House of Representatives Settles With 222 Republicans

The 2022 election cycle is over.

Republicans flipped the House which they will control by the same margin as Democrats over the last two years. Democrats have flipped three (MA, MD, AZ) and netted two governorships (NV). Democrats picked up one Senate seat (PA) and the Georgia Senate race is going to a runoff.

If Herschel Walker wins in Georgia, nothing will have changed except for the House and a few governorships. Joe Biden’s legislative agenda will be dead though.


  1. “Democrats have flipped three (MA, MD, AZ) and…”

    Arizona hasn’t certified that I don’t believe, and its already being widely discussed as having been a totally fubar election in Maricopa.

  2. Good, maybe Republicans can get us out of Ukraine but more likely it will be about abortion and tax breaks.

      • Not true. Under the U. S. Constitution, all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives. Therefore, if the newly-minted Republican majority wanted to do so, they could simply refuse to authorize government funds be disbursed for any activity they opposed: Joe Biden’s Ukrainian money laundering operation, the special counsel appointed by Merrick Garland, or literally anything else. Elections have potential consequences.

        Of course, whether Kevin McCarthy is willing to act on the wishes of a majority of the voters who gave his party numeric control over the purse strings as compared to the campaign contributors of his party, who overwhelmingly represent persons who exercise legal control over wealth generating assets, remains to play out. We all know the likely outcome of that rhetorical question, but a person can dream.

        Also, if Herschel Walker wins the Georgia Senate runoff election, Republicans will take formal control of the United States Senate when Joe Manchin changes parties to allow him to win reelection in deep red West Virginia. That will drive a stake through the Biden agenda, except for replacing liberal Supreme Court justices with another liberal like the woke moron last installed. The RINOS in the Senate will insist, and pseudo Republicans like Josh Hawley cannot go the performance art route with a filibuster because that is not allowed for replacing the Supremes.

        So there is no actual reason to excuse anticipated Republican beautiful loser failure to effectively exercise the authority granted them by the 2022 elections. Let’s see if anyone in those legislative bodies shows courage to act to defund and deny the Enemy. . . . I know, I’ m laughing too.

        • Joe Biden has been sending billions of dollars to Ukraine without congressional authorization because of this “Ukraine Lend Lease Act” which was passed in May. Congress has approved tens of billions of dollars in Ukraine spending, but hasn’t voted on all of it. Such is my understanding of what is going on

  3. In the end what will change, nothing for the better for our people. Lake is still hasn’t conceded so in Arizona.

  4. Note how Georgia is pulling tricks. They want to use more mail-in ballots for the runoff election, and that means a chance to keep Walker from getting elected, and Warnock staying as senator. I think the Arizona publicity is used by the MSM to cover this up.

    There’s a real chance the senate will be democratic. Some of these states are crooked and they won’t change.
    Many people are fanatic…about keeping gridlock, but you Cann’t run a coherent political system on perpetual gridlock. For all the talk of new faces and Trump support, remember that despite all the red gains on the map, all you need is six heavily populated states, and they can dictate most policy to the rest, especially if they have a political machine that isn’t shy about taking power and keeping it.

    Jacob Dreizin is pretty cocky about it: he tells the GOP that you saw crooked elections in 2020, and what have you done about it since then? Nothing.

    • “…that despite all the red gains on the map, all you need is six heavily populated states, and they can dictate most policy to the rest…”

      Please explain. I don’t understand. In the Senate, you need 41 Senators to cause gridlock or defeat any legislation. Are you saying 6 States in the House can do the same because of population?

      Could you name which ones or have a link explaining? Even in the left States not all their representatives are left.

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