2022 Autopsy: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina

Republicans won enormous and decisive victories in Florida and South Carolina. Everyone else on the ballot in Georgia won EXCEPT Herschel Walker who fumbled the ball.


In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis put on “the armor of God” and crushed Charlie Crist in a historic landslide by nearly 20 points. It was unquestionably the worst defeat that Democrats suffered anywhere in the country. Florida has shifted from a swing state into a solid Red state.

Little Marco Rubio rode his coattails to a 17 point victory over Val Demings in his Senate race.

For the first time since Reconstruction, no Democrat holds a statewide office in Florida. Florida Republicans won a comfortable supermajority in both chambers of the Florida state legislature. Both DeSantis and Rubio won Miami-Dade County. Miami is the fourth largest metro in the country.

In the House, Florida Republicans won 20 out of 28 House seats which is up from the 16 to 11 split in the last Congress. 5 Florida Democrats came close to losing. The swings from the 2020 election were R+3.5 in FL-01, R+8.7 in FL-02, R+12.2 in FL-03, R+14.4 in FL-04, R+84.3 in FL-05, R+57.7 in FL-06, R+11.6 in FL-07, R+12.3 in FL-08, R+10.1 in FL-09, R+12.2 in FL-10, R+16.8 in FL-11, R+12.1 in FL-12, R+1.3 in FL-13, R+5.3 in FL-14, R+14 in FL-15, R+15.5 in FL-16, R+12.4 in FL-17, R+51.9 in FL-18, R+15 in FL-19, R+7.7 in FL-20, R+17.6 in FL-21, R+7.4 in FL-22, R+8.4 in FL-23, R+54 in FL-24, R+9.7 in FL-25, R+23.5 in FL-26, R+14.3 in FL-27, R+21.1 in FL-28. Every single House district in Florida swung toward the Republicans.




Georgia is a Jim Eagle state.

It is a place where “Jim Crow on steroids” is practiced.

The “white supremacy” and “voter suppression” is so bad in Georgia that 52.3% of eligible voters turned out to vote. By comparsion, 42.6% of voters turned out in Delaware and 43.6% of voters showed up in California. Even though the Senate race was a showdown between a black reverend and a black UGA running back, the “racism” was so bad that the 2021 MLB All-Star Game was moved from Atlanta to Denver. Joe Biden condemned Georgia for standing with Bull Connor over John Lewis.

In their rematch, Brian Kemp defeated President of United Earth Stacey Abrams by nearly 8 points, which was significantly up from his 1.4% margin in 2018. Many of the same people who voted for Brian Kemp chose not to vote for Herschel Walker which is why a runoff has been scheduled for December. Donald Trump has always been unpopular in Georgia. There has always been a type of anti-Trump suburban Republican and Independent voter in Georgia who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 (53.30% to 45.48%), but who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 (50.77% to 45.64%) or 2020 (49.47% to 49.24%). Those people split their tickets again and voted for Kemp and Warnock to stick it to Donald Trump.

Is it voter fraud?

No, the GOP won every other statewide race in Georgia like Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Ag commissioner. A significant number of anti-Trump Republicans either didn’t vote for Walker or voted for Warnock. We know it wasn’t voter fraud because it didn’t benefit Stacey Abrams. Republicans also retained control of both chambers of the Georgia state legislature.

Herschel Walker uniquely coming up short in Georgia in 2022 while the Republican candidate for Ag commissioner prevailed is the latest example of the chaos that Trump has caused in Georgia politics. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler lost their Senate runoffs in 2021 because the Republican base was fraud pilled. Trump also tried and failed to defeat Brian Kemp in his primary. Kemp defeated Perdue by 50 points.

Walker vs. Warnock Exit Polls

According to the exit poll, 70% of Whites in Georgia voted for Herschel Walker and 90% of blacks voted for Raphael Warnock. Walker won 71% of White men, 69% of White women, 12% of black men, 51% of voters with a bachelor’s degree, 58% of White college graduates, 79% of White non-college graduates, 95% of Republicans and 42% of Independents. The reason that Warnock edged Walker in the first round is because he won 53% of Independent voters to 42% who went for Walker.

