Herschel Walker Is The Lesser Evil

I’m pulling for Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff.

Back in 2020, I made the mistake of endorsing Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in their Georgia Senate races whose victories put Democrats in charge of the Senate and which gave us a far more ambitious Joe Biden presidency than we would have had otherwise if David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler squeaked by and won their races. I have had two years to follow the consequences of my mistake.

At the time, I was feeling exhausted with the Trump presidency. I was also furious with Ron Johnson and the deficit hawks in the Senate for blocking the $2,000 stimulus check. I was looking in the rearview mirror and reacting to what was happening at the time. As it turned out, I was wrong to blithely dismiss the deficit hawks like Ron Johnson who warned that Joe Biden’s excessive COVID relief spending would ignite a tidal wave of inflation while doing nothing to stop the spread of the virus.

Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff were elected to the U.S. Senate. Democrats took control of the Senate with a narrow majority. We got the $1,400 stimulus check and the child tax credit in the American Rescue Plan. We got the infrastructure bill. We got the “Inflation Reduction Act.” I was correct to calculate that the filibuster would limit the damage that Democrats were capable of doing with control of the Senate. I can’t say that I am personally better off because all of that was offset by higher inflation and gas prices.

Over the last two years, Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock has voted to 1.) impeach Donald Trump, 2.) confirm Joe Biden’s cabinet nominees like Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas, 3.) confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, 4.) confirm Joe Biden’s federal court appointments, 5.) establish Juneteenth as a federal holiday, 6.) pass the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, 7.) pass the “For the People Act” which would ban partisan gerrymandering, 8.) pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act which would establish federal control over state elections, 9.) pass all of the Ukraine funding bills and to pass the 10.) Respect for Marriage Act which would codify gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law.

The single worst thing that Warnock has co-sponsored and voted to support though is Dick Durbin’s Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022. It failed in the Senate due to a Republican filibuster on a cloture vote. This was introduced in the Senate in the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo.

“WASHINGTON – Today, Senate Republicans filibustered the House-passed Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act (DTPA), a bipartisan bill introduced by U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and U.S. Representative Brad Schneider (D-IL-10) in the House.  The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act is designed to combat the growing threat of domestic violent extremist groups and individuals (DVEs), including racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists and violent white supremacists. 

Leader Schumer set this vote in motion as a legislative response to the racially-motivated attack at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket that killed ten Black Americans, and announced that it would be the vehicle for any bipartisan compromise on gun safety legislation following this week’s mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.  Ahead of the cloture vote, Durbin spoke on the Senate floor and urged his colleagues to support this legislation.

“The ‘Great Replacement Theory’ is a thinly veiled white supremacist theory that tries to suggest that immigrants to America are somehow only arriving at the expense of those already here, particularly white Americans… it is white supremacy and it inspired this man to do terrible things in Buffalo and kill innocent people at that grocery store,” Durbin said.  “There’s one other thing that is part of this exercise this morning in voting for H.R. 350.  The Majority Leader, Senator Schumer, after the events in Uvalde, Texas, declared that we’re going to try to reach out on a bipartisan basis to come up with legislation to deal with gun safety and safety in schools.  His first effort to do this is this bill.  What we’re voting on is a motion to proceed to the bill.  He has invited colleagues on a bipartisan basis to come forward and to offer their amendments in the field of gun safety and school safety.  That’s why this motion to proceed is more than just the bill I described.  It is an opportunity for amendments on the floor.”

Durbin continued, “So I’m appealing to my colleagues on the Republican side of the aisle: if you have any ideas, and I hope you do, for gun safety, school safety, and to make this a safer nation, this is the vehicle to do it.  A yes vote on the motion to proceed to H.R. 350 is your opportunity to open a process where we can consider amendments.  Senator Schumer was very explicit.  He invited Democrats as well as Republicans to come forward with their best ideas on a bipartisan basis.  And isn’t that what the people of the country are actually asking for, more than anything that we roll up our sleeves and face this challenge, which has taken so many innocent lives?” …”

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022 would have required the FBI, DHS and DOJ to focus their attention on White Nationalists and other “Domestic Violent Extremists” (DVEs). Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff voted for it. Tim Scott voted against it. This was not lost on me.

