Ron Unz: Hispanics and Asians Join the White Political Mainstream

Ron Unz is stirring the pot over at the Unz Review.

“A major change in belief must sometimes quietly simmer for a while before some event brings it to the fore. America’s urban racial upheavals and my related article had appeared in the summer of 2020, but I first began noticing some apparent ideological reconsiderations in November and December of the following year, shortly after the Virginia election. AmRen has long been closely associated with VDare, which has spent more than two decades primarily focused upon the threat of non-white immigration. Now suddenly both these publications began seriously discussing whether Hispanics might be realigning themselves with the Republicans—generally regarded as America’s “white party”—while also suggesting political strategies to accelerate that process. Two major VDare articles explored this important issue, as did a couple of hour-long AmRen podcasts by its founder and his staffers, along with various news articles the latter had excerpted and linked on their website. Occidental Dissent, a smaller White Nationalist blogsite, also ran numerous items on this same topic.

This political reassessment by leading white racial activists should not be exaggerated, and their writings correctly noted that the white majority vote still dwarfed any possible contribution from Hispanics and Asians, who together had been less than 15% of last week’s electorate. But this shift in their positioning on the issue still carried profound ideological and political implications. …”

For the record, I identify as pro-White, not as a White Nationalist. I used to identify as a White Nationalist, but I have grown more skeptical of White Nationalism over the past decade for a number of reasons. Identity is complex and White people value their racial identity in different ways. Normal White people have a positive sense of White identity. White libtards have a negative sense of White identity. We have opposite views on White identity.

Southerners grasp this nuance.

As much as we might wish that one day these people will wake up and come around, history and experience suggests otherwise. Confederate monuments and symbols tell a story about a lack of racial solidarity in other parts of the country. John Brown and the Wide Awakes were “woke” in their time. It isn’t a new problem.

I apologize for the blurry photos, but this is what we are up against. I took these photos in Auburn last night when I drove past this house.

  • BLM yard sign
  • “Trans” flag
  • 2 Hate Has No Home Here yard signs
  • In This House We Believe yard sign
  • Ukraine flag colors on the mailbox

This person is almost certainly on Twitter.

White libtards like these people aren’t waking up. They have grown even worse over the past decade. In fact, they are more indoctrinated in “antiracism” and hostile to us than non-Whites who are the moderate voters in the Democratic Party. Charlottesville and the George Floyd riots were symptoms of how violent and deranged they have become.

Once again, the usual libtards were also out on Toomer’s Corner in Auburn last night standing vigil with their “Stop Racism” and “Keep Abortion Legal” signs. They have been doing this every night in Auburn for like two years.


  1. After your first Anglo college miseducated bitch wife divorces you consider marrying a Latina

    That Bush strategy does work

    Run against homo tranny perversions and Black crime

    • @Jaye…

      Latinas are, as a whole, a very charming and lovely lot.

      Like you, I have kept extensive company with them.

      That said, it is just as hard to find your soulmate amongst them as it is amongst your own kind.

      With all the experience I have with Latinos, from different countries and varied milieus, if I had to choose a place and type, I would choose a traditional girl from the upper class of Mexico – someone like our brave friend Cristina who comes here a lot.

      There still are many Mexican women who understand what love is and what are it’s exigencies.

      The peasant girls Mexican are excellent, too, though, being an intellectual and cultured man, they are a bit too untutoured for me.

          • One of my acquaintances, a White American girl actually married into a White Mexican family named Mendez, but it turned out that they were Catholics from Germany who immigrated to Mexico and changed their family name from Mueller. Interestingly enough, all their children had married other Whites, though they didn’t appear outwardly “racist.” And yes, they were upper class.

          • Arrian,

            I read that 47% of Mexicans in one survey self identify as white. Of course the real amount is way less but still….I identify as white.

            One of my ancestors was German-Mexican. Before he died he was very charming with my sisters and me saying how Indian we were since he said we would ride a horse to death and then eat it like an Indio would.

            I mostly can pass for white but I am not sure my mother could. The second prettiest girl at school is a natural blonde. Yes guys rate us!

      • Imagine a pro-white blog advocating white men go race mix with Amerinds, aka Mexicans or Central Americans.
        The US is already beginning to look like Brazil.

        • @Fox…

          American women are, as a lot, very bad mates.

          They were not that way 50 years ago, but, they are now.

          I am just thankful that The Good Lord was looking out for me and I found my soulmate, but, there are not many left like her.

          #1. How is she, my wife, different from most modern American women?

          #2. She knows what love is.

          #3. She knows what loyalty is.

          #4. She knows that I have intrinsic human value, as a man, that I am not just a means to an end.

          #5.On the whole, she does not try to compete with me.

          #6. She is not on psychotropics.

          #7. She loves Christ.

          #8. She is patient.

          #9. She does not come from a degenerate past, so she is not cheating on me, nor is she fantasizing about having sex with women.

          Finding a 30-something American woman who has these qualities, and who you happen to have a lot in common with, plus chemistry, is very hard.

          American women, like our culture, have become uncentered, or, perhaps, better said – recentered on the kind of things that make a longterm relationship highly unlikely, or, at least, with a man

          Any White Man who wishes to be happy has to deal with this reality, which is why I joined a club for American Men dating Slavic and Latin Women, decades ago.

          There again, after being in that process for a while, God showed he had other plans for me.

      • Ivan,

        I said I would return by Wednesday and I am here. Your comment as always melts me. I have no defense against charm. In my State we are overwhelmingly white and mixed-mestizo.

        My future husband better be at his best. You are right about the lower classes of course. Breeding makes a difference.

      • Ivan.

        I played this for November and I play this for you. My computer is caca-windows 7 so it might not play. It is Teenage Senorita. By the way at my school it is mostly female and the competition for the boys is fierce.

        They say Jews are conniving and manipulative. Well I say to you that they have nothing on latin Catholic girls competing for the few boys at school. We are true daughters of Eve!

        I hope Teenage Senorita by Terry Randozza comes out.

    • Maybe if we wait until after the divorce to call our wives bitches, our marriage will have a better tone and maybe succeed long term…

      I’ve been married to my wife now for longer than my parents were married before they split, here is hoping.

      When I hear “latina” I’m thinking fucking Guatemalan refugee tier fat chick (who somehow has no hips even still) with 15 monkey kids tear assing through/destroying everything in an isle at a walmart, while a pretty middle class white chick looks on in horror clutching her only child that wasn’t aborted firmly to her chest, with eyes squeezed shut reciting her firmly held conviction that “diversity is strength”.

      Or do you mean “Latina” as in Penelope Cruz tier spanish babes who are basically Whites with a good tan…

      Not a fan of miscegenation. Wouldn’t expect to see it promoted here.

