 points in New Hampshire. The electorate was 91% White in New Hampshire. It was 62% White in Texas. Chris Sununu won by over 15 points in New Hampshire. Obviously, New Hampshire voters split their ticket and voted for their pro-choice Republican governor and their pro-choice Democrat senator to own Donald Trump.

      The above point is obviously true. It is obviously a factor and we cannot simply ignore it. Now we know why those who pull the strings allowed Roe to be overturned. By and large, Repukes (especially in shithole states) did not run on restricting abortion. They spent something like a tenth of the campaign funds the D-jerseys did on the issue. Lady G’s late announcement that he planned to introduce a federal law to ban abortion was timed perfectly to help the blue-checka turnout. The extreme behavior of some GOP clowns in states like Texas served gaslight media’s narrative to the “peculiar kind of White voter” (mainly younger, female, irreligious and urban) to get them to vote in greater number.

      • @Exalted Cyclops…

        Thank you for your excellent and thoughtful remark.

        Yes, concerning the voter fraud, France tried all this absentee voting stuff in the late 1960s and abandoned it just a few years later, on the basis that they had discovered that the process was rife with fraud.

        Then again, in 2005, Secretary of State James Baker and President Jimmy Carter basically reiterated the same thing – after an investigation.

        So, clearly the heirarchy of both parties like this.

        Whether one agrees with Ralph Nader’s politics or not, he was right to constantly bring attention to the ‘Uni-Party’ throughout the presidential elections of the early 2000s.

        The reality is that the country would more easily broke up with itself before a viable 3rd party could take shape.

        Hope I’m wrong, though!

    • @Ivan,
      I’m guessing here but inflation is not yet impacting the same number of people as during the Carter years. There are more government jobs which typically have built-in pay increases. Also a big increase in healthcare jobs. Not doctors and nurses but the obese-women-who-sit-in-front-of-a-computer-monitor type hospital admin jobs. Healthcare is booming and a big buisness. And a big increase in university jobs where schools have tapped into the high tuition gravy train because of government backed student loans.These are the type of jobs that typically employ libtards, especially young, single women. They aren’t hurting – yet.

      • @Casper…

        “I’m guessing here but inflation is not yet impacting the same number of people as during the late Carter/early Reagan years.’

        Fair enough, but, given how much more expensive EVERYTHING is at the pump and the store, I don’t know how you miss it.

        Your analysis is very sound, however.

        Thank you for that!

  2. If there is anything to the lackluster Republican performance I’ll say this : Senator McConnell made it abundantly clear, a long time ago, that he sees his main political enemy as Populists, NOT Democrats.

    I do not like that man, just for the way he sabotaged Judge Roy Moore in 2018.

    That will live with me forever.

  3. You are relying on ZOG data. GIGO.

    That was the problem during the Covid hoax too. The raw data was hoaxed.

    Nothing personal. I fell for the HIV/AIDS hoax from 87 to the 90’s. And that hoax was run by the same guy, Fauci. Live and learn.

    We will have to separate. The national government is now a complete sham. The result of bogus elections. We cannot continue under the current arrangement. Wr must secede.

    • New Hampshire is a lily White state and it wasn’t close. The vote was also counted quickly. Every single House seat in New England was held by a Democrat before the election. That’s the way it has remained after the election.

      • People in New England are crazy. It is bizarre how those people got so loony. The midwest and Arizona are different. We should expel New England from the Union, by force If necessary.

        • Rangewolf…

          Rural New Englanders are very well grounded and sane. I know too many of them to not think this.

          That said, just as individual Jews are often fine friends, Jewry, as a whole is always like a stone around the neck of The West.

          What is in common between these two things?

          That the spirit of a people has it’s own identity apart from many of the individuals who comprise it.

          This is a complex vicissitude about life that many find so vexing they wish to overlook it so that they can issue sweeping edicts about a whole people and every single person in the people.\, or, conversely, simply refuse to acknowledge that tribes exist.

          As to the spirit of New England – it has not ‘gotten so loony’ recently. It always was so.

          They began as a colony of unbalanced religious extremists, and, even though they abandoned the religion they once so voraciously advocated, they have not abandoned their zealotry for ascetic abstracts.

          This is why I believe The South will never have a chance for well-being until we are out of a union with New England.

          Maybe Dixie can be trading partners and friends with New England after the split, maybe, but, we simply cannot be married.

          It is too costly for us.

      • I’m also sure the judges in New Hampshire also did a real quick vote and vote count on that thing they’re going to be sending to the national Miss America pageant.

  4. Weren’t the Republicans leading a couple days ago in votes nationwide, in line with the polls? We all know California uses the Mexican PRI system of vote harvesting, that is the way Biden got “81 million votes.” The Jewish media were predicting Republican victory.
    It was Biden with his Return of the Jedi color scheme speech said that the votes would go on and on and that the “MAGA Republicans” were illegitimate candidates who were a threat to “Democracy” (one party rule). They announced the theft, and then they did it. There was too much at stake for them with the vax casualties and the war (notice no mention on vax casualties on this site – that should tell you EVERYTHING).

    “In 2010, Republicans won the popular vote by 4.8 MM votes and gained 63 seats.

    In 2022, Republicans won the popular vote by almost 6 MM and only gained 9 (if we are lucky – cheating continues through this morning).”

    We need to have a zero tolerance policy for “rightists” who deny that Democrats steal elections. Denying that the Reds and the Jews are determined to gain a monopoly on power, when they should exercise minimal influence on our country.

