2022 Midterms: Colorado

Yesterday, I had to rush out the door before I had the chance to fully look at and digest what happened in the midterms in Colorado where Jared Polis and Michael Bennet won in a landslide.


“DENVER (KDVR) — The red wave did not materialize in Colorado.

In fact, Democrats here were actually able to come away with some seats that were held by Republicans who were already established at the state level. …

“I think it’s very clear that Colorado is a blue state, statewide,” said Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown.

Colorado Republicans have given up on the concept of the state being purple, or a toss-up state.

This comes after they lost a competitive race for the state’s new congressional district. …

In Colorado, candidates who distanced themselves from the former president like Joe O’Dea lost by double digits just like Trump-supportive candidates like Heidi Ganahl. Analysts said the Trump effect does not really matter at this point. …”


“The Democratic grip on the state Capitol only strengthened in the midterm election, and now the party’s leaders are preparing to govern with a renewed mandate.

What happened: Instead of losing ground, as predicted with redistricting and an unfavorable national political mood, Democrats added five seats in the state House to get a 46-19 majority, if preliminary results hold.

In the Senate, Democrats now boast a 23-13 advantage — which includes the addition of Kevin Priola, who defected from the Republican Party earlier this year. …


“Instead, the opposite happened. A blue wave hit Colorado and left Republicans in a worse spot, with deeper electoral losses than they ever imagined, shocking both Republicans and Democrats alike. 

“Honestly I think Colorado Republicans need to take this and learn the lesson that the party is dead. This was an extinction-level event,” said Republican state Rep. Colin Larson. “This was the asteroid that ended the reign of the dinosaur, and in this case, the dinosaur was the Republican party.” 

Republicans lost seven seats in the state legislature, and another Republican state senator had become a Democrat prior to the election.

This leaves the party with less than a third of the seats in both chambers, the deepest Republican minority in state history.  …

Republicans also narrowly lost Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District and Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s race in the 3rd Congressional District is still too close to call, in a seat where Republicans hold a 9-point advantage, although she is leading her Democratic opponent Adam Frisch. …”

Republicans emerged from the 2022 midterms in Colorado with less than a third of seats in the Colorado state legislature and deeper in the minority than at any previous point in state history. In many ways, it looks like what happened in Florida except in reverse. Both Ron DeSantis and Jared Polis were reelected by 19 points and the fallout was felt in the House seats and state legislature.

Lauren Boebert is currently barely hanging on in Colorado 03 by a margin of less than 1%. This isn’t because of redistricting or an enormous Democratic turnout. It is because she lost so many Republican voters and Independent voters to Adam Frisch. Democrats won 5 out of 8 House seats in Colorado. They picked up a new House seat in Colorado’s new 8th District which was created after redistricting. The swings from the 2020 election were D+1.4 in CO-01, D+1.9 in CO-02, D+7.9 in CO-03, R+5.7 in CO-04, R+5.7 in CO-5, R+0.6 in CO-06, D+0.7 in CO-07 and R+3.8 in CO-8.

The Gazette:

“Democratic Gov. Jared Polis was easily reelected with 57% of the vote as was U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet with 54%. Democrats picked up the newly added “swing” 8th Congressional District northeast of Denver in a close race.

Polis even won 48% of Republican El Paso County. That’s twice the number of Democrats in that county, indicating a large chunk of independents voted for Polis. …”

Good luck trying to explain the Colorado election results in terms of race. 85% of Colorado voters were White. The results weren’t even close. White libtards did this.

The issue here is White college educated voters who are voting for Democrats on the basis of issues like abortion and climate change. These people are why Joe Biden is president. Colorado is like the flagship of education polarization which is transforming our politics.

Pew Research Center:

How did Colorado vote in the 2020 election?

New York Times:


  1. Yes, the dems had control in Colorado and they stole it bigtime. And nothing can be done about it, except to begin preparing our national divorce

  2. Colorado is a state full of wealthy liberals from the Boston to Washington metroplex who went to Colorado to enjoy the skiing and mountain sports.

    • I thought it was full of Kalifornians escaping the consequences of their foolishness…and looking to have a little fun on the side.

  3. I’ll repeat here.

    I heard that O’Dea was a cuck and a RINO, basically another Romney or Liz Cheney in the making. Yet, he couldn’t win in a blue state. That’s sort of a counter to the “it’s all Trump’s fault” line.

    Not that Trump doesn’t deserve some of the blame for all this. It’s just that putting all of it on him is not only shrill, but serves to empower the neocons, lamercons, normiecons, RINOs, cucks, checker pants, country clubbers, who want their Stupid Party back.

