Donald Trump Announces 2024 Campaign

I’m not going to rain on the MAGA parade.

The only thing that really matters to me is getting rid of Joe Biden in 2024.

After 5 million illegal aliens crossing the border in two years, the highest gas prices in history, the worst inflation since I was 2-years-old, a war with Russia that is spiraling out of control and weaponizing the FBI and DOJ to crush his political opposition, I would even take Trump back at this point.

I don’t really care who wins the primary because anyone would be better than Joe Biden. Jeb! could run for president and would be an improvement over the Biden White House.


  1. I just can’t bring myself to care. He will “lose”. People will make excuses that let them off the hook to do anything about it.

    There is no hope in national politics. Barely any hope in White advocacy. Zero chance of secession.

    We’ll be lucky to maintain any independence even at the state level.

    • You think the Jews and the Irish are going to take the blame for leading us to hell? NO the patsy is Trump. China, China China. Ric Grenell, Pete Thiel, homo, homo, homo.

      • @RB

        “the Irish”

        Some religious groups think that the Irish are descended from one of the lost 10 tribes of Israel. Different groups probably assign the Irish to other tribes but one group assigns them to the tribe of Dan.

        If you know the Bible Samson was of the tribe of Dan. He had very good blood I believe, Bastard Browning. He probably had much better brains than you as well but that is not much of a challenge.

          • @Fr. John+—–Why don’t you critize your own kind? There is a thing more important to you than God or morality or doing what is right and that is the problem in this world. The problem is you your kind and the Jews, are two peoples who favor their own over God and doing what is right. You and yours are going to hell and taking the rest of us with you. That Maddow Respecter is Irish and he hates God just like you, you two faced Irish prick. If you can not call out and condemn the evil the wrong in your own blood, you support evil,you are evil. Saints be praised, Christ killer.

          • @Father John…

            I have not seen any ‘disruptive bastards in this thread.

            Why do we have to have uniformity of opinion?

            Let us not imitate The Left and be intolerant of politely expressed views that diverge from ours.

            All the best to you..

    • “There is no hope in national politics. Barely any hope in White advocacy. Zero chance of secession.”

      Shifty Jew is totally hopeless it seems

    • “There is no hope in national politics.”

      It will take natural forces to make any change in this nation, war, depression, inflation to worthless currency , etc.

      The electorate is too stupid.

      • If Trump runs against another candidate like DeSantis, it will cause more separations.
        If Trump gets the nomination and runs against Biden, you know Biden will get in.

        Either way, Trump is a guaranteed lose, and it all seems so orchestrated, you know?

    • @Father John…

      I have not seen any ‘disruptive bastards in this thread.

      Why do we have to have uniformity of opinion?

      Let us not imitate The Left and be intolerant of politely expressed views that diverge from ours.

      All the best to you and yours. I bet y’all ‘ll have some snow soon!

  2. DeSantis is by far the better choice, should he run. Personally, I’m getting tired of Trump sucking up all the oxygen in the room.

    • Agreed, but Desantis has to leave Florida in good hands. Am I the only one who wants to see a Desantis/Newsom contest in ’24?

      • Two White Men, Dear Spahn?

        How can that be in the country that the Rainbow built?

        No, Sir – let’s throw a woman of colour in there.

        How ’bout Gretchen Whitmer?

        • How about Gap-Tooth Stacey from Georgia? I here she will be available for the job. Fetterneck can be her VP candidate. I understand he is an excellent public speaker.

          • Absolutely, Dear 12AX7, Senate-elect Fetterman is obviously the right choice when you want the most articulate man we have to meet Vladimir Putin & XI Jingping in conference.

            If Mr. Fetterman needs any assistance he can turn to our current president.

          • Don’t joke about it, such a ticket would probably win…especially with mail in election season in the rust belt and hundreds of thousands of republicans fleeing the north for the sunbelt over the past two years. Those narrow victories they squeaked out in the 2010’s in the rust belt are probably impossible now. Not to mention almost all unmarried white women under 45 being radicalized by the Dobbs decision. Trump may be right about a lot of things, but he’s just way too caustic of a candidate to have a snowballs chance in hell of winning in ’24.

          • @Nightowl…

            Thank you for your comment!

            I think humour protects me from the insanity of this country.

