Kari Lake Loses in Arizona

It is official.

This is why Charlie Kirk was panicking on Election Day.


“Katie Hobbs has won the Arizona governor’s race against Trump-backed Republican Kari Lake, AP reported, and will become the first Democrat to win the post since 2006.

Why it matters: Secretary of State Hobbs’ win comes as a further rebuke to former President Trump, whose endorsed candidates lost in vital races for governor and control of Congress, as well as her Republican opponent’s prioritization of false claims about the 2020 election. …”

Who is responsible for this?

National Review:

“Kari Lake, 11/4/22: “We don’t have any McCain Republicans in here, do we? Alright, get the hell out. . . . Boy, Arizona has delivered some losers, haven’t they?”

Kari Lake, 11/14/22: Projected as the loser of the Arizona gubernatorial contest.

It turns out that Lake’s emphasis on showering Donald Trump — who two years ago became the first Republican presidential nominee to lose Arizona since Bob Dole in 1996 — with praise and heaping scorn upon John McCain, the war hero who won six statewide elections in the Grand Canyon State, might have been ill-conceived, nay, doltish. …”

Oh, I agree.

Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee won statewide in Arizona with 55.7% of the vote. She won with 1,366,196 votes statewide. She won by 11 points in Maricopa County.

Blake Masters lost statewide in his Senate race in Arizona with 45.5% of the vote. He lost with 1,174,755 votes statewide. He lost Maricopa County by 6 points.

Kari Lake lost the governor race in Arizona with 49.61% of the vote. She lost with 1,247,859 votes statewide. She lost Maricopa County by 3 points.

In other Arizona races, Mark Finchem lost the Secretary of State race and Abraham Hamadeh lost the Attorney General race. Democrats won Arizona because McCain Republicans and Independent voters in Maricopa County split their tickets and voted for them.

This is why Arizona is represented by Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema who is a lesbian in the Senate and why people like John McCain and Jeff Flake represented Arizona before that. MAGA supporters will scream fraud when it is crystal clear that the problem is suburban Romney Republicans not voting for their candidates. That’s also what happened in Georgia and Arizona and other states in the 2020 election.

Why do you think Liz Cheney and the 1/6 committee has been so heavily promoted for the last two years? Why is Joe Biden out there giving speeches about the imminent death of American Democracy? All of that shit is calculated to appeal to a certain type of disaffected Republican establishment True Con voter who hates Trump and who pines for the good old days of the George W. Bush and Mitt Romney era.

Note: Obviously, I was hoping Blake Masters would win, but this is why he lost.


  1. The numbers are not adding up. Only 3% of the military vote went to Lake. Of the statewide election day vote, 83% of the vote was Republican, and 17% was Democrat, yet Democrats got 50% of the vote??? Lot of RINOs, maybe?

  2. Hobbs is the Soros-elected Secretary of State who backed up the utterly corrupt Dem Maricopa County Board and refused to honor subpoenas from the AZ legislature over the 2020 shenanigans. They should impeach her if they had any balls, but like McStain and Wormney, they are mostly geldings. That said there are no doubt a certain clique of retarded boomers in Sun City who think the despicable traitor Juan McStain was a ‘war hero’. He was nothing of the sort. In a sane society he would have been executed for treason. His father was the Pentagon Admiral who was instrumental in covering up the murderous attack upon the U.S.S. Liberty by “Murika’s greatest ally”. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    • ” retarded boomers in Sun City who think the despicable traitor Juan McStain was a ‘war hero’. ”

      A very illinformed electorate.
      The Forrestall incident should have been enough to have McCain executed.

  3. This problem is in Europe too. When we put out radical, then moderates will freak out about Putin loving Nazi racist scum.

    When we put out moderate then radicals will sit out cucked Jew lover.

    Now how to get out from this trap ?

    • Hello Juri;

      Events are in the driver’s seat now. The corrupt GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire is stretched thin and has been waging low level war against the very people who keep the Empire working, a strategy for self-defeat.

      Here is a U.S. Admiral warning in the epitome of the establishment Lügenpresse, the Wall Street Journal that the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire is stretched thin and risking defeat, a real defeat where China dictates terms to the U.S.


      The Admiral is somewhat oblique in his warning but it’s unusual (to say the least) for such a highly placed official to give such a warning and not anonymously either.