      • Instead of miscegenation how about mass deportation back to their Third World shithole countries? Instead of a Dept. of Immigration (or whatever it’s called) how about a Dept. of Deportation? The motto on the crest of this new dept. could be ‘STFU and get out!’

        To quote BHO and his beautiful wife, Michael Obama: “Yes We Can!”

          • A sane government (vs. Klownworld Kayfabeland) would not have to deport that many. The solution to the problem would be to go after the businesses that exploit the cheap labor – typically chamber-of-commerce cucks. Arrest those clowns (a couple of hundred thousand maybe) and seize their assets. End welfare for invaders and asylum cheats. Also impeach all blackrobes involved in asylum racket and disbar all shysters, followed by hard time serving in the ‘harem’ of Shitavious’ “wymyn’ in the big house.

            With steps like these, the vast majority of invaders would self-deport. The few remaining could then be dealt with accordingly. In five years’ time the situation would be considerably improved. This cannot happen until there is a complete divorce from white shitlibs, who are a considerably percentile of the total white populace, even a majority in shitlib strongholds like California.

          • @EXalted Cyclops…

            “The solution to the problem would be to go after the businesses that exploit the cheap labor – typically chamber-of-commerce cucks.”

            Yes, even just several days of arrest, covered by the press, would do it.

            But, the reality is that the government is the chamber of commerce, and the corporate-globalists, plus a few oddballs thrown in, so it will never happen.

            But, then, you knew that.

            This current country exists to make money.

            It has no other intent..

          • Arrian,

            The reality is that northern Mexico-what is known as the Southwest is soon to be ours even if it remains as officially part of the USA for a while.

            You conquered it in war and we are getting it back due to your traitors.

            Do not blame me. I am not illegal and would not change countries like changing a job. I also can never accept illegal immigration for moral reasons and moral consistency reasons.

            As I have written before my family has had land north of the Rio as well as south since the early 19th century.

        • Why focus on “skin color”, when Europeans come in various skin shades, just like eye and hair colors?
          Race is far more than just skin color. The idea of trying to embrace anything that could pass for white is not right.

          • There are a lot of North Africans and Middle Eastern people who are at least partially White because of their ancient Greco-Roman, Celtic or Scythian ancestry.

        • Arrian,

          Yes. I can definitely pass as white and have. In the USA Anglo boys have flirted with me. They are okay with someone like me. Only among some people on websites like this do I get contempt.

          My side is going to win and we all know it by now. Even those who hate us.

      • I don’t think he’s advocating the true Hispanics. Not at all. This country is swarming with the fake ones. And skin color doesn’t matter.
        Just because some guy resents his exwife, isn’t a reason to advocate race-mixing, and it IS race-mixing.

      • Ironic,

        The girls I go to school with are more similar to Penelope Cruz than a Guatemalan Indian. We are of the best families. I also like Mexican Indians mostly though in my State there are very few.

        Anyway, I am not here among my enemies to cause trouble just to give our viewpoint.

    • @Jaye ryan:

      How did the Bush strategy work and for whom did it work? Did I dream that Donald John Trump took the Republican primary nomination and the White House in 2016 or is Jeb! actually ending his second term right now?

      Seriously, all sarcasm aside, the “Bush strategy” was a good idea IF properly executed.
      For all the Miscegenation Maniacs pushing Black/White interracial unions, the largest amount of mixing involved Whites with Hispanics. Had Jeb! married an educated, White-presenting Mexican from the elite class who was proficient in English, the “Bush strategy” would have worked,like gangbusters.

      Thanks to the Blacketty-Black agenda of Disingenous White Liberals and Jews in the Democrat Party, we are seeing a Castizo class ranging from the swarthier George Zimmerman to the comparatively light skinned Nick Fuentes aligning more with White interests. The Mexican Mafia of Los Angeles was a gang that was initiated by an Hispanic/White alliance against Black thugs between Mexicans and a first generation American, Joe Morgan, whose parents came from Eastern bloc country, Croatia.

      George and Barbara signing off on Jeb! marrying a short, squat, barely literate Mexican peasant who, by the time Jeb! threw his hat into the ring, still didn’t know a word of English was a bad look to both the Hispanics AND the Anglos for two reasons:

      1) No matter how much many Mexicans look like short, squat peasants, they identify with the taller, more White-presenting actors in their popular telenovelas. like Marco Rubio’s Colombian wife. The biggest scandal about the bugged conversation of the ousted Mexican members of the Los Angeles City Council was NOT their anti-Black, homophobic statements but how the lighter-skinned Nury Martinez described the indigenous Mexicans from the Southern state of Oaxaca as ugly. (More on that later).

      2) Though much effort has been made to polish her appearance, Columba Bush still presents as an “undocumented immigrant” because she was too lazy to learn English. Why bother when this country provided every service she needed in her mother tongue and George, Barbara and Jeb were too politically correct to make her learn? Jeb! is lucky he won the office of governor in Florida. He might have been successful running for the House of Representatives, but even winning the Senate would have been more of a challenge with the albatross that is Columba Bush.

      Last, but not least, I don’t know which orifice of Columba’s that Jeb! had his head shoved up, but he sank his campaign the minute he described the illegal invasion as an “act of love.” Rape may vaguely resemble lovemaking, but the former does not involve consent. He’s an idiot whose family never bothered to take him in hand, like when he first got engaged to that girl.

      The disastrous presidential campaign of Jeb! Bush is what happens when the elite guzzle the Woke Koolaid themselves instead of just encouraging the lumpenproletariat to sip it. Had the Bushes paid Columba and her family handsomely to go away and married him off to a Mexican of the elite class, there is no doubt in my mind that Jeb! would be POTUS right now.

      The upside or downside right now, depending on your POV, is that the orderly transition from the United States to the North American Union (and eventually the Pan-American union with the dollar and peso being replaced with the AMERO) has been stalled out because Biden (who Obama predicted could f*** up a wet dream) opened our borders with no thought to the backlash it would generate even with Hispanics who have been here for generations.

      With the Venezuelans amassed at our border waiting for Schumer and McConnell to work out some “bipartisanship” (which as Sam Francis described, when the Evil Party-DNC and the Stupid Party-RNC get together and agree to implement something both evil and stupid) and initiate a blanket amnesty, the best thing for Pro-White activists to start doing is to read David Cole at Takimag’s insights about the local politics of Los Angeles, Mexifornia. That way Pro-White activists can charter a workable survival strategy.

      I have lived in Southwestern states for many years and I have met many Castizos that are even lighter-skinned than Nick Fuentes who actually look White. There was a flap in Florida where a Black city councilwoman was trying to nail a White man for scolding her for cutting into the express line with a full cart of groceries. She had to back down because he turned out to be a Trump-hating Puerto Rican in her heavily Hispanic district.

