The Bulwark: Trump’s Authoritarian Promise

FOX News kept cutting away from Trump’s Revenge Tour announcement speech which went on for longer than an hour. I didn’t catch all of it, but here are some highlights.

The Bulwark:

1. Trump vowed to use the military to crush BLM and Antifa riots

2. Trump wants speedy, one-day trials for drug dealers like in China

3. Trump wants the death penalty for drug dealers

4. Trump wants to get rid of early voting

None of this will ever happen.

The system doesn’t work like this.

The Democrat governors in Minnesota, Michigan, Washington and Oregon allowed their states to descend into chaos. They refused to allow Trump to quell the George Floyd riots. They were all reelected. The people who live in those states support what happened during COVID and the George Floyd riots.

As for executing drug dealers and getting rid of early voting, it would also be nice, but it is also never going to happen because the states are in charge of public safety and their elections. There could be some movement in that direction though at the state level. Georgia, for example, currently has a ridiculous early voting period where the election lasts a month. Alabama doesn’t have early voting. Southern states with trifectas and supermajorities should take the lead in tightening up their election laws.

Trump seems to have forgotten about the First Step Act and his various pardons of black rappers. Jared and Ivanka refused to attend his announcement speech and don’t want to be involved in politics. From what I remember, Trump blamed Jared for failing to win a larger share of the black vote after the 2020 election. It was always Jared’s idea who ran his awful 2020 campaign. The fact that Jared ran Trump’s 2020 campaign into the ground was forgotten when the result was all blamed on election fraud.


    • How is that 2,500 mile long wall on the Mexican border coming along? Almost finished by now? I don’t even care if Mexico pays for it.

      How much was built on Trump’s watch, 400 yards?

      • If I remember correctly, House and Senate Republicans refused to fund the border wall on the grounds that it was wasteful spending. Pelosi killed it when Democrats took over in 2019. Trump eventually built a lot of his fence with Defense Department spending, but it was tied up in federal court until the end of his presidency

          • Yep. And three guesses who that yellow dog was taking a crap on? Schlomo has mastered the art of training his dogs to crap on command.

  1. Trump got his mind right, he ain’t going to be giving no back sass over Ukraine. Hey Trump what is your dirt going in boss Jews ditch? You got your mind right don’t you boy?

  2. I see Ron DeSantis is requesting that Florida’s Confederate Statue at the Capitol be replaced with a statue of a Florida civil rights activist. I won’t be voting for DeSantis. Republicans are totally useless. No different than they were in the 1860s.

    Deo Vindice

      • My understanding is that Congress voted to remove all Confederate statues and states had to replace them. That was maybe last summer, but today is announced that DeSantis chose a civil rights activist, how appropriate. Trump was apparently correct to call him “DeSanctimonius”

    • @Another Christian Nationalist…

      Yes, I second Mr. Griffin’s question towards you.

      Can you find a single example of a Governor DeSantis taking down monuments?

      In am not interested in who he was in 2007 or 2012, but, who he has been of late.

        • Thank you, Sir.

          No, 3 years ago is too close to be comfortable.

          This is the second big thing I do not like about him.

          I hope there is not a 3rd…

        • HW, you are correct, that was 2019. Revolver ran the story this morning. Guess they needed something to run against DeSantis. I didn’t say he had the Confederate statue taken down, I said he requested it to be replaced with a civil rights activist.

          • @Another…

            Thank you for having alerted me to this.

            No, 2019 is not long ago and reflects his current state of mind.

            For me there is no difference between ‘suggesting our monuments be replaced or ‘removing them.’

            It’s all criminal, as accordng to their Act on Cultural Genocide in 1972, (authored by Eastern European Jew Rafail Lemkin) one measure of which says that removing monuments of a people is a crime against humanity.

            To be clear, I have no problem with putting up statues to Southern Negroes, for I think we have been far too niggardly that way.

            Removing our statues, however, is totally unnacceptable.

    • It doesn’t matter. De Santis is a JEW TOOL, just like DJT.
      Might as well say it- SECESSION.