            As to caustic : I am sure that more than a few are tired of it but, already some of my Normie Conservative neighbours came at me today, very happy with everything Trump said in his rerun announcement speech.

            Yes, I agree this is a painful process, but, I have to think that, as much as I like DeSantis, that another Republican presidency would put my sleepy-eyed fellow Southerners back to sleep.

            Speaking solely from the head : the only upside I can see from another Republican presidency is that big city Blue State Governments throw a hissy fit and start to bolt

            Until secession there will never be another moment’s peace – not for anybody.

            I’m tired of this, aren’t you?

    • DeSantis is more electable and is less of an existential threat to the Democratic party, and for that reason DeSantis may be excluded from election shenanigans should any occur. He will probably win the nomination, absolutely no one is on Trump’s side after this midterm choke. Trump doomed Herschel Walker tonight. If Trump by some miracle wins the nomination then he will almost certainly lose 2024 in an electoral landslide, even to Biden. In 2024 there will be many more Boomers in the ground and that many more Zoomers replacing them in the booth. This 2022 midterms was a huge mask off moment. It proved that no amount of economic collapse will change anyone’s mind. Everything is culture now.

      As hard as it is for me to say, I’d take anyone in the GOP over Biden and the Democrats.

  3. While he’s on Vannity’s show, they can talk about how they both love and support Israel and it should be protected at all costs. After Vannity, he can go on Mark Levin’s show and after that Michael Wiener’s.

    Dump continues to embarrass himself and he will lose again if he runs again.

    • Trump had his chance to show us what he could do and he friggin’ blew it. He lost a lot of support among his White voting base and I don’t think he can get it back. I also don’t think he’s learned anything. If he became president again he would be every bit as inept,
      blundering, stumbling and unfocused as he was the first time around.

      • He didn’t fool me the 1st time he ran. I knew he was a conman and a good BS artist. With that being said, I don’t blame anyone for trusting him in 2016.

        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • Better yet, they can both fly over to Schlomo’s wailing wall and put on their official Schlomo beanies after prostrating themselves before Netanyahu the golden schlomo-schlong.

      • “There, I touched your magic Jew-wall. Can I be president now?” — Every former, current, and future US President since WW2 at least.

      • @Ron…

        People in the know prefer Governor DeSantis.

        That said, most people are not like Michael Savage (Weiner) or like you and the other people here – they do not know a lot of political details.

        That means when they think of Trump they, those who like him, think of someone who says the right things.

        They do not realize that he often does not follow through.

        So, for DeSantis to win, he will have to change the mind of all these tens of millions of Southerners, Midwesterners, and Plains’ Staters.

        That will be the Republican primary coming – the battle between those who once supported Trump and those who still do, that is, assuming that President Trump is still able, legally, to run.

  4. I want to GOPe to pay for their endless treachery so I’ll vote for Trump for no other reason than to fuck them over again. Even if his campaign is nothing more than him insulting McConnell over and over I’ll consider it an improvement.

  5. … and just when you think it can’t get much worse, it does! Maybe Kommissar Garfinkel will order him arrested. That would be genuinely funny. WTF will Cheetohead do about it if the FBI-stasi goons show up to frog-walk his fat ass into Epstein’s cell in NYC, tweet for his supporters to protest at the Capitol? What a clown-show. Why do we have keep on settling for the lesser evil? Let’s just go full-bore RETARD. This ticket would have both Putler and Winnie the Xi shaking.

    • I think Fetterman should throw his beanie into the ring and run against Dump. The guy is a genius and a very skilled orator. (Sarcasm)

      • Sarcasm, Dear John – who are you kidding?!?

        Why, I hope you realize that Senate-elect Fetterman is a once in a lifetime candidate!

        • Fetterman’s election is absolute proof that the electorate has been degraded to a point of failure, thanks to integration and unlimited suffrage.

          • @Arrian…

            Yes, the electorate is degraded – no question.

            That said, don’t forget that Pennsylvania elections are controlled by cheaters and has been for decades.

    • It’s being floated by Democrat types themselves that Trump can’t realistically be indicted whilst he is a ‘candidate’, as that would de-stabilise the system too much when they are trying to keep it somewhat afloat

      It may be part of the ‘deal’ Trump is operating under, that he stays politically active to totally screw up Republican politics …and in return they don’t do much more than menace him. There is already a mainstream media story that the documents at Mar-a-Lago they seized in the FBI raid are ‘no biggie’.