NBC Narratives:


In the House races, Republicans won 9 out of 14 seats. Hank Johnson who once worried that Guam might capsize won with 78.5% of the vote in his Metro Atlanta district.

The swings from the 2020 election were R+5 in GA-01, R+0.3 in GA-02, R+7.5 in GA-03, R+0.8 in GA-04, R+1.6 in GA-05, R+9.7 in GA-06, R+3.7 in GA-07, R+9.6 in GA-08, R+6.8 in GA-09, R+5.6 in GA-10, R+10.1 in GA-11 and in R+9 in GA-12, D+3.2 in GA-13 and D+5.7 in GA-14.

Big Picture … only one race in the entire state of Georgia went sideways for the GOP and it just happened to be the U.S. Senate race. There was also a 5.7 point swing against Marjorie Taylor Greene.



South Carolina

Henry McMaster was reelected as governor with 58.1% of the vote.

Tim Scott was reelected to the Senate with 62.9% of the vote.

Republicans won Secretary of State and Attorney General and a supermajority in the South Carolina House for the first time since Reconstruction. South Carolina Senate races are in 2024.

In the House, Republicans won 6 out of 7 House Seats. The swings from the 2020 election were R+5.3 in SC-01, R+16.8 in SC-02, R+62.5 in SC-03, R+81.5 in SC-04, R+11.4 in SC-05, R+7.9 in SC-06 and R+12.5 in SC-07. South Carolina voted like other Southern states where Republicans are pushing up against the ceiling of near absolute power at the state level and squeezing Democrats at the margins.



In Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, there were no issues with the election.

Florida ran the smoothest election in the country. The results were known within hours. Calls were made almost instantly in South Carolina. In the wake of the 2020 election, Georgia passed its Election Integrity Act of 2021 and the results there were quickly tabulated. In Georgia, a critical slice of Independent voters simply voted for Warnock or left their ballots blank and voted Republican in other races.

Florida is the third largest state in the country. Georgia is the ninth largest state in the country. Florida and Georgia have large black and Hispanic populations. Florida has the third highest Jewish population in the country. 91.2% of Florida voters live in urban areas. Each state has some kind of limit on abortion (6 weeks in South Carolina, 6 weeks in Georgia, 15 weeks in Florida). Each state has a large population of White evangelical Protestants and relatively unfavorable racial demographics.

In spite of this, the news out of Florida was Republicans conquering Miami-Dade County and winning in a large urban area. In Georgia, there was an anti-Trump vote against Herschel Walker, but otherwise Republicans swept the state. South Carolina swung like the rest of the region. Interestingly enough, the only candidate in the entire region who seemed to be punished by voters was Herschel Walker. Brian Kemp, for example, WASN’T punished for the abortion ban that he signed in 2019 and implemented as governor and neither were the Republicans in the Georgia House and Senate who passed it. It was the “normal Republicans” who banned abortion at 6 weeks in Georgia. Herschel Walker was the most “pro-choice” Republican candidate on the ballot and was attacked for aborting his own children.


  1. everybody wants a one shot answer for all of this: Trump, demographics, messaging, McConnell, etc. America is populated by hostile immigrants, idiot brainwashed automaton Whites, and a handful of true patriots. Elections are rigged, demographics are against us, our own people are indoctrinated with anit-while nonsense – and nobody on our side respects of trusts the GOP cucks. As for Trump, he fundamentally doesn’t understand the concept of “friend/enemy distinction.” He is a lazy moron who surrounds himself with snakes.

  2. Hunter, you often say the Alt-Right has gone mainstream. Yet the election didn’t show any major changes. Kevin MacDonald was depressed by the outcome: “The conclusion is that there aren’t any more signs of a White awakening than have been evident in the recent past, despite all the reasons to further coalesce in the Republican Party.” He says, “Whites are still very much under the spell of the narrative being pumped out by the media and the educational system, and have no idea what their long-term interests are.”

    Any thoughts on that?

    • My views have gone mainstream.

      This isn’t the same thing as the Alt-Right going mainstream. It depends on which Alt-Right you are talking about. Richard Spencer’s definition of the Alt-Right as Nietzschean atheist neoliberal Aryan globalism appeals to about two dozen deluded people on Twitter who are pathetic enough to still be following him.

