Charlie Kirk Visits University of New Mexico

Oh …

It is those people again.


  1. >“Americans, f*ck Americans”

    LOL — good luck in your post-America non-ethnostate — maybe the food will be good.

    And I’m sure those protesting were impressive both in numbers and quality of human capital they represent — NOT.

    Again here you see the way the media amplifies a small number of freaks and losers, whose disaffection has many causes, not least among those that they themselves know they are freaks and losers, which of course has nothing to do with politics — also your selective attention.

    Kirk is probably not entirely unhappy about it either — like Tim Pool, his day job seems to be as an internet personality, so he depends on attention and publicity — personally, I’ve never seen a reason to pay much attention to Charlie Kirk — except maybe now for the potential riot porn (there used to be a fun blog about riots in Korea — I think it was called Korean Riot Porn, or something like that — anyway, the Koreans take their rioting very seriously. as the many videos showed).

  2. OT

    After another round of Kabuki theater over the phony statutory debt ceiling, the GOP wants to get right to work after the midterms:

    linkNEWS: John Thune, the No. 2 Senate GOP leader, says in interview Senate Repubs want to leverage the next US debt limit increase to force federal spending cuts and changes to Social Security and other entitlement programs.

    A couple of the replies to the above tweet:

    linkLol cutting social security will definitely help you win elections

    linkSo Republicans want to hold the economy hostage to inflict pain on old and poor people?

    They’re not called the Stupid Party for nothing.

    But yeah, go ahead and vote for the GOP — and don’t think too hard about why educated Whites might prefer to vote for Democrats (hint: it’s not because they’re ‘anti-White’ or ‘want to make things worse’) — just call them ‘libtards’ instead — that’s a lot easier.

    • There is no such thing as a “Debt Ceiling”. When have the scumbags in Congress ever said: ” . . . Too bad, no more spending, we’ve hit the limit, wait until the next budget.”

      That doesn’t happen, more spending is always the order of the day. The only question is how much loot can be extracted by various factions in Congress for their private agendas by jamming up the legislative process.

  3. The Grand Old Politburo should pander to these people with the unique just like everyone else signs.
    A local motorist has the come meteor of doom with a Bernie Sanders theme for the big honk.
    May the honk be with you.

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