      Trump is a sad figure now, even Anglin has started to turn on him after this limp announcement speech.

      Am sticking with my idea that Trump was both blackmailed and mildly drugged in the White House, leaving him the tired, confused old guy he is today

  6. Sheesh Mr.Griffin. You’ve forgotten how bad Zio Don really is.

    He’s effectively a judas goat who terrifyingly successfully attracts would be Aryan Loyalists & leads them over a cliff.

    Who should you fear more?

    The enemy you recognize as your mortal enemy


    The enemy you believe to be a dear friend

    Hell, many would be Aryan Loyalists proclaimed Zio Don a literal God! Get that!? They deluded themselves that Zio Don was the man who was destined to overthrow (((jewhovah)))

    Zio Don allows fake Aryan Loyalists like (((Andrew Anglin))) to continue judas goating & ultimately derailing would be Aryan Loyalists.

    Trump back in office is the last thing so called white advocacy needs.

    A 2024 Trump victory just means more pressure released harmlessly into the open atmosphere (rather than channeled where it can make an impact, if we can at least agree we have an enemy tyrant oppressing us).

    And you’re forgetting that Zio Don did plenty of warmongering against Russia. He took us out of various nuclear treaties & engaged in nuclear brinkmanship multiple times (on behalf of jewry).

    Had he not implemented the 2 major Syrian airstrikes in support of the “muh beautiful babies” hoax, would have Biden’s masters been able to get a proxy war with Russia in the jewkraine in the first place?

    Zio Don kicked out a ton of Russian diplomats.

    And the thought of attacking Iran is to Zio Don what shit is to a fly: an irresistible meal.

    Again though, i’ll take the enemy i can identify as an enemy as my enemy than someone i believe to have my back. Sadly, most Aryans absolutely refuse to consider that Zio Don is their enemy. He takes the oxygen out of the room. And DeSantis is just another conman like Zio Don (till PROVEN otherwise, & no, what he’s done in Florida – which includes sucking jewish **** – does not definitively prove anything…for all we know, the bit he’s done is simply to con people into giving him premier shill status…to assume otherwise is to prove jewry correct about our insane gullability).

    • Obviously, I’m not a fan of Trump.

      I have no plans to vote for him in the primary.

      1.) 5 million illegal aliens in under two years.

      2.) Starting a war with Russia.

      3.) The worst gas prices and inflation since the 1970s.

      4.) Weaponizing the FBI and DOJ

      We were angry with Trump for things like his failure to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan and his failure to build the wall, BUT he did finally get illegal immigration under control at the end of his presidency and he negotiated the withdrawal from Afghanistan and got along with Russia. He was impeached for hesitating to arm Zelensky. It was frustrating. Trump was incompetent and driven by narcissism. He wasn’t driven by malice though like the people who control Joe Biden who has been much worse on those issues.

      • With America you never know whether something was done out of malice or incompetence. Biden’s handlers are malevolent, Trump were merely incompetent and out of his league. However, I will not vote for him a second time. What we should have realized from the Trump interlude is that the system cannot be reformed from within. And yet red lemmings are convinced this time it will work! I suspect Trump will be in jail by the time of the election anyway. He is also involved in a rape trial.

      • @Brad Griffin, no white advocate can forgive or support Trump. Its yet another precedent proving you can bend over Aryans without lube & ravage us without any meaningful consequence (& no, his losing muh parliamentarian election isn’t a meaningful consequence, as Trump has only become more fervently anti-white & servile in his love of jews).

        He’s too rotten. Too dangerous.

        He’s the guy who refused to join Gab unless anti-jewish Aryan Loyalists were purged to the very last man. That is some impressive s*cking of jew ****

        He conned his supporters with the “donate to muh kraken” hoax.

        And all these articles that came out claiming Trump really didn’t betray & denounce his own supporters on Jan 6 are almost certainly LIES designed to bait people like us back onto the plantation.

        There have been quite a few revisionist articles like that from the judeo mind control apparatus (media) claiming “Trump wanted to” shut down the border or whatever.