      My conclusion is that the more racially egalitarian aspects of the Constitution instituted by the White Anglo Saxon Protestant framers presented little to no protection for their people against subversion by the Robber Barons (who didn’t care where they got their labor as long as it was cheap) and the Jews. Especially, after any laws against segregation and miscegenation were struck down by SCOTUS and even enforced by the bayonet points of the U.S. Marshals.

      Believe it or not, the Castizo class offers red-pilled White racialists a greater opportunity to preserve their bloodline without having their lives ruined by Woke Idiots especially because, with the greater influx from South, Central and Latin America where the practice is more common, the defacto Colorism complained about by the Oaxan targets of Nury Martinez is much, much harder for the authorities to overcome than any de jure Segregation or Anti-Miscegenation Laws of the past.

      The Mestizos and their Castizo children present a “White-adjacent” class that, if Pro-White activists play their cards right have both enough pro-White leanings and anti-Black antipathy to present a ring of protection to Whites from charges/repercussions of “racism.” Bonus point, they are much, much more Jew-aware than WASPS are.

      The White Elite of the countries south of our border is very, very White even though the official line is “We are all Mestizos.” But the inherent benefits of White blood is understood by even the average Hispanic. The concept of Mejorando La Raza – improving the race – means acquiring and having children by a White spouse. In areas I have lived, the children with colored eyes – White presenting children – were most valued.

      Pro-White activists can persist at tilting at windmills by turning back the clock or they can carve out a higher niche for White children. We have to think more like the “Donme” Jews of Turkey who, to all outer appearances, converted to Islam, but pretty much ran the country.

      This involves quietly instilling pride in their children over their European bloodlines and appearance, limiting any social intercourse to other European children while getting them fluent in Spanish and, if necessary, even changing their names to something Spanish-sounding to pick up any Affirmative Action perks as presumed from a protected minority class. This also involves networking with Hispanics and the growing Castizo class.

      Instead of being reactionaries involving in speech and activities that not only jeopardize our livelihoods but our freedoms to the latest outrage du jour provocation by the Biden administration, we can calmly be proactivists who find our own way to exploit Biden’s antics to better position our posterity.

      • Clytenmestra,

        Well written! Can we help it if whites are worms? Every latin I know is mostly pro-white or at least we are against your enemies. I have never in real life met a white in the USA who disliked me. Only some on this strange website.

        The reality is this–white nationalists like the people here are a tiny minority. In the real world a girl like me will continue to be pro-white and gets along fine with white Texans and Californians I meet.

        I am glad the owner of this website is not a white nationalist but is like me pro-white.

        Would I marry an Anglo? He would have to convert and the children would have to be Catholic. He would also have to be manly. I despise worms.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      That was nice of you to write about us that way. All of the girls I go to school with know that we are made for men to make good wives.

  2. Ron Unz is hoping that there will be a recognition of mutuality of economic and social interests between people of diverse appearance, as does myself and OD commenter Ivan. Based OD commenter DiCarlo is of the opinion that there can never be such a community of interests sufficient to trigger the final confrontation between the Empire of Evil and its subjects.

    Hunter/Brad is of a mindset somewhere between these extremes, wishing in his heart of hearts Ivan and yours truly are right, but suspecting the views of DiCarlo are reality, especially as to the contested views of liberal and conservative/traditionalist whites. Events so far suggest DiCarlo is correct.

    Once that changes, the spell can be broken. We should pray Trump is indeed the 2024 nominee for the Republican side of the Uni-Party, and that he wins. That would trigger total war on the rest of us by TPTB, and then everyone not currently dissident right might see their economic and social insecurity makes them allies with us against the Vampire Squid.

    If not, then at least we can once and for all identify our enemies clearly, and take appropriate kinetic action against them. In the end, that is the only other way to win- Kill em’ all. Sorry Ivan, evolution calls. Survival is the ultimate morality.

    • Unz is correct that White Nationalists have exaggerated racial tension between Whites and Hispanics and Whites and Asians and bought too deeply into The Emerging Democratic Majority thesis which Ruy Teixeira himself has rejected.

      There might be something there with Indians. I’ve noticed that Indians can be extremely anti-White. That’s who was running Twitter.

      The most anti-White people in the country are Jews and White libtards. Again, who else stands outside in the cold on a Saturday night with a sign that says Stop Racism? Who does that every night for two years?

      • White Nationalists want a White country where they control their own destiny without input or limitations from others, Brad. Conservatives on behalf of capital have always sought to use to non-Whites to attack, disenfranchise, and displace White Americans from the earliest days of revolutionary America. With reconstruction and Asians in the old west, they almost got their wish but were stopped by White socialists. They finally got the conditions they needed when “patriot” scum attacked and defeated National Socialist Germany arm in arm with Britain and the Soviet Union. It was then that Brad’s ideal society of a subjugated White race, lorded over by jews and browns with economic precarity always lurking was born.

        • LOL.

          You are juggling several different incompatible ideologies there.

          White socialists, communists and other leftists embraced antiracism and civil rights even before mainstream liberals in this country. The Soviet Union promoted that shit from the beginning and fought with their American counterparts over racially integrated unions.

          • You only have to look at what goes on South of the Border to not take Unz and Brimlow seriously.

            If Brimlow goes too Roman Catholic/Hispanic/Latino/Hindu/Buddahist he should consider closing the castle and moving back to London.

            The worry in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia is that MS-13 and other Latino/Roman Catholic drug gangs would move in, and, there are only around 30 WV State Police to cover the eastern panhandle. @Brad, I’ve mentioned this before to you before.

          • You’re right.

            I LOL’d at the fantasy that pro-White socialists have been trying to heroically preserve America from capitalism and the conservatives who use non-Whites as their minions. I actually burst out laughing when I saw that. You are talking about the people who pioneered antiracism, civil rights and racial integration in this country

          • There have been 260 million abortions in the history of the Soviet Union. It actually peaked past le great patriotic war.

            Add this to the list of the many things which make communism “based”. And the old Marxists had been very clear and wrote about it themselves from the very beginning, that they intended to abolish the family as an oppressive bourgeoise institution. Engels, Feuerbach, Marx all did. Let alone the degenerates in France. So it didn’t just start with the Frankfurt School.

            To take children away from their parents, if they didn’t conform to state ideology was also a widely practiced communist practice. The wife of Honecker was infamous for it. It was used after “Zersetzung” by the Stasi or parallel to it. And the left fantasize about it again today. Children as “state property” is not new at all.

            Very questionable that “trad socialism” and “based Marxism” spread in white nationalist circles. If things in the USA (and Western Europe) are even worse than some were in the Soviet Union, which sometimes they are, that doesn’t make communism based. It tells you about Weimerica.

