Donald Trump Knows Nothing About Nick Fuentes

If this had been me, I wouldn’t have gone because getting my name in the media and creating a distraction isn’t nearly as important as the candidate I support winning their primary.

VICE News:

“Continuing his habit of bringing far-right trolls into his orbit, he has also seemingly brought on board Fuentes and indicated the white nationalist is helping with the campaign. A right-wing blog friendly with those in Ye’s orbit reported Fuentes was in line to be the campaign’s communication director. In the video, Ye said that Trump was “very impressed” with Fuentes. …”

Kanye as the presidential candidate.

Trump was asked to be the vice president.

MILO as campaign manager.

Nick Fuentes as communication director.

Cassandra Fairbanks is involved in some official capacity.

It sounds like a sideshow.

Note: In related news, Christian Secor and Riley Williams were recently convicted for participating in the January 6 Goon March. I also noticed over the summer that Kodak Black was arrested on drug charges. Donald Trump’s last act as president was pardoning Kodak Black.


  1. Really, does this narcissistic clown even know there’s a pro-White movement and Whites are seriously in trouble? He’s so focused on himself, he probably doesn’t know what he’s doing when he’s working on something. Evidence is, the dope gets elected by accident, the treacherous people / jews he appointed after elected, ignoring rank and file Whites who care about America while placating the nonwhites who are destroying America, and the fact that he accomplished virtually nothing of value for four years. Forget about the White Jan 6 patriots he could have pardoned but instead threw under the bus. Seriously ……..What an fucking idiot!!!

    • ” he accomplished virtually nothing of value for four years.”

      He’s a blocking pawn, occupying space to block a threat.

  2. Donald knows how to move things in the right direction and rolling out Kanye and Nick was no accident.

    Also there is 99% chance that ruining his life, losing all important friends and maybe getting killed was not Elon own brilliant idea.

    Cultural shift is much more important for draining The Swamp than winning elections. Somehow society must pushed to the point where reopening Auschwitz becomes acceptable.

    20 years ago, there wasn’t a day when someone did not donated to Auschwitz. This facility was officially the biggers revenue earning enterprise in Poland.

    Every time, dumb Nazis yelled that burn it down. And every time wise Nazis appeased that please do not burn, there will be time when we need this facility again.

    • “where reopening Auschwitz becomes acceptable.”

      best five words on this page, I’ve read in years…..
      Did you see the video Ursula Haverbeck has up on GAB?

      Prov. 26:5

      • @Fr. John…

        On your recommendation I went to see it.

        I guess the American version of what she is recommending (National Socialism) was FDR’s New Deal’, and if a New Deal 2.0 is on the ballot, I’m for it.

        What we have is not working, though, being a Traditional Southerner, I prefer secession and a new Confederacy.

        ‘National’ anything is scary, because that means government is centralized, and that means it WILL be bought and usurped by those alien to us.

        Northeasterners, no matter how brilliant, never seem to quite fathom this.

        But, in case you might fathom it, let me ask you a question : What happened to the New Deal banking and trade regulations, which set up such a successful economy for the small business in the small town?

        • The precise reason we can’t have “national” anything in America is because it’s no longer an all White country. Nationalism is about race, always.

          nationalism: a love of the people who share with you a common birth (or ancestry).

          A nationalist is someone who loves the people who are descended from the same fathers that are his fathers also. Nationalism is racism. Your race is your nation.

          • Yes, I agree, Dear DiCarlo.

            But, let’s be clear – even when nationalism (racism) was okay in this country, it still was superceded by the desire to make capital.

            That’s why this nation became so strong physically – it was almost entirely oriented towards profit and financial success.

            And when we look at what this nation has become, we see profit motive, and, as a cover, the attempt to infect as many Whites as possible with a self-hating disease.

            That’s why, when many people refer to this nation as ‘Civic Nationalism’, I think of it as ‘Financial Nationalism’.

          • @Ivan — This infection is the result of jew parasites controlling the narrative for the last 50 years. People will always strive to make a better life for themselves and their families. There’s nothing wrong with that until you bring jew greed into it.