        Mark my words: all those articles are bait. Red meat. Made out of purified soy! (& probably laced with something else god-awful)

        • Trump did all kinds of things which I hated, but he didn’t start a war with Russia. He was an obstacle in the way of that. So I will give him that

        • One of the very few who saw through Cheetohead in 2016 was Ann Barnhardt, who sized up the Kang Cyrus of Kayfabeland perfectly. I have my disagreements with the woman, but credit must be given where it’s due. Kayfabe is indeed the absolute perfect descriptor for what passes for the political process in Murika. Voar moar harder, zeks! The only minor flaw in the very apt meme which starts off her post is that it should end with “I’ll monitor the situation” after the appeal for the gulag prisoner’s 2024 vote instead of “See ya”. Let’s not forget this classic from the God-Emperor of Grift, either. No amnesty for you, Cheetohead.

  7. 2024 is a lifetime from now. I hope they indict and imprison Trump.

    His single greatest political contribution has been being martyred by Zog. It would be the supreme irony for the most Jewish president in history to be made into a halfass christ figure of conservatism.

  8. Very low energy speech. It would be hard to tell apart from any other generic republican boilerplate speech. Somehow Trump became even more contarded over the last two years. This is contrary to the claims that, without Kushner’s mind control, we would see the “real Trump” come out this time around. The gloves would be off this time. But no, to everyone’s surprise, turns out the real Trump was just a total faggot all along, regardless of influence from his faggot son in law.

  9. I didn’t vote for jewdas Dump in ’20, so I sure as hell won’t in ’24. He’s perhaps the world’s foremost jew-fellator (I qualify it with “perhaps” because DeSantis is certainly running neck & neck). He’s orange ass cancer to the interests of Whites. If there were some more appealing candidate who would implement his stated revenge plan for cleaning out the shitlib bureaucrats who thwart pro-White initiatives with impunity – the plan that his huge, idiotic mouth and long record of assclownery guarantee he will never get the chance to implement himself – I might prick up my ears. Otherwise, forget it.

  10. …5 million illegal aliens crossing the border in two years…

    White “liberals” (euphemism for Marxists, Communists, Anarchists, etc) enable other races to rob, steal elections, cheat on everything, etc to hurt White conservatives. They despise themselves and project this hatred a thousand fold on conservative Whites.

    If illegals cheat by illegally coming into this country, just think how much more they are going to cheat via voter/election fraud.

    Now…these elections are / or soon will be fraudulent via voter/election fraud / stuffing the electorate with illegals when you have White “liberals” in play bringing their illegal hell down on White conservatives. How could murdering unborn babies as a rally cry around electing someone be anything but something from the god of this world — Satan the Devil?

    No, we need to secede and have blood and soil kings to rule over each of the states. Not people who can be shoved aside via voter/election fraud by nutcase “liberal” Whites. We need long enduring stabilizing governments to conserve/preserve our White, English-speaking peoples.

    The Kingdom of God is a rule from the top-down kingdom and not a democracy, republic, etc. This nation was originally founded for Whites only and 41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were White slave owners. This country is no longer the country we had at the beginning. (surprise!, surprise!)

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • >After 5 million illegal aliens crossing the border in two years


      How many of those were admitted after applying for asylum? — you ought to ask yourself that question — if you did, you would distinguish yourself from OD (a plus for you).

      Twitter/MTG 16 Nov 2022I’m calling for an audit of all US aid and funding to Ukraine. … The American people deserve to know how their money is being spent in defense of another nation’s border while the Biden regime ignores the threat to our national security everyday at our own border.

      Searching MTG’s Twitter timeline, I find she mentions asylum a grand total of 3x (link) — here is one of those tweets:

      Twitter/MTG 13 Aug 2022America provides this unique opportunity of asylum to people who truly need it, but under the Biden admin has opened the flood gates at the border to allow the entire world into America.

      (There’s nothing unique about the US considering applications for asylum; all signatories to the 1951 refugee convention treaty are required to do that — it has been a significant source of demographic change in European cities for decades.)

      While she consistently (and stupidly) labels people who have almost certainly applied for asylum ‘illegals’, she does seem to recognize that asylum is a problem — but there is nothing at all in her timeline about a solution — in other words, she’s a typical conservative who throws rhetorical red meat to her undemanding low info followers, but offers no concrete solutions — exceptions to that rule are rare.