          • to Hunter,
            You may laugh and see it as a fantasy, but what you like is very much from the days before diversity and third world immigration.

      • There’s no racial tension because whites accept their own displacement. All you hear about is the need for more diversity and fewer whites in every institution, including the GOP. That will never end until whites are like Native Americans. Voting GOP is no test of assimilation. Black and Brown Democrats value their heritage and see themselves as different from even white liberals.

        • I would say it is mixed.

          There is one group of Whites who bitterly resent immigration and who dislike changing racial and cultural demographics. There is another group of Whites who celebrate it and put these ridiculous signs in their yards. All of American politics revolves around the cultural divide between these two hostile groups of Whites.

          At the same time, I don’t see much White-Hispanic or White-Asian racial tension in my area. There is racial tension between blacks and Whites. No one thinks the biggest problem facing their community is the owner of the local Mexican or Chinese restaurant including the people who dislike immigration.

          • “All of American politics revolves around the cultural divide between these two hostile groups of Whites”:

            That is a mere divide-and-rule distraction. The politics really revolves around class and exploitation.

            Re: “the fantasy that pro-White socialists have been trying to heroically preserve America from capitalism and the conservatives who use non-Whites as their minions”:

            Well, that is fantasy, to imagine socialists trying to “preserve” America (which is the quintessential capitalist empire) from capitalism! Impossible, Absurd, But real socialism (not woke, fake “socialism”) does exist and does not, cannot, participate in the U.S.’s so-called “democracy.” All the system’s (s)elections (except some on a very local level) and parties are thoroughly controlled. You can’t change (overthrow and replace) the system by voting.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            I am not sure if my other post went to you for my computer is caca.
            So I try again. I am glad that you are pro-white and not a white nationalist.

            I have generally not had any problems in the USA personally or racially except for some of the freaks on this website. Anglo boys have frequently flirted with me in Texas.

            The southwest is ours or soon to be. That is a fact. The anglos can deal with it or not. You conquered it from us and we are getting it back due to -some bizarre happenings from your traitors. Since I can and have passed as white before then someone like me is the best you can hope for.

            To show you no hard feelings I give you Duane Eddy. I hope it plays.

      • Working WITH Indian engineers IN the USA, IN the office, can be OK. Some are decent and knowledgeable. Heaven help you if you have to work FOR an Indian manager. They treat all their employees as slaves or robots although they unsurprisingly give their Indian employees a little more slack than their White employees. You will too soon discover that when it comes to hiring new employees, an Indian manager suddenly has a whole gaggle of ‘qualified’ Indian candidates who always seem to get hired while no White candidates are even interviewed. That also solves the manager’s ‘diversity’ quotas such that no Chinese, Black or Latino employees are hired either. I’ve seen it multiple times with multiple Indian managers.

      • It pains me to have to be the contrarian here as I’m sure you all know but…. Ron Unz is a West Coast Jewish boomer who made his career in banking and Silicon Valley.

        You would be hard pressed to find many people whose opinion should be less relevant on a Southern Nationalist, White advocate, blue collar populist blog.

        Ron is, as usual, muddying the water. “Intellectuals” always do so they have more stuff to write about. He isn’t White. Of course he wants big tent cuckservatism to reign so he can get back to being considered “respectable” like when he ran the American Conservative. Been too cold out here in the wilderness with the heathen goy who got banished from polite society for wrongthink. Now we got brown people to vote R we can dispense with all the inconvenience of White interests and that whole great replacement thing the other side openly promotes….

        Of course Whites have some overlapping economic interests with hispanics. Some cultural ones too and with yellow asians. This doesn’t mean they should all be welcomed to flood our country with their refugee populations, and I’d prefer the ones that are here to all jump into the sea of cortez and swim South and/or West. Unz is welcome to go with them to their almost entirely homogenous native countries and tell them how their interests overlap with his.

        The Sock has spoken.

        • IronicSockAccount has the best summation of Ron Unz and his destructive take on this thread. Just look at what has happened to Southern California over the last sixty years. It was all White, peaceful and prosperous and the best place to live.

          Now it’s hispanic dominated with lots of other mystery meat, colored people in the mix. Lots of crime, trash, overcrowding, zero social capital, an unpleasant place to live unless one is a Third World type. Whites voted with their feet, fleeing the area over the last forty years or so. We are running out of places to flee now.

          • Good post. Unlike a lot of the posters on here, you have experience seeing what is going on. Most on here appear to have almost no experience with how things are outside their little enclaves.
            These people urging white men to hook up with “latinos”, and not the real Iberian ones…are basically urging men to breed with Amerinds. They must not like their own race, and I don’t respect the ones who hate their exwives, so this is some form of revenge for them.

    • “Ron Unz is hoping that there will be a recognition of mutuality of economic and social interests between people of diverse appearance, as does myself and OD commenter Ivan….”

      I used to believe this in my younger days but over the years…it doesn’t seem to be working out that way and we don’t have time to find out if it ever will. The braking point is very near.

      As Hunter noticed about Indians, and I would add Pakistanis, they seem to me to be narcissist with big chips n their shoulders about Whites. Much like many Backs, and it’s likely from British colonialism. They’re willing to screw up everything, even their own lives, to poke Whites in the eye.

      • Hello Sam. Notice I recognized DiCarlo is correct at the moment about the futility of seeking an activist modus vivendi between economic classes of different hues and ethnicities. I am a civic nationalist at heart, but a realist, racial and otherwise, in practice. It is what it is, until it isn’t.

        If that changes, I will join the worldwide insecure proles and normies in Fighting The Power. Until then, I will observe and stay clear of the zealots, of all persuasions. As I mentioned, survival is the only value worth holding when the time for choosing arrives.

  3. In this country, Upper Class Entrepeneurs have always wanted slave labour – no matter who or wherefrom.

    In the early centuries this kind of venture was merely thought of as indentured servitude and chattel slavery, though, to keep up with the times, it was given a new marquis – on it emblazoned the words ‘Free Trade’ & ‘Special Work Visa programs.

    On the other hand, since 1965, the Democrats and their International Jewry collaborators have wanted non-Whites here, just to make sure that no White Man, not of their kind, is ever heard from again, or, at least not politically.

    In controlling the Republican Party, The Upper Class Entrepeneurs, like Les Freres Koch, have NOT miscalculated, for they squeezed untold pennies from their ill-gotten trade – the country be damned.

    On the other hand, the Democrats and The Jewish World Order seem to have miscalculated, for the majority of non-Whites coming here WANTED to come here precisely BECAUSE it was a White Land – with all the benefits that such might imply.

    Who knew?

    Oh, well … so much for the well lain plans of mice and men.

