Axios: Georgia Supreme Court Reinstates 6-Week Abortion Ban

The midterms were a disappointment.

It is not like we lost the midterms though. It was still a narrow victory. We took control of the House and made Joe Biden a lame duck president for the next two years. Nothing else was ever in the cards. The choice was gridlock in Congress and nothing happening or a Democratic trifecta.


“The Georgia state Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily reinstated the state’s six-week abortion ban, which had been struck down by a lower court last week.

The big picture: The Georgia attorney general indicated they plan to appeal last week’s decision on the ban shortly after it was issued. They simultaneously asked the state supreme court to temporarily “stay” the lower court ruling and reinstate the law in the meantime. …”

Taking the hit was worth it.

First, we have ended or restricted abortion in half the country. There was always going to be a backlash to the end of Roe. The states will ultimately go one way or the other. Would you rather the Supreme Court rule on the issue and strike down Roe and take the hit in a good year or a bad year?

Second, the midterms were a major unexpected blow to a Dump coronation and the 2024 Revenge Tour. Dump was running away with the nomination before the midterms. He might still secure the nomination, but at least now it will be a fight and the primary will be much more interesting. Our King will have to answer for all of his various failures and address real issues and we will be better off for it.

Before the midterms, I expected the 2024 primary and election would be all about Dump’s wounded ego and the Revenge Tour. If there had been a Red Wave, he would have taken that as ratifying the decisions he has made. The 2024 election would have been about how the 2020 election was stolen. It have inflated and ratified Dump’s personality cult instead of letting some of the air out of the old windbag.


  1. Okay. My belief system is that all abortion should be illegal. You cannot murder a baby for any reason.

    • @Cristina Romana Alva:

      I respectfully disagree. I would prefer to see a Constitutional amendment ratified and passed prohibiting any state or federal authority to compel a pregnant woman to either give birth to an unwanted child OR abort a wanted child.

      I was in my thirties when I saw both sides of the issue play out simultaneously with respectively Romania forcing births and China’s one-child rule compelling abortions.

      I dislike abortion as much as anyone here, but for example, the DOMA (Definition of Marriage Act) defining marriage as between one man and one woman unlocked a door that swings both ways. It was quickly overturned by the SCOTUS to legalize same sex marriage and enshrine “Bake That Cake, You Bigot” penalties to any who did not feel same-sex unions were real marriages.

      Any attempt to outlaw abortion with the authorities compelling a woman to carry an unwanted child to term would unlock the door and empower authorities to compel a woman to abort a wanted child. The vehicle to do so?

      The Green New Deal. Sorry Miss Christina, your fetus will end up producing a carbon footprint and pollute our precious Gaia. Someone will be by to collect your pregnant self and strap you down to a table at the nearest Planned Parenthood to get rid of this potential menace you are about to unleash on the planet.

      • @Clytemnestra…

        “I would prefer to see a Constitutional amendment ratified and passed prohibiting any state or federal authority to compel a pregnant woman to either give birth to an unwanted child OR abort a wanted child.”

        If The Right tries to do what The Left has long done, (co-opt the power of the central government to force compliance on something we value – but, that they, The Blue States, hate) there will be no end to all this.

        The whole genius of the Confederate/Federalist idea is that each state decides it’s own matters, without interference from outside.

        The central government is only supposed to do three things – #1. Protect the borders. #2. Protect the domestic economy with sufficiently high tarifs, and #3. Conduct the courts to resolve interstate disputes.

        Because the government is New England of spirit, it does very little of that, and a lot of what it was never intended to do.

        Please – let us NOT continue with this totalitarian anti-federalist madness.

        Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

      • Clytemnestra,

        Thank you for your polite disagreement. Naturally, I believe people should support government when it does good and fight it as best you can when it does evil.

        One cannot automatically allow evil because the forces that subjugate such evil might also subjugate good.

      • Clytemnestra,

        No hard feelings on our beliefs on abortion I hope. Anyway I ran across this movie with a cute introduction. Do you think it is a good approach to please a guy?

        I know we are made for men so it seems okay but a grown woman’s opinion is always valuable.

    • @Cristina…

      I totally agree that abortion is murder and that murder is unacceptable, except in self-defence.

      Still, I also believe that each country, (in this case each state) has the sovereign right to define what it regards as life and the pursuit of happiness.

      If they get it wrong, they will answer for that to The Lord.

      Felice Thanksgiving a tu familia y todas las Nortenas!

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        Thank you for your wishes. Most of my family is here for Thanksgiving. Some elder relatives are from Texas and California so should be a big feast. I might not have much time to be on the internet on this visit after tonight.

        I also hope you enjoy the turkey and side dishes and time with your wife and daughters.