      Taiwan is about 7,000 miles from the West Coast of the U.S. but only 110 miles from China. China’s military has been expanding and modernizing at a rapid pace while the U.S. has been squandering billions on the MIC. Even if there were magically to appear another 100 first class U.S. ships and submarines with all their attendant equipment, ammo, missiles and fuel it wouldn’t be sufficient. There aren’t enough qualified guys to properly staff the current military forces, never mind expanding them without conscription.

      Even if the public were to cooperate with conscription (unlikely) it would take too much time to properly train and deploy new forces to affect the balance of power. Combine all that with the corrupt, degenerate, sclerotic, addle-minded geriatrics running the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire and the outlook is grim for the corrupt Empire.

  4. Kari Lake has officially lost. I’m shocked, shocked!

    When has one of these close elections with mail in ballots, drop boxes, multiple day voting etc. been won buy a worthless Republican?

    If it’s a critical position like governor, senator or enough representatives to control the House, the Democrats will cheat and get away with it. They will always press every advantage to the limit, risk prosecution for crimes and count on the Lügenpresse to carry water for them. The worthless Republicans will do nothing.

    If it’s a close election they would like to win but it’s not critical, they will let it go. No sense taking a risk one doesn’t need to. They are excellent at playing the long game and their opponent, The scumbag Republicans will gladly roll over anyway.

    • Good question.

      In Arizona, Republicans have won 6 out of 9 House races. They picked up AZ-06 by 1% of the vote. They held AZ-01 by 0.8% of the vote. They flipped AZ-02 by 8 points. If they had lost those three House seats, Democrats would probably have held control of the House of Representatives.


      Republicans are winning close races in Arizona. It is just that McCain Republicans and Independents are ticket splitting. They didn’t vote for Kari Lake or Blake Masters or a bunch of other people like Mark Finchem, but voted for the State Treasurer and Republicans in the House.

      The same thing happened in Georgia. Brian Kemp ran 5 points ahead of Herschel Walker. Republicans swept every statewide race. Anti-Trump voters didn’t vote for Herschel Walker, but voted for Kemp and for Republicans in the Georgia House and Senate. That’s why Trump lost both states in 2020.

      Go look at Nevada.

      Republicans won statewide in both the Governor and Lt. Governor Race. Laxalt narrowly lost his Senate race. Why did that happen? Because a certain number of people in Nevada split their tickets and voted for Lombardo, but not Laxalt.

      Go look at New Hampshire.

      Sununu crushed his opponent by 15 points in the governor’s race. Republicans held the New Hampshire state legislature. And yet, Don Bolduc got blown out and lost by 8 points or so. Why? Because people who dislike Trump split their tickets.

      • Hello HW;

        Yes, I agree, ticket splitting and bad candidates account for most of the Republican defeats, not cheating. That still leaves IMHO a a few critical races the Democrats didn’t want to leave to chance. Retaining control of the Senate at a minimum and perhaps, depending upon circumstances, the House were worth cheating for. Likewise state offices such as Secretary of State (certifying elections) were also worth taking a risk.

        The strategy of putting their thumb on the scale for critical races but not most races is doable with the system of elections in places like Arizona. That was the reasoning behind implementing election changes during the Covid hysteria. These “temporary” changes will never go away.

        It’s possible there was zero cheating this election cycle but that seems unlikely. Paul Laxalt was ahead then behind as the count dragged on. Other Republicans too. The current system is deliberately a mess so we can never be sure the outcome is honest. The Democrats don’t have to have all their guys win.

        If I were in court with subpoena power, able to compel testimony, hire professional investigators and conduct an investigation of elections and the result came back that there was no cheating, I would accept that verdict. The Democrats have so muddied the waters that one can’t have faith in close and important election outcomes. Perhaps there was no cheating but with new ballots coming in over several days and all the other sketchy measures it pays to be sceptical.

        • I should add the caveat that all of this varies by state.

          In Pennsylvania, the election began in early September and went on for two months. Lots of people voted for Fetterman when he was ahead in the polls. It wasn’t until the very end when Oz surged into the lead after that disastrous debate. By then, a huge number of people had already voted.

          I’ve never seen one of these drop boxes either. In some states like Oregon, everyone votes by mail. There is also ballot harvesting which is legal or illegal depending on the state. We don’t have any of that in my state which is why I am unfamiliar with these practices. So that could also play a role.