    • @ivan Turgenev:

      Had the WASP elite not been asleep at the wheel, they would have eliminated any vestige of “birthright citizenship” and issued temporary guest worker visas that forced American business sponsors only to hire bonded and insured workers who had passed a vetting process, i.e. no criminal records from their own countries.

      My experience is that most Mexicans — who ended up staying here, thanks to “birthright citizenship” initially wanted to make and save enough money to buy their own ranchers and businesses back in Mexico. Many elderly Mexicans want to be buried there even these days.

      So, had this type of system been instituted, with the understanding that guest workers have only a limited time to make their money and must return home, we wouldn’t have an Indian-Pakistani upper class dogpiling on the working White class like Disingenuous White liberals and their Black shock troops.

      In any case, I have known for decades that, our rulers are morons who are incapable of planning beyond the next quarter. When – and it’s not a matter of if, but when they are deposed by people with more street smarts – of any color – they will be far less relevant than we will be. I don’t know what the country will look like one hundred years from now or even if it will still exist or break up into several nation-states, but they won’t be holding any office – not even that of dog catcher, because they are proof-positive that the fish rots from the head down.

      • @Clytemnestra…

        Thank you for your reply. Always good to hear from you.

        Yes, my experience with Latins confirms your viewpoints.

        As to our politicians being morons – they are, but, even if they weren’t, they are paid to be that way, anyway.

        This country’s ideaological basis has been so tinkered with many people have been rather rudderless – other than anything goes.

        No, this country will not stay together.

        One of two things will happen – we will come upon an episode that blows everything completely to smithereens, and, voila, things will be over with so quickly we will all be shocked… OR…

        Things will continue evolve until, one day, states start to acknowledge that we long ago reached the point of not living in one nation and there is a surprisingly humdrum recognition of that which creates numerous confederacies.

        In any case, we will not go on as is.

        We have drifted so far apart that no one has the power to change that course.

        We changed directions in 1775-76, again in 1865, again in 1877, and then again between the 1930s and 1960s.

        That last nation, however, is no longer working, so a renewal is coming.

        Mr Griffin is fond of thinking that we go through a cataclysm every 75 years and I think the history supports his conclusions.

        Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Like I said a week or so ago, here in the nice white Kansas middle class neighborhoods with a church on every corner, there are these signs everywhere.
    It’s so sad. I didn’t expect this when I came here. I lived in an upper middle class neighborhood in GA-not a single sign like this.

    • In the libtard enclave of Oak Park, Illinois (Frank Lloyd Wright, etc.), one can see many large homes of White wealthy libtards that have signs like that. And Oak Park abuts the west Chicago Austin neighborhood which is one of the worst Black neighborhoods and about 5 miles from the worst Black neighborhood – Lawndale. I wonder if they can guess what happens when that thin blue line is no longer? As I say, things have to get much worse before they will get better.

    • @diButler & Casper…

      One of the most wonderful things about living in the Rural Confederacy is that I am only reminded that these signs exist when I go to a large city to shop.

      The only symbols I see here are American & Christian flags, Don’t Tread on Me license plates, and football team pennants.

    • I was travelling through the Boston metro area last summer and expected to see Fag Flags, BLM, Stop Asian Hate, Support Ukraine etc. everywhere but there was very little of that. Every single mainline Protestant church had them; BLM or Fag Flags or both. Non-denominational and Catholic Churches didn’t. No one I talked to seemed to care about that shit either.

      The one exception was Cambridge, home of Harvard and MIT and lots of high-tech/biotech. The place attracts college wackos from all over the country. The hard science types were politically indifferent mostly, they had no time for BLM anti-racist bullshit. The soft “science” (i.e. anything with “studies” in the title) academic frauds eat that shit up by the gallon however, like ice cream on a 90 degree day.

      • @12AX7….

        I remember a time when Boston had none of these signs – anywhere.

        If you were a Southerner could go in and enjoy all the town had to offer, WITHOUT thinking yourself in an alien land.

        Even Harvard was visibly without taint.

        • Hello Ivan;

          Those were the days when the horseless carriage was new and people were just getting Edison’s new fangled electric bulbs.

    • Many parts of Kansas are almost all white and they have never really lived among the “The Rising Tide”. Many are descended from Whjte settlers who brought an almost Puritan worldview as cultural baggage. Think Pure Prarie League alcohol prohibitionists and all of the bloody abolitionist movements in Kansas

  5. Kris Kobach just got elected Attorney General in Kansas after losing statewide election in 2018 and 2020. Probably, just enough vaxxed leftists died off to let him squeeze in this time.

    So the class clowns with the yard signs the Jews gave them aren’t a majority in Kansas. And they will keep falling dead. The great die off is just beginning.

  6. “Whiteshift” is what will happen in the USA. We will just see the “White” self-identifier increasingly expand to include various mixed race people who “look White,” with the envelope for what looks White also expanding proportionally, until the label becomes meaningless as it is in Latinx America.

    Even White nationalists seem to be fine with this (see how many already accept mixed race people). It turns out that WN was never about White people, but was just the far edge of Republican party strategy to turn out fringe voters who don’t like Blacks.

    Ironically, this puts many WN on the same page as CRT in the belief that race is a social construct and that “whiteness” is not biological, but is more a proxy for bourgeois and bourgeois-adjacent socio-economic classes and their values. Jared Taylor is the perfect example of this type of CRT-WN. He has always accepted Jews, but recently also expanded to mixed race people like Nick Fuentes.

    • Dart,

      You make an interesting comment in that last paragraph. Its worth examining the intersection between White Nationalism and socioeconomic class interests.

      I think those two concepts interlap, and are not mutually exclusive like you imply. From my perspective as a former colorblind conservative – I became a White Nationalist in 2012 – one of the best arguments that movement intellectuals such as Jared Taylor had in their arsenal was the argument that Whites should be saved and conserved as a race because the nice things will disappear if Whites disappear.

      Objectively, we all know this is true, but, there has also been significant pushback in the movement from WNs on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum who don’t share bourgeoise class status, and thus, in an attempt to justify their own existence, they made this pleasant sounding argument that “we should defend and protect other Whites just because they are White.”

      What I’m saying is, its not a new thing for White Nationalists to care about their class interests. It was implicitly always there, and now, as Hispanics are becoming more pliable and integratabtle than previously imagined, we are making those class interests more explicit.

      I’ve found that many of the Alt-MSNBCers are already ahead of the curve on this inevitability. Two of them – Pat and Political Profile, the later of whom closed his account months back – both implicitly advocated for an anti-racist political alliance with Blacks, Jews, Feminists, Homosexuals, and Trannsexuals. They believe that “White Interests” are best served through the contemporary policies of the Democrat Party.