Aside from John Fetterman, there are few people who are less qualified to serve in the U.S. Senate than Herschel Walker. The fact that we are saddled with having to choose between the likes of Herschel Walker or Raphael Warnock is Donald Trump’s fault. That’s the choice though. Either Herschel Walker goes to the Senate and votes like Tim Scott or Raphael Warnock returns to the Senate for the next six years to vote for things like gun control, amnesty for illegal aliens and the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act. We also don’t get anything out of reelecting Warnock like a $1,400 check. There is no upside to it.

Raphael Warnock’s legacy is inflation, terrible federal judges like Ketanji Brown Jackson and bad votes on key issues. Even a half retarded black running back would be an improvement.

Note: The only reason why I wrote this article is because I regret endorsing Warnock in 2020 and want to correct that mistake. If he wins the runoff in December, which seems likely, then it is not on me. I can at least say that I tried to limit all the damage he will inevitably cause.


  1. >Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff voted for it.

    Given black violent crime rates and general dysfunction, you have to take a moment to appreciate the irony of a black legislator voting for a domestic terrorism bill that was at least nominally meant to target Whites — I see Ossoff’s father is a Jew (link), so I guess it’s not a big surprise he supported it.

    I think I mentioned before how (the late) Lawrence Auster once wrote that one of the surreal things about local newscasts in America was how the newsreaders would report night after night about heinous black violence and mayhem, and never let on that they’d noticed a pattern — you could say the same thing about the shithole-ization of America’s cities, so many of which have been made dangerous and unlivable by Blacks — yet you rarely hear a single word about that.

  2. Well I do not know much about this except that it is obvious that the Great Replacement is a fact.

    There are 3 levels.

    Level 1-Are anglos more a minority now than before. Answer -obviously yes.

    Level 2-Is it deliberate? Of course. Governments do not destroy their people by accident.. Biden has openly praised this and Pope Francis has supported this. Christian and Jewish organizations support this as well as the protestants.

    Level 3-Who is responsible? Answer-Christians and jews. Internationalists/liberals etc.

    Now what do I think? I stand open mouthed at a people seeking self destruction. None of this could happen if the anglo had the backbone of a 3 year old boy.

    Your commercials are like I am in Africa even the local ones. No wonder you people are so mad. We outnumber blacks yet you would not even know we exist.

    • Cristina,

      You might have some appreciation of an explanation of how this all has come to pass from the most impressive Archbishop Vigano. Mr. Day has provided a fine summation of Vagano’s argument himself:

      > But if the words are new, the point is clear. Too many people who are on our side don’t even know what our side truly is because they have been spiritually lobotomized and forced to perceive the world through the false and illogical lens of the rational materialist. The Good, the Beautiful, and the True sings out to them, but they can only hear the faintest echoes of it, they do not hear the music itself.

      > And yet, they can smell the stink of sulfur that permeates Clown World, and their very being revolts against it. What the archbishop is telling these people is that they will be forced to make a choice, and it’s not our side that will force them to make it. Submit to God or submit to the world, those are the only two options available to every man.

    • Your commercials are like I am in Africa even the local ones. No wonder you people are so mad. We outnumber blacks yet you would not even know we exist.

      Same thing in Britain, Canada and Australia. Asians must outnumber Africans by something like 3 to 1 in Britain and more like 10 to 1 in the others, yet when it comes to advertising that ratio is reversed.

      By the end of the century there will some four billion of these stupid, ugly, violent groids, desperate to get into countries whose denizens will have nothing to gain from their presence (and everything to lose). But a combination of domestic leftards and cucked out “leaders” will insist on inflicting them on us all anyway. I would warn you against complacency: you may think Mexico is safe, but four billion is a lot of groid, and it wouldn’t take many coming to royally fuck things up.

      • Silver,

        I did not know that. I thought it was an American phenomenon.

        Yes I am concerned long term that when the USA is completely disrupted racially then the internationalists/interacialists will choose other targets since their ultimate goal is for the whole world to be a blob.

        I recognize that your enemies are mine even when some are the same religion as myself.

      • “there will some four billion of these stupid, ugly, violent groids,”

        And the churchies keep feeding them.
        The worst thing in the world is to keep feeding them.


    • @Cristina Romana Alva.
      “Level 3-Who is responsible? Answer-Christians and jews. Internationalists/liberals etc.”

      ^^This is a good point, with well-balanced nuance. It is the Christians, as well. Although very few seem to recognize this; or perhaps they are simply unwilling to. And, too right: spineless “Anglos” are cheering on their own destruction. As a great man once said, a people who will not fight for their own survival will perish — and deservedly so.