      Now, and forever. It’s all that’s left…. either that or a Solzhenitsyn-style JEWISH GULAG.
      Josh. 24:15

      • DeSantis is a viable Presidential candidate because he is extremely anti-communist and extremely anti-Palestinian (supporter of the genocide) pro-Zionist. See this just three weeks ago:

        • @Methyr…

          What you are suggesting is that Governor DeSantis is a perfect front for a fascist Jewish USA – an extension of Israel?

          If that is so, this is going to drive most American Jews crazy!

  3. Politicians promise but then they have to mantain and this is the difficult……. it would be nice if the vandals that burn cities and destroy monuments go in jail but i’m pessimistic about this. I am more and more convinced that the only “sane” power is local power, because when a politician become a politician of state or a big system (like USA/ EU) it become all a money interest and difficult to change.

    • “only “sane” power is local power, ”

      Uh, Portland, Seattle, SF, Madison etc.

      America is a nation of many insane asylums, we call them progressive cities.

  4. “It was always Jared’s idea who ran his awful 2020 campaign.”

    Trump is a jwz chump.

    You’d think that someone who lived and worked in NYC would be more jew-wary.

    I suppose being born with a platinum spoon up his ass blinded him, since his head is in the same place.

    (I wish the fat slob would lose some weight, he’s the epitome of a fast-food American.)

  5. >They refused to allow Trump to quell the George Floyd riots.

    You write this as if these governors had some sort of veto power — of course they did not, and do not — on his own authority, Trump could have ordered troops in — whether or not you think he ought to have done that is a matter of opinion.

    Assuming it was the case, the least he should have done is said openly that while he had the authority to order troops to quell the rioting, he was granting discretion about this to governors of affected states, and was yielding to it — then he should have reminded voters to take note of who was responsible for allowing the disorder and destruction to continue — but I do not recall Trump doing that.

    Then he should have proposed that police chiefs be more like sheriffs, i.e. constitutional officers sworn to uphold the law, and not beholden to elected or appointed officials in a command hierarchy — this way politicians would not be able to order cops to stand down.

    • Normally, this is done at the request of the governor of a state. Trump could have done it anyway and overruled them, but the governors of those states and the military under Mark Milley were adamantly opposed to it.

      Instead of invoking the Insurrection Act and sending in the National Guard, he sent in DHS agents and Border Patrol officers who squared off for months against Antifa who were rioting in Portland. Eventually, the chaos subsided. Trump also calculated that the chaos in Blue States like Oregon and Washington would help him win the election and it probably did help him to a certain extent.

      Now, he says it was a mistake. Too little too late. Anyway, I don’t have any sympathy for people in those states who reelected their Democrat governors

      • >Instead of invoking the Insurrection Act

        Any justification for sending in troops to quell violent unrest is just a formality; a meaningless formality — a president has the authority, everyone knows it — it has been done countless times in the past.

        >Now, he says it was a mistake.

        I said at the time that it wasn’t, and haven’t changed my mind, albeit given the seriousness of the rioting, how widespread it was, and how long it lasted, it’s natural to question such a decision — but I think for Trump personally it was a no-win situation: had troops stopped the riots without serious incident, he would have been given very little if any credit; instead he would have been excoriated for disregarding the wishes of state and local politicians — and the media would have demanded his head had troops injured or killed any of the rioters.

        But like I suggested, he could (and probably should) have cautiously better exploited the situation politically.

    • Brilliant comment, Dear Arrian.

      Unfortunately, in the heady throes of Summer also lies Winter’s despairs.

      So it is with our country – in our great mid-20th century successes the seeds for our defeat were sown.

      75 years of wealth means that we have three generations of varying degrees of spoiled brats.

      That’s a problem that will dog us – no matter what we do politically

      • “75 years of wealth means that we have three generations of varying degrees of spoiled brats.”

        Becoming progressively worse.
        A compounding effect.

        • @Arrian…

          Yes, my friend, unfortunately it is compounding.

          That’s why, as you know, the situation is so perilous.

  6. Life has taught me that there are those who, when they say something, they think they have actually done something, and, that so, they never actually do it.

    In most cases President Trump is that way, made worse by his inability to achieve a longterm focus on anything else than being the centre of attention.

    There is a kind of native unacademic brilliance about this man, and yet, it mostly expends itself flitting about in verbal parades.