      Speaking for myself, I feel no obligations or loyalty to Whites who aren’t as kind and polite as me, didn’t work as hard as me, didn’t act as noble as me, and otherwise are beneath me by every objective moral measure. I don’t believe in helping the weak or the sick or any other group that deviates from the norm. They should figure life out themselves or die trying. That was my core philosophy before White Nationalism, and it remains my core philosophy after a two year stint with Lefty White Nationalism in 2013-2014.

      In regards to the biological issue of integrating Hispanics into Whiteness: That’s tomorrow’s problem. Today’s problem is subordinating the shitlibs, deporting the Jews to the Amazon, and brokering an acceptable peace with the nonwhites that the Jews have attempted to use as weapons against us.

      • It’s very obvious that you’re a “colorblind conservative” and you very much want to be one. You, just like Brad, are at your happiest when you can comfortably attack and dispossess White people specifically. You just hit a temporary speed bump and had to take a brief off ramp.

        • In my ideal world, Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, and all other nonwhite groups would act White, talk White, and behave White. And by “White,” I mean Petit Bourgeoisie, which is the Master Race of all classes, and whose values all other classes should be forced to follow. Nonwhites would be integratabtle, as they would (finally) become Whites with a different skin tone and facial look.

          In my ideal world, there would be no disagreement on the major policy issues, only on the irrelevant minor ones. There would be conformity, unity, material and technological progress. Fascism would be the system. All individuals would be independent thinking philosopher Kings and Queens who do not submit to any class of “experts” or technocrats.

          I’m fine with separation so long as nonwhites insist on being different from Whites. Ideally, the whole world would think and act exactly like my kind does, and then there would be eternal peace and happiness

    • @Dart:

      You are quite mistaken about your take on “Whiteshift” as far as Latin America is concerned. Though they pay a lot of lip service to Whiteness as only a social construct and the political party line of all the elite of Latin America is that “We Are All Mestizo,” the Latin American elite remains very, very White.

      There is no doubt in my mind that if the USA becomes increasingly Latinized, that those who are determined to remain White can and will do so. Like the Latin American elite, they will be savvier about paying lip service to the Mestizo ideology while making sure that their children only marry White and have White children, because they will be buffered by the Castizo class produced by Mestizos and less racially conscious Whites.

      It’s a very similar strategy go the Donmeh of the Ottoman empire. The Jewish converts are outwardly Muslim, but they only marry other Donmeh and pretty much became the elite of modern day Turkey.

      • @Clytemnestra…

        “… the Latin American elite remains very, very White…”

        How very right you are.

        Those who are not intimately familiar with Latin American do not realize that it is olde Aragonion and Castilian blood which rules, not Mestizo.

        No, the rule is not 100%, but, how about 98.9%?

      • Clytemnestra,

        You are very clever in your understanding of matters. My older sister has dates with those steered toward her by family/friends. It is not advertised or spoken much openly beyond the family but we all know who or what type we will end up with in marriage.

        Even on this website I am usually cautious in what I write and how such matters are phrased. Now that I am older much more so.

        Latins are generally more subtle etc. Reading between the lines and/or not openly contesting matters while getting our way is more common among us than the frank anglo who is at a disadvantage when dealing with educated latins.

      • This is overstated. Most of these “very white” Latinx are still at most 80-90% European. And that really doesn’t refute the fact of the “white shift” phenomenon in Latinx America, which is just apparent when you interact with people like Brazilians who will call obvious quadroons and mulattoes “white.”

  7. Unless the accused, have some type of physical infirmity, the condition of that lawn is reprehensible and compounded with the yard signs/Insults, it would appear too be “grounds” enough, for deportation from the Republic………..

  8. I moved from the NYC suburbs to Wayne County, Indiana, in 2010, mainly for two reasons: Cost of living & the Hispanic/Asian invasion. Back then, I never really thought much about the self hating White Liberals.
    But I’m pleased to say that in my neighborhood here in a city of 30,000+, only about 1 or 2 of nearly 100 homes are like the one shown in the photos above. Middle to upper middle class, 90+% White area. I’m very glad I moved here.
    You can still vote with your feet in America!

  9. The Hispanic shift is exaggerated. For the past thirty years around 30 percent of Hispanics have voted Republican. This year it was 39 percent. That’s significant increase. But it means that 61 percent voted Democrat–a landslide. Hispanics who vote Republican tend to be first and second generation and older. Their shift, however. is offset by the steady flood of new Hispanic arrivals.

    • Roland,

      According to the Graph about 2/3thirds down the article the national latin votes between democrats and republicans is shown.

      The Graph called the National Latino vote over time.

      Democrat support is higher in 2020 than in 1980 among Latins while it is a little less support for Republicans now compared to 1980. . My relatives who have American citizenship tend to be old and they support Repubs.

      According to the graph Latins have gone from around 55% supporting Democrats in 1980 to around 66% of latins supporting Democrats in 2020. The percentages of latins supporting/voting for Republicans looks like around 35% in 1980 and now around 31% in 2020.

      In short I think the Democrats are winning the long term battle for latins with the Republicans treading water despite all the hype.

  10. I thought HW regarded himself as a White Southern Nationalist, no? A White Christian Southern Nationalist, perhaps?

    Those liberal activists with their signs on Toomers Corner look harmless enough. One is always going to see a lot of colorful fruitcakes in a college town like Auburn. But we should all be working towards one common goal, viz., filing for a national divorce and establishing a (majority) White Southern Republic. Based Negroes, Injuns and Greasers with roots in the South would be welcomed to stay. But what to do with those Sephardic jews who also have a Southern heritage? Their ancestors did support the Confederacy, after all.

    • They are harmless.

      I have never bothered them.

      I was just trying to highlight the mindset of these people. The same group of White libtards have been out there holding “Stop Racism” signs in Auburn literally almost every night for the past two years. Everyone ignores them. Lee County, AL voted more Republican in the midterms.

      The Chinese students are going about their business. Hispanic construction workers who live in trailer parks outside of town aren’t paying them any mind. The blacks here are more focused on eating their KFC, McDonald’s and Juicy Crab than political demonstrations. These zealots are out there in the rain. You can’t help but notice.

    • Re: “should all be working towards one common goal, viz., filing for a national divorce and establishing a (majority) White Southern Republic. Based Negroes, Injuns and Greasers with roots in the South would be welcomed to stay”:

      Breaking the U.sury S,ystem into two Usury S.ystems, you would have a second so-called “republic” and the same system by another name.

    • Spahnranch1970, “But what too do with those Sephardic Jews who also have a Southern heritage”!?…….They can stay out there in the trailer park with you and the trannies…………..SPAHNRANCH1970………… That was a joke bruh….hee hee, haw haw!!!!!! lol…….please, put the laser weapon down……..Thank you……..