          • Indeed, ballot harvesting and other corrupt measures are part of the Democrat play book, Fetterneck being the prime example. It’s doubtful the Democrats cheated on that one, they had already banked enough early votes to be confident of victory in spite of a disastrous so-called “debate”.

            Sen. Fetterneck is going to be an example of being careful what one wishes for. He is in worse mental shape than Dementia Joe and he doesn’t have the handlers the President does. He will vote as told but the is going to be a publicity nightmare for the Democrats.

            It seems doubtful he will be able to last six years in the Senate anyway. I predict a special election in the future to elect someone to complete his misbegotten term.

            Perhaps you can move to PA Hunter and run in that future special election? If you do your readers will pitch in to get you elected. Think about it. Maybe the ADL, Pope Nosferatu himself will endorse you.

        • @12AX7…

          “That still leaves IMHO a a few critical races the Democrats didn’t want to leave to chance.”

          Are you familiar with Von Clausewitz – the Prussian general who wrote about war in the Napoleonic age?

          One of his essential theories was that of ‘Der Schwerpunkt’

          Though this literally means ‘the point of difficulty/complexity’ in German, what it means is that, across a military line, a vastly superior enemy can be defeated by concentrating your forces on a little point, or points, thus breaking your enemies’ lines.

          How this translates in political terms is that a corrupt establishment maintains it’s edge by ascertaining where to focus it’s resources and methods, and then carving out a little victory, here and there, to establish a majority.

          Just as Napoleon would only commit his elite namesake guard rarely, and at crucial junctures in a major battle, establishment cheaters do the same – they operating in a handful of districts to recolor an election over the whole nation.

          That, and with the disinformation of the Lugenpresse, combined with a generally decent public, that cannot somehow bring itself to fathom how ruthless is the disease of lawless megalomania, and you have an essentially fraudulent system.

          Gullbility, point-shaving, and Clausewitz’s Schwerpunkt – a deadly menage trois.

      • >It is just that McCain Republicans and Independents are ticket splitting.

        Forgetting about independents for a minute: you’re more or less a self-confessed strategic voter, but you apparently don’t think anyone else is — why would Republicans in AZ, ‘McCain Republicans’ or whatever, vote for a dumb cunt like Hobbs instead of Lake?

        Maricopa County (link) has 62% of the state’s total population (link) — that’s a heavy concentration of urban and suburban votes for the rest of the state to overcome, especially if the Democrats make a determined effort to ‘harvest’ them from the area’s Hispanics (1/3 of the population), doubtless many of them poor.

        How many recent elections for governor had at least one female candidate? — how many had two? — I know this year both Michigan and Arizona had two women — I find that disgusting — I’m as chivalrous as the next Western male — I put women on a pedestal — but I don’t want them telling me what to do from up there — this whole female politician thing has gotten totally out of hand.

    • If they actually ran as a pair in 2024, I’d almost be tempted to vote for the Democrat Brain Trust just to bring this evil regime to total ruin and collapse much faster. The Repukes should run Trump and Palin to make the clown-show entertainment value competitive.

  5. Here we go boys and goys. Spin up the war machine and pass out some god damn iodine tablets.


    Right in the middle of the G20, a week after an election that was engineered to give Zog strategic ambiguity in congress, who can’t stop the war machine sans a mandate we should have had, we are now on the cusp of article 5.

    You tell me the timing of this is just coincidence.

      • Will Dementia Joe’s handlers try to leverage a bill of conscription out of this? Nothing would surprise me. The GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire needs the boys from Dixie again to staff its satanic war machine, the diversity just isn’t up to par.

        • Reinstating the draft would be career suicide for any politician foolish enough to advocate it. Hopefully the collapse of the G.A.E. isn’t far off. I will gladly volunteer my services as an executioner.

  6. I hate to say what is obvious to all of us here. These elections are being stolen, and this time around, no one in the mainstream is even saying it. The normies could care less.

    • This isn’t obvious to me.

      If the elections are being stolen, why wasn’t Stacey Abrams elected in Georgia? Why did every other candidate in Georgia who was on the ballot win statewide? How did the State Treasurer win in Arizona? Why weren’t the House races stolen in Arizona as well? Why wasn’t Sununu defeated in New Hampshire? How did Republicans win the governor and lieutenant governor race in Nevada? The simple answer that explains this puzzling pattern is that people who dislike Trump are splitting their ballots.