    I still think that once everything is rung out, the major cause is going to be that which I’ve been saying all year, that red team voters just didn’t want to let Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell harvest all their new pop-nat-alt-right energy and fly it into the ground.

  4. “The issue here is White college educated voters who are voting for Democrats on the basis of issues like abortion and climate change. These people are why Joe Biden is president. Colorado is like the flagship of education polarization which is transforming our politics.”

    It’s not educational polarization. From a recent PRRI survey:

    Majorities of every race and ethnic group oppose the overturn of Roe, including 68% of Black Americans, 61% of white Americans, 57% of multiracial and other-race Americans, and 56% of Hispanic Americans. A majority of white Americans without a four-year college degree (57%) oppose the decision, although opposition is higher among those with a four-year college degree or higher (67%).


    The fact is that people don’t buy the notion that an embryo is the same as a twelve year old unless they are part of some religious movement that tells them so. Abortion is a losing issue for the right. Pro-lifers need to face up to that.

    • Sure it is.

      Colorado voted twice against Trump in 2016 and 2020. Colorado politics has been trending in this direction for well over a decade now. White college educated voters in the Denver suburbs are the reason why it has become a solid blue state. Abortion was more salient in this election because of Dobbs, but not in previous ones. Tom Tancredo has ran a bunch of failed campaigns in Colorado over the past ten years in which illegal immigration was his top issue. He lost too.

      Contrast Colorado with its 85% White electorate in 2022 with Texas where Greg Abbott beat Beto O’Rourke by 11 points. There are far more blacks and Hispanics in Texas than Colorado. The Hispanic areas of Texas even more competitive. Colorado is a solid blue state because of White voters with college degrees. This is true nationwide too. It is places with lots of White suburban college educated voters that have swung blue. Especially outside of the South where voters are less White evangelical Protestant. They vote for this shit because they want it.

    • FROTON, ‘ Majorities of every race and ethnic group oppose the overturn of Roe”Yes they do , don’t they !?……..As Plato said ” The masses are incurably ignorant” the masses can remain in ignorance and darkness and practice, their Blood sacrifice all the way too hell, the objective of the Southern Republic, is too feed our masters flock and lead them too the path of Righteousness……….” As above, so below”……..

    • Except Republicans won the popular vote in this election. Elections are a losing issue for Republicans when the whole apparatus of the state, mass media, education and business are (excepting some parts of the judiciary) under the control of the other party, when every attempt to ensure a fair and transparent election is held is shot down under the pretext of “racism” by people bankrolled by Soros and other Jews. The child murdering rat party that wants abortion legal at any stage of development (even supporting laws effectively decriminalizing infanticide) for any reason thinks it can’t lose. As they run this country into the ground. No amount of GOP shill gaslighting is going to change the perception these elections are illegitimate, stolen, Mexican PRI leftist-control style elections.. The Democrats (and their Republican deputies) weren’t willing to rely on elections to push through Roe or the rainbow flag decisions. These filthy yuppie bitches voting for abortion are going to lose everything. The Left crossed their Rubicon with Trump, these republicucks see bellwether states Ohio and Florida go for Republicans but say fraud and corruption aren’t the reason for someone like Laxalt losing. No genuine right-leaning voter is going to take these people seriously.

    • The issue here is White college educated voters who are voting for Democrats on the basis of issues like abortion and climate change.”

      Yep, this climate change has large elements of the public thinking in premodern ways about the weather. In the pre-rational era people saw weather events as “signs” from the gods, all about human behavior. A storm couldn’t just be a storm. Now the college brainwashed crowd basically has a secular way of believing the weather gods are punishing republicans for driving SUVs. My sister is all over educated in these east coast schools. I can tell she’s upset about the trends like the coarsening of the culture, crime, the economy but as we were watching TV about a month ago when she was visiting she remarked during the Florida hurricane coverage that “well, if Ron Desantis wants to be president he’d better start believing in climate change” as if this is a deal breaker with white college educated women. It doesn’t matter how bad things are going, these litmus tests on abortion and climate change are similar to the importance of non being a convicted kiddie fiddler when applying for a job as a school bus driver. Really, a hurricane which is a normal natural phenomenon is now viewed through the secular religious lens of climate hysteria as signs from the weather gods. We were having a normal November once and my sister blurted out the statement “this weather is weird!” Really? The weather is exactly the same as I remember as a kid, and even the climate scientists only claim a fraction of a degree in the temperature measurements as proof for their agenda. Even if true, this is really nothing to get so worked up about, let alone bankrupt the economy over, but humans have a long track record self destructive moral panics about nothing. I wonder what the non-whites that make up the voting base of the democratic party really think about this climate hysteria. Do they know the effect it has on their pocketbook? How many latinos are coming here for our living standard and don’t have a problem with the rich white’s agenda to starve us of energy and go back to the kind of life they left behind? Consumerism is the big draw of all the immigration, this climate hysteria is a real extinguisher of the consumer economy. When will they turn on the crazy white liberals who are screwing with their pocketbooks?