  11. If these people the want to stay in their own neighborhoods fine, but we should not have to live amongst them. Asians, especially Asian women are very liberal and vote along side the liberal Whites.

  12. I do not support Hispanics and Asians joining the White political mainstream. It is unnatural, unhealthy and wrong. Ethno-centrism, tribo-centrism and family-centrism are natural tendencies, or forces, like gravity – whereas the U.sury S.ystem and its anti-“culture” of private profit are unnatural, fighting gravity.

    Of course Hispanics and Asians who run the rat race to attain middle class status (bourgeoisie) will begin to vote conservative. They identify more with money than with their ancestors. Business is everything. Ancestral races, ethnicities, tribes, families, cultures and languages are neglected, die out and disappear. There is no natural social cohesion, no real society, nation or people. Elites have maximum freedom to do as they wish.

      • Indeed it is, TO. MR1831 is based socially, just deluded economically. The only God people worship today, worldwide, is materialism. The problem is that worship results in the war of all against all, as we are all mortal, and therefore have a limited time on Mother Gaia to accumulate things.

        The result of that Malthusian competition is that we can trust no one, so we fall back into ethnocentrism and tribalism because we can more monitor those closest to us, in geography and appearance. But that is inefficient to win the game of (materialistic) life.

        On the other hand, the rootless cosmopolitanism of TPTB gives them a competitive advantage against us locals in said accumulation games, as they can call on outsiders of similar philosophical bent in their war against all (others). And they use our concurrent (with them) materialism to keep us from adopting their winning strategy of accepting allies of different appearances but overlapping philosophical persuasions.

        So in the end, MR1831 is right, collectivism works best to secure a secure life, as none of us have the resources to win all the time, but that requires trust, which cannot be built in the material race except locally, family or neighborhood. Unless we all make a conscious choice to plan to win like the Empire of Evil by cooperation outside tribe.

    • To Metyr, yes they will eventually vote a certain way, but only for what is good for them.
      The whites insisting they are some variation on white, are really being traitorous. Latinos have not been a good thing for the US, and continually help run us down.

  13. Also, notice that Brad says White Nationalists “exaggerate the tensions” while using the same house in multiple photos and a “crowd” of 3 people. All without a hint of irony.

    • I drove by the house and took several photos because I couldn’t fit all of their virtue signaling yard signs and flags in a single shot

      • I’ve read that the crime rate (including murder) in rural parts of South Carolina (and by implication, other parts of the Black but conservative South) is as high as the rate in Chicago. I have not checked this claim for accuracy. Is it true?

        • @Methyr…

          Yes, in northeastern South Carolina and northeastern North Carolina (both overwhelmingly Black majority areas) the situation is very bad in most areas.

          In my case I live in the only white majority town for miles around.

          This town, my town, was wall to wall KKK not so long ago, but, as that tact became less and less effective, the town elders just grew the police force.

          Although no one likes to hear it, the reality is that, without and effective KKK, and with New England Yankee policies of paying Negresses to be mothers, but not work, these areas grow feral young Negroes who have little dignity or respect for themselves or others.

          That, and a lack of fear creates a very toxic situation.

          In this town the police are constantly in the Negro areas, doing subtle things to remind young Negroes (they are the only kind of Negro one has to worry about) that makes them think about what they are doing – the same effect the KKK used to have on them.

          The police here do a fantastic job, and, when I hear White Nationalists complain about the police, I think that they must not know what it is like to live with a lot of Blacks in the area, because without a good police force the whole thing is quickly untenable.

          That said, I am optimistic the situation is going to improve, the reason being that Red States are developing super-majorities and, in my view, will start to undertake reforms to the policies that have lead to this lamentable situation.

          Bear in mind that, when I came into this world, The Black Community was in a very very different place – hard working, independent, married, and NOT much violent.

          It all changed because White Southerners refused, and still refuse, to raise the Confederate flag and tell those in Washington D.C. what it will be.

          One way or the other, that era, the era of being submissive, is coming to an end, and we will reassert ourselves over our land.

          That will help Blacks get out of this deplorable state, in these areas I have mentioned, because these deplorable policies will be phased out.

  14. Hipanic-non Hispanic White is the most common interracial/interethnic pairing, about 15% of children born to Hispanic women have White fathers,plus at least 30% of Hispanic are White or mostly White

    • “or mostly White”

      That’s where the great danger lies.
      The progressive blurring of racial boundaries to the point we become India.

    • Landing a White Euro with a good income is a quantum leap in social status for a Mestiza female. It’s like finding the motherlode to them and their fellow villagers.

  15. “Ron Unz: Hispanics and Asians Join the White Political Mainstream”

    Nothing significant, just the swirling turbulent mixture that occurs as a nation mongrelizes.

  16. That makes the blacks all the more important to the Jew Irish democrat coalition. Without the blacks, the Jews and Irish are out of power and out on the street on their asses. So you get Nancy Pell the third most powerful whore in America forced out to make way for Hakeem the dream. And Hakeem is going to shill like a m’fu*cker for all the fag tranny stuff the Jews and Irish love so much, you just watch. There is going to be a whole lot of tranny freaky deaky stuff blacks are going to have to swallow to pull the lever for Hakeem.

    • This would explain part of the fawning over negroes that we see by the politicians and the culture that is not seen for any other group. Demographically, you would think that all the negroes you see in advertisements and movies would be hispanics.

      What I think is going on is that negroes are more easily bought off and politically controllable. I also think that with Whites heading for absolute numerical minority status, the Elite are using a balance of power strategy to make sure no other racial group becomes a numerical majority and gets dangerous ideas. That means emphasizing negroes at the expense of hispanics and asians.

    • @RB – hibernophobe

      “for all the fag tranny stuff the Jews and Irish love so much”


      Irish Americans or Hiberno-Americans (Irish: Gael-Mheiriceánaigh) are Americans who have full or partial ancestry from Ireland. About 32 million Americans — 9.7% of the total population — identified as being Irish in the 2020 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.
      — Wikipedia: Irish Americans

      Sounds like you RB:

      “I Always Did Despise the Irish”:
      Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Hibernophobia
      Denise D. Knight

      Wait ’til you find out who her great-grandfather is…

      …While Gilman’s xenophobia was largely generalized, her contempt for the Irish was particularly virulent; her writings often betrayed blatant hibernophobic leanings: “Even . . . long-established residents as the Irish remain Irish,—they are not Americans,” she groused. “They would willingly sacrifice the interests of this country, or of the world as a whole, for the sake of Ireland.” Her hibernophobia—a deep-seated prejudice toward Ireland or Irish immigrants—persisted throughout her life. Just two days before her suicide at the age of seventy-five, Gilman, gravely ill from the breast cancer that had transformed her once-vigorous body to “just bones and drapery,” continued her indictment of the Irish in the final letter she wrote before her death. To her old friend, Edward Alsworth Ross, Gilman remarked: “I alwa[y]s did admire & like the Scotch—and despise the Irish! Did you ever think when the New Wave opened and Little England, Little Scotland, Little Portugal, Little Holland and Sweden and Norway and Denmark put to see [sic] in their cockleshells and helped themselves [to] the new land, little Ireland never produced one boat!!! Preferred to sit still and holler about being oppressed!”

