Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue

Dave Chappelle also recently got in trouble with Jonathan Greenblatt.


  1. What jewblatt is really saying is “get back on the reservation Schvartze” or we destroy you just like we did to your fellow Schvartze, West.

  2. Lol. I thought it was especially funny that he gave a fake monologue to the Jew directors cause he knew they wouldn’t let him say what he wanted.

    This coon gets nominated for the coon of the year award from me. It was a worthy troll. Certainly better form than going dethcon 3 on the jews… lol.

  3. This was a brilliantly monologue that, brilliantly nuanced and inflected, was actually a taking out to the woodshed of those who, in wishing to be above criticism, deign to be above the rest of Humanity.

  4. The Jews know they have a momentary problem with blacks, that is why Hakeen Jefferies was made House Democrat leader. It is interesting Jefferies is from Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving plays for the Brooklyn Nets, basketball is a sport enjoyed by many many blacks, Hakeem Jefferies was named after a famous basketall player…. Forget about Chappelle, what does Hakeem Jefferies think of Kyrie Irving’s situation.

    • @RB

      What!?! No trolling insults against the Irish? Soros is going to have to dock your pay this month.

      Browning is running scared now.

      Following the Curse of Tippecanoe (Tecumseh’s Curse / 20-year Curse / Zero Curse) a President is to die in office every year they were elected that ends with a “0”. Interestingly, on this cycle in the 1960 term President JFK (Irish) was assassinated, in the 1980 term President Reagan (Irish) was shot but not killed, Bush in 2000 escaped any harm. So here in the 2020 term we have another Irish President.

      If he gets shot/assassinated, Robert Browning would be a prime suspect. No one hates the Irish today more than whoever this Robert Browning is. He even foams at the mouth if someone has anything suggesting pro-Irish in their comments or name.

      What’s a matter, Robbie, you running scared on us? Them secret service people closing in on you? Has the FBI gotten a little too close to you lately?

      Now it would be good if they had some way of monitoring you for peace of mind. It would be nice if they made you wear a monitoring device so they could track where you were at all times. At least people of Irish descent could be alerted if you were in the neighborhood so they could bring their children into their house so you couldn’t Dahmerize them. I know, I know, you believe the Irish have bad blood and you won’t eat them but you would still enjoy torturing and watching them die.

      • I am a Christian schmuck and it is for God to punish you, in a way he sees fit. Just picture Uncle Ted, the best of the Irish, in prison, old, broken, lying in a pool of his own filth to weak to get on his feet and no one willing to help to get a handle on what God has in store for you Mick.

        • McCarthy was released from the hospital before President Reagan.

          “I got just about out the door and the president says ‘Hey Tim, by the way, listen. It was McCarthy, Reagan, Delahanty, Brady. What the hell did this guy [Hinckley] have against the Irish?” McCarthy said with a laugh.
          — CBS Chicago, “Former Secret Service Agent [Tim McCarthy] Recalls Attempt On Reagan’s Life”

          No, you are Hinckley II on steroids. You hate the Irish beyond anyone else.

  5. Cancelled unperson airbrushed out of all photos.
    Bank accounts deleted, car shut off by remote.
    Stores instructed to escort thoughtcriminal out if he shows up.
    Freedom of Speech, just watch what you say.
    Remember the Voltaire quote about not being able to criticize who rules over you.

  6. We were a guest closing out last week’s TPC The political cesspool radio show and we commented on Dave Chapelle’s excellent SNL monologue.

    We included a lot of humor, which is always a good thing. OD Readers can hear our participation to close the show at:


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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