      If you want to restrict immigration or have a restrictionist trade policy or oppose stupid foreign wars like funding the war in Ukraine or even stick up for White people as a nationalist, you have people who ran in the midterms and who just won doing all of that. Nothing about that is “fringe” anymore. Especially in the South.

      There wasn’t many huge victories in the South because there simply wasn’t many competitive races to win anymore. Republicans have achieved near total dominance in the South and have reached the ceiling of their power. Most Southern state legislatures have super majorities or near super majorities. The Republican base is far, far, far more warm to the reality of their racial and cultural displacement than was the case three years ago or five years ago. At the same time, White libtards in other parts of the country continue to act like retards and vote and act in ways that we have bitterly complained about here for well over a decade now.

      Republicans got the same 58% of the White vote, but that 58% is much more radicalized than it used to be.

      • The problem electorally is that dissent right votes are too concentrated in the Southern United States, with the result that most of those votes are wasted in locations where conservatives would win anyway. The DR needs more such voters in the midwest and southwest to unlock the other side’s electoral lockbox in those areas. Too many false consciousness grillers and chillers normies in those areas who accept current tranquility in their area as indicative of events everywhere. Until that changes, the Empire of Evil stays afloat to function as the worldwide Vampire Squid, sucking all the blood ( money) from the 99%.

        • The funny thing is, we have retards who come to this website and attack Christians and promote atheism, but that is precisely the crucial difference that makes Southern Whites vote so differently from the rest of the country. In the exit polls, something like 83% of White evangelical Protestants voted Republican. In Northern and Western states, there are fewer White evangelical Protestants and far more atheists and irreligious people, which is why White there vote so differently.

      • OK, you’re basically right about the south. At the end of the day, it does not mean as much as you might think it does – certainly nothing like what it meant 80 years ago. After all, there were once numerous restrictions on negroid behavior in the south, via the old “Jim Crow” laws. All swiftly overthrown with the 1964-65 series of “civil rights” federal laws (even a simple civics text to determine voter eligibility is illegal under these), along with abolition of freedom of association for whites plus court decisions which moved the center of political power in the states to urban enclaves. (Sam J. had a very interesting point about these). Such enclaves were not dominant in the south but you already see an emerging problem in this respect with urbanites in Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte and Ashville – just to name a few. The feds are not going to allow states like Alabama to have their way on countless issues – including abortion and immigration. We’ll likely soon have a federal law passed to legalize abortion nationwide. What will the red states do about it? Secede?? That didn’t work out so well last time, so how would it be possible this time with a large percentile of retarded white southerners still in the ranks of the empire’s woke military? Not to mention a large fifth-column of negroes more than willing to serve as murderous golem for Uncle Schmuel, plus enclaves of white shitlibs in every university – even the “Christian” ones – and not a few churches.

        This will extend to the local level as well. If you send your kids to public school, they will be getting some variation of CRT (if not now, very soon) because it is likely mandated by the Dept. of Education – which the worthless Repuke party doesn’t even talk about abolishing any longer – buried deep in the bowels of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). It won’t be called CRT, but it will be there nevertheless (if not now, very soon). If a state truly refuses to teach whatever evil bullshit the feds order them to teach, the block grants of federal fund for public schools will be withheld for the offending state regardless of what any state and local laws and boards say about it., forcing the state legislatures to raise taxes to support public schools. Especially likely now since the Dems have what amounts to permanent control of congress, as LNOP notes here. The entire array of ‘vote-by-mail’ and ballot-harvesting schemes – and the Repukes’ total failure to fight what amounts to systemized fraud – probably had more to do with the disaster of the recent mid-terms despite all of the other various reasons given. How the individual red states voted will not matter a bit if they send in the military to simply force their will upon them. They will not hesitate to do so, either.

      • My views have gone mainstream.

        Assuming you are correct, looking generally at election results, i.e. red ripple vs an expected red wave, what was the practical, concrete result of that?

        Republicans got the same 58% of the White vote, but that 58% is much more radicalized than it used to be.

        When doing these political autopsies, you ought to more directly consider the possibility of fraud:

        linkIt’s not Republican messaging. It’s not low-quality candidates. It’s not Trump. It’s not abortion. … It’s mass mail-in/drop-box voting. It’s as simple as that. And Republicans will never win another election unless it’s stopped.