      The bigotry that Gilman expressed on her deathbed echoed her sentiments from ten years earlier when she described to Ross her theory about the contributions of individual countries on the world stage: “Nations vary in value to the world, some useful, some of small account, some deleterious. . . . You’ll be amused by my estimate of Ireland’s achievements, but, as a nation, what have they contributed to the world besides a few writers?” Although we can only speculate about the origins of Gilman’s antagonism toward the Irish, it follows a long and familiar pattern of ethnocentrism in her life. Her hibernophobia may have been rooted in an irrational, lingering anti-Catholic sentiment to which Gilman clung and an acceptance of the prevalent stereotypes at the turn of the century that depicted the Irish as intellectually deficient. Despite their obviously white racial pedigree, Irish immigrants were not only considered racially inferior, but also, nativists believed, their Catholicism and Irish nationalism “made the Irish unfit for assimilation into the white American mainstream.” It is possible, too, that Gilman’s distrust of the Irish stemmed from the lingering effects of propaganda that originally swept through New England in the mid-nineteenth century that “Irish servants had been told by the [Catholic] Church to poison their Protestant employers.” In the early decades of the nineteenth century, too, Gilman’s GREAT-GRANDFATHER LYMAN BEECHER, the renowned Calvinist preacher, promoted conspiracy theories warning that…

      The Yankee New England anti-South abolitionist busybody connection:

      father of

      — HARRIET BEECHER STOWE — author of novel that influenced the War Between the States — Uncle Tom’s Cabin

      During the pre-Civil-War conflict in the Kansas Territory, known as “Bloody Kansas”, Beecher raised funds to send Sharps rifles to abolitionist forces, stating that the weapons would do more good than “a hundred Bibles”. The press subsequently nicknamed the weapons “Beecher’s Bibles”. Beecher became widely hated in the American South for his abolitionist actions and received numerous death threats.

      In 1863, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln sent Beecher on a speaking tour of Europe to build support for the Union cause. Beecher’s speeches helped turn European popular sentiment against the rebel Confederate States of America and prevent its recognition by foreign powers. At the close of the war in April 1865, Beecher was invited to speak at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, where the first shots of the war had been fired; Lincoln had again personally selected him, stating, “We had better send Beecher down to deliver the address on the occasion of raising the flag because if it had not been for Beecher there would have been no flag to raise.”
      — Wikipedia: “Henry Ward Beecher”

  17. Various exit poles suggest the Hispanic Republican vote was 39%, about what it usually is. Republicans gained a few black points. Hispanics both in America and in the Americas are drifting to the left, not becoming more conservative. Crypto-communist governments are popping up all over Latin America. The Conservative/Republican establishment is deliriously trumpeting Florida to cover up the fact that, once again, The Great Hispanic Conversion didn’t arrive. Same old bullshit every election cycle, it’s right around the corner. And it’s never going to arrive as long as there’s a dime to suck from white people. Water flows from high to low and will only stop flowing when the levels have been equalized. If that happens who will care that Hispanics vote for something called a conservative? Even the tattered remnants of the nation won’t be left by then.

    Republicans won about 58% of the white vote, a landslide, but are unwilling (and increasingly unable) to do anything about immigration because they are scared to death of being called racist, and because their donors order them not to. They literally take money for betraying and destroying their nation. Such crooked cowards are never going to prosper, particularly in the face of a ruthless enemy, and they haven’t. That goes for most of the rank-and-file of the Republican party as well as all of the leadership. They could have made opposition to mass immigration a third-rail issue in the Republican party the way they made gun control into such an issue, but they’re so gas lit by the all-pervasive white-hating racism that defines modern American culture, and so obsequious to power they just can’t bring themselves to do it. They’ll take the third-world over the third-rail.

    • If there was no opposition to immigration, then amnesty would have passed when Democrats took over the House and Senate. It passed the House. They tried like three or four times to pass it in the Senate. It failed because of the filibuster and budget reconciliation rules

    • @JohntheSecond:

      Then the Republicans AKA the Party of Lincoln needs to go the way of the Whigs even if it ends up being years of Democrat One Party Rule.

      The one thing your must remember is that the Republicans are best typified by the Robber Baron who famously said, “I dont care where I get my labor; it can be a N—-r, a Chinaman or even a mule.” That’s all they are about; serving and enriching oligarchs.

      Well, the Democrats don’t GAFF where they get their votes and will ultimately work with whoever votes for them. That’s why the big tragedy was when Dixiecrats fell for the Nixon Strategy and were neutered into Country Club Republicans we are stuck with today as a result.

      Indeed, that old saying about the Democrat Party leaving Whites isn’t necessarily true. I might add that only with Working Class Whites defecting to Nixon then Reagan than Trump did the Democrats act like a Bitch Scorned and become openly Anti-White. Had the majority stayed with them, the Democrats would have found a way to work with them.

      Yeah, racial politics can make things messy, chaotic and distasteful, but the Democrats who don’t drink any of the Koolaid they sell while the Republicans make a point of guzzling it to prove that The Party of Lincoln is not racist. Look at how the Democrats of Martha’s Vineyard handed Ron DeSantis’ fifty Venezuelans and they still kept the majority of their Senate seats even with the stroke victim from Pennsylvania.

      Texas was a One Party Democrat state with a White majority for years and it was much better for our race. Yes, you had the cancer that are Progressives like Ronnie Earle, but you also had Populists like Bob Bullock who had no problem getting in the mud with him.

      Texas became majority Hispanic when George Dubya AKA The Compassionate Conservative Bush became goobernator. Bush and Karl Roverrated basically morphed True Con Inc. into what it is today, a party of Conservatives who conserve nothing but endless wars and tax cuts.

      • @Clytemnestra…

        I do not think that either the Democrats or Republicans will survive the next decade, unless they fundamentally change, and I can’t see that.

        Can you?

        What I see is the creation of a new socialist party, a nationalist party, and a new party amalgamated from the old Democrats and Republicans, which tries to rule from the centre.

      • LBJ is the Texas Democrat who knowingly and willingly abandoned his party’s White working class in favor of niggers, beaners, jews, pinkos and homos.

      • Did anyone really believe that spoiled, arrogant faggot was a real Texan? W is from an old CIA/Skull and Bones Connecticut family, like William F. Buckley Jr.

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