      MAGA voters are voting straight Republican. Anti-Trump Republicans are voting for only establishment candidates. Hence, the result everywhere like Ohio or New Hampshire or Georgia where MAGA candidates strangely underperform while establishment candidates like Sununu and DeWine win by landslides. Ron Johnson won in Wisconsin while the other guy who was running for governor lost. The establishment candidates win the MAGA vote and the establishment vote. The MAGA candidates win only the MAGA vote.

      • Blake Masters seemed like a good choice. Too bad he didn’t get in.
        Remember, they aren’t going to just put in all Dems and no Reps. It would look more than obvious, which it does anyway!

        • Going from Jeff Flake to Blake Masters in that state always sounded too good to be be true to me. It would have been nice, but there is a reason why Arizona has always been such a disappointment

  7. I read today that Lake backed Obama in his first run. I have no link to post, so it should be perhaps taken with a grain of salt.

    • @TW…

      People change, make mistakes, and the time in history changes.

      I mean : you would not want people to take you, in 2022, for who you were in 2008, would you?

      • How does one go from supporting Obama, to being a conservative?
        Tulsi Gabbard did that too.
        You gotta wonder.

        • @Fox Snooze…

          “How does one go from supporting Obama, to being a conservative?”

          Given that the Democrats have marcht left off the map, and ‘Conservatives are not really ‘conservative, I don’t think it’s difficult.

          Hell, I was raised a Liberal Democrat, those values which now decades later make me ‘Far-Right.’

          • I don’t think so. You don’t seem very “far right”.
            And that’s far different from politicians that change horses suddenly.
            I don’t trust Gabbard at all. She likes the limelight, and she needs to go away.

  8. You’ll just have to vote harder next time. Sooner or later the oligarchs will throw you a bone to make it look not so obvious.

  9. HW would have you believe more people in AZ voted for Republican Kimberley Yee as Treasurer than Republican Kari Lake as Governor! “I’m going to vote for Yee and Hobbs, because I want a Republican Treasurer and a Democrat Governor!”


    • Well, that’s what happened.

      It is not the first time it has happened there either.

      Those people voted for Doug Ducey as their governor by 14 points and sent Kyrsten Sinema to the Senate by 2.5 points in 2018. They voted against Trump in 2020 and sent Mark Kelly to the Senate. Just a few years ago, John McCain held that Senate seat. I spent years wondering why those people voted for John McCain, Jon Kyl and Jeff Flake. In my lifetime, Arizona has never been a populist leaning state like Alabama.

  10. Rural Arizona is populist. The problem is that most of the votes are in Maricopa and Pima County, which are urban and suburban and contain a lot of country club/Chamber of Commerce McCain Republicans. The big industries are still agriculture, construction, and tourism which rely on a steady supply of illegal aliens and fentanyl.

  11. How come?

    This is the second time those people have voted for Mark Kelly. They voted for him in 2020 when he won the Senate race to replace McCain. They voted for Sinema in the 2018 midterms. They didn’t vote for Trump in the 2020 election. They voted against Kelli Ward. They voted against Sheriff Joe Arapio. They voted for John McCain and Jon Kyl and Jeff Flake.

    Kari Lake and Blake Masters losing is consistent with those people voting for Doug Ducey and Kimberly Yee. Why is it so difficult to believe that John McCain / Jeff Flake voters split their tickets and voted for 6 Republican House candidates, but not for Kari Lake and Masters?

    It happened in lots of races. Joe Kent and John Gibbs were MAGA candidates who won their primaries against establishment cucks who voted to impeach Trump. Bitter establishment voters retaliated by voting for the Democrat or not voting for them in the general election. That’s why Democrats picked up those House seats

    The same pattern plays out all over the country in the same places. Kemp won in Georgia, but Herschel Walker went to a runoff with Warnock. MAGA candidates are just unpopular in the suburbs where establishment voters live

    • @Mr. Griffin…

      I do not think that a careful pattern analysis can be done with any Arizona election at this time.

      No, Sir – unlike Alabama, the Arizona system is not on the level.

      We have to be careful, and I think the first criteria is that any election that did not report on election night is suspect – until proven otherwise.

      In my view Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan are filled with bogus elections until a massive investigation is undertaken.

      If I were a candidate in on those states, I would announce before the election that, winner or loser, I wouldl not accept any results that do not come in on the first night, after which a careful investigation must be made.

      I think Conservatives have to get ahead of the curve on this and this is the only way.

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