        Personally I think he’s wrong about ‘low-quality’, unappealing candidates — the GOP always puts up some people like that.

        • 1.) As I have explained to you a million times now, there is no such thing as the White vote. In the South, Republicans were already near the ceiling of their political power total control of the state governments. In Alabama, for example, Republicans already controlled every statewide office and had a supermajority in the state legislature. The only thing that Republicans can do here in a “Red Wave” or “Red Tsunami” year is win by a greater margin than usual. That’s what happened in Alabama and some states like Texas and Florida where the Hispanic areas (Miami-Dade in Florida, South Texas in Texas) have become battlegrounds. There is a ceiling to political power.

          2.) The reason why there was a “Red Ripple” instead of a “Red Wave” is unquestionably due to the fact that there are massive regional cultural and religious differences between Whites voters. Democrats, for example, have once again won every House seat in New England. They elected lesbian governors in Massachusetts and Oregon. They elected a Jewish governor in Pennsylvania and reelected a gay Jewish governor in Colorado. The electorates in Minnesota and Wisconsin are overwhelmingly White.

          3.) As for differences in election laws, I agree that there are 50 states with 50 different election laws and that is a huge part of it. Georgia, for example, passed its Election Integrity Act after the debacle in the 2020 election and the votes were promptly counted this time. In states like Pennsylvania, early voting goes on for months. It is like playing football where the game lasts four quarters in one state and goes on for six quarters in another state with totally different rules. People scream FRAUD because it is not what they are used to in their own states, but that is the legitimate system that the state legislature and courts have created there.

          • >there is no such thing as the White vote

            Of course there is such a thing as how white people vote, which is what is meant by ‘the White vote’ — and you did write ‘58% of the White vote’ — but it’s pointless to quibble about that — I do understand what (I think) you mean, and of course it is true: Whites do not vote as a bloc like other races/ethnicities — their vote is more evenly split than the vote of any other race — not only is this true, it’s also a problem.

            But as I have also said (not quite a million times), it would be far less of a problem if the population fraction of Whites had not (already) shrunk so dramatically — you ought to be willing to concede that.

          • I should have added some air quotes to “58% of the White vote.”

            It is a misleading figure. Democrats aren’t shut out of power in the South because Republicans are winning 58% of the White vote. In the worst race in the region, Herschel Walker won 70% of “the White vote in Georgia.” He won 88% of White evangelical Protestants in Georgia. He won 79% of White working class voters


            Let’s take a look at New Hampshire:

            91% of the electorate in New Hampshire is White. Maggie Hassan WON 52% of the White vote.


            Gretchen Whitmer, the insane COVID nanny who was reelected in a landslide in Michigan, won 49% of the White vote in Michigan. The electorate in Michigan is 80% White


            No, the reason that Democrats won out across Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and so on isn’t because of race. White people in Texas and Florida and Alabama don’t vote anything like White people in these states. It is a decisive ethnic, cultural and religious difference.

            Look at New England. Democrats won every single House seat in New England. They already held every single House seat in New England. Why? It is because New England including lily White states like Vermont which are far more rural than, say, Texas or Florida are full of White libtard atheists.

      • Hunter, we used to do effective street protests against the Great Replacement in Southern Towns. OK , there was Charlottesville, Unite the Right.

        But why aren’t there any protests against the $80 billion neo con, ZOG wars in Ukraine, crimea.

        I’m sure they would be popular, “Spend the $80 billion on housing and medical care for military homeless veterans.”.

        It will be much much harder for Antifa, the J media to spin an anti war protest, help homeless veterans as “HATE FASCISM” etc.

  3. Hunter is right that Trump caused problems in Georgia by endorsing that retarded nigger Walker. He did the same in PA by endorsing that Turkroach.

    He has been sabotaging the Red Shield party actively since 2016, with these insane endorsements.

    Although I understand why he would not endorse Sessions, a man who had worked for the CIA in the 90’s, and there is a record of Sessions being on the payroll, and after Sessions for no discernable reason plunged the dagger right into Trump’s back. I would not have endorsed him either. Sessions was always a fanatic for every war and every foreign base. Not one of us.