          • @DiCarlo…

            I do agree with you that Jewry is to be called out, and seen in that critical light.

            Yes, absolutely, but, I do not agree that Jewry, alone, is at work here.

            Modernity, technology, and the sinful nature of Mankind also have a large role to play.

            Our fall is a very complex phenomenon, which, if we are ever to extricate ourselves, must be carefully analyzed in a full fashion.

            All the best to you!

    • “Donald …….. rolling out Kanye ”

      WOOOAH……I can hear the kosher knives being sharpened now. The grand rabbinate has called a minion and the slaughter is being planned.

      Donald is a dead goat.

  3. Understand the black vote is very very important for the Democrats. They must have the black vote to maintain power. And Kanye is a threat to that black vote. If Kanye can just slice off a sliver of the black vote it would be devastating to the Dems. And I can not believe this is not a Trump strategy.

    • Kanye West already tried that in 2020 when he had more friends in the black community, and it didn’t stop Biden from winning. What makes you think West will get more voted in 2024 than he did in 2020? If he does, those votes will probably be from Trump voters.

      • What blacks do not like him? And the Jew stuff resonates with common working class blacks, all the landlords in the inner city black neighborhoods are Jews. Have you seen how high rents are getting? Come on, are you trying to tell me blacks are going to be happy being bled dry? There is a friction point there ready to exploited by certain shrewd operators.

        • Ghetto blacks are insulated from high Jew rents by Section APE. It’s the White tax slaves who are getting raped by that arrangement.

          • “Ghetto blacks are insulated from high Jew rents by Section APE.”

            That is mostly true, but a significant minority of blacks are being pushed out in favor of higher rent payers and jwz working to establish kosher neighborhoods.

          • @Flaxen-headed Strumpet—– If I were a Jew I’d be afraid of this guy. So you are not afraid right kyke?

      • The idea of Kanye West running for US President is an absolute joke. Even to be discussing it is absurd. Wakanda yes, but US Klownworld, not a chance. Fetterman would win by a landslide.

        • Before I forget … let’s hear it for holocaust deniers! The only honest opinion anyone who looks into the colossal jew lie, can come to. It NEVER HAPPENED. 1488!

  4. >Christian Secor

    It’s worth taking a few moments to read the story at the link:

    On Wednesday, the 24-year-old Secor was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison. Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding, a felony. … Judge Trevor McFadden, who was nominated to the federal court by former President Donald Trump, said Secor’s conduct was, “about as blatant and obstructive as any [he’s] seen from that day that didn’t include actual violence.”

    So he’s not accused of doing anything violent — and exactly what is ‘obstruction of an official proceeding’? — what ‘official proceeding’ did he personally ‘obstruct’, and exactly how did he do that?

    Note also how young the two authors are, and judging by the tone of their story, how seriously they appear to take all of this.

    Now compare the fate of Christian Secor (‘three-and-a-half years in prison’) to this story:

    Texas man gets no jail time for beating girlfriend, killing their unborn child: report

    You’ll never guess the race of the ‘Texas man’.

    Picture me sitting at a desk with a sign: ‘You’ll never fix this by voting — change my mind.’

    • We have NIGGERS walking around high on drugs robbing, shooting, stabbing and all around acting like uncontrollable animals but to approach them and use force against them is considered a “hate” crime by the antiwhite US government. Ask Derek Chauvin. On the other hand, ask Ashli Babbitt — Whites are on the chopping block and killing them is sanctioned.

  5. How long before Dump goes into disavow mode on every news show when asked about Fuentes and him being a holoco$t denier?

  6. Robert Browning- rank and file blacks don’t do most of the black voting- black elites vote for them using their ballots via vote harvesting. These elites will continue to do this regardless of any Black awakening due to Kanye or any other black “awakener” No one asks the actual blacks if they actually voted because Republicans are scared to death of being called a “racist’.

    • @Blowtorch Mason——-If the Jews were not afraid of Kanye, Hakeem Jefferies would not have made House part leader they would have chosen a faggot to succeed Pelosi. Faggots are MVPs with Jews not blacks. And the Jefferies selection is a sign of fear.