  7. Mr.trump doesn’t realize, their is nothing more that he can do, he has served his purpose, his election and presidency publically demonstrated, we are irreparably divided as a nation, Trump was a brief respite, a time for thinking men too consider themselves, things are in motion now, it’s out of our hands, just continue to do right, the best you can……..

    • @Terry…

      “Mr.Trump doesn’t realize, their is nothing more that he can do… ”

      No, My Friend, he not only does not realize it, he would take serious issue with you.

      For better or worse, he has a Byronic and Churchillian vision of his coming years in The Oval Office.

      • Ivan Turgenev, Trump need’s too take issue, with his jan.6 troop’s, that he ran out on, he lives very well, I would say, while they languish in jail, I have no faith, in the lukewarm party of lincoln, they will say anything, but they only deliver, for their donor class…..

  8. “Jared will be right back in the White House ”

    You’re right.
    He’ll be there, either overtly or, more treacherously, covertly.

  9. Anything about building the wall, sending them back, or any of his past promises? I don’t think he has a chance because he disappointed many of his past supporters.

      • I didn’t watch any of it but even Sang Lin as Span calls him was very disappointed in his speech. H said it was low energy and a waste of time. I guess he’s off the train this week at least.

    • >building the wall

      A wall won’t stop asylum-seekers: they can just go to any port of entry and say they want to apply for asylum — I’m not at all interested in hearing any politician talk about building a wall.

      And in case you’re wondering, no, Trump also didn’t explain his failure to force Mexico to sign a ‘safe third country’ agreement, which would have ended the asylum problem at the southern border.

      • Yes, I know they can and do come through all points and ports of entry, I just mentioned the wall because that was his big selling point the last time he ran but we know how that worked out.

    • @John…

      Yes, the Far-Right is very disappointed in Trump – no doubt, but, most people on The Right are not Far Right, nor do they follow politics like you.

      All they know is that Trump speaks the words they want to hear and he keeps the economy in good kilter.

      American voters are, by and large, economic kilter voters – not idealogues.

      All the best up yonder!

  10. The law to replace the Confederate Statue from Florida was passed before DeSantis came in. But he is proposing some black as the replacement. He should replace it with Trump, who is now a citizen of Florida. That would be a dank troll.

  11. Ordinary people wanting Trump’s authoritarian populism, or any populism, or fascism, instead of demanding socialism that they need, is a kind of death wish. ANY candidate that the system will allow to run in its controlled (s)elections (above a very local level, perhaps) will act against the interests of ordinary people. The U.sury S.ystem thrives on mass participation (voting) in its controlled (s)elections. It is immune to voting.

  12. Everyone says Trump’s speech was low energy. Even his most ardent supporter, noted Cat Boi enjoyer Nick Fuentes, was sorely disappointed. I think Trump is a spent force, his “shock value” has worn off. Besides, most voters don’t want another boomer as president (Shitpants Joe is actually older than the boomers, he is part of the Jack Nicholson/Jane Fonda generation).

    • Trump is the mirror-image of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous aphorism bout speaking softly whilst carrying a big stick. Kang Cyrus of Kayfabeland shouts loudly while carrying a twig.

  13. “…Look: I support Trump because he is obviously the only viable leader for right-wing American politics right now. When people whine about how he hurt their feelings and they will never support him because of that, they just look like complete babies. Unless you have a name of someone better, then Trump is the leader, period. If you can’t accept that, then you’re just an emotional child.//

    Andrew Anglin

    Even if he loses, he’s still the only one that we really have a chance, on the outside chance that he gets elected, to do anything. All the rest are so likely to be owed that there is no point in wasting time on them. If you look at my comments in the past there’s not many here who have been as critical as I of Trump, but I see him as the only choice because he’s such a narcissist that if he can get in power he will cause them so much havoc it could overthrow them. If he can’t then it wouldn’t matter have mattered who was there anyway. He’s the wildcard.

  14. President Lincoln sent Federal troops in to New York City ~ 1864 to put down the Irish anti draft riots.

    Our side is anyways too concerned with following laws and constitutions

    Our enemies and traitors never have this problem .

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