AP: Russian Missiles Cross Into Poland During Strike on Ukraine

Just perfect.


“KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A Russian missile barrage on the Ukrainian power grid sent the war spilling over into neighboring countries Tuesday, hitting NATO member Poland and cutting electricity to much of Moldova.

It was Russia’s biggest barrage yet, and some of the missiles crossed into Poland, where two people were killed, according to a U.S. official. It marked the first time in the war that Russian weapons have come down on a NATO country.

Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller did not immediately confirm the information from a senior U.S. intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation. But Mueller said top leaders were holding an emergency meeting due to a “crisis situation. …”

I distinctly remember an article about exactly this scenario playing out.

The Federalist:

“The Spark

Here is where things take a turn for the worst. A Russian ballistic missile’s guidance system fails and crash-lands into NATO member Poland, killing 34 civilians as it tragically lands into a populated village along the Polish-Ukraine border. While the missile was not directed at Poland intentionally, pictures on social media show children crying for their mothers and bodies left unrecognizable, and demands for justice and revenge mount.

To its credit, Poland, which has its own tortured history with the Soviet Union and Russia, does its best to show restraint. While not responding with its own military, it leads an effort to see that Moscow pays a steep price for its aggression in Ukraine and actions, even unintentional, in Poland. Warsaw leads a diplomatic and economic boycott of Moscow resulting in Russia being kicked out of SWIFT as well as direct sanctions on Russian banks, similar to what we are seeing today.

In our scenario, Russia’s reaction is also swift. Moscow decides to launch a massive cyber attack on Poland, having based cyber warriors all throughout NATO territory, using their geography and proxy servers to mask the origin of the attack. Russia, in just two hours, takes off-line Poland’s entire electrical grid, banking sector, energy plants, and more — essentially taking Poland back to the stone age.

And this is where the nightmare begins. Even though attribution is hard to achieve, Poland appeals to NATO and starts to privately share its desire to invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter, declaring that an attack on one is an attack on the entire alliance. NATO is worried, as there is debate on how far to punish Russia while also feeling as if they do not have a clear military objective amongst the member states as some want to respond to what happened to Poland while others feel they must intervene militarily in Ukraine.

The Response

Here is where NATO surprises everyone. The alliance decides to set up a limited no-fly zone around the Ukrainian city of Lviv to protect innocent civilians and refugees that are trapped and have nowhere to go. Russia is warned: NATO is not intervening in the conflict, but will ensure that its planes and the airspace around Lviv are protected. NATO does make clear its jets will be in the skies above Ukraine, but will not operate from Ukrainian territory. …”

This was posted in The Federalist back on March 4, 2022.


  1. Poland shouldn’t be in NATO to begin with. NATO should have been dissolved when the Warsaw Pact was. The Russian missile attack on Polish territory was accidental, not a provocation. But Poland is allowing American forces to operate on its soil, forces which are indirectly/unofficially involved in the Ukrainian conflict. With winter fast approaching it seems unlikely there will be any escalation of hostilities. That limited no-fly zone around Lvov sounds like a reasonable response.

    • “ With winter fast approaching it seems unlikely there will be any escalation of hostilities.”

      This is simply not true.

      What I have read suggests that nearly everyone is expecting renewed offensives once the ground freezes. It is the wet mud of fall that has been preventing serious actions for the past few months.

      • During WWII winter was when the Red Army went on the offensive and the Wehrmacht retreated. In the spring, after the mud season the Wehrmacht resumed the offensive.

        Once there is a hard freeze in the Ukraine look for a big Russian offensive to roll up the front. Ukraine doesn’t have the population or strategic depth to maintain an adequate defense after months of fighting.

        What will Dementia Joe’s handlers do when their Ukraine project unwinds, pull out the Big Stick?

      • What I meant to say was I don’t expect any escalation of hostilities on the part of ZOG/NATO. The Russians are more than capable of launching a winter offensive.

  2. Oy vey, two dead, itz a Polishcaust, I tell you.

    How many thousands of White Americans have died because of our undefended Southern border?

  3. Now warmongers are caught into trap. I is very easy to trash Russians from safe distance. Another thing is go to real war by themselves.

    Nato must defend every inch of its soil but who is the fool who represent Nato by himself and goes into trenches. Or at least accept that house bought by Soros money for treason gets bombed. ?

    • Russia claims that it is false flag.

      And our Nato morons are already in damage control mode. They invented story that ukro anti air missiles damaged Russian rockets so they lost their guidance system but somehow remained airworthy and flew unguided towards Poland so no big deal.

      Those crooks probably understood that this shit may burn down Nato 5th article. So I think that rocket crap will be memory holed fast.

    • Russia is saying so, but, they would wouldn’t they?


      There’s not a world in which it would make sense that Russia would admit having done it, but given that arms shipments are coming in via Poland it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t a shot across NATO’s figurative bow.

      I look for escalation in the form of interdiction of North Korean arms shipments coming up through North Africa (mentioned by the Pentagon today in its snap press briefing) to resupply Russia.

      Escalation in the Taiwan strait after the G20 lets out if China doesn’t make the right noises in condemnation of Russias action.

      And in any case for Turkey to turncoat on NATO in retaliation for what was likely a false flag bombing in Istanbul intended to derail Sweden and Finland being fast tracked into NATO, along with the possible flare up of armed conflict between Greece (also NATO) and Turkey over gas fields in the East Mediterranean for which the US seems to be in tacit support of Greece and Cyprus.

      Elections have consequences.

    • Most likely.

      > A senior US intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the fatal blasts were caused by a pair of wayward Russian missiles – though the blast site sits more than 10 miles from the nearest Ukrainian urban settlement of note, Chervonohrad.

      That’s a person you can really trust! No doubt the retarded ventriloquist dummy will be repeating soon (ineptly).

  4. The Biden regime has corruptly helped itself to millions – of not billions – via Ukraine. Will Ukraine be its downfall?

  5. Money for Ukraine. We have to defend Democracy, just not here!


    Congress is now, before January, completely without anything to encumber it from spending freely. With such a narrow margin and a cuck for a speaker in McCarthy won’t have the spinach to keep the neocons from crossing the isle to authorize endless spending. In the Senate, Manchin won’t be enough to restrain the establishment.

    Once the mandingo runoff in Georgia is decided for Warnock, Manchin will be irrelevant.

    A perfect outcome for Zog, at exactly the right time.

  6. According to one report those were not Russian missiles they were Ukrainian S-300s. But did they hit Poland accidentally or on purpose?

    • Judging by the unanimous reaction of Ukrainian government officials (“It’s an attack on NATO! Invoke Article 5!”) it was probably a deliberate strike on Poland by Ukraine, to try and draw NATO into a hot war. They’re getting desperate – can’t say I blame them – but the real blame rests at Biden’s door.

    • It doesn’t matter if its a gayop. It probably is.

      What matters is we can do fuck all about it because we just let Zog steal another election, robbing us of any mandate to leverage against this imperial boondoggle.

  7. America is still under the delusion it can fight WWIII safety from the homeland. If this turns into war American cities will be bombed and America will finally learn what war is really like. Since many of these cities are blue bastions who voted for Biden then they get Biden’s war! The fact of the matter no one wants to admit is that the Global American Empire and the hostorioc America nation cannot coexist. So maybe this was will destroy the Empire and give us some breathing room!

    • Yes the pictures bear this out. The S-300s (a Soviet era AA missile) were indeed “made in Russia” – back when it was part of the USSR. Zelensky is working very hard for all those investors though. No wonder they gave him a big standing ovation on Wall Street..

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