  5. I cut my teeth on a failed GOP US Senate primary in Colorado in ~ 1985.

    2/3 of geographic East Colorado is barren wasteland run by fat old White ranchers , sone agriculture Cliven Bundy types – very uneducated .

    Metro Denver , the Aspen Boulder CO college educated liberals look down on these fat uneducated hicks in East Colorado . Conservative military connected White folks by the US Airforce academy in Colorado Springs used to balance things out a lot and the great immigration patriot Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo did very well there almost won governor on 3 rd party .

    My hunch is uneducated Religious Right 100% anti abortion and rural guns and the Bible types dominate the Colorado GOP.

    Unless there is a real threat of Black criminal Black power takeover of state Democrat party as is the case in the South , college educated folks will vote Garry Hart Blue Democrat or even this homo married Jew Colorado governor.

    • Jaye Ryan,” Cloven Bundy types_ very uneducated” I bet they know what too do with a steak and they got enough sense to stay the heck out of Chicago or Detroit ………just saying, J man…..

        • San Francisco is very urban, full of apartments. One thing that baffles me where I live in my apartment complex is all these twentysomethings renting who own dogs? Don’t these kids know that the whole dog ownership thing is supposed to wait for home ownership? Not only is the thing noisy and disruptive to the other tenants, how do you encumber yourself with a huge issue when you need to find a place to live that would even allow pets? I heard the average dog costs $16,000 over a lifetime, if you don’t own a home you shouldn’t be wasting money you could save for a downpayment on a stinky dog. Then good luck taking a vacation, what a burden to own pets, these kids are stupid to tie themselves down like this. I’ve had two coworkers like this who have to go home everyday for an hour to take the thing outside to go to the bathroom. I just don’t get the whole fancy for tying yourself down like that?

  6. We hear all the republicuck shills afraid to even whisper fraud, probably afraid of losing their social media accounts, websites, bank accounts, etc. Or if more prominent, afraid of being targeted by Garfinkel’s NKVD. But some of them are out there saying “we need to do what the Democrats do.”

    It reminds me of these people who must have though to themselves “how could they lock us up in solitary confinement when they encouraged the Floyd Riot outside of the White House and encouraged looting and burning for weeks throughout the country.” Why couldn’t we just do what the Democrats do?

    I’m waiting for next time, who can doubt there will be widespread accounts of Republicans engaged in fraudulent voting practices promoted by the media, these people “doing what the Democrats do” will get the book thrown at them. And the new narrative will be that the GOP is the party of vote fraud.

    This year the polls favored the Republicans, but the polls were wrong! Polls aren’t biased in favor of Democrats, no, they’re biased in favor of Republicans. Republicucks pretend to believe it.

  7. Terry Smith please read out OD blog “ Traitors on the Right – Cliven Bundy.

    That fat dumb ass and his sons think mass mestizo , Mayan Orc illegal immigration is …

    A good thing !

    Yep you heard that right .

    They think all Hispanics have better work ethic and better family values that us White Americans.

    They just love cheap non White labor .

    It was the same justification for Negro slavery …

    Happy slaves just doing the jobs White Americans don t want to do .

    These types tend to support all Neo Conservative Jew wars and binge watch Red Dawn and Rambo 3 – gots to fight those evil White Russians

    Fu&@$ing idiots

  8. No, I agree that elections in Pennsylvania are absurd.

    50 days of early voting is absurd. Has it always been like that or is this a recent change?

    • As a Pennsylvanian, I should probably be able to help you with an answer to that question, Mr. W., but you know I don’t really follow or understand politics. I depend on you for any understanding I’m able to acquire.

      Completely off topic, but circumstances I needn’t detail led me today to the following, a great recording by a daughter of the South—and I mean a non-prosperous South of yore: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brenda_Lee#Early_life_and_education

  9. Commierado was written off when Mag-Pul pulled out.
    No need for Red Dawn invasions when you have internal quisling traitor termites of the WEF Uniparty.
    South America is the soft white underbelly that will be used by the real commies who have no use for useful idiot sell outs and they certainly aren’t the weak spineless worthless Grand Old Politburo.

  10. “Good luck trying to explain the Colorado election results in terms of race. 85% of Colorado voters were White. The results weren’t even close. White libtards did this.”

    You can’t explain this in terms of the fraction that is white evangelical protestant either. According to your maps in Colorado it is 16 percent and in Florida 17 percent. Ron Desantis understands that to win requires winning among more than just that demographic.

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