      • Ivan,

        By the criteria that Clytemnestra and you have then you are believing that a government with the power to ban abortion and other important matters then that government could also enforce abortion etc?

        By that standard then giving a government the power to ban rape and adult murder and putting criminals to death or in prison could also do that to the innocent.

        And governments have but so what? Important laws have to be enforced. One cannot deny the government the right to combat evil because rulers and those they govern are sinners and might oppress as well as defend.

        The moral code is that murder is wrong and that means governments are also under the Divine Rule in such matters. Human fears and experiences right or wrong and/or human constitutions mean nothing to the Divine Law.

  2. >Taking the hit was worth it.

    What hit?

    Anyway, regarding Georgia, as I clearly showed before (by, you know, actually reading the opinion), the stay against the ban on abortion after a detectable fetal heartbeat (generally conceded by all sides to be at about 6 weeks), known as Section 4 of the LIFE Act, is ironclad (link) — it’s based on a technicality, but an ironclad technicality — directly per the Georgia state Constitution, as well as legal precedent in the state, the law is moot — it was DOA.

    But the fix could not be simpler: just reintroduce the law — presumably it still has legislative support, and the governor will sign it (again).

    Now that Roe has been overturned, it cannot be reasonably claimed the ban on abortion after 6 weeks is unconstitutional, because there is no longer, de jure, a federal constitutional right to abortion — hence the explicit section of the Georgia state Constitution which says that if a law, when passed, is unconstitutional per either the federal or state Constitution, then courts in Georgia must declare the law to be null and void, no longer applies — the SAFE Act was passed in 2019, before Roe was overturned.

    It seems to me that the whole circus going on now in Georgia over the 2019 SAFE Act is a complete waste of everyone’s time and taxpayer money.

    Don’t take my word for it, go read the opinion — it’s not that long — there is a link to it in your previous post:

    Axios: Judge Strikes Down Georgia’s Six-Week Abortion Ban

  3. When Jefferson Davis was boarding a train for Danville, as Richmond was burning one night in early April of ’65, he was overheard to say : ‘The idea we fought for will be back in 4 or 5 generations.’


    The 10th Amendment – the guarantee of the sovereignty of the states is rearing it’s lovely head again, largely thanks to the judicial appointments of President Trump, and overturning all New England Yankee UNfederalist pretensions.

    With Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito at the helm, let us bury the Earl Warren Court, and all it’s offspring once and for all.

    I hope Justice Scalia is watching from the heavens, for back to the Confederacy we go.

  4. This is just another stunt to get out the D-jersey vote for the runoff. As noted above, the whole legal dispute over the existing law is bullshit – an utter waste of taxpayer money. The law was technically unconstitutional when passed in 2019 (Roe still in force) and therefore must be voided as per the Georgia constitution. All the legislature has to do is pass the same law again and it will be pass constitutional muster thanks to the overturn of Roe. Instead of something practical there has to be an excuse to sound the Mighty Wurlitzer so the clowns can come out and perform to public acclaim.

    The whole kabuki dance serves two main purposes: 1) Line the pockets of shysters; 2) Get the wymyn out to vote against (hilariously) “pro-life” Herschel Walker – who paid for at least two abortions of sluts he knocked up (probably white women). Being the Cheetohead-endorsed Repuke candidate, “Herschel is a compassionate conservative who is pro-life and pro-family”, while the dindu Reverend the champ is running against is all for the practice. Like everything else in clown-world It’s all fake and gay. So Georgia has its own “Model-T” senate erection, an even bigger clown-show than one in Illnoize between Housenigga Hussein and the hapless Alan Keyes. The stupid party thus plays its assigned role per the instructions of the show’s (((producers))) and (((directors))). Are you not entertained, Zeks? Say bye-bye to the filibuster.

  5. What is the White population in Georgia? How is it that we have two Blacks run for the Senate? Is Georgia majority non-white now? I can remember decades ago when Ed Fields of the Trust At Last newspaper (formerly The Thunderbolt) ran an expose of Hershel Walker.

    • @Whitelash…

      President Trump was influential in getting Mr. Walker picked, because Mr. Walker and President Trump have been friends for decades.

      It is as simple as that, and there is nothing else to be read into it.

    • This kind of statement is nearly as retarded as the wymyn who fall for the bullshit lie pushed by (((gaslight media))) that the overturn of Roe is going to result in a Handmaid’s Tale scenario. A Georgia negress (or one of Herschel Walker’s white sluts) might have to make a little car trip up to some other state – like VA or maybe IL – where Schlomo’s abortion mills are ‘open for biznisss’. That’s assuming she won’t have conveniently ordered a good supply of morning-after pills on Amazon who’ll deliver to her door. Your tax dollars are likely already paying for morning-after pills and will soon pay for free plane trips to states where Schlomo’s body-part rendering plants are in operation.

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