FOX News: Colorado Q Club Shooter Is “Non-Binary,” Public Defenders Say

This happened over the weekend.

I wasn’t sure what was going on and didn’t chime in.

When I was following the story on the home, the hot takes were already flying that anti-LGBTQ rhetoric was responsible, Tucker Carlson was responsible, Matt Walsh and Christopher Rufo were responsible, etc. I believe I heard that Ron DeSantis was also responsible because of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The Colorado Springs shooting story has since taken an interesting turn and doesn’t appear to be what many people initially thought it was when the finger wagging began.

FOX News:

“Public defenders representing Anderson Lee Aldrich, the suspect accused of killing five people and injuring 17 more in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, over the weekend, are describing the 22-year-old in court documents as “non-binary.” 

In several standard motions filed on behalf of Aldrich on Tuesday, the public defenders refer to the suspect as “Mx. Aldrich.” The motions deal with issues like unsealing documents and evidence gathering, not Aldrich’s identity, and there was no elaboration about it.

“Anderson Aldrich is non-binary,” reads the footnotes in the documents. “They use they/them pronouns, and for the purposes of all formal filings, will be addressed as Mx. Aldrich.” …”

Tucker came out of the gate swinging and addressed it on his show. He doubled down on calling out Satanic groomers last night. It turns out the perp in Colorado Springs was a “non-binary” weirdo. The story will now mysteriously disappear from the news cycle because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Note: Christian nationalists have pushed back hard against the embrace and celebration of faggotry and trannies which was getting out of control in MAGA in the Trump years.


    • @Arrian,
      I’m no expert on binaryness, but I think it means that it’s neither male or female bined. It’s just some kind of rare life form that looks remotely human or sumpthin.

  1. Oh my. I did not know what something called non-binary is/was. It is difficult to keep up with the perverted nonsense that is los estados unidos.

    I think el diablo has a sense of humor after all.

    • “perverted nonsense that is los estados unidos.”

      You nailed it.
      It’s getting very wearing, living in an asylum.

      • Arrian,

        I wrote to you several times on the Unz article on Nov. 17th about latina/orientals becoming pro white etc. They might be worth your reading.

      • Flax,

        We are heavily influenced by the United States. American TV and movies/magazines should be strictly kept out unless they are decent. No need to have home grown filth either.

        Can not be done with any current major Party in Mexico and the USA would froth at the mouth if Mexico were to do that. Loans (free money) etc. would dry up, maybe even sanctions because of the “assault on freedom and democracy” .

        • Yes and no. There are already homegrown Gringo style pansexual freak shows by the hundreds in DF, SLP and Culiacan, with Culiacan being more commercial because of the Mexican narco freak customers. And in the more “traditional’ vein, the bestiality shows/brothels (with mostly Gringo customers) have been legendary at least since WW II in Mexican border towns.

          • Flax,

            I did mention our home grown filth. Tijuana is well known for degeneracy catering to the anglo. Of course those places should still be banned but they are backed by the powerful of both countries.

            I did read that a former US president had been to such places. This was in a newspaper not some internet website. I would mention his name but the paper could be wrong. .

  2. I view that shooting like I do any pedophile getting killed in prison. I obviously oppose any illegal acts, but I don’t lose any sleep over it.

  3. I wondered how he got in with body armor and a long rifle. (snicker)
    False Flag Productions is scraping the bottom of the barrel and the Wally World shooting in the glorious people’s republic of Virginia didn’t even make it out of the memory hole.

  4. It doesn’t much matter — let those who hang out on social media bang out their takes, countertakes, tut-tuts, I told you so’s, etc about this latest episode of Freakshow America — that’s all many of them are good for.

    What’s most important is that incidents like this not be allowed to result in further restrictions on firearms ownership.

    And by the way, so far 6 people have been shot and killed in Chicago this week, 42 in November (almost 2/day) — link — but no one cares — wrong victim group.

  5. Hahaha. Mx Aldrich identifies as non-binary.

    Poor leftoids. Zhe’s one of yours, bitches! Suck it up.

  6. I noticed for the last couple days I saw no reference to the killings, but I don’t look at too much of the mainstream. On the day after, I searched Aldrich on facebook and was sent to a thread in which these leftists were all seething blaming Trump, Republicans, conservatives, and Christians, and of course Whites claiming that Whites are overwhelmingly responsible for these mass shootings. I linked this in a half dozen times to shut up these faggots but more for the White normies so they could see the niggers, spics, and jews are all lying.

    Race; number of mass shooters ; (percentage of total mass shooters); per capita perpetration rate, relative to Whites. (Data: database)

    Blacks are about twenty-six times more likely to be mass shooters, as compared with Whites. The Jewish-dominated “mainstream” media (MSM) continually promote the propaganda lie that mass shooters are mostly White. You can’t trust the MSM. They are unreliable.