  3. Christina, “Your commercials are like I am in Africa even the local ones” Who is in charge of the TV networks and the advertising agencies? Answer those questions and you will have answered why Anglos are enduring this regime- money talks and BS walks. and in this money driven economy, everything except money is BS! Anglos don’t control the money, microphones or megaphones here and Southern evangelical Christian whites- the most racially aware of all whites, have bought into this Jewish dispensationalist baloney. It’s hard to out cheat, connive or out scheme Jews- that’s why they were driven out of 130 gentile nations since the Diaspora of 70 A. D.- the only solution that works If they had decided to target Hispanics they would have done the same to Hispanics, They always corrupt the elites with bribery and oppress the ordinary citizens-it’s a foolproof strategy!

    • Blowtorch,

      While I think some damage by the internationalists could be done to any group or nation I also believe modern anglo types are more vulnerable due to the soft lifestyle and mindset in northern/western European countries as well as in English speaking white countries.

      Are there any other people that in large numbers embrace their destruction? With other societies it would have to be done by force, intimidation, and the bribery you mentioned not voluntarily.

      Americans are particularly vulnerable because of the massive legal immigration that has occurred for more than 1 century, the idea that being American is something anyone can be, and the worship of equality, freedom, and democracy beyond their normal and just restraints.

      Still what can be done to one society might be done to others as well. I also think that if votes would have been held past and/or present most white americans would never vote to be replaced.

      So I somewhat take back my comment on anglos at large and the 3 year old boy comparison. As for your leaders? My comment was much too mild for them.

      • @Cristina…

        “I also believe modern anglo types are more vulnerable due to the soft lifestyle and mindset in northern/western European countries…”

        Bullseye – we are bunch of soft hedonistic spoiled brats not much in touch with reality.

        How that translates to politics is pretty much close to insanity.

        You’ve heard your daddy talk about this, no doubt.

        Conservative Latin types, particularly men, think we are out of our everloving minds – and they are right.

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          I know you favor Trump so I will not rain on that parade. I was told however that he said during the election cycle of 2016 that in building his wall between Mexico and the USA that there would be a large door to let in the replacement team so to speak.

          Is that not similar to a Chinese Emperor telling the mongol nomads in the Middle Ages that the gates of his Great Wall of China are there to allow you to come and invade us legally and have the riches of China but that is okay since we Chinese allow it as compared to the Mongols having to fight for what belongs to China?

        • Ivan,

          Yes, I have heard talk from male relatives about the collapse of will and backbone in the United States on certain matters. Weakness and softness in some areas and ruthless suppression in other areas.

          While in the US my friends and I usually only speak among family or latin friends what we really believe. Obviously we know how freedom is defined in the United States. We also know what groups are worshiped.

          • Thank you for your replies, Dear Cristina.

            I voted enthusiastically for President Trump in 2016 because I do not want White People, who have gone from 89% to 50% of this nation, to continue to be replaced.

            It’s a terrible unforgiveable thing to be made a minority in your own land – and worse yet, without an honourable fight, but, just by the stroke of a pen, as it were.

            Yes, President Trump was very very insincere, and, for that reason, I do not feel supportive of him anymore, as most of my fellow Southerners still do.

            He did do some good, but, he was, and remains, to me, the greatest of political disappointments.

            Andrew Jackson he is not, though he would wish to be seen that way.

            I have no problem with Latins people in this land, but, I do not wish to become a Latin land, but, then you know all that already.

            Thank you for another confirmation on how Latins, particularly your brand of them, are thinking.

            It’s a terrible time for The West – not just my country, but, yours, which has also gone to the dogs, though, not for quite the same reasons.

            All the best to you and yours!

        • “I also believe modern anglo types are more vulnerable due to the soft lifestyle and mindset in northern/western European countries…”

          The great majority don’t know what to do with excess prosperity.
          Once they have the essentials of survival, they will waste the excess on frivolous or self-destructive pursuits. This is true on an institutional level as well, think welfare to the undeserving, foreign aid and such.


          • @Arrian…

            “The great majority don’t know what to do with excess prosperity.”

            Yes, in fact, my wife and I often remark that we think most people do not know what to do with themselves, in this life, in general.

            Of course, this goes far beyond prosperity, but, is a serious spiritual dilemma.

            Happy Holidays!

          • Yes…we got soft and weak off the sweat and toil of our ancestors. Too prosperous and too comfortable.