      • Rest assured that Hakeem’s deal includes an agreement that he is to operate according to directives from handlers carefully chosen and positioned by the party. He’s a House High Yellow..

  7. Jarvanka was the mole and remember the LBJ quote about having those “comrades” voting CPUSA for 200 years.
    The Grand Old Politburo is just that stupid and useless to think that diversity pets will vote for the chamber of commerce.

  8. I’m not shocked that a man who didn’t know who Jim “pro white” Webb was, despite him being a Senator, Secretary of the Navy AND a candidate for President in the same year (!) doesn’t know a marginal figure in the Alt Right.

    Despite going to Wharton, and having “smart” missiles, Trump just isn’t that bright.

    An idiot savant to be sure, but still an idiot.

  9. No disavowal of Ye or Nick from Trump, this is huge. I’m excited to see where this goes. 2024 will be wild.

  10. The main theme of the 2016 presidential election was driven by Jewry, severely anxious that rural and Smalltown Whites (the last group they seem unable to control or ‘persuade’) rising up and finding some sort of political voice.

    To that end we saw endless illustrations, at periodicals like The New Yorker, showing Trump in White Sheets or with a Hitlerian moustache.

    So, with places like Breitbart already trying to derail Trump in late 2022, I am left to think the 2024 presidential election will be a reprise of president election 2016 – The Jew-England Yankee World Order trying to keep White Gentile American from getting off the mat and getting a leg back up in the saddle again.

    I know this is not something people like to think, or hear over Thanksgiving turkey, but, if it is not this way, then I sure can’t think of how it is.

  11. To tell the truth, I do not have any intention of voting for President Trump again, nor does my wife or a number of people in our community, BUT, I can see that Organized Jewry is hellbent to change my mind and get me to vote for him again.

    Only they could do a thing like that….

    • I’m voting to get rid of Joe Biden.

      I’m not currently backing anyone in the 2024 primary. I dislike Trump, but I don’t trust Ron DeSantis. The rest of the field (Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Chris Christie) looks even worse than DeSantis.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        Thank you for your reply.

        My point of view is damn near close to yours.

        I think Governor DeSantis is the best governor we’ve seen in decades, that said, learning about his distaste for Confederate statues, plus his Zionist-curtseying, has left me feeling wary with him.

        I do not wish more years of Trump, but, I do love how those we so dislike so dislike him.

        The rest of the field is beyond ridiculous.

        I would vote for any of them, even if they are running against Biden’s embalmed corpse.

        All the best to Miss Rene and the entire Griffin family!

  12. Say what you will about President Trump -he has a genius for publicity.

    Why do I say that?

    Because, just as he staked out his position in 2015 at the edge of the spectrum and the anti-establishment candidate (by his comments on immigration) he is staking out again this week, this by proposing to execute drug-dealers and having Mr. West and Mr. Fuentes to dinner.

    Maybe it won’t work with the hyper-informed here, (a tiny element of the electorate) but, it will sure work with the normal folk.

  13. YE alluded to this also but its worth mentioning.

    Blacks hate jews because they think they are the real jews and are owed this deference and power.

    “Anti semitic” blacks aren’t our allies. They are just farther right on the autistism spectrum than your average 90 IQ inner city coon.

    Ye chimping out, was the coming down the elevator moment for these nuts. They are every bit as retarded as the Altright. They will make a hero of him.

    • > “Anti semitic” blacks aren’t our allies. They are just farther right on the autistism spectrum than your average 90 IQ inner city coon.

      No argument. Even so, never interrupt a lesser enemy who attacks a greater enemy. If nothing else he ends up wearing down the greater enemy even if he’s crushed. The more rabid mongeese that pop up to go after the slithering schlomo, the better. Death by a billion bug bites.

  14. The Chabad Lubavitcher son in law must not be handling Dump’s schedule now. Otherwise Fuentes and that particular nigger would have never got in for a meeting.

    And of course Dump knows who Fuentes is. Swishy Nicky has been one of the biggest bogeymen in the Jew Media for two years. Seems he had plausible deniability, or at least he belives it.

