1. As they laugh out loud at how soft weak and stupid the average NPC or sportsball jock sniff grill and chill dullard is.

  2. Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul is an Irish Roman Catholic O’Asshole of the 1st Magnitude.

    It’s my experience, that the best way to straighten out an O’Asshole, is to punch him in the mouth as hard as you can. Then grab him by the knot of his tie with your left hand and pull him toward you, while while holding back your right hand, and, asking him if he would like to meet the Holy Catholic Mary or the Pope. This works, and will reform even the biggest O’Asshole.

  3. The real criminals don’t produce anything of any value, but they do make a lot of money. Like say George Soros, or that guy that Biden stayed with over Thanksgiving in Nantucket.

    They like to compare themselves with the old robber barens, but the old guys created whole industries like John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie These guys don’t create anything, they just play games with money.

    The military industrial complex is one of the biggest rackets in American history.

    • Agreed. At least the old robber barons made something besides debt and financial engineering. They were assholes but did something useful.

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