    • In New York, which you would think would ground zero for stealing elections, Democrats bungled redistricting and lost a bunch of House seats. In Oregon and Nevada, both states shifted to the Right and Republicans did better there than in the past. I haven’t looked at California and have reserved passing judgment, but from what I have heard one of the main reason that Republicans are winning the popular vote is because they did a lot better … in places like New York in California. It is states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania where they really blew it because they didn’t turnout their own base. Arizona as well.

      • In Wisconsin Ron Johnson held off the challenge and they flipped a blue seat red. Wisconsin has two blue house districts: Madison and Milwaukee. Of course Wisconsin is more of a German state than a Yankee state. We had polls before the election showing Independents leaning strongly Republican. Exit polls done after an election an are heavily tweaked to fit with the “actual results.”

        • If I am not mistaken, Wisconsin is the most bitterly polarized state in the country.

          I’m not from Wisconsin and can’t explain what is going on there, but there was a documentary about it that came out before the election. I will try to find it.

      • The races the Republicans lost in Wisconsin almost lost were statewide offices vulnerable to cheating in Milwaukee and Madison, the other than the Senate race, the Democrats were incumbents.

      • By the way, top rebel Jew Ron Unz is linking to Occidental Dissent in the article he authored at top of his site today … Unz arguing that Hispanics and Asians are ‘assimilating’ and starting to vote in patterns divided comparably to whites, Hispanics and Asians going into the ‘melting pot’ as well as Catholics and Mediterraneans did in the past. Ron Unz has a running theme that only blacks are major ‘outliers’ in crime and general American society trends, Unz always reminding everyone of how whites are largely content in majority-Hispanic California:

        Re NY and CA states, Dems are somewhat narrow about their ballot stuffing, and don’t so much emphasize states where they have cultural dominance. They focus their energies on battleground states, and just a small number of counties in those states, often urban, that can swing the whole election balance.

        It’s a good formula, print up ballots and mail them everywhere. Have volunteers and workers ‘collect’ those ballots, or even ones that were never actually mailed. Minimal or no real checks of names and addresses. As many ballots as you need can be introduced after election days. ‘It’s about BALLOTS, not voters.’

        But maybe the most effective part of the scam, is selling the theme that ‘questioning election integrity is like believing in flat earth’, marginal, crazy. The videos of fraud on Bitchute and Rumble, the evidence, the whistle-blowers giving testimony, the statistical near-impossibilities … all pushed to the side. Most Republican politicians and media won’t give the topic much of a hearing.

        There is a big emotional pressure, too. Accepting that US elections are significantly fake, leads is a disturbing next logical step of pondering revolt, which most do not want to consider.

        • “…Unz arguing that Hispanics and Asians are ‘assimilating’ …”

          Unz has some good stuff but in the end he’s a Jew and he’s all for the genetic dilution of all western countries and he’s all for blaming the covid bio attack on the US because, he’s a Jew. It may very well be his whole site is nothing but a name and address collection agency to find the bad Whites. It would not surprise me if this was so.

          There’s no point in trusting any Jews at any time.

      • Mencken was an ardent admirer of Nietzsche, too. After I read all of Nietzsche’s works, except one, ten years ago, at the end of it all I came to the conclusion that his anti-German, anti-Christian and anti-traditional philosophy, which was the beginning of post-modernity, probably fitted the American megalopolis and its Ayn Randean megalomania much better than the “throne and altar” Empire of Bismarck of his time. Nietzsche probably had no better learners and co-creators than the tribesmen who founded Hollywood who were also all disciples of the left-wing radical Richard Wagner, cinema was perfect for it all. And the best American reader of Nietzsche is probably Leo Strauss who also wrote such gems as “if Hitler hadn’t been Antisemitic, he’d have been perfect”.

        At the end of the day, Dicky’s positions fall in line with his philosophy. As does Neocon funding of Neo-Nazi-larpers in Ukraine to expand the US empire. Right now Fukuyama isn’t vindicated at all, but Leo Strauss is. For the moment.

  5. The election(s) were lost because they were close and this is because of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and post-1965 nonwhite Legal Immigrant Policy….and it’s going to get a lot worse…..

    The Native White American Working Class Vote is being racially nullified in the voting booth……

  6. Everything becomes clearer and clearer as every election cycle passes.
    We are two different peoples.
    I fell for the idea of “white nationalism”, and I still have sympathies for the concept, but it becomes ever more abundantly clear with each passing day that the crazy white libtards in the pacific northwest, California, and the Acela corridor (and peppered among us in flyover metros) are the problem. I’ll take 10 black men who go to church, take care of their families, respect racial boundaries with our/their women, and who don’t actively blame me for every damn thing, over one white LGBTQLibshit who stuffs homo-erotic pornography on the bookshelves of my kids elementary school.
    EVERY.DAMN.DAY I’ll take ‘em.
    Screw altMSNBC and their bullshit tolerant, establishment worshipping version of “populism.”

    • “I’ll take 10 black men”

      That was always your position and the position of every other GOP shill on this site. The US’s geostrategic position is to attack Europe and Russia as an adversarial civilization and a non-White population is your ticket to do it.

  7. linkConservatives are still attached to the myth that democracy is about the competition in the marketplace of ideas … This makes it easy for their leadership to fleece them while the left focuses on building machines that exploit massification

    I recall hearing that going into the midterms, the top issues for voters were inflation and more generally the economy — given that, how does it make sense that independents, nominally non-partisan people, would vote for Democrats, the party currently in power?

    • Good question. One possible answer is that many of these so-called independents were influenced by gaslight media into thinking the R-jerseys were about to impose The Handmaid’s Tale in Murika. Such independents were obviously unencumbered by the thought process, given the circus performance of the ruling party.

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