    • “They always corrupt the elites with bribery ”

      Blackmail is also a large part of it.
      Many of the power elite have dark kinks that lend them to being blackmailed.

  4. I love that meme of a fresh cut Kansas City treasury check and the caption…for a free $2000 vote for Warnock.
    Tammany Hall and the Chicago way gone nationwide.

  5. “Herschel Walker Is The Lesser Evil”

    I do not see Mr. Walker, as prospective public figure, as evil at all.

    Will I agree with on everything?


    But, he is a Southerner who has a pretty good idea of what our values are, and, as well, he is not in any way infected by ‘Woke’ stuff’.

    That already makes him less ‘evil’ than 65 of the current serving senators.

    As to Warnock and Ossof – it’s like being back in the year 1866, with New England puppets ‘representing’ us.

    As limp and corporate as were Loeffler and Purdue, they were a damn sight better than these two.

    At least Purdue was a sane White Southerner, and Miss Kelly, being a smalltown Illinoisan, had some understanding of our world.

    Ossof and Warnock have nothing in common with us – NOTHING.

  6. We often bag the Jews over everything from wars to Hollywood degeneracy, and much of it is valid, but the reality is, we’re just criticizing them for what we’re mostly doing to ourselves.
    Without the nose, we’d still have women and gays, etc pushing causes detrimental to our existence. Whites have an inbuilt altruism that’s lacking in other races, and that may explain our self destruction that isn’t occurring outside the West. Now, altruism is a great quality to have when used to benefit your own people, but when applied to outsiders we have nothing in common with, it’s damn silly and suicidal.
    Diversity is the symptom. Altruism is the cause.
    To rid ants from your house, spraying them only gets the ones you can see. The key is to use ant poison that the workers take back to the queen mother. Once the mother is gone, the others just die out. The same principle should be applied politically:- address the cause……. ourselves. We must teach our children that our race is ok and worth preserving. They need to breed when old enough, and speak up without fear of worthless labels. They need to get into politics and come up with policies beneficial to us. The women must be taught the dangers of being kind to those hostile to our wellbeing.
    Jews are what, 3% of the population? For every one Jew pushing for our destruction, there’s probably twenty whites.
    It begins with US.

    • “…we’re just criticizing them for what we’re mostly doing to ourselves.
      Without the nose, we’d still have women and gays, etc pushing causes detrimental to our existence….”

      This is wrong. The reason it is wrong is because without the Jews they would have no power. No one would listen to them. Without the Jews the corruption that suppresses us wouldn’t have power. They use cash and blackmail to do their wickedness. I’m not saying some Whites are not evil, I am saying that their ability to hold power would be far less without the Jews.

      They are a dysfunction amplifier that steadily over time allows and pushes for dysfunction though all society. We are seeing the end run of this now.

  7. Back in 2020, I made the mistake of endorsing Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in their Georgia Senate races whose victories put Democrats in charge of the Senate and which gave us a far more ambitious Joe Biden presidency than we would have had otherwise if David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler squeaked by and won their races. I have had two years to follow the consequences of my mistake.

    Don’t beat yourself up too much, Hunter. Back in 2020, no one could have predicted that Democrat control of the senate would have negative political consequences.

    • @Silver…

      The last 5 years have been about The Evil Empire Strikes Back.

      They’re desperate because they feel things slipping.

      We’re not out of the woods yet, so I expect more devilry.

      Happy Holidays!

  8. To be honest, I’m not envious of Georgia’s political climate. I consider Walker to be stupid. He sounds dumb and I have little faith in his reasoning abilities, but I suppose he will vote the GOP line. I just think “can’t you find anyone better in Georgia?” A high school classmate of mine lives in Marietta, and has been a poll worker, and is working hard to make sure Walker wins.
    And God, Stacey Abrams…really, that’s it? Warnock and Ossof? I wasn’t fond of Perdue and Loffler, but at least they seemed coherent, if Rinos.
    In Missouri, we’re a red state, although not actively so. We pretty much go the standard midwest orderly government route. I’m glad we have Hawley and now Eric Schmitt in the senate, and our elections are honest and well-supervised…none of this weird voter ID. You show an ID or you don’t vote. Of course, we’re red through and through until you get to St. Louis city/county (alas, my rep. in Congress is Corri Bush), and Boone county (University of Missouri…democrat Valhalla).