    I have a 404 area code phone on Straight Talk, and that is a Georgia area code. Warnock’s campaign calls me every day. I have told them more than once, I am not voting for the Republican nigger, and I am not voting for your nigger either. Upstanding white men do not vote for niggers. Click.

  15. Setting aside how utterly incompetent Fauci seems, and the more likely explanation that he only wanted the excuse to impose a regime against White people’s civil liberties, this willful deception by China speaks volumes about their nature, lack of anything we would identify as honor (given what it was they were lying about), and serves as a clear indication of their desire first and foremost to spite us.

    This is no different than the hatred Jews have for White Christians, it is just less ancient and jaundiced.

    Though, like the Jews, their hatred is grounded in a worldview of racial supremacy.

    The Jewish race is in decline. They have largely fallen victim to their own poisonous worldview, buying into their own bullshit/propaganda, a consequence of their own children being exposed to the perverted culture they have cultivated to destroy White children, an unintended consequence of them never being honest about their intentions and suffering collateral damage as a result of their own perfidy. Its an irony that I’ve been enjoying.

    In the arc of history the Han are currently ascendant. It would be wise to begin understanding better the ways in which they insinuate themselves and begin guarding ourselves against them, the way that so many of us have developed a keen jewdar that itches like a spidey sense when we detect the first signs of talmudry in an argument.

    The most obvious of these means, are the weaponization of propaganda, and the use of vast networks of bribery, which our corrupt/decadent civilization are particularly vulnerable to.

    • Jews practice a minority strategy. Even if some % of Jews are getting high on their own supply, it doesn’t imply anything about Jewish power overall. Jews are more powerful right now than they have ever been in all of history.

      Saying that some number of Jews drinking the poison they created for goyim indicates they are losing power is like saying that lesser nobility losing their wealth indicates that feudal lords are losing power. Dominant minorities do not need large numbers. The worst/weakest among them being ejected by downward mobility is a feature, not a bug.

  16. “Trump is a blocking pawn.” A good assessment of Trump. Like Harold Covington said, Trump was a failure, but he did save us from four years of Hilary, and led what was a peasant revolt, and we should be grateful for that.
    As Hunter remarked, there is no one else. Pence? In 2020, I remember Brian Kilmeade almost cheering “Here’s the ticket in 2024: Jim Scott and Nikki Hailey! It’s the ticket!
    Come ON, Scott and Hailey!” Really. How embarrassing to almost crack your voice on the air. I know rhinos could bellow; after that, I knew Rinos could as well.

    Ironicsockaccount speaks of the ascent of the Han. Probably so, but remember, we pretty much gave them the farm and then some, from factories to rockets. They were expected to be good globalists, but instead, simply remained the Han. But I don’t think China wishes to impose a pax Sino on the world. They just want to do trade and commerce. Seeing Chinese aircraft carriers in San Francisco or LA doesn’t seem part of their agenda, although they might not mind buying Pearl Harbor from us when we go broke and have a massive estate sale.

  17. Donald Trump Knows Nothing About ______________

    Fill in the blank however you like — the possibilities are practically endless.

  18. I don’t know either and wouldn’t want to.
    If Emmanuel Trumpstein can get played like a cheap fiddle by the Jarvanka mole then maybe he isn’t the 4-D chess czar.
    Cabinet Insiders called them the democrats for a reason.
    Too bad that the younger generation is happy with the boot to the face future because we need some new so called leaders.

  19. In Trump World you are either: 1) “A great guy, really, really terrific” 2) “A total loser” or 3) “Don’t know him, never heard of him”(which means you are now too much of a liability for Zion Don to associate with any longer).

  20. Alicia Menendez just mentioned Fuentes as one of Trump’s most prominent “white supremacist” supporters on her MSNBC show.

  21. Pleasantly surprised to see that Fuentes is currently going death con 3 ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Calling out Trump and even MTG as stooges leading their dupe followers back onto the republican plantation. As long as Fuentes keeps this up, I support him and Yee 100%. I would probably even go to work for the campaign.

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