    From my experience, the yankees in Wisconsin are far more insane than the whites in Arizona. Yet Ron Johnson just won in Wisconsin.

    The difference was, the Republicans control the legislature in Wisconsin, and were able to stop the steal. In Arizona, the steal is ongoing, with the dems in control.

    Where the dems control, the steal prevails. Now watch them steal the house. Largely from California.

    • > The difference was, the Republicans control the legislature in Wisconsin, and were able to stop the steal. In Arizona, the steal is ongoing, with the dems in control.

      Technically the Republicans control the legislature and the AG’s office. With the backing of Soros-elected Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the Maricopa county board (Democrats) have repeatedly defied legislative subpoenas and actual court orders to open the voting records. Neither the legislature nor AG Mark Brnovich have bothered to actual enforce either, so they can continue their various ballot-harvesting schemes, etc. Also the Repuke legislature have failed to re-write the election laws so that schemes like ballot-harvesting are outlawed. Typical Republicans in other words. They obviously have no intention of enforcing court orders or subpoenas, which were apparently just another sop tossed at their stupid voters. Both legislature and AG would be within their rights to order the arrest of the Maricopa County Board and of Katie Hobbs. Legislature could have impeached Hobbs as well but naturally have failed to do so. Repukes control both houses by a fairly narrow majority (see below).

      If you look at the Wokepedia article above on the legislature you will see the problem which was mentioned by Sam J. way back in a previous thread. The legislative districts for the house and senate are the same, all population based. This is thanks to a lawless supreme court decision from the 1960s. Zeks in each district get to vote for 1 senator and 2 representatives so the net effect is a unicameral legislature where the zeks get to pick three from population-based districts. This is why Phoenix and Tucson – both heavily leftoid – get to be the tail that wags the dog.

  4. OT

    Twitter/Elon MuskTwitter spends $13M/year on food service for SF HQ. Badge in records show peak occupancy was 25%, average occupancy below 10%. … There are more people preparing breakfast than eating breakfast. … They don’t even bother serving dinner, because there is no one in the building.

    To the surprise of no one, it turns out Twitter was little more than a cesspool of Animal Farm-ish ‘more equal than others’ apparatchiks: $1m+/month for catering at a company that was never consistently profitable.

  5. We did have good results, victories in former Confederate Southern States – exceptions being sink hole Black cities – Baltimore, Atlanta with Maryland going full BLM/BRA.

    What’s needed now is to go for Southern “Autonomy” not full Confederate Secession . We can not turn back the clock.

    By “Autonmy” means that the media, law, police, intelligence, education will be taken over by (White) Southerners and allied groups.

    One easy FIRST step is to END 100% dominance by Harvard and Yale, Ivy League J, homo, BLM colleges and universities. These degrees are no longer honored in any Southern State – that includes Cuck families like the Bush Family, Romney family.

    So Yale law school doesn’t want their students to read any books by dead White Americans, Europeans, thinks the US Constitution is history and Dems, Cuck GOP can appoint more Elena Kagans, J lesbo, Woke/Wise Latinas, Blacks that just hate White America – again this is easy, a free throw. Doesn’t take trying to get 80 million White southerners to read 200 books about secret societies or hard money conspiracy theories. It’s simply.

    The South is taking control of Southern law, education, culture and the media. Also most military – no more Neo Conservative J Zionist wars. If individual (White) Southerners choose to volunteer as Janissary White slave/mercenaries to fight our kinsmen the Russians that will be their choice.

    Are any of these GOP governors even talking about this?

  6. The problem is, no one wants to live in these states. These states are the biggest recipients of government welfare and it isn’t just the blacks. The South has become a sesspool, but we think we’ve won becaue republicans control the House.

    We choose to live above the poverty level. We planned for it.

    Going to beautiful places. WN is a dead end.

    • Texas, Florida and South Carolina are three of the fastest growing states in the country. Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee all have large and growing populations. Even Alabama is about middle of the road. Illinois is losing population. It was California, New York and Rust Belt states which lost seats in Congress.

  7. Congress. Really?

    The upside is that maybe rural Whites will get high speed internet. But Musk & Crew is against that too. Keep them dumb and slow.

    This is embarrassing.

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