    • I disagree.

      The fallout from Dobbs largely explains what happened this year. It didn’t happen in the South because White evangelicals are concentrated here and weren’t deterred from voting because of it. Republicans lost in other states because of Independent voters, especially White women, who were angry about abortion. This is clearly what happened in Michigan where there was a ballot initiative on abortion. JD Vance is correct that the other problem was Trump voters not voting in the midterms in the Rust Belt.

  11. Well at least this time around, you know what to expect, and what NOT to vote for!
    How does one sell themselves when the public know EXACTLY what they were like before, and will likely be like, the next time?
    Kind of like reinstalling an employee you fired two years back:- bring back the same person, yet expect a different outcome.

  12. Mr. Trump


    Will the audience chant that ?
    I doubt it.

    • FYI

      A fence or wall is no defense against asylum-seeking — since the caravans of 2017, the nature of the problem at the southern border has changed significantly — it is now less a problem of illegal crossing, and more an issue of second and third world opportunists, organized by NGOs, applying for asylum en masse.

    • Not to mention the fact he never pulled troops out of Afghanistan……..that was Biden.
      All Trump did was tweet about stuff……..but did nothing.

  13. I honestly think, the only way the grand old party of john brown, frederick douglass and les.cheney, will get the whorehouse back, is if the democratic/$atanic party, hands it right back too them, either way really, it doesn’t matter, the agenda of the elites always moves forward…………..this farsical show, is not interesting in the slightest……………still an exciting time too be alive………politicians/the media, best kept at arm’s length at the least……..

    • I once heard a very attractive woman, tell a man “My ass is fine and I expect it too be kissed” That being said, till a republican candidate, make a public overture too the Southern Intellectual , Intellegencia/ The Conscience of the Southern Republic, They should be ignored, the magtards have much lower standards than we do, we still have too lookout for them, though………they have too be led by somebody, I really don’t know, who they can trust but us……we don’t ,just want a seat at the table, we want the Captain’s chair……..

      • Well, Dear Terry, I believe that Dr. Hill of The League of The South has not participated in national elections for a very long time – for the very reasons you list, perhaps more.

        I confess to you that, the older I become, the more aghast I am at the Human Race, and, in particular, the version of it we have circulating in our country at this time in history.

  14. My biggest problem with Trump was he wasn’t in charge when he was in charge.

    Why didn’t he fire Mueller, Sessions, Bill Barr, General Miley, Dr Faici, and other assholes who were obviously not loyal to his administration? People who seemed to be against everything the populists stand for.

    • @Copperhead…

      Excellent questions, and, while I think that it is not completely to be know, I would venture the following…

      #1. President Trump had never been a politician, and, therefore, he came to Washington with no staff and no built-up cadre of those upon whom he could rely.

      That so, I do not think he felt in a strong enough position to venture to start offing people, much less entire bureaus. So, he adopted another tact and hoped for the best – that of trying to fanagle as much as he could out of those of the Establishment who seemed, or, at least, at first, the least averse to him.

      #2. The day after election night my wife said something to me I scarced believe – that Candidate Trump had not really believed he would really be president, and, that so, having won caught him totally unawares.

      #3. As things were, President Trump constantly wondered whether a violent coup would be launched against him. Of this I am sure, because, one day on the White house lawn he was approached by a reporter. Though the bulk of their exchange now eludes me, something President Trump said does not : “They would not dare launch a coup against me, for there would be ensuing a violent civil war.’

      And so it was, as is so often the case in life – that the gulf between dreams, projections, rhetoric – AND reality, was quite wide, especially in the Trump Administration.

    • He was either

      a) incompetent – way over his head

      b) an owned puppet – had no real authority

      c) fake opposition – works for the same side as the Clintons

      Take your pick. Hardly matters now. Whatever the reason, he failed miserably. I’ll not be casting a vote for him regardless.

  15. I endorsed Trump because I don’t want DeSantis to be taken out of the governor seat in Florida. He could do more for Florida than he could the national environment.

    Trump isn’t great but he is far better than anyone like Nikki Haley that these Lincoln Project suckers could draw out.

    I am not supporting Trump cuz I like him but compared to these guys, it makes sense.

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