    I would agree with Cristina Maria’s comments on American voters. Also, we have a cult of individualism that prevents us from acting communally. Kevin McDonald wrote a good essay that Americans always want to feel any serious act they do is moral, so voters (especially women) vote for liberals because they’ve convinced that it is a morally good thing. We Americans are obsessed with it. As Elaine May once said in a monologue “I prefer a moral issue instead of a real issue.”
    Also, don’t discount the semi-worship American southerners have for athletes.
    As it is, I see Georgia is simply re-doing the election ll over, with yet more mail-in ballots.

    • dargason,

      I still remember that I owe you a dance or three. It will be a while however. Of course it depends on factors beyond my control. In the meantime I found this for you.

      • @Dargason…

        “And God, Stacey Abrams…really, that’s it? Warnock and Ossof? I wasn’t fond of Perdue and Loeffler, but at least they seemed coherent, if Rinos.”

        Most Southern states have this dilemma – a political class that either has nothing to do with us, OR, it does, BUT, is so bumbling, incompetent, and gutless, that the second ilk might as well be a politician of the first ilk.

        I do not see this in isolation, but, rather, as indicative of what sort of a people and country we have become.

        Happy Thanksgiving!

          • @TW…

            We do love our athletics and our Negro stars.

            Long before they were football, baseball, and basketball stars they were our best dog-racers, cock-fighters, and boxers.

  9. I wouldn’t beat myself up over Ossof and Warnock if I were you.

    That was all Trump who made an issue about the $1400 bribe to get Perdue and Loeffler defeated because he was angry at them for voting to confirm Biden when he probably got assurances that they wouldn’t.

    And they may not have confirmed Biden without an objection if not for Trump’s oversize ego firing up a bunch of naive supporters into walking right into the the January 6th trap set by Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and the FBI. When “all hell broke loose,” they got scared and backed down.

    In any case, instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to stay out of his own way, Trump had to insert himself into the politics of Georgia whose urban centers are blue enough to keep it alternating between a violet and grape colored state. Left to his own devices, Kemp and his crowd would have advanced a more palatable Republican to moderate Republicans, conservative-leaning Democrats, and Independent voters along the lines of Virginia Governor, Doug Youngkin and beat Warnock handily.

    Yes, Youngkin is more “centrist” than Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene, but when you compare him to the Bush-McCain centrism offered in 2016, his direction is more to the right of them and, though Ron DeSantis has been an impressive governor of Florida, I prefer Youngkin because even though “having friends in the Jewish community” and being Pro-Zionist is part of the job description for any American politician seeking national office, I haven’t seen any mention of him signing any bills criminalizing any speech critical of the Jews or Israel.

    So, I think White advocates need to be looking for the candidate who is a cross between Glenn Youngkin and the 2016 Trump advocating secure borders and bringing back our manufacturing base and energy independence as national security measures. Oh yes, and making it clear that we need to keep the Army Engineer Corps at home rebuilding our decaying infrastructure rather than rebuilding those in other countries that we bombed to promote “Democracy.”

  10. If you voted for Ossoff and Warnock you would have to be either stupid or mentally disabled.
    They were two of the most blatantly wrong candidates out there.

  11. All of the blacks in government…politicians, sheriffs, police chiefs…I think this is a part of the deep state to create the blacks as a political class to replace whites, much as they use orientals and Indians as technical workers to displace whites there. And whites? Well, of course, we’ll all be multi-millionaires with our own estates, happily removed from politics…or will we? But whites seem to accept this, either because they don’t care or don’t want the hassle of running for office. The one problem is that in a real crisis, the blacks are incompetent, and the globalists are seeing a host of crises (partly self-induced) that their leadership can’t handle. That could be our way back in, but only in a regional coalition of red states. The best we can do is step away from the stinking federal leviathan.
    Maybe Hunter’s alliance of red state evangelicals breaking off may finally come to pass.

    Cristina Maria: the dances are all well and good, but you have to see Bardo. It’s a film that examines a man’s life but also that of Mexico. Somewhat like Carlos Fuentes’s novel The Death of Artemio Cruz, but also how we make up our own reality, and reality is divergent and unable to be pinned down. Is Mexico, like America, only a state of mind? is our life really other people’s lives defining us? It’s got stunning visuals. You can check out the previews online to give you an idea of what it’s like. Visually it’s a wonderful narrative. I’m going to write a review of it on Counter-currents.
    The director, Alejandro Inarritu, is like a Mexican Fellini.
    if you ever get a chance, read my novel The Green Path, available on Amazon. There’s dancing in it.

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