Red Eagle Politics: Why Did Republicans Underperform In The 2022 Midterms?

This is holding up.

Republicans are still winning the popular vote by 4.5 points.


“Something odd happened on Election Day. In the morning, we were confident of my victory in Ohio and cautiously optimistic about the rest of the country. By the time the polls closed, that optimism had turned to jubilance—and lobbying. …

There is a related structural problem, which is that higher propensity voters (suburban whites, especially) are just more and more Democratic. Meanwhile, a lot of the Trump base just doesn’t turn out in midterm elections. Again, this is not unique to Trump: these voters have always had substandard turnout numbers. But 20 years ago, when most of them voted for Democrats, that meant Republicans had a structural advantage in midterms. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. This problem is exacerbated by Democrats’ strong advantages in states that have expanded vote by mail. …” 

There was a Red Wave in the South, New York and California.

In the Midwest though, Trump voters didn’t show up for the midterms. Democrats got clobbered in New York while Republicans got clobbered in Pennsylvania. There was a Blue Wave in Colorado and New England. The outcome of the election varied by state and region.


  1. First of all, Pennsylvania is not the Midwest. Secondly, JD Vance won the Senate seat in Ohio by a substantial margin. The Jews behind Trump have a power base in New York and Florida. It really is that simple as to why the results there were different. Arizona and Nevada are also clearly rigged. Georgia undoubtedly has a lot of cheating, but may not be totally rigged like the others. bimBoebert’s seat is still liable to be stolen. Republicans picked up a seat in Wisconsin. PA, Michigan and Minnesota were rigged. Republicans won the popular vote, and that is with all the ballot harvesting in California. But Biden won 81 million votes! Not legitimate votes as Americans traditionally understand them.

  2. I’m surprised at the tepid MAGA turnout. I thought it was the coloreds and other welfare types who didn’t vote in midterm elections.

    • “I thought it was the coloreds and other welfare types who didn’t vote in midterm elections.”

      They didn’t until mail in voting allowed the democratic machine to ballot harvest. Now you get 99% turnout 99% for the democrats in the ghetto thanks to this practice. Also, a lot of republicans moved to Florida and Texas over the last few years from these swing states pushing the demographics permanently blue for those who stayed behind.

  3. Uncle Fester literally ran on “Make More Sh!t in America.” That’s why Pennsylvania flipped. It’s that simple.

    Christian Nationalism is a rebrand of Karl Rove’s reach-out-to-brown-people-with-shared-values strategy. It is a delusional plan because of geography. One, blacks and hispanics only live in a few states. Two, most blacks and hispanics are working class, which limits the effectiveness of the strategy in places where workers are hurting. Shifting the margin of loss or victory in California and Alabama does not help the GOP nationally. You need to hunt where the ducks are.

    In 2016, Michael Moore of all people made the accurate prediction that Trump would flip the Brexit states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    Why Trump Will Win

    Today, we’re back to radioactive Reaganism — send your job overseas while cutting social services to own the libs.

    After oscillating back and forth, I personally stayed home in 2022. It seemed like both parties were trying to screw me over, albeit in different ways. I’d vote against Trump again, but other than that I just want to wash my hands of politics.

  4. Yeah, it’s those nasty white working and middle-class voters fault. Don’t look behind the curtain at the tens of millions of nonwhites we’ve treasonously allowed to occupy the country over the last 40 years. Mentioning that is a bad thing, it’s a very bad thing. If you do that we might have to help the Democrats put you in the corn field.

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