    Jan. 2019 through May 2022

    Black 517 (72.1%) 26.2

    White 93 (13.0%) 1.00

    Latino 95 (13.2%) 3.74

    Asian 12 (1.67%) 1.26

    • At Kang Andre Bing least he had the decency to kill himself to speed his trip to Wokeanduh. That’s better than the usual dindu-nuffins aspiring rapper and rocket-scientist – who like to tap the Schlomo golem-shyster fund to beat the rap. Back at Kersey’s old site they used to refer to a mysterious Asiatic ‘gong-rong’ demon which forced negroes to pick up weapons and start killin’. Thus there were all manner of events which were suffixed with the demon’s name: Prayer meetin’ gong-rong, Home invasion gong-rong, Robbery gong-rong (a media and police fav), birthday party gong-rong, twerkin’ gong-rong, etc.

      There will still be solemn intonations from Joey Shitpants and the usual circus troupe about the dire need for gun control of course. Mittens, Lady G and Mr. Tim (her house negro) will no doubt all solemnly nod in agreement.

  7. I know another story that disappeared. It was when a shooter, or shooters, shot up a country music venue from a high-rise Las Vegas hotel. Notice no manifesto was brought forth. That leads me to believe he was motived by a hatred of red state Americans and Trump voters. Why do I suspect the 4 college students killed in Moscow, Idaho will also go down the ash bin of history if the killer turns out to be Black?

    • The Las Vegas massacre had something to do with the deep-state. A number of survivors who witnessed the event have died in Clintonesque one-car accidents and other statistically unlikely events. It was just one crazy white guy with lots of guns shooting from a hotel window is the official story of course (the one story you can absolutely bank on being a lie). There was a Jewess at CBS news who celebrated the killing of so many whites who were likely Trump voters. She was fired but likely ended up in a higher paying job at Faceberg or Twatter. (((Gaslight media))) has been memory-holing black-on-white killings (their golem at work) since 1948 with the publication of AP guidelines.

  8. The policies of the Left, such as secularization, feminism, and the sexualization of society, along with the normalizing of degeneracy of all forms, have done a lot to undermine the collective well-being of individuals.

    And yet : The Left is determined to blame this sad state of affairs on The Right.

    It’s not going to work.

    Gun control is not the right answer to the mental illness and demonic usurpation that arises on in a fragmented and ungrounded society that has such unbounded vanity it actually worships itself, or so it would seem, this as it tries to cast aside thousands of years of civilizational mores.

  9. Miles Mathis argues that this is a set-up. He notes how Colorado Springs houses a lot of military bases, and many of these shootings take place near military areas. Also, how Colorado seems to be sponsor to many of them. Miles notes how the Air Force especially seems tied to these false flags. Miles notes the large number of Air Force people involved.
    He even thinks Jan. 6 was a set-up; notes how Ashli Babbit was ex-air force. He thinks her death was staged.
    it’s also harder to see this as a “problem.” if degenerates blow each other away, I really don’t care, nor does the majority of people. People seem stunned by all these shootings, but I doubt many are mourning the loss of a few homosexuals/trannies/whatever.
    This has become state manufactured public concern.

    Cristina Romana Alva: I was really thinking of you. I saw a movie, Bardo, made by Alejandro Inarritu, the Mexican who made the film Birdman. This film is “A false chronicle of a handful of truths,” a study of a Mexican journalist’s life, and is very visual and deals with Mexican/American attitudes, mostly from the Mexican viewpoint. Inarritu’s character is denounced by Mexicans for going to El Norte and abandoning them, and yet studies what is meant by being Mexican. Especially thoughtful is an interview he has with Cortez on a heap of corpses. Makes the point that Mexicans despise Cortez, but what exactly is their true culture? Note how this journalist is called a Malinche by the Mexicans, and it’s just a fun study of Mexico. Very Latin-American magical realism, and also the obsession Mexicans have with America…still carrying wounds from Chapultepec and the 1846 war,
    but Mexicans can’t stop going to El North. A funny scene is when the journalist and his family return to LA after visiting Mexico, then are told by a Mexican-American customs official that they can’t come back…they aren’t real Americans like him, and his supervisor is Asian. Funny how they are no real Americans anymore.
    I really wish you (And your family) could have seen the movie with me. Try to see it if you can. Just very visual and thoughtful.

    • dargason,

      I am glad I caught your comment for I read only a relative few unless the subject matter of the article appeals to me. I have not forgotten your book to read and analyze. It is only that I am only back in Texas and/or California here and there.

      The Indian tribes in alliance with the Spaniards still support Cortez or so I read last year. I am Catholic before being Mexican. Mexicans are in general not good Catholics. There was even a book written about the Cristeros in the 1930’s called No God Next Door about how anti-christian and pro-communist the Mexican government has been since the revolution a century ago.

      The Spanish that conquered the Aztecs had way more Indian allies than Spanish soldiers in their army.

      The majority of Mexicans are seemingly semi pagan. Yes the Mexican-American war is not forgotten.

      Sounds like an interesting movie. You do have a liking for the unusual.

      As for Mexican culture/mindset? It is partly Spanish and partly Indian like you would imagine. It is also a combination of paganism, Catholicism, tradition and revolutionary as well. A difficult country to govern without the iron hand I think. I believe the worse thing to call a Mexican man would be coward.

      I think Mexicans go to the USA primarily for money.

  10. According to libtards, if you’re a real man who looks at real women, you’re a sexual deviant.
    If you’re a trannie, peadophile or faggot, you’re somehow ‘normal’.

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